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Ralph Lauren Notorious Body Moisturizer

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Brand: Ralph Lauren / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2010 15:26
      Very helpful




      Ralph Lauren is a designer brand founded in the 1960s.The brand originated with a range of ties and progressed to release a menswear range bearing the Polo company logo. The first Ralph Lauren boutique opened in 1969 in Bloomingdales New York selling the menswear.

      The brand grew and began to produce clothes for the ladies and then childrenswear, accessories and fragrance. With the name being known in several countries, Ralph Lauren has won many awards and the company goes from strength to strength.

      ~~~Product and Range~~~

      Notorious is a female scent which is fairly new to the Ralph Lauren brand. Available in this range is a perfume (EDP), a body lotion/moisturizer and a shower gel.

      The body moisturizer is designed to be used as you would a body lotion. By smoothing it over the skin, it provides moisturisation and leaves the skin scented with the Notorious scent.

      Notorious is described as being a scent that "silently commands the attention of a room".


      The body moisturizer combines a range of intriguing notes which when used alone or topped up with the EDP, produce a captivating scent.

      Top notes of blackcurrant, spicy pink peppercorn and Italian begamot lure us into our first and initial opening scent.

      A spiced combination of chocolate cosmos, burgandy flower, white frost peonies and fiery carnations make up the mid notes of this body moisturizer.

      We are treated to a patchouli musk accord, vanilla and orris base combination to finish the ensemble.


      The full size body moisturizer comes in a tall, black bottle with a flip top lid. My body moisturizer is a gift set size and comes in a tube.

      My tube is pure black and quite sturdy plastic with a flip top cap at the base. The writing is in a quite striking gold shade. The brand and scent name along with the product name and size can be located on the front of the tube. The back of the tube offers us trademark information and contact details for Ralph Lauren.

      The tube can be recycled and should be used up within 12months of opening.

      ~~~Availability and Price~~~

      A 200ml full size can be purchased from many outlets.
      Amazon stock this at prices between £24.95 and £29.50.

      I would recommend purchasing the giftset though as you receive the 200ml body moisturizer and a 75ml EDP for £32.99 which is a bargain!

      Ebay also has this at only £9.99 with £2.20 p&p so even better!

      ~~~My Opinion~~~

      Ralph Lauren is a brand that I knew very little about before I began to research it. In the past few years, I have been lucky to have a few of scents from this designed brand. Notorious was one which I had never tried before. When I received a 50ml tube of the body moisturizer and shower gel in an ebay lot, I was intrigued and kept them by for my own use. As you may know, I have developed an obession for expensive body lotions and this one had to go into my overflowing collection!

      The packaging for this may not be to everyones taste. It isn't bright and pink like a lot of ladies lotions. It is black and gold and in my opinion, has a classic and mature appearance. I prefer tubes over bottles so the tube was ideal for me and the flip top cap allows me to squeeze every last bit of moisturizer out. The only downside is that I can't see how much is left in the tube.

      I didn't look into the notes used within this body moisturizer before using it as I didn't want my judgement to be clouded. I could sense by the packaging though that it was going to be something quite deep. It is said that this scent "silently commands the attention of a room". Well when I wore this, I didn't walk into a room and have everyone stop and stare and me but it does make an impact on those closest to your body.

      I keep my expensive toiletries for pampering sessions and have used this several times since receiving it about 2months ago. I use these type of products on the top half of my body and keep cheaper creams for my legs as no one gets close enough to smell them so why waste my goodies! I should also note that I have sensitive skin and moreso on my arms. If a highly perfumed product doesn't agree with my skin, there will be trouble ahead and it does put me off. Thankfully, this didn't react with my skin.

      On squeezing the tube, the body moisturizer seeps out like a thick cream somewhat like sunlotion. It is pure white in colour and as soon as it comes into contact with my skin, it begins to slowly melt. With this in mind, it is time to moisturise into my skin. I found if I stalled, the moisturizer began to settle where it was and wouldn't spread far. If I am quick, the moisturizer spreads over the skin well and a small blob was enough to cover the bottom half of my arm. I wouldn't say it spreads as well as other expensive lotions due to the consistency.

      The moisturizer is cooling on the skin and any soreness or tightness I sometimes experience seems to edge away. The moisturizer sat on the surface of my skin like a light gleam for a short while.It did't feel sticky or oily which is a bonus. Once it had fully settled into my skin, it left no residue behind. My dry and rough skin had been replaced with softer and supple skin which felt like it had been given a much needed moisture boost. The moisturizer worked particularly well on my rough elbows and smoothed them out til soft to the touch.

      The scent on application is quite sublte and light. Only as I rub the moisturizer into my skin does the scent become apparent. I first detected the blackcurrant. I am used to fresh and fruity scents and this you would expect from blackcurrant. The scent was actually deep and meaningful. The spicy pink peppercorn and bergamot had clearly played a part in taking the fruity edge off the blackcurrant and the combination worked very well!

      The scent remained on my skin for several hours and progressed to go through different scent stages. As it started off with something deep, it pushed forward to reveal a floral ensemble. This came into play around an hour or so after initial application. Whilst I am not a fan of floral scents, I found this scent to be quite appealing. The moisturizer kept hold of its depth and was finished off with a light and not overpowering floral combination. The carnations were detectable to me and were fresh and inviting with the other floral notes taking a back seat. This blend lasted on my skin for a few hours before finally settling for the finishing touches.

      The patchouli musk made its known appearance on my skin. It was quite subtle and only detectable if I got up close to my skin. This didn't last very long and after it has left my skin, the only scent I could detect was sweet and sensual. I would know this scent a mile off as it is one which plants itself in several of my perfume base notes. Come on in..vanilla! Vanilla can be a hit or a miss. I found Ralph Lauren to have just the right sweetness to be noticable on my skin and not sickly that it gave me a headache.

      The overall scent and sensation lasted on my skin for several hours and although the stronger notes faded, the vanilla note stayed on my skin which is fairly acceptable to me. My skin stayed soft and moisturised but no more so that a cheap body butter could have performed. Although I quite like the scent produced by Notorious, it is far from being my favourite. I didn't find it to be very feminine which would be my personal choice.

      This scent certainly won't suit everyone but if you are a fan of deep and sensual scents or indeed the perfume itself, I am sure it would you perfectly and could be layered up. I personally didn't wear any other perfume with this body lotion as I felt it would be too strong and the blend wouldn't work well.

      If you can pick it up cheap on ebay it would be worth the money however as it doesn't spread as well as some other lotions, you do need a bit more and this means less applications for your money.

      Thanks for reafing x


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