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Purederm Oil blotting Facial Tissues

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Brand: Purederm / Cleansing Tissues / Type: Facial Cleansing Wipes / Subcategory: Tissues / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2012 19:14
      Very helpful



      A good solution for those with oily skin

      As someone cursed with a oily T zone, and a forehead that loves to shine, I often use facial oil-blotting tissues. For years I have used the Superdrug version, but for some time the supply has been erratic. So I frequently have to use other offerings. That is the reason I decided to try the Purederm tissues, which were on sale for £2.99 in my local health food shop. [No, they are not edible!]


      The sheets are little squares of paper-like material that are pressed to your face in order to absorb excess oil and shine. Some also leave behind a light dusting of powder but these are not one of those. I think the amount of powder tends to be sparse, so I don't miss it. The main benefit of the tissues is that they can be used over make up without dislodging it.


      The tissues are packaged in a thick cardboard envelope, and within that is a thin plastic bag containing the sheets. The card envelope is larger than the tissues themselves and if this is the mini purse sized packet refered to on the back, then Purederm and I have a different definition of mini. Being made of card means the packet is easily squashed in my handbag and looks tatty quickly, so I have dispensed with it and kept the sheets in their plastic bag only. I have used other similar products that have a little card box to sit in, and a dispenser that presents a fresh tissue to you every time you open it. With Purederm you have to fiddle to try and seperate the very thin sheets and it is easy to pull out more than you want. It is harder to get excess ones back in too, without screwing them up. At least the tissues themselves are also on the large size for this type of product - about 7..5cm by 5cm. I can get away with using just one on my face so the 60 sheets in the pack last me a good amount of time.


      The tissues are thin and look a bit like wafer thin greaseproof paper! They are smooth to the touch and feel pleasant to use. I just press them onto my skin wherever it looks shiny, mainly my forehead. The key is not to rub at your skin, as this can remove make up and it doesn't really help with the absorption of oil. It takes just a few discreet seconds to mattify my face, and the results are instant. I find it quicker than powdering and if I do want to powder for other reasons, I think that an oil free base helps the powder last longer. Once you have finished with a tissue it can be popped in the bin, as each is for one time use only.


      They definitely do. They absorb shine very efficiently and they really do not interefre with your foundation or other make up. If they did, they wouldn't be very time saving as you would have to apply everything else again! If I am not going to wear foundation I feel happy to use a facial tissue before I leave the house and again at lunctime, confident I will stay shine free. If I am also wearing foundation, I use the tissues either at lunchtime or towards the end of the working day, depending on the foundation's general staying powers. They just help to keep the foundation looking good for longer.


      They are easy to use, quick to work and mattify excellently. If you want tissues that also add powder, these are not for you, but there is nothing to stop you powdering over the top if you do want to. They are not an all day solution, as least not for me. If your skin doesn't shine so readily, you may find that they last longer. I would really like them to come in a more practical style of packaging that would maximise their convenience. I grumble a bit every time I have to get one out but when I see my shine free face, I feel inclined to forgive them! I have bought myself a second packet, and will be keeping them in my hand bag. I will keep to my Superdrug ones when I can though, as I prefer the neat package and they are slightly cheaper.

      You can buy Purederm products in Holland and Barratt [larger branches only in my experience], Savers and independent chemists, as well as numerous places online. Amazon sell them for just £1.99 but postage is as much again..

      [This review is also under my user name on Ciao.]


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