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Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Anti-Blemish / What it does: blemish control

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2012 15:45
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      A very good product from Yves Rocher's Pure System range


      For anyone that regularly reads my reviews you will no doubt be aware of my love of Yves Rocher products, or rather obsession. I like to try different products as well as my usual favourites but because I only order from them every few months I do miss out on a lot of offers. Luckily my last purchases featured a plethora of 2 for 1's and 50% off offers so I took full advantage and ordered as much as I could afford and one item I have been meaning to try for a while is this - "4 in 1 Stop Blemish Lotion" which is part of their Pure System range and which my review will now focus on..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      The lotion comes housed in a tubular styled vessel which is just about upright standing, meaning the lid is far smaller in width than the tube so isn't very sturdy when stood up, but if it's just in a cupboard leaning against something it regains it's balance (just about).

      The colouring of the packaging is quite a smart and eye catching deep navy blue and white whilst the size of this comes in a standard 40ml. Though I purchased this whilst on a 50% off offer at £5.45 it's normal selling price is a rather steep £10.90 which even if I could afford to buy it regularly I wouldn't at that price, especially as it's only a small tube which when you think 40ml isn't going to go too far if used consecutively.
      As per usual this can be purchased via their website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      By phoning their orderline/ customer service number 0870 049 22 22

      In store or good old Ebay is a firm favourite of mine.

      *~*So what is it?*~*

      This is, as the title suggests, a 4 in 1 lotion that is designed to help reduce blackheads and pimples whilst redefining the skin at the same time. It claims to fade marks caused by blemishes due to it's key ingredient of Scutellaria, which until a quick type into a search engine I hadn't heard of previously but have now learned that it is derived from part of the mint family and is normally used in Chinese medicines to help support the immune system. This lotion also contains salicylic acid which tends to be present in treatments such as this, and also contains soothing organic aloe vera pulp.

      What appealed to me most (not the price obviously) was the fact it helps reduce blemishes and scars from acne and whilst I've never suffered directly from acne I have always been spot prone around my chin area which unfortunately has left some scarring over the years. It claims to have a matte effect for 8 hours which again appealed as I don't like greasy feeling creams and lotions against my skin (who does?) so I was willing to give this a go at the reduced price.

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      What stood out the most to me with this lotion is the fact that is supposed to reduce blemishes and scarring as mentioned, so I was really hoping it would work and wouldn't be a fallacy. The lotion states to be used both morning and at night on after cleansing and on clean skin so I was a little hesitant how it would make my skin feel as it would in actual fact be replacing my regular moisturisers.

      On unscrewing the lid I was met with a very thin and long nozzle underneath, which was unexpected as for some reason I thought this would be like any other regular tube with a small opening. Anyway, on squeezing the tube the lotion emits at a fairly rapid pace which given the thickness of the consistency of this took me by surprise so be warned and don't do as I did by squeezing the tube quite heftily as rather a lot of product was wasted as it fell on to my bathroom floor.

      The lotion is thick as mentioned and is a bright white in colour with a rather smooth and velvet like texture. I don't know what exactly it was that I was expecting but it doesn't resemble a regular 'spot cream' at all. The fragrance is also very interesting as it doesn't have even the remoteness hint of anything medicinal like some acne treatments can and the best way to describe it as having a fresh and leafy scent. There is nothing new about Yves Rocher products having leaf or grassy aromas as their products are all derived or made from plant based materials and this is one of the reasons I like just about everything I try from them as there is nothing artificial or 'fake' scented, just pure natural beauty items.

      On applying this to my skin I treated it just like I would a regular facial moisturiser and soon found it to feel like on a par - if not slightly better than - my usual creams. The texture of the lotion means it glides effortlessly onto my skin and absorbs at a reasonable rate as well. I wouldn't say instantly as I did have to rub it in slightly longer than my usual day time cream, but it certainly left my skin feeling smooth as soon as it had absorbed.

      As my skin goes through sages on being dry/ sensitive/ at times I'm always apprehensive about using new products, particularly on my face but I needn't have worried here. The lotion feels instantly soothing and because of the 'leafy' aroma it gives a fresh and cool feeling to my skin which is particularly refreshing first thing in a morning.

      *~*Results and recommended?*~*

      Well my skin has definitely felt smoother and I can honestly say in the time I have been using this that any small pimples I've had have disappeared quicker than normally and the same for blackheads - they have seemed to diminish as I do suffer from time to time with blackheads on my chin and sometimes at the side of my nose. I find that by steaming my face to open my pores twice a week before applying this lotion it has really helped with the whole overall condition of my skin and it has felt soft, smooth and actually quite hydrated which given the fact this is for problematic skin is really quite unexpected as often these types of products can be abrasive or harsh.

      This lotion has lasted me approximately 4 weeks which given the fact the tube is only small at 40 ml and I have been using this twice a day it's actually not too badly priced, though I do still think £10.90 is quite high for what is really a glorified moisturiser.

      I have been quite impressed with this lotion as it has indeed left my skin with a matte feeling and has slightly reduced some scarring so I can't complain about it too much really apart from say that if it wasn't on offer I wouldn't have purchased it unfortunately. I think if it was around the £6 mark regularly or there so I would be more than tempted to use this more often, perhaps not twice a day, but at least several times a week plus the fact that this is meant to be used as a moisturiser replacement though it doesn't contain any SPF so a separate one is needed whereas my 'regular' day cream has it already added.

      This is a very good lotion but because of the slight negatives just mentioned in the above paragraph I am deducting a star, however it totally merits the remaining 4 stars as it does seem to help improve the skin by making it as blemish free as possible (well it worked for me anyway).


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