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Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub

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5 Reviews

Brand: Simple / Type: Simple / Type: Facial Scrub / Product line: Simple Kind to Skin

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    5 Reviews
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      12.08.2013 04:34
      Very helpful



      A decent facial scrub that shouldn't sting your face OR pocket.

      It cost £2.99 in Tesco for the 75g size.

      I normally use Apricot scrub about once every two weeks, but for some reason last time I used it I found it was stinging my face in a way it never did before,so I spotted this one in Tesco, liked the Simple brand name and price, and picked it up.

      ***USING and MY OPINION***

      This comes in a bright green tube with the SIMPLE name displayed clearly.
      The scrub itself is white and not overly thick. In fact it's quite light and soft....but not runny.
      It claims to contain two vitamins, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E , both of which are skin friendly.
      It has NO perfume or colour additive and "no harsh chemicals" .

      Using is easy. You simply wet your face and then gently massage a small amount of the scrub into your skin.
      Don't be ferocious with the massaging. Gently does it or the granules in it will possibly hurt . They are just rice, but even so excessive rubbing with them will hurt.
      Keep away from the eye are as much as you can for obvious reasons. I don't think getting this in your eye would be very pleasant.
      You rinse it off with warm water.

      First things first.
      This has no perfume added but you CAN smell something from it. It isn't a bad smell,but neither could it be described as 'nice'.
      I thought it was OK and the way I see it the ingredients themselves are bound to have some sort of aroma, even without perfume added.
      I used about a good soup spoonful to cover my face and neck area and that seemed sufficient for me . Others might want it applied more lavishly.
      Once applied I waited for the sting I had been getting with my last scrub, but it didn't happen. I was aware something was working on my skin but it wasn't uncomfortable and definitely not stinging.
      It doesn't foam up. It is just a flat basic cream with rice granules in it that blends nicely with the water on your skin .
      I did as advised and massaged my face and neck with circular motions moving the rice particles around gently but thoroughly . I really don't think it is overly packed with the granules of exfoliating rice, so it was a nice enough experience and not too rough. I found the circular massaging quite relaxing actually and enjoyed the challenge of getting the granules as close to the hairline as possible. Yes ,I know..."small things please small minds".
      Rinsing off was simple too. I hadn't used lashings anyway ,so getting it all off was relatively easy.

      So how did my skin react to this one ? Surprisingly well.
      I suspect the needed use of sun creams and after-sun lotion recently has in some way altered the balance of my skin, causing my other scrub to sting in a way it previously didn't , or maybe just the sun itself affected me, but either way I was in need of something new to slough off the dry skin cells that were making my complexion dull looking. This scrub seems to do the trick without upsetting my skin.
      Yes my skin did feel just a bit tight afterwards ,but only for a minute or two and then it settled to just feeling soft.
      I used a light unscented moisturiser afterwards to feed my skin and was really pleased with the result.
      So yes, I am pleased with this product.
      It did as promised and caused me no adverse reaction.
      The tube isn't big at just 75g, but I should get about 6 or 7 uses out of this easily I should think, which isn't bad at all for £3.

      Two points though,
      1/ This is NOT a cleanser. So cleanse your skin beforehand, or even afterwards if you prefer that routine. I used baby wipes as a cleanser about 15/20 mins before using this and then a light moisturiser (E45) afterwards..... that seemed to work well for me.
      2/ It DOES smell. It may not be perfumed but it definitely smells of something. I found it OK, but little Holly said it stinks. However, she is three years old, and unless it is perfumed with proper perfume or smells of bubblegum or mint she will say "it stinks".

      Would I recommend this? Yes, I would.
      Regarding stars....I think I will deduct one for the fact that some might find the slight chemical odour a fault with the product.
      Other than that, it does as promised and is not over priced , so a comfy 4 stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.~~~myloh.


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        08.08.2013 20:25
        Very helpful



        Love this stuff

        I like to exfoliate the skin on my face and neck from time to time as I think it can make it look fresher and smoother and possibly even slightly invigorated. Without regular (gentle) exfoliations, which I do at a home, I really do feel than it shows on my skin after a while and so though I don't exfoliate every day, or even every week, it's still part of my beauty routine.

        I don't have loads of money to spend on face creams and treatments, who does? I also really like the Simple range of products as they seem to suit my skin perfectly. The only thing I miss about using Simple is the fact that they have no perfume. However, as this is their selling point (alongside no colours or additives) I don't think they are going to be changing this any time soon.

        I last bought a tube of Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub from Superdrug. It comes in a green coloured plastic squeezy tube and it contains 75ml of product. I paid £2.99 for this size tube and I think this is the only size it comes in. It lasts me for ages as I don't use it often and when I do use it, I don't need to use a lot of it in order to achieve excellent results.

        The cream is medium thick in consistency, has no smell that I am able to detect and contains no nasty ingredients. It does, however, contain rice granules (these are what actively exfoliates my skin) alongside vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. It's for all types of skin and has been dermatologically tested. It's really a lovely product to use because although it's doing a great job at exfoliating my skin, at the same time it manages to still be very gentle on my skin. I have never suffered any adverse reaction from using this product, and I have used it loads of times.

        I massage it onto wet face and neck and I always use small circular motions, as directed on the tube. It feels slightly tingly, though not unpleasant on my skin and afterwards I just rinse if off with warm water and gently pat my face dry.

        Usually, with exfoliating creams and lotions, my skin can feel quite dry and tight after I have rinsed and dried. With this lotion, however, though my face does begin to feel slightly in need of moisturiser after about an hour or so, I can vouch for the fact that it certainly does not give that taut tight feeling immediately after using.

        My skin feels and looks in better condition for using this product on a regular basis and as it's relatively inexpensive and has no added nasties, I am happy to keep on using this as it really does seem to agree with my particular skin type.

        Highly recommended.


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        21.06.2013 23:48



        A really nice facial scrub and results are apparent quickly!

        I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, courtesy of my sister... I'm sure she loves me for it. The bottle is relatively small in comparison to other facial wash brands however simple is a brand I have always trusted and I believe the results are really good.

        The scrub itself smells lovely in my opinion, it has a fruity kind of smell to it and it isn't too harsh. After gently applying it and rinsing thoroughly my face feels like it can breathe again and I've already started to see results after only using it for just a few weeks. My skin generally looks healthier and has more of a natural glow to it. I use this in combination to other simple products such as the day cream and they do work really well together. My only complaint about this product would be the price, it's a little expensive for how much you get but for me this product is one of the best. It obviously varies from person to person, something may work for one person but may not for another.

        Overall I'm very pleased with this product, it's shown results within just a few weeks of using and I'll definitely be purchasing more.


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        14.05.2013 20:22



        Overall good product, I use in conjunction with others to make it more effective for me

        My skin type: Dry/ Very dry and sensitive
        I occasionally have large patches of eczema on my face

        I bought this product a while ago to try to remove some of the dead skin I often get around my forehead and on my cheeks as it is pretty unsightly when wearing foundation. I like the product as a whole, the scent is a little unusual - it kind of reminds me of sunscreen but it's not completely unpleasant.

        When using the product I have no irritation and it doesn't make my very sensitive skin sting which is a great positive for me. The only issue is that my dry skin is quite bad and I find that the rice granules in this do not fully remove everything that I want gone. To overcome this I use a quite harsh home-made sugar scrub at the weekends and use this simple scrub mid-week to keep the dead skin away and find this works perfectly for me.

        Overall, for someone that just wants to scrub their face clean and doesn't have the same dead skin issue as I do I think the product is great and leaves your face really soft - just check you don't mind the scent first.


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        29.04.2013 20:28
        Very helpful



        A great facial scrub for sensitive skin.

        ===Exfoliate, Exfoliate! ===

        Maybe it's just my quirky sense of humour that makes me think of Dr. Who's Daleks! I ought to get out more really.

        I make no claim to any kind of expertise in matters of beauty, skincare, makeup etc, being the kind of woman who likes to be out in the open air whenever possible. I've never really felt either willing or able to devote more than the minimum amount of time to these matters. One thing I do know, though, is that my face needs an exfoliating scrub regularly these days, and perhaps more so than when I was younger. Without being too gross, it sometimes feels like the surface layer is shedding! My skin is mature, dry and slightly sensitive, although I don't need to be over cautious about how I look after it; it's more a question of discovering what suits me. Some of the facial scrubs I've used in the past have been rather harsh. A few years ago I came across this one from Simple and, having had good experiences with several products in this range, I decided to try it. The fact that I'm still using it tells you quite a lot I think - I like it!

        ===Scrub a Dub===

        This is a product that has no perfume or colour to irritate sensitive skin. Simple say that they have limited contents to things that help remove dead skin cells, keep skin brighter and more even textured. They say they've made a conscious decision not to add any unnecessary ingredient. So that's what it doesn't contain - what about what it does? Ingredients are recorded as being 'Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Rice Granules.' I surmise that the rice granules are the active ingredient in terms of scrubbing the face. Vitamin E is well known for its moisturising properties. I believe pro vitamin B5 is also known as pantothenic acid or D-panthenol. A quick Google search suggested that this has many benefits for the skin, including exfoliation, moisturisation and regeneration, though as I said I know little about these things and am taking this at face value. It did read as something that's very good for the skin, though. I'd expect this product to have been tested dermatologically, and it has, although I haven't looked in to how ethical this testing has been. A fuller list of ingredients is also given on the tube but I always think you need a chemistry degree to make much of them!

        The scrub comes in a 75 ml tube, a pleasant grass green in colour. You can't really miss the fact it's by Simple. You should use within 12 months - that shouldn't be a problem. The tube is recyclable. You have the usual contact details on the tube, plus the fact that this is made in Hungary.
        For more information, here's the link:


        ===Simplicity To Use ===

        I usually use this in the shower. I use conditioner on my hair and leave it one for a minute or so while I use this to exfoliate my face. That's what works for my little routine, anyway. It's best applied to a damp face and neck, and massaged in using gentle circular motions. As with any product like this, you avoid the eye area. You don't seem to need a lot - a little goes a long way. It rinses off quite easily, probably because the exfoliating particles seem fine. In some scrubs they seem larger and don't always rinse off quickly. Simple say that once a week is enough for normal/dry skin, but those with oily skin may need to use it a little more often. I would say once a week is fine for me.

        ===Results ===

        There isn't much to say: it works; my skin feels reinvigorated when I've used it. I've used it for several years. I think I'm going to try something different next time, not because there's anything wrong with this at all. I feel I could do with a change - and maybe something new to review, so any suggestions?! I do recommend this, especially if you have sensitive skin - definitely a 5 star product for me. I'm sure I will come back to it again as I find it a reliable, good old faithful. The only thing going against it is it doesn't really excite, but I could see this as a pro as well as a con. I bought 2 for 1 last time round and I don't recall the price, but I think you could expect to pay around £4 per 75 ml tube. It's worth looking out for special offers, e.g. in Boots.

        Thank you for reading this review. It may appear on other sites.

        ©Verbena April 2013


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