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Sisley Botanical Facial Mask With Tropical Resins

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Brand: Sisley / Type: Face Mask / Subcategory: Cleanser / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Sisley Botanical

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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2012 20:32
      Very helpful



      Overall a lovely face mask which could be a lot more affordable!

      --------- My Sisley Experience ----------

      A couple of weeks ago I was browsing a new cosmetics and skincare house that has just entered a department store near me. I started picking up some of the testers and dipping my fingers in all the lovely pots (as you do). I could not see somebody near by to help so I carried on having a good old look - I do quite like being left alone minding my own business. But as I thought I was by myself a head popped up behind the counter and a lady in her Sisley uniform asked me if I was looking for anything in particular and asked whether I had used Sisley products before. My answer to both questions was no but that it looked like a very interesting brand however the packaging of the products did make it all look rather expensive. So I started enquiring about prices which if anybody has come across Sisley will know that they are outrageous! For a cleanser you are looking at around £40 if not more and for a moisturiser looking at the £100 mark! So I thought I better start to back away quickly but to my surprise she gave me a little zipped pouch with a few samples in to try which of course I was thrilled about, but then again I had been browsing the counter for some time.

      ---------- When I arrived home with my freebies! ------------

      I opened my little pouch to see a face mask, an exfoliating cream and a moisturiser. I tried the face mask on that night because I was suffering with a few aggravated red spots and the mask claimed to absorb excess oil and matify the skin whilst also tightening pores and minimising the look of black heads and spots... it sounded perfect!!

      As I opened the seal of the sample (which consisted of 4ml of the product) I realised that I could not get more than one face mask out of it, it is quite a thick creamy mask and it recommended putting on a thick layer of it all over the face (but avoiding the eye area) and leaving it on for 10 minutes and removing with water. I did just that, it was easy to apply, the smell was lovely but I could not grasp what it smelt of, after doing some research I found out that it had myrrh, incense and benzoin in it which the mask collectively terms these ingredients tropical resins.

      Myrrh is of course an aromatic ingredient but it also works as an anti inflammatory as well as being antibacterial by killing bacteria to purify the skin.

      Incense works to clarify the skin.

      Benzoin is a calming ingredient which also works as an anti inflammatory to reduce redness on the skin.

      The mask is supposedly for either an oily skin or troubled skin i.e. somebody who suffers with spots.

      It is suggested to be used once or twice a week.

      There are also other products which supposedly complement the use of this mask which also have tropical resins in such as their toning lotion for an oily skin type.

      ------------The results ------------

      I loved the feel of the mask on and I had no trouble washing the mask off with warm water. Afterwards my skin felt very smooth and I did not react with it, which is unusual when products have plant extracts in on my skin. I also noticed that the night after I applied it a couple of my spots had definitely gone down.

      --------- So how was I going to purchase this ridiculously expensive face mask? ----------

      I looked online and found the face mask on the John Lewis website for £67.00 for a 60ml white tube and other websites were selling it at slightly less and others slightly more. Sisley is not sold in too many department stores as far as I am aware so I would recommend buying it online rather than searching for it in shops.

      Well I found ebay seller who was selling it for about 20% less and I treated myself!! It was still more than I wanted to pay for a face mask but I do love it and I needed a new face mask!!
      I have now been using it twice a week at night time before bed - my boyfriend laughs at me everything I have it on (because my face is completely white with it on) and I have found a vast improvement in my skin. I have had fewer breakouts immerge and past blemishes are starting to disappear quite rapidly!

      ------- Would I recommend it? -------

      Yes I would but if you are looking for a budget face mask or resolution for spots then this is not for you! This is a premium product which will break the banks... just slightly but it does do the trick!! But I certainly will not be browsing the Sisley counter ever again to prevent myself from buying future products at ridiculous prices!! I do not want to get hooked onto anymore!! I would predict that I will run out of this mask in time for Christmas to be bought another one so I reckon that the mask would last about 6 months.


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        12.02.2011 19:52



        good but pricey product

        This is really great. I splashed out in France on this product where it seems to be more cheaply priced. It was absolutely worth while and I have loved using it since. My face feels great and looks even better after I have used it. The smell is fabulous and permeates the nostrils and skin for hours, which I love. My skin seems to benefit from the effect and I'd love to use it daily if I could. It is lovely to apply and removal is easy. I would use it more frequently if I worked or lived in a city. It removes grime and skin surface cells with ease leaving the ski feeling good, not dry. Yes, I' would certainly recommend it to friends if they had money to spare for it is expensive. Sort of treat occasion stuff! I shall certainly buy more when I've used up my tube!


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