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Skin So Soft Signature Moisturising Body Serum

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Brand: Avon / Texture: Serum / Type: Body Serum / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2012 02:19
      Very helpful



      rubbish "serum" so go with something better from Avon is my advice!

      I am forever buying things from Avon and one of the purchases I made ages ago was this Skin so soft Signature silk body moisturising serum. It should count for something that I bought this well into the early section of this year and the bottle is still about 80% full sitting with my collection of creams in my bathroom cupboard!

      It comes in a lovely baby pink, slim bottle, with a dark pink pump applicator lid. The bottle is average sized at 150ml capacity. It has a pink banner with the Skin so Soft logo and design. The product does not have much description (90% on the back is in foreign languages, and really who needs directions of how to apply what is basically body lotion anyway?) but it does describe it as a silky smooth, air-light serum with skin illuminators which will immediately transform your skin from dry to absolutely radiant. Does this sound a bit optimistic to anyone else, considering I bought it from Avon for a mere £2 or something I think!

      The "serum" is easy to extract, a little bit of pressure on the pump exerts it through a small hole which I generally use in the palm of my hand and apply all over. The "serum" to me is more like lotion/moisturiser as I normally associate a serum with a liquid quite runny, a bit sticky and gel like, whereas this is white in colour, slihgtly runny, (but more thicker than what I would expect a serum to be like) and basically just works as a normal moisturiser. Using it on my body it is not like a serum at all, and is more of a bog standard, but runnier version of a body lotion. It does NOT leave my skin "immediately radiant" nor does it illuminate my skin! To be honest, even as a moisturiser it is not that great, as I have to pump quite a bit into my palm and it barely covers anything. It absorbs into my skin quick enough, but literally so quick that within 5-10 minutes I don't look like I have moisturised at all! So thats another box to untick.

      The worst part of this "skin so soft serum" is the smell. Honestly, I don't know what it is but it does not appeal to me and is not a smell I want to walk around smelling like all day. It's rather hard to pinpoint, as it is not floral or sweet, but rather pungent, and artificial and plasticky. The smell lingers longer than the properties of the serum somehow...you can still smell it long after my skin looks dry and ashy again.

      To sum up, goodness knows why I bought it and if I will ever even finish the bottle. It's not nice, not moisturising and does not "illuminate" my skin in the slightest. Overall, it stinks! Literally! So safe to say this will be getting the minimum amount of stars and I definitely do not recommend this!


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      07.12.2011 12:26
      Very helpful



      Okay but nothing special.

      I am a big fan of Avon though sometimes I find their products can be hit or miss with me as I have stated several times in previous reviews. One Avon range that rarely lets me down is Skin So Soft and I admit to trying most SSS products at one time or another, especially when I was a rep a few years ago.

      For a while there wasn't a local Rep in our area, but recently a new reliable lady has started (who turns up when she says) and I have been stocking up with a few items that I have always used such as the SSS dry oil spray. It was whilst perusing the page where this dry oil was advertised when I came across this item -Skin So Soft 'Signature Silk Body Serum' which sounded lovely so decided to try it out for myself..

      This is a fairly new addition to the SSS range and is part of their Signature Silk range (as you may have guessed by the title) and basically it's an ultra rich body lotion in the guise of a body 'serum'.

      This comes presented to us in a tall and slim line bottle which is upright standing. It is available in one size of 150 ml and the bottle is coloured in soft pinks with the serum be accessible via a pump dispenser perched upon the top.

      Price wise this varies though I paid £2.50 on it's introductory offer in the brochure and it normally retails around £5 though for up to date information as the prices constantly change due to offers it's worth checking out www.avonshop.co.uk, or if you currently order via a rep then ask them for up to date prices.

      So what makes this body 'serum' different to a regular old body lotion then?

      Well according to the marketing behind this product it is an "..air light serum with skin illuminators that immediately transform your skin from dry to absolutely radiant..." It states it contains skin illuminators so is very appealing and I couldn't wait to try it..

      It certainly gives itself a lot to live up to but the question begging is - is it any good?

      On activating the pump dispenser in the usual manner by turning the nozzle so it 'pops' up I was instantly made aware of the fresh clean scent that accompanied this serum. The nozzle took a few times of actual pressing it down before the serum oozed out, looking suspiciously like a plain old body lotion, but I didn't let that deter me from using it as I was at this point intrigued as the only serum I am used to using are the ones designed for hair.

      The body serum is a bright white in colour which surprised me somewhat as I expected it to have a pink hue to it to match the packaging, but nevertheless the fragrance took my mind off the colour straight away. It has a really sweet and slightly oriental hint to it that reminded me of faraway perfume (also by Avon) which is actually one of my favourites by this brand so I was really quite pleased so far.

      The serum has a silky texture to it though the consistency is not oily or 'serum' like in any which way or form and does just resemble a regular old body lotion to be honest.

      Having dispensed a few 'blobs' of this firstly into the palm of my hand, I decided to test out on my arms first where the skin can become quite dry and thought it would benefit from this 'wonder serum'.

      The serum itself does actually soak into the skin quite instantaneously and feels instantly soothing and softening. It doesn't require too much rubbing in, though I did find disappointingly that it seemed to leave my skin with a matte feeling rather than silky which is what I was hoping for. It's saving grace is that a small amount seems to go a long way and I found a few blobs of this (around two dispenses) seem to cover one full arm and it also doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky after and din't make my clothing stick to my skin (which is a pet hate!).

      Would I recommend this then?

      Well yes and no, and here's why..
      The serum smells absolutely divine and does absorb very quickly into the skin so it wins me over there. I have found in the past that certain Avon products can cause soreness with me (mainly facial products) but luckily this isn't one of them and it does leave a delicate faint aroma for quite a while after use. I also do really like the convenience of the pump dispenser as it is so easy to use and up to press it hasn't clogged up or needed rinsing out with water like similar products I have owned.

      On the negative side it doesn't do anything any different than a normal body lotion would so if purchased at full price then it certainly isn't worth the money. I didn't notice any iridescent glow either to say it contains skin illuminators, I thought perhaps my skin would have had a healthy sheen at least but nothing and the fact it left my skin with a matte feeling afterwards didn't go down too well. I like my skin to feel soft and supple after using a body lotion and although this did leave it soft it also left it feeling a bit taut, not uncomfortably so but certainly noticeable.

      This is an okay product but at the end of the day it's just a glorified body lotion and doesn't do anything particularly special unfortunately. If it can be purchased whilst on offer then by all means try it out but it certainly doesn't merit it's full RRP so is not remotely economical in my eyes and I'm not overly sure whether I'll be buying this again in the future.

      It merits 2 out of 5 stars which I think is about fair.


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