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Ren Vita Mineral Radiant Day Cream

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Brand: Ren / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 19:49
      Very helpful



      REN day cream

      I first came across REN products a few years ago now and have been using them ever since. So, if you've never heard of REN I will give you a little bit about their background. According to their website, "Since its launch in 2000 REN has become a cult favourite amongst beauty editors and consumers and is now available in department stores, pharmacies and spas in over 50 countries around the world. REN Clean Skincare gives you healthier, more beautiful skin that looks younger for longer.
      REN's philosophy of Clean Skincare can be summed up in three words: Performance, Purity, and Pleasure. REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

      That's exactly why I love their product, the 100% plant and mineral ingredients, as this is so good for my skin and I love that it's a natural range and not full of harsh chemicals. One of my favourite products in their range is their Vita-mineral radiant day cream. This cream is described as, "

      A multi-active day cream that replenishes the skin with moisture and vital nutrients. Powerful antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins further protect and energize the skin to keep it looking fit, radiant and youthful. The results are that it:

      Hydrates, replenishes and nourishes.
      Skin looks toned, glowing and healthy.
      Protects against free radicals to combat the signs of premature ageing.

      The cream is pure white and is fairly thick although not too thick that it is heavy or greasy on my face. The first ingredient in this cream is Rosa Damascena Flower Water and instantly, as soon as I apply the cream I can smell the wonderful scent of rose on my face. I love this smell in a facial cream or in a hand cream for that matter as I think it's very uplifting and lifts my mood incredibly so the inclusion of it in this face cream is lovely. The rose smell is light and fragrant without being too sickly or heavy and it really sits well on my face. The smell does disappear after a while but that initial scent is beautiful.

      Not only does it have these natural ingredients but it also includes Tocotrienols from Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil protect against free radicals, Vitamin P from Rose Petals decongests the skin, soothes and protects facial vessels, Vitamin F from Arctic Lingonberry Seed Oil protects and reduces skin sensitivity and Magnesium from Epsom Salt boosts energy levels and relaxes facial features. These are things that I have never actually heard of or had before in a facial cream but I have to admit that they work well and I can see a difference in my skin.

      I can apply this right after a shower first thing in the morning and then it is natural enough for me to be able to apply my make up over the top and have clean, fresh skin all day long. The cream soaks in almost immediately and just gives me a really fresh pallet on which to start. My skin feels wonderfully fresh and more importantly, looked after and clean.

      Since using this I think my face really has looked brighter and healthier and just in better condition all round. I think I look less tired than I usually do and it has given my face plump and colour like never before. I would definitely recommend this as a great day cream.


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        06.09.2013 17:11
        Very helpful



        An effective synthetic free day cream

        I often search through the women's monthly glossy magazines when I'm at the supermarket, as in the past I've been able to obtain some excellent freebies, which are attached to the magazines. One of my recent finds was a pack of three REN travel size skin care products with this review discussing my experience with using Vita-Mineral Day Cream.

        Whilst I would describe my skin as T-zone due to the oily patches on my forehead and nose and dryness on my cheeks, I hadn't realised until I arrived home that the skin care products were aimed at consumers with normal skin. However, not wanting to waste my freebies, I decided to try them out.

        The full size Vita-Mineral Day Cream is presented in a 50 ml bottle with my travel size tube containing 10 ml, so I had a fair amount to enable me to form an opinion as to whether the product was effective for my skin type. If you are familiar with the REN brand you will be aware that all of their skin care products, which are created for both men and women, contain 100% plant and mineral derived actives and are free of synthetic ingredients.

        I regularly used moisturising creams, as despite my skin being T-zone, if I fail to use them, my skin will become dry and offer a rough texture within just a day or so. Consequently, I am always able to assess the qualities of a good cream the day after application, as inferior ingredients will begin to cause an uncomfortable tightening sensation.

        The cream is pure white in colour and offers a thick consistency with its texture slightly changing when it meets my warm skin, which enables it to be easily applied and spread. I found that I needed only a pea size amount to cover my entire face with it taking less than a couple of minutes to fully absorb without leaving any tackiness. The cream is extremely lightweight and whilst I was able to witness a clean and fresh scent, it was extremely delicate. I favoured the fact that REN have included shea butter in the cream, as its positive effectives were immediately evident with the surface of my skin feeling soft and silky smooth, which formed a good base for me to apply my mousse foundation.

        I felt assured that the cream had absorbed beneath the surface of my skin, as it felt replenished and fully moisturised. As I was fortunate enough to also have the night cream contained within my trio pack, I used it before bedtime with both creams perfectly complimenting my skin. I previously trialled a different brand of face cream for a survey company and within one day of using it, I began to experience a tightening sensation and slight dryness on my cheeks. However, REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream continued to fully hydrate my skin with me being able to obtain two weeks of use from the 10ml tube.

        Whilst I do not intend copying the lengthy list of ingredients into my review, I would advise that the cream is packed with various plant, fruit and seed oils to maintain the skin's natural moisture levels to keep it looking radiant and healthy. REN claim that the cream protects against free radicals to combat the signs of premature ageing although this is not something I am able to evidence. Whilst I grumbled about my oily skin when I was in my teens, it is beneficial to me as I age, as it will slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

        Whilst I enjoyed trying out this gorgeous day cream, I really do not feel I can justify making a purchase of the full size 50ml bottle due to the fact that it offers no additional benefits to my normal face cream, which is 75% less than the £25 price tag. You can purchase REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream directly from the REN website or in Marks and Spencer. If the cream was priced at less than £10 it would have received five stars from me, but I feel it appropriate to remove one solely due to the price.

        I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Energize and hydrate your skin with vitamin A from rosehip seed oil, vitamin F from arctic cranberry seed oil and vitamin P from rose petals /