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Simple Derma Intentsive Relief Lotion

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9 Reviews
  • Works well
  • No colour
  • Thick
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    9 Reviews
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      18.11.2014 21:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Works well"
      • "No colour"
      • "No perfume "


      • "Thick "

      Simple Derma works but feels like paint


      On a holiday last year I used a one application daily sun screen. When I returned home my skin was very itchy and dry for weeks after and I believe this was because of using the sun screen. It did smell and feel as if it had high alcohol content.

      My husband’s skin wasn't itchy but it was dry. I looked for a un-fragranced lotion and saw this one by Simple.

      I generally like Simple as a brand and often purchase from this manufacturer. My skin used to be more sensitive than it is nowadays and then I couldn't use anything at all perfumed. Because of my dermatitis I have become familiar with the Simple brand of toiletries.


      This lotion is suitable for very dry skins and those suffering with sensitive skins, and allergies such as dermatitis or eczema.

      The lotion should be applied often and liberally to the skin.

      I think when my dermatitis was very bad this would have helped to soothe, although not cure, my inflamed and sore skin.

      I'm sure this lotion will be beneficial to those suffering with skin complaints and very dry skins.

      It has no perfume or colour.


      I had to have this applied to my back every night for a couple of weeks and I also used it all over. But after a few days I gave up using it all over but continued using it on my back as this was the area most affected by the sun screen.

      This cream was soothing and did replenish my skin without causing any irritation. But I did feel when applying as if I were using emulsion on my skin. It’s thick and feels like water based paint to me. In my opinion it even smells like emulsion.

      I also thought it took a long time to absorb which made it unsuitable for night time use as it felt messy.
      My husband didn't like the feel of this lotion.

      I think it is a good lotion for those sufferers of moderate to severe eczema and other skin complaints. I feel using it for a few days helped my dry skin. More prolonged use on my back helped to put moisture back into my skin and the itchiness gradually lessened.

      For my usually milder skin irritations I prefer using a lighter lotion than this one and one that feels silkier.


      Simple Derma Intensive relief Lotion contains Aquaxyl (Tm) and Canola oil.

      The manufacturer claims that their lotion has been clinically proven to show beneficial results in four days of using.

      This is a cheap lotion that’s certainly worth a try for dermatitis and eczema sufferers.


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        12.12.2012 19:41
        Very helpful



        A really good buy

        Simple Derma Intentsive Relief Lotion - 200ml cost around £2.50 in a small independent chemists

        I tend to have dry sensitive skin, but knowing how bad medicated creams from a doctors can be I try to avoid them as much as I can. After being prescribed some nasty goopy ointment that I paid through the nose for I decided to try this product. The bottle claims that there will be results in just four days... Apparently this is clinically proven.

        The bottle is like all other simple products white with green details on it. I always associate this with the brand, and although I am not necessarily brand loyal this does always scream reliability to me.

        The cream itself is a nice consistency thicker than some hand other hand creams but a little thinner than aqueous cream is. It has no perfume and no colour to it, as is a nice white. The cream comes out of a small hole under a flip top lid, however just be a little wary as a little of this cream goes a long way... It can take a moment to sink but once it has it does a nice job on dry hands, and leaves a nice protective layer.

        I have to admit I prefer to use this on may hands and arms as on the dryer skin on my legs it can take a little longer to absorb, and as such I'll use other moisturisers on my legs. It doesn't even loose a star for this it's just a personal preference...

        For me this is a product that I would definitely recommend, and I do buy this one often.


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        06.05.2010 00:50
        Very helpful



        an affordable, effective lotion

        RELIEF IN JUST 4 DAYS the sticker on the bottle reads...designed for very dry, sensitive skin which is prone to eczema and dermatitis...

        for a change, a company tells the truth!!
        I bought my 200ml bottle of Simple Derma Intensive Relief Lotion from WILKINSONS for £2.97 with the sole purpose of helping relieve my Dermatitus on my hands, which at times causes my skin to crack and bleed - resulting in a very uncomfortable burning and itching sensation.

        Before this I have tried Vaseline and other Lotions, which have all kept the dryness to a low level, but never cleared it.
        Maybe its the perfume/colour free design of the lotion or maybe its the natural plant oils which "lock in moisture" - whichever it is, it works.

        Within 2 days of using this cream i could see a considerable improvement in my skin condition.
        The first time i used this product it left my skin feeling itchy and left me with a burning sensation, making me crave to itch myself silly, but after this initial application, it was fine - no itchiness and no burning.

        The lotion spreads well, so a 200ml bottle can last a considerable amount of time and it absorbs very quickly and does not leave you feeling greasy.

        All in all, its a great, affordable product with good results. 9/10


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        10.03.2010 11:38
        Very helpful



        Gret for dy skin

        I currently use the Simple Derma Intensive Relief Hand cream and I am very pleased with the results. When I saw that the Simple Derma also did a body Lotion I quickly snapped it up and decided to give it a go and see if it was as good as the hand cream. The Simple Derma range is aimed at people who experience very dry sensitive skin and who may experience eczema. The packaging states proven results 4 in days. After one week my skin is displaying some very positive results.


        The packaging of the Simple Derma lotion is very similar to other Simple ranges and comes in the traditional white bottle with green writing detailing the product. It has a flip lid at the top which can be securely fastened after using the product. When using the product you are able to disperse the lotion easily as the design of the packaging and the texture of the lotion do not come running out.

        The Simple Derma lotion is available in 200ml and 400ml; they are available in many shops and range in prices. I purchased the 200ml from boots for £3.12 this is a little bit expensive but when it comes to my dry skin I like to try different product that I know will work and help to nourish my skin.

        Even though it is a little expensive the lotion will last a long time as you do not need to use a lot as it spreads very well over the skin. It is neither too runny nor too thick so you can easily apply it to your body with ease. It goes on white put once you massage it into your skin it is easily soaked in and you skin feels moisturised to the touch. This product does not completely soak into your skin and disappear it soaks in and leaves a smooth protection.

        Being a no perfume or colour Lotion it does not have a distinct smell, but the smell its self is pleasant and one I wouldn't mind having on my skin. The key ingredient of the simple derma range is Canola oil. They claim that the Simple derma range is able to lock in moisture and nourish the skin using the stated ingredients. Simple derma is aimed at people with very dry skin and who suffer from eczema, as I have not suffered from eczema I cannot give my opinion but I do get dry patches in some problems areas and this lotion is brilliant for moisturising my skin


        Simple Derma lotion is great for dry skin the results I have received are very pleasing this product makes my skin feel better to the touch and appears to be smooth and more nourished. I believe that this product is expensive compared to other moisturises which is why I choose to use this on my problem areas but to be honest you do not need a lot of the product as it goes a long way. If you are lucky you can find this product at a more reasonable price in other shops rather than you local boots. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for in local shops at a better price.

        I am very impressed with the Simple Derma lotion and feel that is benefiting my skin type and improving the condition of my dry skin. I will continue to the lotion as it is helping to improve my skin and maintain the correct moisture balance I require. I would certainly recommend the Simple Derma Lotion to anyone who experiences dry skin.


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          11.07.2009 08:55
          Very helpful



          Why spend money on a more expensive less effective product when this one is so excellent?

          One of my sad hobbies is scrutinising ingredients of all things edible or not. I do this from a heath/compassion perspective and also because I wonder how stuff is concocted and sometimes have a go myself. It was because of this that I read the sentence, written in very small, italic writing:

          'Simple Derma contains no animal derived ingredients.'

          I was in Wilkinsons at the time so I read a bit more of the bottle, checked out the price - £2.97 for 200ml - and bought it.


          The bottle also has a 'Simple' nature; it is plain white with mostly green coloured font used for the information. There is a circular design of green moisure drops and a tag line around the edge claiming, 'To soothe and lock in moisture with natural plant oil' It also tells the consumer that it offers intensive relief for very dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis.
          There are also two uses of red on the bottle, one declaring 'Lotion' and the other claiming that the product shows 'results in just 4 days'. On the back is much more information (hooray!). The bottle has a flip up white lid - again a very simplistic, no frills feature.

          I think the packaging is apt for this product. Anything more fancy would be at odds with the nature of the product. I have picked off the small, red label on the lid as this enables the bottle to blend in with my bathroom.


          The list is extensive - but the claim that the lotion contains no animal ingredients curtailed intense reading. I did however note that the lotion contains 'Canola oil'. This is a type of rapeseed oil - but one that has a much lower erucic acid content (eruic acid is a monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acid). My research about erucic acid on Wikipedia was pretty inconclusive about health positives and negatives - as were the fairly ridiculous experiments that animals have been forced to undergo (to come to the same conclusions).

          Simple claims that the lotion deeply hydrates the skin, wrapping a protective barrier around the skin that prevents further moisture loss. This is of interest to me as I seek to keep my skin in tip top condition to counter the effects of an immune system disorder I have that can make my skin lose some elasticity.

          Using the lotion

          Normally, I rub organic, extra virgin olive oil into my skin as a body lotion and I think this is a good, natural product that works very well. However, I also like to try other alternatives and have products that are easier to use than olive oil when I go away (camping or otherwise). With this in mind, I tried the product and was immediately impressed. I even rubbed it on my face and it left it feeling moisurised and slightly 'waxy'. This is fine for me as I like it mot to dry out at all.

          The lotion is thick and white - very pleasing - the thicker the better in my books because the looser it is the more water it contains and I can get that for free from my taps. If you put a blob on the palm of your hand and turn your hand over you will find that the cream stays put. It does not rub in too easily - and that is another bonus - I like to work that moisture and oil into my skin. However, it did not take a ridiculous time to sink in; you would not be standing in the bathroom rubbing and rubbing it in thinking, come on disappear, I have to go to work! None of that nonsense.

          It smells like a boring cream.. This is also fine in my books - because it is living up to its fragrance-free claims and that it is suitable for sensitive skins. If you want smells you can add those from another source after.

          Eczema test

          My daughter is mildly prone to this unpleasant condition which is in part caused by intolerance to dairy. I showed her this bottle, she immediately flipped the lid, squeezed it out and rubbed it in. " Is it for me?" she asked in an impressed voice, looking at the immediate difference it had made to the flaky area on her arms.
          "No, it's for the bathroom - a shared resource..." was my reply.

          Somehow, I think that shared resource won't last very long.

          To Conclude

          Two people have been impressed with this product - one with dry inelastic skin and one with mild eczema. It is a thick lotion which seems to do what it claims to on the bottle. It also claims to show results in just 4 days. Both my daughter and myself saw noticeable and lasting results with just one application. The other very important thing to note - is that it is easy and pleasant to use. If it had the texture of lard I would not be interested.

          Finally, it has no animal ingredients. In a world where it is hard to find a moisuriser or lotion on the shelves of bog-standard shops (lots are full of collagen etc) - Simple ticks the box. It also is great to use and is very inexpensive!


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            25.06.2009 22:20
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Best cream I have tried for smooth soft skin

            Simple Derma Intensive Relief Lotion is great !

            I use a few products from the Simple range because I have really sensitive skin and I am also allergic to alot of ingredients, so other products bring me out in a lovely bright red rash.

            After one horrible allergic reaction I needed a really good moisturising cream to help my skin get back to normal and decided to try this one as I already used other Simple products, so I figured I would be unlikely to have another reaction.

            The bottle tells you all you need to know about the cream. It claims to give you results in just 4 days, clinically proven. Also Claire proven as I noticed a huge improvement in my skin in 3 days. The bottle states that it is for very dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis. I have neither eczema or dermatitis but my skin is very dry because of my allergic reactions and this helps alot. Made with natural plant oil to soothe and lock in moisture, I concur with the soothing and locking in of moisture. Apparently they Simple are experts in sensitive skin, I can't really comment on if they are experts but they seem pretty good to me. Also no perfume or colour, a plus if you have sensitive skin like mine !

            The price is pretty reasonable for what you are getting, I bought the 400ml bottle and it was around £4 from Boots. Since you don't need to use loads of cream, even if you are covering your whole body, the cream goes a long way as it has a nice thick luxurious consistency.

            Overall I love this product and I highly recommend it to those with dry skin. It hydrates, stops itching and also makes your skin look good, you can't ask for much else.


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              12.11.2008 13:32
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A decent moisturiser/lotion, particularly good for people with dry skin

              - Introduction, Price Paid & Basic Info. -

              I decided that I wanted to do a review on this item as I came across it almost by accident and having started to use it recently, ive been surprised by how good it seems to be.

              I purchased a 200ml bottle of new Simple Derma Intensive Relief (for very dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis) Lotion about a month or so ago, after looking for my usual moisturiser (Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid) and not being able to find it in stock on the high street. This was the closest equivalent that would suit my skin, which has very dry patches and can be somewhat sensitive, so I begrudgingly decided to give it a go, as a replacement for the Nivea moisturiser.

              I bought it in a branch of the Savers store and, if I remember right, it cost about £3.49. It comes in a somewhat bulky white bottle, with a sticker by the lid that says 'Results in just 4 days clinically proven', so thats quite positive and it also clams at the bottom of the sticker on the front that its made by experts in sensitive skin, with no perfume and no colour and its made with natural plant oil, to soothe and lock in moisture.

              - Information Given On The Back of The Bottle -

              On the back of the bottle, it claims that the lotion has the following benefits -

              - Natural Aquaxyl, which deeply moisturises and restores skin

              - Canola Oil, which replenishes and protects
              It also explains that the recommended use is to apply the lotion liberally, as often as you feel is necessary, on the hands, body and face throughout the day. It suggests that for maximum benefit, you should apply it 3 or 4 times a day, though I rarely use it more than twice a day.

              - How Does It Work?

              On the back of the bottle it also explains that the way this product works is by wrapping a protective barrier around your skin that locks in moisture and also keeps allergens and irritants out, which enhances your skin's natural barrier function and also helps with the restoration and maintenance of healthy skin.

              - Anything Else To Be Aware Of? -

              Well, this product has been dermatologically approved, its hypoallergenic and is suitable for use on children (if you have a young child with eczema or dermatitis, this might be quite useful).

              I also notice that near the bottom of the back of the bottle, the label says that the product does not contain any aninal derived ingredients.

              - My Experience With The Product -

              So, does it work? Well, in a word, yes. I feel that this lotion is very handy for applying to my face and hands and with the winter temperatures and weather approaching, my skin is starting to become especially dried out and it can get a bit unsightly on my hands and it looks a bit flaky at some parts on my face, so this is useful for me. I won't lie and say that by applying some of the lotion to your hands and face, all your dead, dry skin will magically disappear and you'll be left looking perfect, it does take quite a few re-applications but thats fair enough, I don't imagine any product can completely clear dry skin 'just like that'.

              What I like about it, is that the lotion does feel very soothing and hydrating as soon as its applied, you can feel it soothe your skin and it leaves my face feeling properly 'awoken', if you know what I mean, it feels more supple and looks softer and more moisturised when I look in the mirror, thats what matters to me with such a product really. It is quite a cold lotion but thats quite good, it certainly wakes me up in the morning anyway lol also if you squeeze out a little dod of the lotion, you do get a fairly sizeable amount and it does appear quite thick and 'gloopy' (thats the best word I could think to describe it) on your finger but if you rub it in slowly, it does sink in fairly quick and, as I say, more importantly, it does have quite a soothing feel to it, which impressed me.

              - Interested In Finding Out More about Simple Derma & Their Other Products? -

              If so, check out their website at http://www.simplederma.co.uk/

              - Would I Recommend It? & Conclusions -

              I've only been using this product for a few days but im very happy with it. I feel tempted to use it more often than the Nivea lotion I used to use before I begrudingly bought this as the Nivea one wasn't available (im glad that happened now). When I feel the skin on my face after applying the lotion to it and I don't feel that you need to use too much, (it suggests that you apply it liberally but when you squeeze the bottle, it supplies you with quite a sizeable 'dod' that can cover a fair amount of skin), it feels softer and more supple and moisturised and the driest areas do look better, from what I've seen. The lotion itself has quite a cooling and soothing feel to it, so its quite a nice sensation to apply it and the claims on the bottle make me feel confident that I shouldn't worry about getting any kind of allergic reaction or any other such problems from using this product. I like that it seems to contain quite a few natural ingredients and with it being non-medicinal, you can apply as much, or as little, as you like without worrying about any kind of nasty repercussions.

              If im to be at all critical, I would say that it claims to be non greasy and compared to something like vaseline or something like that, sure it isn't all that greasy but all the same, when you squeeze the bottle and a 'dod' of it comes out, it does seem somewhat more greasy and 'gloopy', as I've said before, than my other Nivea lotion I've used before, which is why I've tended to use slightly less of this lotion, since one 'dod' can cover a larger area of skin but yes, sometimes more applications can be needed, it depends on how dry the skin is etc. so it is a bit greasy and also the bottle is quite chunky, size-wise. It is quite wide and tall, compared again to the Nivea product I've used before, which is smaller and easier to fit into a small handbag or something like that, so its perhaps less portable. I tend to only use it as I get up in the morning and in the evening or at night when I get back from work, so I just keep it at home and carry around a separate hand cream for my hands. I admit im really not one who bothers with make up, I just use lip gloss, a little concealer and my moisuriser/skin lotion, which currently is this.
              The only other thing worth mentioning, as far as negative points are concerned, would be that it isn't the cheapest moisturiser or skin lotion around, I think the Nivea product is about 50p cheaper, though its not *that* much more expensive and also that it might not last you very long if you have very dry skin all over, in which case you'll have to re-apply it often and 200ml might not last too long. I think for me, it should last me a good few weeks, given how often I use it and I only tend to apply it on my hands and face.

              So, would I recommend it? yes, I would. I think that if you have particularly dry/itchy/senstive skin, then this is a good product that should keep your skin healthy, without giving you any allergic/unwanted reactions. It has a nice cooling, soothing and hydrating feel to it and my skin feels quite soft for hours after I originally applied the lotion, so it works really quite well. Since I started using it, I've become quite keen on it and I use it more than I ever used the other Nivea product, which may mean it might run out quicker but obviously I'm happy to buy it again. I think this is a good product to use during winter when our skin can get really dry and itchy when we go from very cold conditions outside to warm buildings inside, this should be useful for applying in such situations.

              As ever, this review is also posted on Ciao! under my name there (the same name, IzzyS).

              I hope this review was useful, thank you for reading it and thanks, as ever, for all r/r/c's.


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                11.11.2008 11:19
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                An effective lotion for dry, sensitive skin.

                During the summer I sometimes suffer from dry patches of skin around my arms and shoulders and have tried various ointments and creams in an attempt to calm the inflamed, itchy areas. Whilst my condition is temporary and quite mild the dry skin can be uncomfortable and the way it looks is also mentally harmful to me. I hoped to find a product that would ease the condition and enable me to wear vests again!

                The 'Simple Derma Intensive Relief Lotion' comes in a large 200ml sized bottle and the lotion will daty fresh and usable for up to 12 months after opening.

                The information on the bottle claims that the lotion is "clinically proven" to give "results in just four days". It also says the lotion is specifically for "very dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis".

                The Simple range is not perfumed or coloured but this lotion is specially formulated with special ingredients Natural Aquaxyl which "moisturises and restores" and Canola Oil, a natural plant extract, which helps replenish the natural balance of skin and also protects skin with an oily barrier.

                The lotion is approved by dermatologists and is hypoallergenic and also suitable for kids. It also contains no animal derived ingredients, which is comforting to know.

                The instructions for use say to apply 3-4 times a day as required. I actually used the lotion less than this (approximately 2 times a day) but found that it was still effective.

                The lotion is very thick and stiff and similar to the consistency of sun tan cream. It has a clean, plant-fresh aroma which is pleasant. I found that a little bit of lotion goes a long way. I also found I didn't really need to apply lotion to the area around my irritated skin. After rubbing into the affected area there is a glossy sheen on the skin like a protective transparent shield.

                I found that it calmed the itchiness within an hour of application. After about a week of using the cream I noticed a visible change in the appearance of my skin too - my skin which was raised up settled down quite a lot and was less red and raw. This is a little longer than the four days it claims but I also had increased comfort with continuous use of the cream. I find this lotion invaluable now in keeping my skin condition under control and have already recommended this to my friends.

                There is more information about the Simple Derma range at the brand's website:


                This review is also on Ciao!


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                  10.11.2008 16:32
                  Very helpful



                  Soothe itching eczema and dematitis with this non perfumed and non colour lotion made by Simple!

                  For the past 4-5 weeks I have suffered from something called Pityriasis Rosea, (Also one of my reviews) which is a very itchy, dry rash, which has covered the whole of my body .

                  The rash is itchy because its dry and I got told some soaps and other moisturisers can irritate the rash and make it worse so I decided to give this a go.

                  ***ABOUT SIMPLE***
                  In 1960 Simple introduced the first perfume and colour free soap recommended by doctors. In 1978 Simple launched their famous cleanse, tone and moisturise regime.

                  By the 1990's, when the rest of the beauty industry started to embrace natural skincare, they already had a huge range of skincare solutions, all containing nothing but goodness.
                  Simple have now launched Simple Sun, Simple Baby, an anti-aging range, men's products and more.

                  Simple are the UK's top sensitive skin brand, because people trust them, love their products and recommend the.

                  Simple never use harsh chemicals, perfumes or colours
                  Simple Settle for only the purest possible ingredients
                  Simple say you can trust the natural good-ness in all their products, on even the most sensitive skin.

                  ***WHY THIS PRODUCT/RANGE?***
                  I currently use simple facial wash, toner, make-up remover wipes and moisturisers and though I would give this lotion a go seeing as I get on so well with their other products and most importantly they don't contain perfumes or colours which is likely to irritate my skin and make my rash a lot worse than it already was.

                  ***ABOUT THE LOTION***
                  This lotion is specially formulated with a highly effective naturally derived humectants Aquaxyl and Canola Oil, this is easy to apply and non-greasy and acts fast to deeply hydrate, restoring your skins natural moisture levels as it protects and prevents further moisture loss.

                  Simple Derma is suitable for very dry, sensitive or prone to itchy irritating conditions such as eczema and Dermatitis. The unique and innovative Simple Derma range prepared by skin experts, gives you immediate soothing effects and long lasting care that will calm and help relieve irritated skin. For maximum benefit use 3-4 times a day.

                  Clinically proven results in 4 days
                  Dermatologist approved
                  Suitable for Children.

                  ***HOW IT WORKS***
                  This Lotion works by wrapping a protective barrier around your skin that locks moisture in and keeps allergens and irritants out, enhancing your skin's natural barrier function and helping to restore and maintain skin health.

                  ***APPLYING THE LOTION***
                  This lotion is quite thick and a little bit goes a long way. I was having to sue this lotion at least 4-5 times a day to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. The lotion was cool going onto my skin and took a while to soak in fully. Soon after applying the lotion, I felt instant relief and the itching had been reduced a considerably large amount.

                  A 400ml bottle lasted me just over 1 week, but please bare in mind this was going over the whole of my body at least 3-4 times a day.

                  ***THE RESULTS***
                  After using this lotion for just over 1 week my skin has definitely become a lot softer and more hydrated. I had to buy a 2nd bottle of this lotion today, (please bare in mind I am using this for the whole of my body about 4-5 times a day).

                  I would say the bottle will no doubt last a few weeks depending on how often you personally need to use it. But I ould say you need to use it a maxmimum of twice a day.

                  It's great to use after the shower/bath as it also helps to lock in moisture and your skin will feel super-soft and look good too.

                  ***WHERE CAN I BUY THIS?***
                  This range is available from Superdrug, Boots and Lloyds Pharmacies.

                  I got mine from boots which cost me over £4.00, for a 400ml bottle, but I noticed when I went into boots to get some more today I noticed the price has now been dropped to about £3.50, which I thought was very good value.

                  ***OTHER PRODUCTS IN THIS RANGE***
                  Derma Intensive Relief Shower Cream 200ml - approx £4.69
                  Derma Intensive Relief Hand Cream 50ml - approx £3.79
                  Derma Intensive Relief Cream 125ml - approx £3.99
                  Derma Intensive Relief Cream 50ml - approx £2.19
                  Derma Intensive Relief Cream 200ml - approx £3.19
                  Derma Intensive Relief Cream 400ml - approx £4.59

                  ***FINAL WORD***
                  If you suffer from dry, itchy skin condition I couldn't recommend this highly enough. This Lotion didn't irritate my skin and didn't eave it feeling sore like some other lotions can do.

                  I noticed results within about a week, but this may vary from person to person depending on their skin condition or how dry their skin is.

                  For what you get I don't think the price is too bad, but again this depends on how much lotion you need to apply. If you have to apply it 4-5 times a day like I had to all over my body you will find that you'll go through this lotion in just over 1 week, which works out quite expensive if you ahd to keep buying this product every 2 weeks!

                  I haven't tried any of the products in this range as I don't normally suffer from dry skin (only on this occasion where I managed to pick up a virus), but I definitely wouldn't rule the other products out as I'm so pleased with the results of this one.


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