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Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial in a Box

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Brand: Sanctuary Spa / Type: Face Care / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2010 19:02
      Very helpful



      Good for facial beginners

      This product is essentially a facial in a box. It costs £16, and you need to apply it yourself. I bought this as I'm still experimenting with what facial products to use, and the bottles they give are quite small size (15ml), and their other products are quite pricey, so at least I get to try a range.

      The products this comes with are as follows:
      - Brightening eye gel (5ml)
      - Polishing hot cloth cleanser (15ml)
      - Radiance exfoliator (15ml)
      - Illuminationg moisture lotion spf 15 (15ml)
      - Moisture boosting mask (15ml). **{Ok, at this point I'm quite annoyed. The pack opens up, with no security, and my mask is actually not in the pack!! I bought it from boots, and I very much doubt they can do anything about it. Grrr. I'll just have to go back and buy another one... For this review, I'm going to use my existing mask, and comment on the other products without the mask. Sorry. *sighs*. I will update it when I get it though}**

      ~The packaging~
      I was going to give it a fairly good review. I think it's nice that it opens up, and the products slides out. It's pretty, and practical as you can see what's in it whilst at the shop. Unfortunately, the mask/muslin cloth can be taken out as it's not secured under plastic, so please do check before you purchase yours!

      Would just like to let you know that I am writing this review as I try the products. I will edit it with updates the day after, to see how my skin feels then.

      The pack provides you with a muslin cloth. You're meant to soak it in warm water, then wring and put on your face to open your pores. The problem I find is that I can't soak it and wring it fast enough, and by the time it gets to my face it's not very warm anymore, so I don't think it'll be opening my pores. The muslin cloth has been used my many cultures for ages though, so I think this is just to do with me being an idiot. I cleansed my skin (twice, I'll start doing that now), and my skin feels very soft. But a bit blotchy. Perhaps I was "polishing" my face too vigorously, although I did try to follow the instructions to a tee.

      The exfoliator granules are quite large, so some of it seemed a bit wasted. It seems to have done the trick though, and the bits around my nose looks less bumpy. My skin is now even more blotchy. Interestingly, this exfoliator seems to be better than my clinique microgranule one, which doesn't give me this smooth effect. I am being more gentle with this one though, so perhaps it's my application that's changed things.

      Well, clearly, I can't do that right now. I will, instead use my normal mask. It's a tomate face pack from Korea, and I've been using it for a while with no side effects. My skin right now, feels soft and moisturised, by the way. Albeit slightly blotchy.

      4. EYE GEL (4/5)
      You are taught to dab the product on, instead of rubbing or sliding. I don't know how well it works, but it isn't sticky like my L'oreal eye gel.

      5. MOISTURISER (3/5)
      The moisturiser looks like a milky water, and applies on very easily. You are advised not to rub it in, but just spread it and it'll be absorbed. The cream is quite heavy, so leaves the face looking quite oily. Thankfully I only really do facials at night, so it's not too bad as I can use it like a night cream.
      Overall, my skin feels a bit better. I have definitely washed away the London grime, but I don't know if I have cleansed the pores. It does feel smoother though, and certainly brighter (even before I put the moisturiser one). I think the main thing for me is to have the step by step instructions. Normally if I'm given a product, I would apply it quite slaphazardly, and certainly wouldn't clean my face twice (if the products good enough, just once is enough... right?). I think using the muslin cloth to help cleanse works too, although I don't know how many times I can use it before it feels a bit ucky.Bacteria can build up even if you wash it, and I'm a bit wary of using flannels/sponges etc.

      I would recommend the product if you, like me, are quite clueless about the application of products, and would like to give yourself a facial. However, if you are a pro or already know how, then perhaps it's advisable to just buy the products separately.

      Skin still feels soft, but no noticeable difference to pores. My face does feel cleaner though, and less dull looking.


      review also up on ciao with same username


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