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Purex Visage 3 in 1 Facial Wipes

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Brand: Purex / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      04.03.2014 23:02
      Very helpful



      3/5 an okay wipe for a bargain price.

      ==Price and Availability==

      I bought these Purex Visage 3 in 1 Facial Wipes last summer when we had all the really hot weather. I seemed to be getting through my more expensive face wipes a lot quicker than usual as I felt the need to refresh my face a lot more often. I saw them in Home Bargains for just 99p and picked them up purely because they were so cheap. I had a look online and these wipes are also available at branches of TJ Hughes for £1, they're also available at an online pound shop.

      ==Purex Visage 3 in 1 Facial Wipes==

      The wipes come in three different packets, one blue, one pink and one purple, the packaging is pretty standard for this type of thing, a plastic packet with a sticker over the top to keep the wipes moist. The three packs of wipes are heard together with a cardboard sleeve, with each pack containing 25 wipes. I think the idea of these wipes is that however your skin feels there's a wipe to match it; the different packs offer three different types of wipes:
      . Deep cleanse wipes to unclog pores and protect against impurities and blackheads whilst also removing make up.
      .Exfoliating wipes which are said to gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and dirt. These wipes are meant to make skin feel refreshed and hydrated.
      .3 in 1 wipes to remove make up, cleanse and tone the face whilst removing unwanted oils and rebalancing the skins PH balance.

      ==My Experience==

      I used all three of the wipes and I have to say there's very little difference between them, in my opinion the 3 in 1 Wipe and the Deep Cleanse wipe are exactly the same, the Deep Cleanse wipe does have aloe vera in it so maybe this is meant to be the difference. The Exfoliating wipe does have little exfoliating bits in it and has a very slightly rougher texture but it doesn't really exfoliate. I wasn't really looking for anything special when I bought these wipes as they were so cheap so I wasn't particularly disappointed. These wipes have a very subtle fresh scent and are a good size, and quite a good thickness, they don't look or feel cheap. When using these wipes they have a good level of moistness, without being too wet, this make them nice to use and the wipes are very gentle and soft. The wipes do remove light make up, such as foundation but when it comes to eye makeup although they fade eyeliner and mascara I wouldn't use just these wipes. Although these wipes did clean my face, and they didn't dry out my skin there were no other particular advantages to these wipes, they're just okay. They do an average job at a cheap price.


      Although I wouldn't go out of my way to buy these wipes again, if I saw them I'd probably pick a pack up as they're so cheap. I usually only wear foundation so for these days these wipes are fine, they cleanse the skin and remove make up quite well. The only let down to these wipes is that the three packs are meant to be for different things and they're all pretty much the same. For the low price though I'm pretty pleased with what I got.


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      01.02.2013 11:41
      Very helpful



      I recommend these wipes and will buy them again.

      When it comes to face wipes, I'm not particularly bothered about what brand I use, as I tend to thoroughly cleanse my face with a separate make-up remover product and cleanser after use. To my mind, face wipes are useful for a quick once-over before I undertake my normal cleansing ritual, so I can't confess to being overly fussy about which wipes are purchased for use. I had no problem, then, in accepting two packages of face wipes from my mum, who had made a huge bulk purchase of the product for herself and felt she had enough to pass on some of the packs to both me and my sister.

      The brand of wipes is rather unfamiliar to me, and I don't recall ever coming across it before. The "Purex Visage 3 in 1 Facial Wipes" is the item I will be reviewing here, and I received two packs of these wipes from my mum, who purchased them, I believe, in a local branch of TJ Hughes department store, of all places.

      The packaging is pretty bog-standard for a product like this one in my experience, comprising of a plastic pack in a pretty purple/lilac colour. (The wipes I have are the ones shown at the bottom of the 'stack' at the top of the Dooyoo page here.) There is a robust sticky 'label' on front of the package which acts as a closure seal which can be easily replaced after you have removed your wipe from the pack, thus keeping the remainder of the wipes in the pack moist enough for use. I have never experienced any issues with this label becoming unstuck or losing its seal, which would render it rather useless. This is a specific problem I have encountered with various packages of face wipes I have purchased before, in particular those purchases that have been rather cheap and cheerful, so I was pleased that no such annoyance was present with the Purex Visage product.

      The wipes themselves are quite thin, and are certainly thinner in their texture than my previous purchase which was from Boots. This is an observation rather than a criticism to be fair, and I don't recall the Purex wipes ever splitting or tearing during use. The Purex wipes are white in colour and are folded neatly in their plastic enclosure, so it is necessary to unfold the wipe before it can be used. Doing so reveals its slightly oblong shape, and I have no complaints in terms of the size of these particular wipes. I have found that their size is ample enough to sweep over my eyes to remove traces of make-up, with the second side being sufficient in size to give my face and neck a quick clean. I have found some brands of wipe are so small in their size that I need to use two wipes to achieve a clean complexion, but this is not the case at all with the Purex version.

      I can't say that these wipes have a strong smell, and in fact I wondered if they were unscented, but I can't see any mention of this on their packaging. If they DO contain a perfume or a scent, it is very understated which suits me (and my sensitive skin!) down to the ground.

      I like too how the Purex wipes don't feel overly 'wet' in the way that some brands do. I can't confess to finding this feeling particularly agreeable, particularly as it feels rather cold on my delicate face and I find this uncomfortable. I have no complaints in this regard, when considering the use of the Purex version.

      The Purex Wipes are of course marketed as being a "3 in 1" product, with the following claims being emblazoned across the front of their package:

      * Make Up Remover
      * Cleansing & Toning
      * Removes Unwanted Oils
      * PH Balanced
      * Dermatologically Tested

      Now, I have to confess that I found the last two of these claims to be somewhat reassuring as I suffer terribly with sensitive skin, that will easily 'flare' if harsh or aggressive products are used, particularly on my face. I felt my usual concerns were somewhat quashed as a result of the claims made on the packaging, and this feeling was reinforced when I then realised that the wipes are "Enriched with Aloe Vera." I do really like using products containing Aloe Vera on my skin, finding its natural properties to be extremely beneficial to my troublesome skin, often feeling a 'calming' to my skin from this useful ingredient. I was pleased to notice this ingredient was present in the formulation of these particular wipes, and can happily report that indeed, my face has suffered nothing in the way of sensitivity, irritation or any other ill-effect either during or after use of these wipes. For these reasons, I have no issue in recommending them for use by consumers with delicate or sensitive skin.

      In terms of the product's claim about removing make-up, I can confirm that I have found the removal of eye make-up and in particular black eyeliner and mascara is easy to undertake with the Purex wipes. Thicker, darker hues will of course require a little more attention, but even the most stubborn of make-up products will finally succumb to the Purex wipes' removal properties. I find their performance in this regard is very much on a par with most other brand of moist facial wipe that I purchase on a regular basis, so again, there are no complaints from me here.

      In terms of "Cleansing & Toning" as claimed on the front of the package, I can't confess to being the best judge of these attributes, as I don't use the wipes for this purpose as I touched on earlier. I wouldn't trust a quick wipe of my face to provide sufficient cleanliness to my skin, irrespective of which brand of wipe was being used at the time, so I cannot comment on this too much.

      For all other aspects of the Purex Visage 3 in 1 Facial Wipes however, I am more than satisfied at their performance and would really have no hesitation in purchasing the wipes again in the future. They have a rather 'cheap-and-cheerful' feel to them at first glance, but when everything is considered I can't really find any evidence of the product's formulation being remotely under-par. For the reasons outlined in this review, I feel the wipes are more than deserving of full marks in the product rating score, and they do come with my full recommendation.

      **You can purchase the Purex Facial Wipes in a pack of three (as shown in the top of the Dooyoo picture here) for around £1 in branches of TJ Hughes. Alternatively, you can order online directly at www.tjhughes.co.uk where postage costs may apply.


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      3 in 1 Face Wipes from Purex Visage brand

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