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Silkia Re Gen Oil

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Brand: Silkia / of stretch marks, scars and other skin blemishes / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Oil / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    4 Reviews
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      28.07.2012 15:47
      Very helpful
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      This clears up blemishes and is great on dry skin- especially hands

      After the rave reviews about skin oils I decided to get some for my sons chicken pox scars.

      The one I got is called Re- Gen oil. Priced in Home Bargains at only £2.50 for 75g I snapped it up. The leading brand version was on sale for more than double the price so I was getting a bargain.

      It claims to be 'specially formulated to help, prevent and treat stretch marks, scars, blemishes and dry skin'

      The small bottle comes in an orange and white box (similar to it's dearer counterpart) with 'Re- Gen oil' clearly written on the front, it tells us that it's 'Specialist Treatment for Stretch marks, Scars, Dry skin and Blemished skin'. The packaging also tells us the usual directions, warnings and ingredients which are repeated on the actual bottle. The bottle itself is plastic, clear and well made with a small white screw top lid which is easy to open as it's not childproof. Once the lid is removed the oil is controlled in drips through a pour control nozzle.

      The oil itself is pink and has a thin almost water consistency, it is oily but once rubbed in, the skin absorbs it well. It contains Paraffininum liquidum, Trilisononanoin, Cetearyl and various herbs and flower extracts you can smell the Lavender. It's for external use only.

      I applied a small amount to my sons chicken pox scars twice a day for weeks but to be honest it doesn't seem to have made any difference to their appearance, but on other claims it seems to do the job well (don't know about stretchmarks though it's too late for mine!!). It cleared up blemishes on my arm that had been there for ages and really is great for dry skin- I put it on my elbows and it left them really soft. Best of all are my hands they feel so hydrated and smooth after using it, better than any hand cream I've used.

      The bottle I've got is at least 6 mnths old, it's still more than half full as a little goes along way.


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        02.03.2012 15:20



        I absolutely love Ren-Gen, it made a complete difference from the very first application. Fine lines have practically disappeared and my skin is silky smooth. A couple of my friends have even asked me whether I have had botox treatment to my forehead. My advice is dont spend cash on the Bio-oil as Ren-gen is so much cheaper and there is no reason to go off and spend money on Botox. I also use moisturising cream on top of this oil and apply it morning and night. Great Product!!!


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        07.11.2011 13:53
        Very helpful



        Pleased so far, lets see if it works :)

        I'm going to do this review a bit differently, I don't know how its going to be recieved so feel free to let me know :)

        I've just used the Silikia Re-Gen oil for the first time so this initial post will be more describing the product ect, then every couple of weeks I'll update to let you know if and how it is actually making any difference. This way I will know exactly how long it takes to start actually making a difference. Its going to be a bit of a diary :)

        I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and the boyfriend pointed out a couple of days ago that I've started to get a few stretch marks on the tops of my thighs, I had a look and realised that although they are quite small they are a very dark purple. I brought the Silkia Re-Gen Oil from Asda for £6.50 for a bottle of 125ml, this does seem a bit expensive as that works out at £5.20 for 100ml, however, bio-oil, which is the most well known of this type of product works out at about £9.92 for 100ml. For this reason I went with the Silkia Re-Gen oil as I think spending £9.92 just 100ml of something when I don't even know if it works is a little extreme.

        The Silkia Re-Gen oil comes in sizes of 75ml, which costs £3.76, 125ml, which costs £6.50 and it also comes as a tub of cream, this is £4.97 for 125ml. Of course these prices may vary but thats how much it will cost you if you buy from Asda.

        The oil comes in a white box that is big enough to fit the bottle in without any extra room so there is no excess packaging, on the box it claims that the oil is specialist care for stretch marks, scars, dry skin and blemished skin and that it has been dermatalogically tested. It also may be important to you that the product has not been tested on animals. The box does have instructions in it so any queries are probably covered in this.

        I will post the list of ingrediants but honestly all I've done is copy and paste it from the website:
        Paraffinum Liquidum , Triisononanoin , Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate , Isopropyl Myristate , Retinyl Palmitate , Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil , Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil , Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract , Anthemis Nobilis , Tocopheryl Acetate , Parfum , Linalool , Coumarin , Butylphenyl Methylpropional , Alpha-Methyl Lolone , Limonene , CI 26100 .
        I don't usually bother reading lists of ingediants but its there if you want it :)

        The only other thing I think that needs mentioning is that it should be kept at room tempreture.

        So, I got it out of its box and the bottle itself has the name, a picture of a water drop and what the product is intended to do written on the front in white, on the back it again says what it should do, the list of ingrediants and a small set of instructions, this is also in white.

        The liquid is clear and you can look straight this and the clear plastic bottle, however the oil itself does have an orange colouring to it, I could not figure out if it was the bottle of the oil itself that was coloured so I poured a little bit onto a cotton wool pad and it does seem to be the oil, I can't tell yet if it is the bottle aswell as I havn't used enough yet.

        When you remove the screw cap you will notice that the top of the bottle has been covered with plastic and only a small hole has been left to let the oil drip out of, this is a brilliant idea as it stops you from using to much. It does have a slight smell but you have to put it right up to your nose and sniff to get it, I actually can't think of what it is it the smells reminds me of but perhaps slightly of a much weaker vix? It really is one of those ones that you can't quite put your finger on although it is not unpleasant or overpowering in the least.

        I have decided that I will use this twice a day, when I get dressed and when I go to bed, every day. Aparatly it works best if you use it straight after a bath so I will make sure that one of these times will be then. I am going to use it on the stretch marks that I've found and also on the scar just above my belly button from where my belly bar came through the skin and got infected, this has stretched throughout my pregnancy and is now huge, it has also become quite sore and itchy where the damaged skin has been stretched so although it doesnt claim to help with this if it does then it will be a bonus. Also, by using it on my scar I will trying out two of the manufactures claims and as my pregnancy is still going on I'm not expecting it to much for my strech marks yet.

        I poured a small amount of this into my palm and straight away wished that I hadnt, I knew that the product was oil so was expecting that but it really does feel like you're touching pure grease, because of this I will put it on using cotton wool pads as I would rather not touch it.

        I only put a small amount onto the cotton pad and was expecting to need to use another one and add more but the oil spread very well and covered everywhere I wanted it to go. I'm assuming that based on the small amount I have used today that the bottle should last me a couple of months. However, if I can't see any improvements within a month then I'll start putting on a bit more.

        This does leave skin very greasy and I wouldn't recommend getting dressed straight away after use as you may ruin clothes, I'm not sure if it stains. Also, although you are told in the manual that it works if you pour some into your bath this is not something I would advise. It really is very greasy and although some people may like that I would hate it. Even with a cotton pad I somehow still ended up with it on my hands and really needed to wash them straight away, this may not be a problem for some people but I'm really sensitive about things I touch and how they feel, I couldn't put my hands in a bowl of porridge or anything when I was a kid because it made me sick so you probably won't find it as bad as I do. The bottle also seems greasy after I held it to put the lid back on so the oil really does stay on everything it touches.

        Anyway, thats all I can think of that needs mentioning now, I will update in a week or two to talk about if there have been any changes, please let me know what you think of me doing it like this :)

        I have rated 4 stars for now based on the price, the design and how long it should last, I can't give it 5 because of how greasy and slimy the texture is. My rating will probably change as I see it work or fail to work.


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        25.05.2011 10:33
        Very helpful



        not a miracle worker but worth a try if your expectations are realistic

        I originally bought Re-Gen Oil a long time ago when Bio Oil was advertising all over the TV. I chose it quite simply because Bio Oil was what I really wanted but was far out my price range and Re-Gen Oil was in ASDAs costing a lot less for what is, essentially, the same thing.

        What Is It?

        Well, it's an oil that's been dermatologically tested and is designed to treat stretch marks, scars and dry or blemished skin. I won't list all the ingredients but suffice it to say that the vast majority are plant extracts or oils.

        According to www.lincocare.com it includes natural and the active ingredient PCL, it is also rich in vitamins A and E. It is this combination of ingredients that "promotes skin regeneration".

        My Experience

        I originally bought this for acne scarring but since it has so many more uses then that I've since used it for a lot more! Which is a good thing really since it didn't really impress me when it came to reducing my acne scars..

        * Acne Scars

        As I said, this is the reason I originally bought the oil. Unfortunately it's also the reason it spent many months on the shelf getting no use! I do still get the occasional spot but what really bothers me are the scars from the ones I used to pick (bad habit I know, it's a bit late to tell me now!) so I have tried many products to try and reduce the visibility of them even if they can't be removed completely.

        I used the oil once every day after washing and cleansing. Three drops was more then enough to cover my whole face as it spreads very easily over my skin and a little really does go a long way. Now I can't fault the product completely, whilst I don't think it actually reduced the visibility of the scarring I did notice that within a week my skin tone had brightened and this in turn had the effect of reducing the visibility of the scars as my skin looked healthier in general. Unfortunately, despite this positive affect it also caused several spots to appear and when I'm using a product to remove acne scarring the last thing I want it to do is cause spots!

        * Other Scarring

        You do need to be quite persistent with this as with most products because results won't be immediate. I've also found that it works a lot better on newer scars then on older ones. I'm assuming this is because the skin is still healing and therefore there's more potential to reduce scarring?

        Anyway, it doesn't really matter why it works, the point is it does. It's not a miracle product and won't cause old scars to magically disappear or cause injuries that should scar, not to. It will however reduce the visibility of older scars and reduce the amount of scarring on new injuries.

        You do need to bear in mind however that the older the scar the longer you need to use it to see any effect and the less of an effect there will be.

        * Bath Oil

        I should probably start this part of the review by saying that I hate bath oils. Can't stand the stuff. It just leaves my skin all oily and greasy and I end up having to get in the shower after just to remove it!

        Unfortunately this was no different, after I got out the bath I had what felt to be a layer of oil on my skin and not in a good, moisturising kind of way. It just felt greasy and horrible and I had to get in the shower just to remove the layer. I therefore can't say that it had any beneficial effect on my skin either because for me, if anything it actually had a negative effect.

        Also, despite smelling quite nice in itself the scent wasn't really noticeable in the bath at all, if it weren't for the oily film on the bath water I'm not sure I'd even have convinced myself that I'd used anything. Therefore, needless to say, there was no lingering scent left on my skin either.

        If you do buy this then I really wouldn't recommend this use for it!

        * Moisturiser

        I have to say that despite my criticisms of this oil it actually works very well as a moisturiser. Again, it has to be said that the scent doesn't linger on my skin very long which is a bit of a shame really since it does smell quite nice. It also leaves a slightly oily layer on my skin but this disappears within a few minutes so don't be put off by this.

        After use my skin does feel incredibly soft and smooth although I do find that I need to apply it twice a day in order for it to keep it's moisture. I also found, as when used on my face, that it brightened my skin tone and made my skin look much healthier overall and so this, in itself, is a pretty big bonus for me.

        Overall Opinion

        So far in this review I've kept mentioning the scent but not actually described what it smells of!

        That's partly because I didn't want to repeat myself every section but also partly because the scents quite difficult to describe. It's subtle, delicate and calming all at the same time. After having read through the ingredients the only scent I can place is the Lavender oil but there's definitely more in there, the rest just all blend together making them harder to distinguish. I love the smell but then I love the smell of lavender, it's not going to be so attractive if this isn't a scent you like. As I've said though, the scent doesn't linger so don't be put off if the smell doesn't appeal to you.

        I think my opinion of this product has probably been clouded by my expectations. I bought it to help with acne scarring and it really didn't work for that at all. It did however improve the look of my skin, reduce the visibility of other scars - especially new ones and it does work well as a moisturiser so overall it's not a bad product at all. It just doesn't live up to the hopes I had for it.

        Price, Availability And Recommendation

        I bought my bottle from ASDA and it costs £3.76 for a 75ml bottle. Whilst this sounds like a lot, a little really does go a long way and even when used over my whole body twice a day one bottle will easily last me a month.

        I can also confirm that despite causing spots on my face I haven't had this problem anywhere else so it might be worth trying on acne scars if you're no longer prone to acne. It's a hard one to recommend due to the problems I found with it but for the price it's definitely worth a go so long as your expectations are realistic. It's going to get a middle of the range 3 out of 5 from me.


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