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Salon Creative Oriental Clay Mask

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Brand: Salon Creative / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2013 19:31
      Very helpful



      A good value face mask that will last you a long time

      One of my friends is, like me, a devoted user of face masks. We often try new brands and swap those that don't agree with one or the other of us. [She has sensitive skin and I do not.] A while ago she purchased a new clay mask online which she recommended highly to me - this was the Salon Creative Oriental Clay Mask with Green Tea and Jasmine. She paid £5.50 for a 250ml tube which seemed good value considering the number of uses that provides. There was something familiar about the brand name and I thought that I had seen the product somewhere on the High Street. I was then delighted to discover this was stocked in Poundworld, for £1 for the same size tube. You can guess where my friend will be buying her next one from..


      I don't know much about the Salon Creative brand except that their products are mainly available online, unless you find them in the discount shops of course. I am not put off trying products from companies that are not familiar to me as in general I have good results from doing so.

      The mask is described as suitable for those with dry, oily, normal and sensitive skins. That sounded promising as my own facial skin is of the combination type - dry cheeks, and an oily t zone. I frequently opt for clay based products as they seem to suit my skin best and I rarely find them drying, although I know many people do. This product is supposed to be "gentle but deep cleansing". According to Salon Creative it has been specially formulated with Vitamin E, Jasmine and Green Tea extracts to "remove dirt from clogged pores leaving your skin glowing, refreshed and soft." The claim about deep cleansing was especially relevent to me as I have large nose pores that block easily.


      The mask comes in a large squeezy tube which is pliable and easy to use. It has a flat flip top lid which you can use stand the tube up on safely. This isn't one of those products that is so runny that opening it afterwards results in a mess! Once opened, the contents are safe to use for a year. As I use a mask frequently, I am sure that won't be a problem. The packet design isn't anything special but it doesn't look any more basic than a product you would pick up in Boots. There is a picture of a bunch of Jasmine blooms against a green and white background, and then the usual usage instructions.

      I have used many clay [Kaolin] based masks before and I know that the unscented ones sometimes smell less than pleasant. The base smell of clay is quite earthy and doesn't appeal to me. I was pleased to find that when I opened this mask, the clay scent was only mild. In this case, added perfume is definitely a bonus for me. I can smell the jasmine clearly, but it isn't overwheming. I can't really detect the green tea but the perfume that is there is quite pleasant. I wouldn't use this specifically to enjoy it's scent as I may do with rival products from Montagne Jeunesse, but it smells inoffensive and fresh. Once it is on my face, I am scarely aware of the scent anyway.


      The mask is off white with the feintist of green tinges. It is quite thick in texture as most clay masks are. This means it isn't drippy or messy to apply. It does feel realtively "wet" and clingy when it first touches the skin. On a cold day, I shiver a bit when applying it! It soon starts to dry out and harden and then it feels much lighter on the face. Even when fully dry, this doesn't seem to tighten on my skin as much as similar products. The tightening sensation isn't always enjoyable so I can't say that I miss it! At first I applied it quite thickly, but I have experimented with using less, and for me personally, a light layer does just a good a job as a thick one. This means that I need to only use a small amount to cover my face, and it makes the tube a fantastic bargain. I have used it a dozen times and it doesn't feel as though I have made much of a dent in the contents. You are recommeded to leave this in place for 10-15 minutes before rinsing your face. I always opt for the longer period of time as I want to get the maximum benefit from the product and it is comfortable to wear.


      Washing off the mask isn't difficult and my face isn't left looking pink afterwards. I like the fact my skin doesn't need time to settle before you see the results. I feel refreshed and as though my face has been properly cleaned straight away. My skin feels pleasantly smooth and soft and the results of that compare well to most other mask I have used. As for deeper cleansing, I do not find that the mask quite manages to clear my nose pores in one go. They do look considerably better, and therefore less visible though. It took a few uses for me to feel they were really clean, but I wasn't expecting miracles. I don't think my skin has the same radiant look as it does after using some products. So I think of this as a mask to use as part of a maintenance routine when my skin isn't especially in need of a glow boost, or a instant deep clean. Salon Creative recommend the mask should be used weekly if you have dry skin, and more frequently if you have oliy skin. I have settled on twice a week as a suitable frequency for me, but I will continue to use it in conjuction with other masks.


      I think the mask doesn't offer a "wow factor", in the sense it does a reasonable job but nothing special for my skin. If you don't need the deep cleansing that I do, and are happy to be left with considerably softer skin, I would recommend this. If you can find it for £1 it makes an incredibly cheap buy as you need to use so little and you get 250ml for your money. Even at the higher prices charged online, I think it represents good value. For me, it leaves my skin in a better state than when I started and it is easy to use, so I will continue to do so between uses of a more indulgent product. I have sought out some other products from Salon Creative and I will be reviewing them when I have tried them out for a bit longer.

      Available at Poundworld, Poundland, Amazon, and various online beauty sellers.
      [This review is also under my user name on Ciao.]


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