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Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream Active Repair K+

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Brand: Scholl /Type:Heel repair cream / Type: Cream / What it does: Repairs / Contents/Size: 60ml / Dermatologically tested: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2013 14:46
      Very helpful



      A product which does exactly what it claims to do and does it brilliantly.

      What to do for a girl's one hundreth review was a hard choice.

      Holy Grail toiletries? Yummy food? Favourite drinkies? Toothpaste?

      A centenial review can only ever be done once and I do have something to say on all these products, but what I wanted to review was something which had amazed me and solved a problem I have had since I can remember.

      Cracked Heels.

      No, its not glamourous. Not its not tasty. The packaging is as ugly as the condition it deals with.

      But it is something I have had since I was in the first school. That little girl had cracked skin on her feet so badly that she was put on steroid cream. This was not only smelly and greasy and completely failed to deal with the problem but also thinned her already fragile skin so that it left her with a lifetime of blisters to add to the nasty cracked heels and hard skin that often goes with it.

      Once I grew up I did try foot creams to try and have normal feet. I wasn't asking for pretty - with my blistering tendencies that was never much of an option. I just wanted normal. Peppermint foot creams smelled nice and especially after being chilled in the fridge felt nice but didn't do much for the cracks and even E45 couldn't cut it. My heels remained cracked, uncomfortable and looked horrid.

      So I gave up and wore socks a lot in winter and lived with the ugly and sometimes painful in Summer.

      Then I was wandering through Boots with a gift card burning a hole in my purse.

      And I saw Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream Active Repair K on the shelf, complete with a picture of basically the back of my feet on it and claims that it would work in seven days and give visible differences in three.

      Well, my heels in this cold, dry winter were worse than they had ever been and the cracks had actually started to peel, which was painful as well as hideous.

      So with nothing to lose and much to gain if the product's claims worked, I squandered part of my gift card on a packet.

      Best £5.39 I have ever spent.

      As instructed, I applied a dollop on clean feet twice a day. It says it is non-greasy and the feet do feel like they are drinking it in but there is still a slight residual greasiness after applying, so I do it morning and evening while I have time to keep my feet up and the cream soaking in for a good half an hour. Then with added cotton socks, I am good to go.

      And my feet are now good to go with me.

      I did see a difference after one day let alone three. But after three the splits had healed and the white fissures were turning into normal feet creases. After seven days, I had normal feet. I do have lines but nothing out of normal range for my age. I have no cracks to my heels.

      And as I rub it in not only to the heel but spread the excess all round the hard areas of my feet, I also have softer skin on the areas of my feet where I had decades worth of hard skin which sometimes approached horn territory. I could feel things in areas where I normally could not. Its been an odd transition but a good one.

      The special skin healing ingredient did the job that steroid cream failed miserably at. Scholl claims that it is clinically proven to do what it claims. My own trial on me certainly confirmed that it did.

      And keeping using this product is keeping my feet in normal healthy condition.

      It is also dermatalogically tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, which mine is. The only sensation my sensitive skin has had from this product is grateful moisturisation and healthier, happier skin, so I can affirm the claims again.

      I am not a diabetic, though with diabetic friends I am very aware of the side-effects this condition can have and the dangers it poses especially to eyesight and feet. Scholl does say that this product is suitible for diabetics. As is is so good at healing fissures and cracks as well as softening hard skin without endangering poorly healing diabetic skin with metal files and other tools this is well worth tryng first.

      The packaging is quite honestly hideous.

      The cardboard box it comes in has a picture of the problem, which is just as ugly as my heels were. Though at least the box can be recycled - as mine has been, since I really did not want that horrible picture staring at me every time I opened the bathroom cabinet.

      The tube the cream comes in has a flip top which at least to start with did not reseal properly as it kept flipping almost open. Being firm with it did solve the problem but it was very annoying to start with. The tube is covered by a miss-mash of languages seemingly placed by someone with the sense of direction of James May and which does irritate my slight OCD tendencies. The design work would have looked better done by a six year old. Pretty this tube is not.

      But all this does not matter.

      This is one of those products where the contents are so good that hideous product design is irrelevant. This cream managed something the doctors and many cosmetics companies over decades utterly failed to do.

      It gave me normal looking skin on my feet. And for that minor miracle, I would forgive anything.

      I bought mine at Boots for £5.39 but it also available at the larger branches of the big supermarkets at cheaper prices. Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's all offer it at £4.50, which for such an effective product is fabulous value.

      Almost at fabulous as the very real difference this product has made to my feet.

      And if it could finally fix my cracked heels and hard skin, it could do the same for you or yours.

      Well worth trying, even if you have decades of cracked heels for it to fix.


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        07.10.2011 23:09
        Very helpful



        A fantastically effective cream!

        I've never really paid much attention to the appearance of my feet, as long as my nails are painted that is usually good enough for me. Then a few weeks ago I noticed that the skin on my heels had become extremely hard, rough and unattractive. So I went into town to search for a magic solution and came home with Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream.

        ***Who are Scholl?***
        Scholl are a brand that specialises in products relating to foot care. It was founded in 1904 by Podiatrist Dr William Mathias Scholl. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and is even the sponsor of many UK Athletes. Scholl offers a wide range of products from lotions and potions to cure cracked heels, athletes foot and other fungal conditions to blister plasters, shoe insoles and even shoes.

        ***The magic cream***
        Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream is packaged in a rectangular yellow and blue box with an illustration on the front showing the before and after condition of some poor person's heels. On the illustration, the picture shows horrendously dry, cracked and very sore looking heels (much much worse than what mine are like) and then next to this is the after picture which shows heels that look well moisturised, soft and smooth. The cream promises that you will see visible results after just three days of use and that the cream will have worked it's magic in just 7 days.
        It clearly states on the box that for best results you should use the cream twice a day. So I applied mine in the morning after my shower and then again at night before bed. BEWARE; this cream has quite a greasy feel to it and if you have laminated or tiled flooring it may be an idea to walk on tiptoes for a while or put on some socks or slippers otherwise it is likely you will be slipping and sliding all over the place.
        You also only need a fairly small amount of the cream as its greasy consistency enables it to spread well over the heel. The cream is white in colour and in my opinion it is odourless, or at the very least has the same smell of E45 cream which to me is just the smell of unfragranced cream and therefore...odourless.
        Now I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I had a read of the list of ingredients a couple of days after I started using the cream and to my utter horror and disbelief I discovered that it contained Urea. I was shocked, isn't urea a waste product the we excrete from our bodies when we wee?!?! Thankfully, good old Google put my mind at rest. It's ok everyone, I haven't just been rubbing my feet in urine, apparently urea is something that occurs in every healthy cell in the body and plays its part by helping to restore and repair damaged skin.

        ***Did it work?***
        I'm always a bit sceptical when products promise to show results within a certain tiime frame as I am nearly always left disappointed when the product fails to deliver. However, I am pleased to say that with this cream I really did see results after just three days; my heels were visibly improved and they felt much softer and after seven days my heels were in near perfect condition. Amazing! My heels felt lovely, all soft and smooth. No more horrible hard, dry and rough skin for me.
        Predictably, I stopped using the cream after the seven day mark and I am sorry to say that within a week the skin on my heels had started to become hard again, although it was no way near as bad as before. So now I just apply the cream every other day, when I remember to do so and this seems to keep the dreaded ugly heels at bay.

        ***Price and availability***
        I bought this cream from my local Superdrug store for around £5.99, but as always prices will vary depending on where you shop. According to their website, Boots have it on sale for the shockingly extortionate price of £10.49 so it definitely pays to shop around.

        ***My overall verdict***
        I think this truely is a miracle cream, the urea obviously works a treat. I was really impressed with the results, especially since they were spot on with what was stated on the box. I was a little disappointed though, that the results weren't very long lasting and that I need to continue to apply the cream every now and then to maintain the condition of my heels, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things it is a small price to pay for healthy looking feet. I would definitely recommend this product and would be interested to see how effective it is on people who have really bad, dry, cracked heels as I have seen a few during the past summer months that are in much worse condition than mine ever were.
        I give this cream 4 out of 5 stars because it's brilliant stuff, but it loses a star simply for the fact that the results don't last long enough without continuing with the cream.


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      • Product Details

        Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream helps relieve discomfort and prevent infection, so that you can start to feel confident about your feet / Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream is / and hypoallergenic / It is suitable for diabetics and sensitive skin / Always read the label /

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