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SBC Propolis Gel

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5 Reviews

Brand: SBC / Type: Body Lotion/Moisturiser / Texture: Gel / Contents: 125ml / Quality Standard: Organic

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    5 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 09:02
      Very helpful



      Nice moisturiser, poor problem solver

      Like alot of people who have tried this product, I have bought it from QVC. It was purchased in a pack with other items, so to be honest didnt buy the pack particularly for this item, so it was an added bonus.

      The company

      SBC -Simply Beautiful Collections, are a professional skincare and make-up British brand. They have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years and provide products for the salons and beauty therapists. Over the years this has filtered into the mainstream market, by selling their products with companies such as QVC and other retailers.

      Their products contain natural and plant based ingredients that provide moisture to the skin. Their range has widened over the years, by introducing cleansers, shower gels, body butters and scrubs, face creams, but they are probably more well known for their gel range, such as Arnica and Collagen, which many of the family can use.

      What is Propolis and what does it do?

      Propolis is a product made by bees. Its a substance collected by bees from tree buds and other flowering plants.
      It contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals which can help skin to be healthy.
      Its known to help and ease sensitive skin.
      Its antibacterial and anti fungal.
      Helps skin that is slow to heal.


      SBC Propolis gel comes in different sizes:

      125ml bottle
      175ml tube
      250ml bottle
      500ml bottle

      The bottles have a pump dispenser which is lockable,so easy to use and the amount you use can be measured out.I have the 250ml bottle and once opened has a 24 month shelf life. The actual look of the packaing,label, is very basic.Not offensive and very unisex. But doesnt scream premium brand.SBC on QVC always state they want to put all their money and resources into what goes into there product rather than what covering them.Fair point!

      How do I use this?

      Apply a thin and small amount on the effected area eg chapped skin, blemished or sensitive. Use if and when needed. Can be mixed with other SBC gels to tailor make your own gel for specific uses.

      What do I think of this product?

      Its a little thicker than the other SBC gels and but sinks in very easily. You can detect a slight sweet smell to it. Reminds you a little of honey, only slightly but smells fresh and not sickly. It dries instantly and was very easy to use. It didnt change my skin to be honest.I placed it as suggested on blemished areas of my face,and there was no difference. But it did give some moisture to those areas, so wasnt a bad experience. I wouldnt go out and buy this product on its own.If it was in a kit, then I would only use as an added moisture boost, not a problem solver.

      If you did want to buy this product I would suggest buying from QVC.Its on the costly side if you buy it on its own ( for the 250ml bottle it costs £55.00 on SBC website!, on QVC's website its £17.50-so do buy carefully ) but QVC provide some kits with this product in it which makes it very affordable, and allows you to use and experience other products in this range.


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      07.11.2011 21:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A product I do not need every day but what I like to know I have if needed

      I first came across SBC Propolis gel from QVC. I had watched about the whole SBC range and wanted to try different parts of the range but propolis was the one gel that really appealed to me. The only thing which had put me off ordering was the price of delivery but as the set was such good value I decided to go for it. I often fall for whatever is on QVC and as I had such high hopes for Propolis gel I was hoping I would not be let down.

      Propolis gel is packaged in the same way as most of the SBC range - it is in a simple white plastic pump action bottle with simple label with some information on Propolis gel on. The packaging to all SBC is simple but they have mentioned before how it is to save money, I think the packaging is really effective.

      Propolis is created by bees and is a mix of resin wax and essential oils. I had never really understood what Propolis was but with my SBC order there was an information booklet which provided lots of information. So from the booklet Propolis contains 'amino acids, minerals, vitamins and bioflavanoids'. The main thing I know is that it is effective!

      How to use
      When applying Propolis gel to the skin it is different to most other gels as it sinks straight into the skin and no sticky gel is left on the skin. On contact with the skin you will feel a cooling and moisturising sensation, it really is a pleasure to use. Propolis gel is particularly good for chapped and sensitive skin as it has a very calming effect on the skin. I find Propolis works really well on spots, applying a thin layer to clean skin takes the redness out of the spot and the area around. This is the main reason I have used it, I apply it to the blemished area and within 5 minutes I can apply my normal moisturiser over the top.

      Availability and Price
      SBC is difficult to get, the main place I have found is QVC. The best value and way to get Propolis gel is in a set with other products. Some examples of sets on QVC at the moment are:-
      - 500ml Propolis gel and 500ml Propolis Bath Soak - £40.00
      - 500ml Propolis gel and 125ml Propolis gel - £30.00
      - 500ml Propolis gel, 500ml Arnica Bath Soak and 175ml Arnica warming gel - £32.40
      But these change all the time so it's worth checking to see what's available at the time of ordering.

      Although Propolis gel is not something which I need to use every day, it is something which I like to know I have if it is needed - I would not be without!


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        26.09.2010 14:27



        Bargain price from SBC , quality product that really works on sore skin

        Propolis gel is made by bees in their hives, it keeps the hive clean and protects the larva whilst they grow.

        Most suppliers charge huge amount for this ingredient whereas SBC price is very reasonable considering the high concentration of the product.

        This gel can be used on sore, inflamed or infected skin, also anywhere on the body where you find you may get heat rashes, fungal infections etc as Propolis cleanses and protects the skin.

        It also helps the skin heal so great for cold sores, sun burn, any cuts and grazes where the skin is closed.

        I love the way you can just dab on some of the gel and it is absorbed by the skin, great for use with kids as you do not have to rub or massage this gel so less contact and less painful to apply then other formulations.

        You can also mix this gel with any other gel from the SBC range so you could use Propolis with Aloe Vera for painful burn or lavender gel which is another favourite of mine.

        I highly recommend this product


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        25.09.2010 23:09
        Very helpful



        definately worth trying

        I am a big fan of the QVC shopping chanel and a while ago I saw a show on SBC gels and skincare.

        SBC are a salon skincare company that make homeopathic gels and other skincare products. Some of their products can be used for skincare (gels such as collegen) and others can be used for healthcare (arnica gel).

        I started using the gels with a special value kit containing a few different types of gels. I was very impressed with the quality and value of the gels and decided to try some more and use more of the brand.

        After trying several other gels I finally tried the porpolis gel. I had held back from trying this one as it was one of the most expensive ones as it made be bees and is extremely expensive to produce. That put me off a little, but with QVC's value kits, I was able to purchase it as part of a kit at a very reasonable price.

        Propolis can be used for a variety of things including as an anti-bacterial agent, chapped or rough skin such as spots and cracked heels, soothing sore areas of skin and as a moituriser for scarred or congested skin.

        I have used this gel for all these of these uses and I could not be without it now. It is fantastic when you have a cold and get sore chapped skin around the nose. It doesn't sting me at and really helps to heal the skin quite quickly.

        I have used this in the summer on cracked heels from wearing flip flops all day and it also works very well in this way.

        You only need a very small amount as it sinks into the skin very well and quickly so you're not left with a greasy film for ages waiting for it to sink in. The pump action also makes it easy to use a small amount and control how much you're using.

        I would reccommend this product to everyone and will continue to use it on a daily basis.


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        19.05.2010 09:04
        Very helpful



        A fantastic moisturising gel that is well worth the money

        Last summer I bought a selection of SBC gels on QVC. I'm quite a sucker for QVC, I'm one of these people who is easily sucked in and I always end up buying lots of stuff I don't really need, which is why I have to limit my viewing time! I had seen these gels a couple of times, and was interested in trying this one, the Propolis gel, in particular, but alone it was quite pricey. The set however offered good value for money, so I snapped it up.

        Before purchasing this I had never heard of Propolis, but I have since seen it mentioned in various places, so I do wonder if perhaps I just wasn't paying attention before! If you're as clueless as I was, then all you really need to know, is that Propolis is a natural substance created by bees to protect the hive and it contains lots of things that are beneficial to the skin such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

        SBC say that this moisturising gel will help soothe sensitive skin and can be especially helpful for chapped skin. When it was shown on QVC they had a woman call in who said that she used this gel on her eczema and it cleared it up. Although SBC are careful to stress that these are beauty products rather than medical products, I was intrigued enough by this woman's story to buy it.

        Presented in a rather bland looking clear bottle with white pump, the gel is a dark brown colour, and looks a little bit like honey when it's in the bottle.

        Before using it I presumed it would be very sticky, given it's resemblance to honey and the fact that it's also made by bees! In fact the gel is not sticky at all, and is really lightweight and glides onto the skin easily. The scent of the gel is amazing too - it smells very sweet and honey-like- it's a soothing and comforting scent and it smells very luxurious to me!

        As it's a gel and not a cream I've found that you only need to use a little bit as it covers a large area of skin. Don't let the brown colouring of the gel put you off either, I thought it might stain the skin or my clothes/sheets, but it has done neither, as it absorbs into the skin really quickly without leaving any residue.

        As I've mentioned in other reviews I currently have eczema on my foot, which has been there for three years now. I have steroid creams from the doctor but they are very strong and thin the skin so can only be applied for two weeks at a time before I need to take a break from them. It's usually when I'm breaking from them, that even with moisturisers such as aqueous cream my foot becomes incredibly itchy. It feels like my skin is crawling and as much as I try not to scratch, I usually do. This leads to it bleeding and looking horrendous, so all the work done by the steroid cream is for nothing and I end up in this vicious circle. It's here that the Propolis gel comes in and I've found it to be an absolute life saver...

        As soon as you apply it, it feels very cool on the skin and very moisturising. The moisturising properties of the gel instantly make the dry, flaky skin on my foot look a bit less sore and much more presentable. The main benefit for me, however, is that this gel immediately stops any itching. I was amazed the first time I used it at how quick the difference was, and now any time my foot begins to itch I just smooth on a thin layer of this, and instantly my skin feels comfortable again.

        Despite having bought this last year, I've only been using it for about two months and it has made a huge difference. The patch of eczema had spread and was covering my ankle as well, but since beginning to use this, it has receded and is now back to only being on my foot. Whilst I am not saying that this is curing my eczema, the fact that this has stopped it from itching is helping a great deal and the skin looks better as I'm scratching less, it's giving the skin more of a chance to heal.

        I suppose the two downsides of this product would be the price and lack of availability. I got mine from QVC, and although you can find it online, I've never seen it sold anywhere on the high street. QVC charge £30 for a 500ml large size and a 125ml handbag size. That's fairly good value compared to other retailers - www.salonskincare.co.uk are selling the 250ml size alone for £35.95. I actually have the 125ml size and mine is lasting incredibly well as you only need a little bit per use, so it's probably not a product you will need to replace very often.

        Overall I'm very pleased with this gel and only wish I'd tried it sooner instead of leaving it in a cupboard for months. If you have an itchy skin condition such as eczema and other creams aren't working, I'd recommend giving this one a try.


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      • Product Details

        Advanced skin care / Propolis is created by bees to provide immunity for the hive / How it works:A mix of resin wax and essential oils Propolis contains organic amino acids, minerals, vitamins and bio-flavanoids, which are known to be important ingredients for healthy skin / Propolis is known to calm sensitive skin, and may be especially helpful on chapped skin / Can be used with galvanic, faradic and micro-current equipment /

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