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Salcura Antiac Skin Therapy Spray

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Brand: Salcura / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Spray / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2011 11:37
      Very helpful



      You cannot put a price on good skin.

      **Why I want the product?**
      My skin has been a 'mess' for a while now, especially since the birth of my daughter three years ago. I have blackheads on my nose and chin that likes to set up camp without a ticket, with monthly spots and acne that sometimes scars, life in my skin can be depressing some times. However, there are some times when I feel my skin is looking good and all I feel I need to cover up is a little concealer around my eyes and nose. I wish everyday was like that but unfortunately it is not meant to be so I have to make the most of it.

      While watching Embarrassing Bodies a few weeks ago they did a bit on teenage and adult acne. They tested a group of spot fighting products on teenagers and after the trial the product that came on top was called Salcura Antiac. Until this time I had never heard of the product and quick did some research to find out.

      **About the product**
      Salcura Natural Skin Therapy says this product is great for teenagers and adults who suffer and have problems with skin problems such as, acne and spots, whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes.
      Antiac is a highly anti-bacterial spray, which cleanses the pores deep down and help to promote a clearer complexion.

      Antiac is free from all steroids, alcohol, antibiotics, parabens, and peroxide. This product can be used by all skin types and is not tested on animals.

      On receiving my 100ml product quickly, I wasn't surprised to see the packaging is not sweet and girly looking, it is down to the point. There is writing all over the box telling you about the product, what skin problems it is suitable for, ingredients list and directions of use.
      The shiny cardboard box is white in background with a purple strip across the middle. Looking at Salcura other products they all have the same packing but a different coloured strip for quick reference.

      The spray bottle itself is shiny opaque white with the same design as the cardboard box.

      **How it works**
      All skin problems such as acne, spots, blackheads and whiteheads all originate from sebaceous glands. These glands naturally lubricate the hair and skin follicles, when sebaceous gets blocked in the skin pores along with dead skin cells and even bacteria that are all around us in the air this is when skin problems can occur.

      Antiac has been formulated to help the skin eliminate the above impurities by aiding oxygenating and nourishment deep in to the skin.
      All ingredients have been chosen for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and to retain the pH balance in your skin. It has also been said to aid the healing process of acne scars.

      **Applying the product**
      The directions on the box and bottle state to shake the bottle thoroughly and wash the skin thoroughly before use. Wait until the skin is dry, spray Antiac liberally onto the skin and allow to be absorbed. After spray Antiac on to a cotton pad a few times and cleanse the areas you are most effected by. Ideally apply three times a day.

      Shaking the bottle I noticed some product leaks from the spray nozzle, which is not a good start. Spraying some of the product out onto my hands the product comes out very runny and a milky white colour and not clear like I was expecting it to and although Salcura state their products are free from nasties the product still smells strong and chemically. Spraying the product directly onto my skin or in my hands and rubbing into my skin I notice how cooling it feels and almost sinks in instantly. Because the product is designed to work into the pores deep down this I can really feel due to a very slight tingling sensation that quickly wears off.
      Because Antiac quickly absorbs I follow with spraying the product into a cotton pad and cleansing my skin, which I experienced the same results. After you have done this and the product as absorbed you are feel to apply your other skin care products.

      **Did I notice any side effects?**
      If you are not using any acne spot treatments you may notice what they call purging. Purging is when you start a new skin treatment, which helps all the trapped bacteria, congestion, oil and grime lift to the surface of your skin quicker than if you did nothing.
      Purging can last for one week or more depending on how congested your skin is, it is not a reaction to the product it is merely your skin getting used to the new product and making it clearer deep down than ever before. Persevering with the product until the initial purging stage has past you should start to see an improvement that improves more with regular use.

      I did not notice a 'purging' stage as I use BHA, which is a salicylic acid that works deep in the pores to clean them out by gentle exfoliation deep into the pores.

      **What I think about it/do I like it?**
      Even through the product doesn't contain any alcohol that is destroying for sensitive skins like me I was still worried about applying it, but from the first try of the product I was surprised. It never left my skin red or sore, in fact it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed, even after a few days of use. Unlike other spot treatments that can significantly dry the skin out, this product did not, in fact I thought it was moisturising.

      Only after a few days of use I did see a reduction in my spots and some cleared but there is always one that is more stubborn than the rest, which took awhile longer to clear.
      I have got a bit of acne scaring on my forehead and side of my cheek that I thought would be there forever. The scar looks very red and unsightly without makeup; even my trusted BHA did not reduce or clear it as promised. After about two/three weeks of use I could actually see a reduction in the size of the scar but the redness was still present, but with a few more weeks of use not only has the scar reduced in size the redness has almost gone as well.

      I know Salcura say to apply the product directly to the skin first and then onto a cotton pad, I do not believe it is a necessary for you to do this. If you have thoroughly cleansed your skin in the morning and night (with a double cleanse if wearing makeup) I feel there is no need for an extra Antiac cleanse. However, I do believe if you have had a bout of spots especially around the time of the month or if you are prone to spots like me it is advised to apply the product at least two to three times a day as this will help the healing process and keep inflammation down to a minimum.
      The other benefit I noticed is my skin has become less oily with regular use.

      My only complain about the product is its lack to remove or clear out my blackheads on my nose and chin area. I had to refer to using my BHA products for this that works so well.

      **Price and availability**
      You can purchase Antiac from salcuraskincare.com 50ml £9.99, 100ml £14.99 and 250ml for £29.99, alternately you can purchase from chemistdirect.co.uk 50ml £8.19, 100ml £11.99 and 250ml for £26.99.

      **Would I purchase again?**
      Without a doubt I will be purchasing this product again, even though I keep getting spots, but less frequently I might add, I feel this product is working well for my skin.
      I purchased a 100ml bottle and with using it for over a month I am half way down now, which I feel is good value for money.


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