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Pure Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Johnson's: Type: Cleansing Wipes / Subcategory: Wipes / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2011 03:35
      Very helpful



      A great budget make up wipe.

      I like to always ensure that I have a good stock of facial cleansing wipes, and this is for three reasons in particular. The main reason is that I wear make-up on a daily basis, and I like to make sure that it is all scrubbed off before I go to bed so that my skin is nice and clear the next morning. Another reason I often use facial cleansing wipes is to make my skin feel a little nicer, perhaps if I am feeling a little dirty and would like to freshen up, and the final reason is that they are convenient to use if like me, you are quite lazy when it comes to keeping up a skincare routine, as it does the jobs that many other products do, but using a wipe is just far simpler!

      My favourite wipes have always been by Simple, but when you are paying up to £3.00 at a time with the rate I get through these, I definitely needed to look out for a cheaper alternative. When picking up a prescription from my local Lloyds Pharmacy, I grabbed these pure essentials facial cleansing wipes because I was meaning to get some more. I had never heard or seen these previously, but they looked legit and I thought I would try them out and see what results I would get.

      The price was fantastic as the pack was only £1.00, which is great value compared to some other facial cleansing wipe packs which you pay for. For £1.00, you receive 25 wipes which works out at 4p a wipe, so you can't really complain! As far as I'm aware, the pure essentials range is by Lloyds Pharmacy, and this is the only stockist I have seen for these, so I would recommend trying out your local store if you are interested in these.

      A big problem I face when it comes to skin care products is that my skin (particularly facial area) can be prone to getting blotchy and red when using certain products. My skin is particularly sensitive, therefore I purposely have to hunt around for things which contain kind to skin ingredients. These wipes are fantastic as they contain no artificial colours or fragrances, however they do contain vitamin E and aloe vera to help soothe the skin, therefore these wipes are going to be particularly effective for those who also suffer from sensitive skin.

      The pack is simple enough to get into, and you just peel open the seal and grab a wipe. Sometimes you will find that more than one at a time come out, so be careful when pulling them out and be sure to be gentle, as the majority of the time I have to try and force one back into the pack! Watch out as I have found that the seal on the packet is not extremely sticky, therefore I would recommend laying your pack face down so that the moisture reaches the bottom, meaning that the first wipe you will use will still be moist, even if a little air has got into it.

      The wipes themselves are fantastic. They do not have a strong scent, however they just smell fresh and clean which is what I like in a facial cleansing wipe. The texture of them is smooth, and this makes it easy to use when wiping across your face. It takes make up off as well as other wipes I have tried in the past, and within a minute or two I can remove a whole nights worth of make up if I have been out on the town! They are really simple and easy to use, and you will only need one make up wipe at a time if you are removing even the most stubborn of make up. One slight problem is that these are not fantastic around the eyes, and this is because it can sometimes make my eyes quite sore and watery if it comes directly into contact with them, therefore if you wear lots of eye make up, these probably are not the best thing when it comes to removing it. So they work fairly good at removing make up, although there is some room for improvement.

      In terms of general facial cleansing, these wipes prove excellent. They are great for settling your skin down ready for the night, as well as being quite useful in the morning if you are half asleep, as it helps to awaken your skin and leave it looking much fresher. I have also found these handy to carry around in my bag, and they are great at cooling you down on hot and uncomfortable days.

      Overall, I am very impressed with these wipes from Lloyds Pharmacy, and I will be sure to stock up on many more of them in the future, as they do an efficient job for a minuscule of the price which I am used to paying for facial cleansing wipes. A great hidden gem, which is worth being checked out by you all! Thanks for reading.


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