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Ren Hydra Calm Cleansing Gel

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Brand: Ren / Type: Cleansing Gel / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Hydrates, Calms,

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    3 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 19:38
      1 Comment



      A smooth, calming facial wash for sensitive skin.

      REN Skincare products were first recommended to me by a lady at the REN beauty till in one of the large department stores in London. I had never heard of them and for 13 years had used another well know brand but was always feeling like I had dehydrated skin which irritated and itched. The beautician advised me that products I were using and had been for some time had alcohol and other nasty things that was resulting in my red, irritated, itchy skin.

      Her other advice was that I should not be using a toner product because of my skin as it was drying it out. So, I took her advice and tried the cleanser gel and other sensitive products. She told me that REN prides itself on their paraben free products.

      I bought my first REN product in 2011 and am still using the brand religiously on a daily basis.
      This product comes in a pump style bottle making it easy to use, and although it appears a bit expensive at £18 but as on average it lasts me around 6 months, and I use it both morning and night, it works out not so expensive as some other leading brands available.
      I found that previous facial gel washes that I used left my skin feeling a bit dry, this one however leaves my skin feeling soft, sooth calm and nourished after each use.

      As the product is only available in large department stores, there are not any stockists close to me. This means that I have to order my products online through the official office REN website, so I need to remember to order when I am running out as I cannot just pop round down the local shop and buy some more.

      In summary, this product as well as the REN serum and moisturiser have restored my extremely dehydrated skin back to some kind of normality and reduced red irritated skin. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin.


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        09.08.2012 08:09
        Very helpful



        Great for sensitive skin

        REN Skincare products were first recommended to me by a make up artist when I was having my make up done for a wedding.

        At the time I was suffering from really sensitive and irritated skin, particularly around the eyes. My skin would become inflamed, red and very itchy. It would then become dry and flaky from scratching. Prior to trying REN I had tried numerous brands of skincare, cheap and expensive alike, and they all seemed to worsen my skin!

        REN prides itself on not using chemicals in their products. They use mostly natural ingredients making it great for sensitive skin.

        This product comes in a pump style bottle making it easy to use. REN recommends one pump per use but I personally find around half a pump is enough.

        When using this product I wet my hands slightly before squeezing it out. I then apply it to a dry face. I find that if the product is applied to too wet hands/face it does not lather, and simply slides off the face.

        When applied correctly this product lathers slightly. It removes make up all over my face including around the eyes. I find that it removes make up well however around the eyes it does need massaged in well for a few seconds longer to remove stubborn mascara.

        After use my skin feels soft, smooth and calm. There is no dryness, tightness or irritation. The product smells pleasant without being overpowering.

        This product is in a gel style. I have tried other REN cleansers which are more creamy/milky based and have found they do not leave my skin with that 'clean' feeling.

        The product costs £18 which is pricey but on average a bottle will last me around 2 months. I use it morning and night every day. I feel the packaging is a little excessive, there is a lot of plastic and it also comes in a cardboard outer box which isn't really necessary.

        I usually order my REN products from the official website, because here I feel like I am getting a good deal for my money. The website usually offers free delivery on spends over £40-50 (depending on what promotion is on at the time) so I would order a few things at a time to take advantage of the free delivery. The website also offers "REN reward points" which you get for every order placed and can then spend on products.

        Other perks of the website are that you get '10% off your favourite product for life". You select which REN product is your favourite and you get 10% off this. I think they allow you to change your favourite product every 6 months. A final advantage is that with every order online you get to select 2 mini sample items (sometimes there is a promotion on where you will get 4). I usually select sample sizes of the products I use and keep these for travelling.

        In summary, this product has left previously irritated skin calmer and cleaner. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with sensitive/problem skin.


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        13.06.2012 13:02
        Very helpful



        A good cleanser for my sensitive skin but I don't think I would buy it again

        REN Hydra calm Cleansing Gel

        I bought this product about three or four months ago and I have been using it almost every day since. I have wanted to try REN skincare products for a while as REN is a company that uses some natural ingredients in their products and their skincare products do not contain any parabens or chemicals that are not good for the skin and could cause irritation or damage, which is great for me as I do have sensitive skin to an extent.

        - Product description (REN site)

        "A gentle facial wash formulated to leave sensitive skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and soothed without irritation, tightness or discomfort. Gently removes dirt and pollution without harshness. Protects and maintains the skin's defence barrier by supporting the good bacteria. Calms skin and reduces itchiness and sensations of discomfort. Skin feels purified, calm and soothed."

        - About the product

        The cleanser comes in a pump bottle which contains 150ml or 5.1 US FL oz. of cleanser. This cleanser is different to all but two of my cleansers as it is a gel cleanser - not a cream cleanser like most of the others that I own and use. This cleanser is specifically designed and formulated for sensitive skin, as I have although my skin is nowhere near as sensitive as it was when I had eczema a few months ago. The cleanser is clear, it has a smooth gel consistency, it has a thick consistency and the cleanser does have a scent. The scent is not really strong but it is noticeable and it smells quite clean, floral and it smells a bit like plastic too. I would like skincare products to be unscented or if they do have a scent I would like them to smell floral and the slightly plastic scent of this cleanser is not great - although it does not personally bother me too much and I have continued to use this product for nearly four months now. REN products and this one in particular do not contain any of the following: Petro chemicals, Sulphates, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic colours, T.E.A (Triethanolamine), D.E.A, Glycols, and Silicones. REN products are dermatologist tested and approved and REN is against animal testing which is fantastic! REN is an American brand but this product is stated to be made in the UK.

        - Bottle/packaging

        The bottle for this cleanser is a bit confusing and I think it uses more packaging and plastic than is really needed. The outer tube/bottle is clear then inside there is a clear bag which contains the cleanser. So the cleanser while being used will not go up the bottle and show how much is being used as the cleanser is in a bag, in the tube. The amount of cleanser in the bag will decrease as the cleanser is being used up but it is not clear how much cleanser you have left really as it is in a bag and not just the bottle. I think there is no need for the bag inside the bottle and if there was no bag and just the cleanser in the bottle it would use up less plastic and packaging, in my opinion. I think I have about half or a third left of the cleanser, so I have used up about half in four months - I have been using this product every day or nearly every day since I purchased it.

        - Using the cleanser

        When I first purchased this cleanser I used it every single day (once a day) for 6 weeks, then I have been using it every other day. I use this cleanser in the morning and I usually just use my hands to apply and massage the cleanser into my skin but I have also used this cleanser with my Clarisonic mia. Firstly I wash my hands and I wet my face very slightly, I find that the wetter my skin the less foam/lather I get from the cleanser. I apply about half a pump of cleanser onto my hand. Although on the bottle/packaging it says to use a full pump but for me personally that is far too much cleanser to use and I would end up wasting some and I would go through the cleanser far quicker. I then rub my hands together to get a fairly even amount of the cleanser on both hands and I gently apply and massage the cleanser onto my skin. The consistency of this cleanser when dispensed from the bottle is fairly thick and very gel like but when applied to the skin the cleanser become much thinner but still very noticeable on the skin (visually and the feel of the cleanser on the skin). The texture of the cleanser is incredibly smooth, soft and gentle on the skin and there are no beads or exfoliating grains in this cleanser. The gorgeous smooth, silky feel on this cleanser on my skin makes this product feel more expensive, luxury and high end than it is, in my opinion. Also I think that the gel texture is a lot smoother and silkier feeling than the cream cleansers I have.

        The bottle/packaging states to massage the cleanser into the skin for a couple of minutes which I don't really do as I find it a bit boring and time consuming so I usually only massage this product into my skin for about a minute or so. The cleanser does not lather up too much but it creates a slight foam/lather on the skin. To use this product with my Clarisonic mia I follow my routine as usual but instead of suing my hands to massage the product onto my skin I use my Clarisonic. When I use this product with my Clarisonic the cleanser foams/lathers up a lot less and it does not lather up a lot to start with. Once the product has been applied and massaged gently into the skin I then take a flannel/washcloth and wet it with warm water and gently wipe the cleanser off my face. I then pat my face dry and it makes my skin feel smooth, soft, fairly hydrated and clean. I then apply either my caudalie serum or my normal moisturiser which at the moment is simple's rich moisturising cream mixed with my eucerin 5% urea face cream. Overall, I would rate the application of this product at 4/5.

        - Results

        This cleanser makes my skin feel really smooth and soft and because the cleanser is a gel it makes my skin softer than the cream cleansers I have, in my opinion. This product is part of the REN Hydra Calm range of products therefore it is designed for sensitive skin but I was still a bit cautious about this product as just because a products is stated to be suitable for sensitive it doesn't mean that it will not irritate your skin. Although having said this, this product does not irritate my skin at all, well at first I experienced a very slight tingling sensation when I used this product but this stopped after a couple of days of using the product. I have not experienced any negative side effects from the cleanser such as irritation, stinging, redness or tightness, which is fantastic as even though my eczema is about 90% gone I still have sensitive skin and it sometimes difficult to find products that do not irritate my skin at all.

        Using this cleaner makes my skin feel smooth, soft, cleansed and my skin does not feel tight, dry or irritated after using this product. Although I find that this cleanser only surface cleans my skin, I don't not feel like this cleanser deep cleans my skin really, which is a bit disappointing. I feel like this product does not deep clean my skin as I still get a couple of spots while using this product, whereas with my other cleansers which deep clean my skin I do not get any spots/blemishes. This cleanser does work really well with my skin and it preps my skin really well for the application and absorption of the products that follow such as serum, moisturiser etc. Overall, I would rate the results of this product 4/5, one point taken off as I feel like it does not deep clean my skin.

        - Price and availability

        I purchased this product from asos.com, which is one of my favourite sites as they have student discount (via unidays) and they have free delivery all year round! This cleanser is priced at £17, which is a little bit expensive in my opinion and it is one of the most expensive cleansers I own. Although as I am a student (starting third year of university in September!) I could get 10% off which is not much but it is better than no discount! In conclusion, I do agree with most of the description from REN of this product, although I do not feel like this product leaves my skin thoroughly cleansed and I don't find the statement concerning 'good' bacteria plausible.


        *Fairly nice fragrance apart from the slight plastic scent
        *Feels quite luxurious to use
        *Pump bottle - easy to use and hygienic
        *No chemicals, parabens or nasty things that could potentially irritate or damage the skin in the long term
        *Feels really smooth, soft and gentle when applied and massaged onto the skin
        *Feels like is surface cleans my skin really well and my skin is never tight, dry or irritated after using this facial cleanser

        *I feel like it does not deep clean my skin at all really

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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