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Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Exfoliating Scrub

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3 Reviews
  • leaves skin feeling lovely
  • Smells nice
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    3 Reviews
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      14.05.2015 15:49
      Very helpful


      • "leaves skin feeling lovely"
      • "Smells nice"


      A great hard working scrub

      Price and Availability :
      I love AVON's Planet Spa ranges, they always come is really pretty packaging and are always pretty good quality but as they are one of AVON's more expensive ranges I don't often buy much of it unless it is on special offer. This has an RRP of £5 and although that may not seem much it is on the higher end of AVON's prices for a scrub. It is currently on offer at half price (£2.50) as are a lot of Planet Spa products at the moment so if you did want some now is the time to buy. Unfortunately I am on a no spending mission so I won't be indulging.

      Packaging :
      The scrub comes in a lovely light grey matt bottle with a curved end and a flip top lid. I don't know why but I really like the feel of matt packaging. It has the large Planet Spa logo on the top in Silver, and then underneath it says 'Perfectly Purifying with dead sea minerals face scrub' There is a pattern along the base and then it says 75ml so you know how big it is. The packaging is good quality, this is one of the few items I have actually finished a tube of and it worked well until the end. The lid clicks into place firmly and I have never had any spillages etc.

      In Use:
      The scrub is a thick white substance with tiny gritty bits in, it has a faint smell of seaweed which is pleasant and does remind you of the sea which is what I am assuming they were going for as it claims to have minerals from the dead sea in it. It works really well when scrubbing with it without causing any damage to the skin or any irritation. The packaging advices to leave the scrub on the skin once you have finished scrubbing with it and then to allow it to dry before rinsing it off, I thought this was a bit strange but it did leave my skin feeling very refreshed once I had followed the instructions so I do this every time now. It doesn't take long at all to dry so it's not a huge hardship to wait a little. I used mine about 1-2 times a week and the tube lasted ages around 6 months as you only need to use a small amount at a time.

      Overall I am more than happy to recommend this product as it is a very nice scrub with a lovely scent and it leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. I would recommend waiting for it to be on offer though as it often is to save you from paying full price which is a little pricey but still worth it for the quality you are getting.


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      09.08.2012 09:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The perfect body scrub.

      I got this product as a present recently alongside a tube of body butter in the same range. If you do ever get this body scrub I'd advise following up with the body butter as they work well and are a real treat if used consecutively. This product is called Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Exfoliating Body Scrub and it's manufactured by the brand Avon. Products are sold both online and through catalogues provided by Avon representatives.

      The body scrub comes in a large 150ml sized tube which is soft plastic so not recyclable. The packaging design is grey with a sophisticated logo and this looks like a product that might be quite expensive. Full ingredients are printed on the side of the tube whilst instructions for use are also printed in multiple languages. The tube is fitted with a large flip lid which has a cut away edge so you can prise the lid open with a fingertip. It's simple to flick open and also quite secure although I would tape this lid down if I intended to travel with it.

      The body scrub is grey in colour which at first looks rather strange. It's a blend of what looks like salt, gel, oil and small black seeds. I need surprisingly very little product as a tiny pea sized amount manages to cover one whole arm.

      When I rub this scrub into my skin it turns white and looks like soap suds without any water added. The salty grains stay intact unless you add water in which case they quickly melt away. The sensation feels like I am being tickled and they have got the texture of the body scrub just right. It's not so gritty that it hurts but it's tough enough to buff away old skin.

      The body scrub has an oily base and when you rub it into your skin you can instantly feel that slick oily softness transferring to your skin. It's like giving yourself a mini massage. Instructions for use state to cover over the skin with circular movements so that you can exfoliate with the most effectiveness. It feels really good and it actually makes me smile as it feels like such a treat.

      The body scrub is very effective at helping to ease away any old skin and reveal a new healthier skin. It's also useful for using over shaved areas as any ingrown hairs can be 'released' by working this scrub over the top of them.

      The body scrub has a lovely fragrance which is the same as the body butter in the same range. The fragrance reminds me of the ocean, salty sea breezes, lavender flowers and soap. It's a high quality fragrance and one that makes me feel clean, refreshed and smelling like a woman.

      I love the way my skin glistens and looks so healthy after using the body scrub and I follow it up by applying the matching body butter, although the oiliness of the scrub means that no extra moisturising is really needed.

      I am really enjoying using this body scrub and would say that it's one of the best ones I've ever used. It feels so good to use as it massages the skin, it leaves my skin soft and looking good and it smells wonderful too. I would recommend it.


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        08.05.2012 14:41
        Very helpful



        A very impressive product from the Planet Spa range


        Over the years I've bought from Avon on a sporadic basis all depending on if there was a local Rep in the area. I went through a short phase of being a Rep myself but gave up after too many customers messing me so didn't have 'access' to a brochure and therefore stopped buying from them. Over the past few months my friend has started running Avon so once again I've found myself buying the odd few items every month as a 'supportive friend' (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). My most recent purchase included a few items from the Planet Spa range, a range which I've always been quite pleased with in the past, so was looking forward to using this particular product - Dead Sea Minerals Exfoliating Body Scrub.

        My review will now focus on my experience and thoughts of using this.

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

        As this is an Avon product it can be found in either one of the brochures, online @www.avonshop.co.uk (though to qualify for free P&P you must spend over £20) or generally Ebay tend to offer a good selection so it's worth checking there first if interested though Amazon have also started selling it priced at £6.99.

        The body scrub, which I will now be referring to it as, comes in one size only which is decent 150ml and comes in tube like vessel. The tube is made of a soft but very sturdy feeling plastic, and there is a flip open lid at the base for access to the scrub which can be stored upright standing if you wish without the product spilling out. The colouring of packaging is a rather sedate and dull looking grey with a simplistic logo on the front and doesn't exactly look appealing or enticing. As I have used the product before though I know what I am getting but if I were choosing this for the first time it certainly wouldn't stand out in the brochure.

        Cost wise I paid £1.95 as it was on offer price (I always try to avoid paying full price) but the regular RRP is £5. Avon regularly has offers such as 4 items for £5 so it's worth hanging on until the next brochure if the item you are after is full price at the time as no doubt it will pop up cheaper in the following weeks.

        *~*Directions for use*~*

        Avon advises that we are to massage over the body gently in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly. It contains dead sea salt that 'polishes away dry skin to leave the body feeling refreshed, smooth and glowing.'

        It certainly sounds good but does it live up to it's promises?

        *~*My experience of using this*~*

        I have quite dry skin on my body which doesn't cause any problems as such, but it is something I am aware of and not particularly happy about so try to eradicate it as much as possible by exfoliating and using body lotions regularly. I'm lucky that my skin isn't sore and doesn't get itchy and even though my skin can border on being sensitive at times generally most exfoliating products don't tend to cause any irritations so I was quite happy to use this product having used something similar by Avon in the past which gave impressive results.

        On opening the clear plastic lid there is a very pleasant fragrance that emits and to describe it best would be to say it's a fresh marine type aroma which is very befitting to it's title. The body scrub itself is an opaque grey substance which is quite thick and slimy in appearance with shiny iridescent particles as well as larger black stones in amongst. On squeezing a small amount of the tube I find it smoothly runs out given it's thickness so there's no problem in actually accessing it (unlike similar products I've had in the past that clog up the opening almost immediately making it difficult to use).

        I applied this to damp skin in the shower and found that a small amount of a 50p coin sized 'blob' seemed to go a long way as the scrub evenly disperses over my skin and almost lathers up to a degree making it easier to use. The scrub smells even more fresh when it comes into contact with water and it started to make my skin feel softer within seconds of massaging it across my body. I found it to be particularly beneficial to my knees and elbows which can become dry but also my entire body felt super soft after using and I was really impressed with the whole experience of using this product.

        *~*Results and recommendation*~*

        I am extremely impressed with this body scrub as it gives almost instant results from the first time you use it. The scrub is made up of a combination of small and larger 'stones' which work together to help make skin soft and to say the larger black particles look harsh it is actually quite a gentle scrub to use. The fragrance is very fresh and uplifting and even after I have rinsed off the scrub there is still a hint of the aqua infused aroma left lingering on my skin for a while afterwards.

        I find that by using this 2 to 3 times per week in the shower it gives my skin the polish and buffing that is required to keep the dry skin at bay and though in the past I've found Avon products to be hit and miss this is a sure fire hit and one that I will continue using in the future. I have always been quite impressed with the Planet Spa range and find the quality to be far superior to some of the other collections in Avon though I find that once I find a product I love and really works for me Avon tend to discontinue it so I'm hoping this wont be the case here.

        I can highly recommend this body scrub as my skin feels so soft and almost silk like when I've used it and it not only keeps dry skin at bay but makes applying lotions and creams so much easier afterwards.

        An excellent and very impressive product from Avon.



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