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Pukka Ayurvedic Organic Uplifting Toner

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Brand: Pukka / Type: Toner / Skin type: for all types / What it does: Lifts / Quality Standard: Organic / Parabene free: yes

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2014 16:08
      Very helpful



      Natural, pure, soothing and awakening at the same time.

      Pukka is a company mainly known for products based on Ayurvedic lifestyle teachings and include teas, vitamins and oils. However for a time they also produced cosmetics which were widely praised but unfortunately discontinued. I was lucky enough to receive the Uplifting Toner before hand and was/still am impressed with it enough to write about it just in case you find similar products on the market or want to start learning more about the ingredients which is essential for anyone interested in Ayurveda. For trivia's sake 'pukka' implies something that is ready/finished e.g. 'fully formed' or 'ripe' though thanks to Jamie Oliver it now applies to anything genuine/sincere/high quality - which isn't a bad use of slang I suppose :-)

      In brief Ayurveda is an ancient and comprehensive medicinal and health care system from India and means 'living wisely'. It focuses on balancing a natural healthy body with one's surroundings in harmony mainly via prevention but also includes many treatments and remedies. The closest system for comparison would be Traditional Chinese Medicine though Ayurveda is strictly vegetarian. It encompasses the whole lifestyle from our mental balances to environment and further depths cover areas such as foods beneficial for the body, mind and 'spiritual' capacities. In regards to skincare most of the companies I've seen that sell Ayurvedic products tend to go by the tri-dosha method where there are three general types of person ('person' meaning both the body type and personality) and hence provide products with ingredients that cater well to each of those types. Pukka also follows this system and the three personality types are: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

      You can read more about the three types and do a brief and fun quiz on Pukka to check your type here http://www.pukkaherbs.com/Ayurveda/dosha-quiz

      I personally have a huge crossover of two types with a small but still significant third type so when buying Ayurvedic beauty products I tend to just have a general mindset and pick things based on ingredients I like and know work well for me. I find that acceptable for 'light' Ayurvedic products such as the ones from Pukka with well known ingredients commonly used and grown or imported here but I tend to be more cautious with 'heavier' Ayurvedic products with lots of exotic and often strong ingredients especially those with numerous spices. In those cases I think being a crossover type has more of a consequence since I've had skin irritation and long periods of breakouts after using strong products meant for one type. After having tested some of the Pukka range I don't personally think I need to worry about that and haven't had any adverse reactions but I'm mentioning it for people who are new to Ayurveda and are a crossover type who might think it'd be ok to use any Ayurvedic product because one range was ok for them. In those cases where people are interested in a tailor made program or products they should seek the advice of experienced practitioners.

      Uplifting Toner - Organic Rose & Orange Flower Skin Firming Formula

      Rose Flower Water*, Orange Flower Water*, Alchohol*, Aqua, Calendula Extract*, Chamomile Flower Extract*, Marshmallow Root Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf Extract*
      Organic content: 100% of the agricultural ingredients are organic.
      'Completely free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours' and not only was the cardboard box recyclable but the bottle and lid were too.

      Spray onto your face after cleansing or as a refresher, and potentially over make-up.

      It was a watery thin liquid perfect for a spray and Gold in colour. The first time I used this I was feeling very tired and insufficiently hydrated and as soon as I sprayed my face I felt instantly refreshed and invigorated. I became wide awake and all traces of sleepiness were gone. It absorbed very quickly and left my skin feeling a bit more toned. The scent was fresh and citrus with a sweet undertone, it didn't last long after use which was advantageous for people who don't want fragrance or excess fragrance mixing with their other products.

      I don't usually use sprays over my make up but since the directions said it was ok to do so I thought I should give it a try. It was those attempts that emphasized the only downside of this product in my opinion, and it's to do with the packaging not the cosmetic. The spray nozzle had one small hole in it which meant that whenever I sprayed my face with it, it came out in a splurt rather than a fine mist and that happened regardless of the pressure I used on the pump. Hence when the liquid came into contact with my skin it instantly fell down to my neck and chest if I wasn't quick enough to stop it. Therefore I didn't find it suitable for spraying over make up, that is unless you wear make up that won't streak or wash off easily and it's not something you'd want to try unless you have your make up on you to reapply afterwards just in case. To rectify the issue I sprayed the palm of one hand (with both hands cleaned beforehand) to then quickly pat together with the other hand and spread the liquid over my face/neck manually, and when wearing make up lightly dabbing/patting my hands over my face.

      Back to the many plus points of this product; I found myself using it when I was home particularly after having sat in front of the computer for long periods of time and feeling zombie like. I drink liquid regularly to stay hydrated but I often find that the effect doesn't reach my skin and so external hydration is necessary - it's at those points where I'd use this and feel all the better for it. My skin would instantly perk up and after about a week or so there I noticed that it both appeared and felt more toned. My eyes/forehead felt less droopy and tighter which gives the added bonus of wider eyes.

      It also had a lovely, soothing cooling effect which was particularly welcome in hot weather or stuffy rooms (I used this a couple of times when I was almost alone on the underground). It was basically a wake up call that also nourished my skin leaving it younger looking and softened.

      Size wise it was perfect for carrying, extremely lightweight and would fit in any bag were it a tiny clutch to a fashionably large handbag. The size and the thickness of the glass/secure lid meant it never got damaged even when loose amongst all manner of things from keys to loose change. Though I would of recommended putting it somewhere safe and being careful when sitting if putting it in a pocket.

      Former Price:
      Full size 100ml - £17.50
      There were sample 10ml sizes but I couldn't find any price info.

      Rose Flower Water - Used for both cosmetic and cooking it is a direct bi-product of rose oil making and has been used throughout milenia for its sweet flavour, scent, soothing and clarifying/cleansing purposes.

      Orange Flower Water - Like the rose water orange flower/blossom water is made from distilling the blossoms and is also edible. Another ancient ingredient it is was commonly used as skin freshener which also made the skin bright/radiant and had a distinctive scent.

      Alchohol and Aqua - aka rubbing alcohol and water - for cleaning, hydrating, filler and making a product more liquid like.

      Calendula Extract - A type of marigold used for culinary, cosmetic, mecidinal, fabric dye and ceremonial purposes. It has been used for its detoxifying and infection preventing properties such as being antisceptic and antihemorrhagic.

      Marshmallow Root Extract - Nowadays this is more commonly known for sore throats and easing the stomach but thick lubricant extracted from the roots have also been used in skincare for treating topical wounds to preventing gangrene i.e. so on a lesser scale can help with facial/neck skin irritations.

      Gotu Kola Leaf Extract - aka Indian Pennywort - is a herb that has been used for wide range of traditional medicines dealing with issues from blood circulation and purification to breathing issues or from serious skin conditions to anti-stress and memory enhancement. In Ayurveda it has mainly been used for it's mental rejuvenating properties such as alertness and increasing focus though also for treatment of wounds.

      The product came in a solid glass bottle with a securely fitted spray dispenser and strong plastic lid. The bottle had the company logo and summary info printed on to it in Black - it looked not only professional but very pretty. The twist lid was plastic and the whole thing came in a little attractively decorated/arty looking cardboard box.


      Overall I liked using this product before or after moisturizing in the mornings, or by itself during the day to benefit from that instant revitalization. With a nozzle adjustment it would have been perfect for long haul trips too. I'd rate this as 4/5 due to the packaging which made it difficult to fulfill its purpose, but the liquid itself does what it says in the title. If I'd had a spare spray bottle it wouldn't have been much of an issue though I don't think it's something customers should have to do by default. It lasted quite a while despite regular use, approximately 3months so was value for money.


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    • Product Details

      Ingredients: Rosa damascena (Rose) Flower Water, Citrus aurantium amara (Orange) Flower Water, Alchohol, Aqua, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Extract, Chamomilla recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Althea officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract, Hydrocotyle asiatica (Gotu Kola) Leaf Extract / Organic (Organic content: 100% of the agricultural ingredients are organic / ) Naturally occurs in essential oils Derived from plants () Nature identical preservative system approved by Organic Standards / Organic Rose & Orange Flower Skin Firming Formula / Pukka Ayurvedic Organic Uplifting Toner is a light, refreshing toner that will leave your skin feeling clear and bright, gently fragranced with orange flower / Suitable , even the most sensitive / Rosewater and orange flower to tone and brighten complexion / Calendula and gotu kola to clarify and hydrate / Pukka Ayurvedic Organic Uplifting Toner contains Skin Firming Formula, a fortified signature blend of Ayurvedic herbs which revitalises the complexion / Completely free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours /

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