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Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask

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12 Reviews

Brand: Soap & Glory / Type: Face Mask / Subcategory: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Detoxes,

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    12 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 16:31
      Very helpful



      I will be repurchasing and I highly recommend.

      I decided to splash out on a face mask called No Clogs Allowed from Soap & Glory. The main reason I went for this product is because it said that it would be great for people with oily/greasy skin and I also have a few blackheads appearing around my nose and I thought this would be ideal as its deep cleansing and also has poreclear technology!

      The cost is 11 pound for 100ml which is quite expensive and not my usual budget! But the upside is you only need to use a grape sized amount once or twice a week so this should last you a while and makes the product worth buying.

      The consistency of the face mask is quite thick when its squeezed out of the tube but once its being rubbed into your face it changes to quite a thin layer. I expected my face to have very high thick coverage but it was the opposite, I didn't mind this to much though, it felt nice and comfortable on my skin and I felt like I had enough of the product on.

      The colour of the cream is a very very pale blue/white.


      What Soap and Glory say about No Clogs Allowed: "A super self-heating 5 minute deep pore detox face mask with a free skin smoothing sponge. This is a deep cleansing treatment, ideal for greasy and blackhead prone skin."


      Whilst applying the cream to your face you can feel it warming up in your fingers and over your skin, it feels amazing and its so unusual but I REALLY liked this part! I have never experienced that feeling with any other face creams and it instantly made me fall in love with the face mask, it is creative and it really makes the product stand out to other ones on the shelf.

      The face mask has very small jojoba beads in which help to exfoliate and smooth skin, these are barely noticeable and you can hardly feel them but they do a great job at removing dead/dry skin and making your face feel brand new, if you're wanting a face mask which is exfoliating AND gentle this would be perfect.

      You can either leave this mask on for 1 minute, or 5 minutes for a deeper clean. I have used this 6 times and left it on for around 5-10 minutes and during the stage it is on my face it is very comfortable and lightweight, it feels like nothing is on your skin.

      You get a small free sponge with your No Clogs Allowed which can be used to remove the face mask, I prefer to use my fingers and water though otherwise I don't feel like I remove the product fully. It is nice of them to include a sponge though and I am sure a lot of people will adore it.

      The results are very impressive, I am finding that my face isn't as oily as it used to be and when I apply my foundation and powder they glide on a lot more smoothly and there is no shine after a few hours like there usually is, I think this is probably down to the face mask changing my skin around and helping to get rid of excess oil. The blackheads on my nose are not as noticeable anymore either, they have faded a huge amount since I began using this product.

      I would highly recommend this product and I think its something I will continue to use/buy. It is really worth the money.

      Thank you for reading and I hope my review was of some help, you may also find a similar review wrote by me on my Boots account BeautyAdoration and on my blog BeautyAdoration.wordpress.com


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      22.02.2012 11:14
      Very helpful



      Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask - My Favourite Ever Face Mask.

      The Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask, is my favourite face mask ever. I have tried loads of different face masks over the years. Some have been excellent, some have been rubbish, but for me this is the best. I have never before come across a face mask that has left my skin in such gorgeous condition after using it. Your face feels so amazingly refreshed afterwards as well.

      The Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask is a lovely, deep cleaning and conditioning mask that heats up when it comes into contact with water. It contains exfoliating grains and lots of wonderful ingredients such as salicylic adid, grapeseed oil, jojoba, menthol, eucalyptus, orange, palmarosa, rosemary and geranium. It smells absolutely fabulous and does wonders for my skin.

      You just pop a grapesized amount of the mask all over your face and then wet your hands and massage it in. Make sure you give the tube a good shake before you use it because the mask contains little blue beads and you are supposed to massage it over your face until these have popped and the mask has turned blue. Also ake sure you really massage it in well because if any of the little blue beads don't pop and spread out over your skin, you can occasionally end up with a little blue dot left on your skin after you wash the mask off. You are supposed to leave the mask on your skin for 5 minutes, however I like to leave it on for 15. Then you just wash it away giving your skin a nice scrub in the process and you are left with lovely refreshed skin.

      Something that is definately worth mentioning is that the mask can get VERY hot when it first heats up if you sweep you hands over it too fast when they are wet, so be careful to do it nice and slowly and methodically. The heated sensation lasts for about 1 minute before it wears off, just long enough for your pores to open up so the mask can do its work.

      The Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask comes in a 100ml tube and costs £11.00. More often then not Soap and Glory is on three for two in boots so you can get it for cheaper. If you use the mask once a week a tube will easily last you 5-6 months depending on how much you slather on. The tube the mask comes in is a very good design. A bit like a toothpaste tube, so as you use it, you can roll down the end so it is easier to remove the mask from the tube. It has a screw top lid and is very attractive to look at with it's silver and pink design. The mask does also come with a little sponge to help remove it, however I never use this.

      I love this mask, it leaves your skin in such lovely condition. It cleans deep down into your pores to get rid of all the dirt and oil. It also exfoliates your skin really well and leaves it lovely and soft. The exfoliating grains are nice and small so they do not scratch your skin at all. You would not believe how refreshed your skin feels after you have used the mask as well. Using it is a real pick-me-up. It balances my skin out and leaves it oil free and really gets the circulation in my face going, giving me a lovely glow. It also works wonders on drying up blemishes.

      Overall I give the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask a 10/10. It is a fabulous product, a great price and my favourite ever face mask of all time!


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      14.01.2012 21:19
      Very helpful



      A wonderful face mask - highly recommended

      I love my skincare products and I love a good exfoliator, but I'd forgotten just how good an exfoliating face mask can make my skin feel. However, I've just re-discovered my tube of Soap and Glory 'No Clogs Allowed' and it's made me a very happy girl indeed!

      'So long blackheads,' reads the front of the tube, 'On this face, there are...No Clogs Allowed!'. The product is described as a 'super self heating deep cleaning face mask', featuring '1-minute hot poreclear technology'. The back of the tube outlines the directions for using this mask: you massage a grape-sized amount of product into your face with your fingertips, rub it in with wet fingers 'until you're blue in the face - literally' then either rinse it off immediately or leave it on for five minutes or so, 'for a squeakier clean'.

      Whenever I use this product I am always initially reminded of toothpaste. The tube is made of a pliable metal (like a toothpaste tube!) and the mask is white in colour. It doesn't smell like toothpaste though; the scent is difficult to describe but I'd say it's kind of clay-y. As directed, you apply a small amount to your face and rub it in. You can feel the exfoliating effect straight away as the mask contains a generous proportion of exfoliating beads, which seem to break on impact with your skin, causing the mask to change from white to a subtle ice-blue colour. It has a subtle self-heating effect and warms us slightly as you rub it in; adding more water increases the effect. I always leave it on for five minutes and then rinse it off, using the small sponge that comes with the mask to ensure there's no residue left on my skin.

      So how does my skin feel after using this mask? One word: Amazing! It's super smooth and super soft and I feel like I've had some sort of luxury facial. I think leaving it on for a few minutes helps the exfoliating acids to really go to work on your skin, as well as making you feel like you're using a premium product. As well as leaving my face soft and smooth, my skin appears visibly clearer, and my pores and blackheads appear much smaller. It has a bit of a mattifying effect too, without drying out my skin, leaving a great base to apply moisturiser and make up to.

      With an RRP of £11, you'd definitely be able to find cheaper face masks in your local Boots store. However, you only need to use a small amount of this product each time, and for £11 I could probably buy 11 single-use-sachet face masks, whereas I've definitely got more than 11 uses out of my tube of No Clogs Allowed and it's still at least one-third full! I'd definitely say it's good value for money and worth splashing a bit of cash on. Additionally, Soap and Glory products can often be found on three for two in Boots, so it'd be worth keeping an eye out!

      Overall, I'd highly recommend No Clogs Allowed. It gives you a bit of luxury which can be used as often (it suggests once or twice a week) or as infrequently as you like, but will always guarantee you fantastic skin.


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      16.05.2011 08:39
      Very helpful



      A facial treatment that sadly did not live up to my expectations

      For those of you who are familiar with my reviews you will be aware that I have a passion for beautiful toiletries and despite the various promises to myself to not buy anything new, I often weaken! As my family and friends know of my love for pampering myself I always receive a lovely selection of smellies at birthdays and Christmas. If I had to choose a favourite range I would find myself struggling, as it would have to be either Soap and Glory or Sanctuary, as they are both wonderful in very different ways with Sanctuary being luxurious and Soap and Glory being quirky and girly. My favourite pamper sessions are those where I take time using beauty products on my face and this review discusses my experience with Soap and Glory's No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask.


      The mask is presented to us in a fairly eye-catching white cardboard box with pink text and we are able to witness the familiar Soap and Glory logo, together with a side profile of a female wearing the mask. My reasoning for buying this particular product is that as well as loving the experience with using face masks I love those that deliver a warming sensation to my skin. On the reverse of the packaging is a little information on using the product itself, which I will cover in the next section of my review. Inside the box is a 100 ml metal tube that sits on a screw on cerise coloured lid and I learned from reading the marketing information that the mask contains "1-minute hot poreclear technology" to transform me into a hot babe! I was really looking forward to using this product for the first time, so here goes ....


      On unscrewing the lid I discovered that there was a protective foil covering over the opening of the tube, so I had the reassurance that my product was brand new. After securing my hair away from my face and ensuring my skin was clean I removed the foil from the end of the tube and gently squeezed. Initially a fair amount of water shot out; after which I was able to witness the thick creamy mask with its' pale blue colour. It was at this point that I read the instructions on the box where I learned that the tube should be shaken before use!

      The beautiful fragrance is one that I am totally unable to identify, but it reminds me so much of something from my childhood. I've racked my brain to think what, but unfortunately, nothing registers. I have had a quick look at the ingredients to see if anything strikes me, but sadly not and the only way I can describe the aroma is extremely refreshing, as there is something in the ingredients that clears my nose, but it is most definitely not menthol. I will normally carefully describe a fragrance in my reviews, but sorry, I'm totally beaten with this!

      As directed, I squeeze a grape-sized amount of the fairly thick mask onto my wet fingertips and gently rub into my face using circular moments. What I love is the delivery of instant heat the moment it makes contact with my skin, which is a very relaxing and comforting sensation. The mask contains tiny exfoliating acids, which are evident as I slowly massage it into my skin. The directions state that you will literally be blue in the face and the product offers my skin a delicate shade of blue as claimed. There are two ways in which this mask can be used and that is to either immediately rinse away for a refreshing experience or to leave the mask for 3 - 5 minutes for a more deep cleanse. I tend to choose the former, as leaving the mask on my skin for too long causes it to dry hard, which subsequently makes it a little more difficult to remove. Accompanying the tube is a small pink section of sponge, which can be found in a transparent polythene bag with its' purpose being to assist in the removal of the mask although I cannot state that I find it of any real benefit, so I tend to use my fingers. The mask is fairly easy to rinse away when it has not been allowed to dry and as a result, there is minimal mess in my bathroom sink.


      I love the sensation that the mask offers, particularly the instant heating, but unfortunately, it vanishes as quickly as it begins, which I find rather disappointing. However, the mask enables me to effectively remove any impurities, but I cannot state that it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth as unfortunately, I find it considerably drying with areas such as my cheeks and chin feeling rather tight and a little uncomfortable after rinsing. As my first few applications involved me leaving the mask on for up to 5 minutes my further uses see me instantly rinsing the product away in the hope that I can avoid the drying sensation, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

      Consequently, I find it necessary to apply a good moisturiser directly after use. I feel that the mask keeps spots at bay and most definitely assists in removing any impurities and I follow the advice of applying it to my skin twice a week. My skin is T-zone where my forehead can often become oily, but the mask manages to dry this area out, which isn't very favourable. I will finish using the remaining quarter tube of mask, but for the reasons discussed above I cannot see me making a further purchase. As for rating this product, I feel I can only give it 3 stars, as it really does not live up to my expectations and I feel rather disappointed. In my experience of using Soap and Glory products I find that the body lotions and creams are superb and deliver first class results, but sadly they fail miserably on the majority of treatments for the face.


      Whilst I do not intend copying the entire list of ingredients into my review, particularly as it is fairly lengthy, I would advise that the mask contains salicylic acid and it is this that often dries out my skin. The mask should be used within 24 months of opening and both the tube and outer packaging can be recycled once empty. The mask should be kept well away from the eyes and if contact occurs the area should be immediately rinsed with warm water.


      You can purchase Soap and Glory Deep Pore Detox Mask from branches of Boots where a 100 ml tube will cost you £10.21, which in my opinion is most certainly not worth the money, particularly as Olay sell a similar product for well below this price.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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        13.05.2011 13:20
        Very helpful



        A face mask for oily skin that leaves the skin smooth and pores clear

        No Clogs Allowed is a heated face mask created by Soap & Glory which has been designed to remove toxins from the skin and to transform greasy and spot prone skin into a glowingly clear and flawless complexion. The product is suitable to be used on all skin types but it has been specifically created for oily and greasy skin and promises to prevent the formation of yucky blackheads.

        How does it work?
        The product contains Zeolite which is the substance that causes the heating sensational and it helps to draw impurities and toxins out of the skin. It is fantastic at neutralising harmful element that have entered the skin and therefore preventing premature aging and improving the health of the skin.

        Pumice is included which is a type of stone that is produced as a result of volcanic activity. It is included in this product in order to remove the rough and dead skin cells from the face and reveal the healthy more radiant layer of new skin underneath. The removal of the dead skin cells also means that they can't clump together and create spots which is always a good thing.

        Swirled into the mixture is Salicylic Acid which is a natural substance commonly found in acne treatments. It encourages the shedding of dead cells which clears the pores and prevents blackheads from forming. Despite its fearsome name, the substance is actually gentle on the skin.

        Grapeseed Oil is present because it is an antioxidant which helps to remove free radicals from the skin and prevent premature aging of the face. It is also a highly moisturising substance and is another ingredient that is commonly found in acne treatments. Jojoba beads are included and they burst as they are rubbed into the face to release an intense and hydrating moisture into the skin.

        The product also have a naturally produced fragrance in order to relax yet awaken the mind as you rest with the mask on. Menthol is included to give a refreshing feeling and is mentally stimulating, as is the eucalyptus. Orange is present to give a sweet fragrance while palmarosa gives a floral aroma as well as toning the skin. Rosemary gives this product a fresh smell while the geranium promises to lift your mood.

        How do you use the product?
        I squeeze a small amount of lotion into my hand and smooth it over my dry face which feels weird as these sorts of products are usually applied to damp skin. Then with wet hands, I massage the lotion gently into the skin on my face until the mask turns blue and I have felt the heating.

        If you're in a rush you can rinse it off immediately but I only use it when I have the time to lay back and relax and leave it on for five minutes. You can remove it with a damp flannel but I use the rather lovely pink sponge that comes free with the product. Gosh the Soap & Glory people are kind to us!

        The product can't be used daily as it will strip the skin and will make it too dry which strangely enough means that our skin will produce even more oil than before to compensate for this. Every other day use is more than enough.

        The product comes in a lovely shiny silver tubing with a striking red screw top lid. The packaging is fairly thin so it's easy to access the product even when you are running low. The products name appears on the front with a warning sign and the name is obviously a play on the saying, 'No Dogs Allowed'. It will cost you around £10 to get your hands on 100ml of this product and it can be bought from most large department stores such as Boots and many online websites.

        As you massage this product into the skin it feels grainy but not uncomfortable. The heating feels good on the face as it makes it feel like its working but it only last a very short time which is a pity.

        The lotion smells delicious as do all of Soap & Glory's products except this one has a minty twist. The product starts off a deep white colour and ends up turning blue as the beads within the solution burst. As tempting as it may be to leave this product on the skin for longer, it really doesn't need to be on the skin for more than five minute as it can be too drying, even on oily skin.

        When this product has been rinsed away your skin feels incredibly clean almost like it can breathe again. It makes you feel as fresh as a daily and your make up will look flawless when applied on top of your new layer of skin. I wouldn't say that this product comes off particularly easily and it takes a while to make sure that its all off.

        It reduces the appearance of spots and stops new ones from developing. I think my pores look clearer and marginally smaller but mine are pretty big so I think only a miracle cure would make mine completely disappear.

        I don't buy this product religiously because of the price but I always forget how much I love it whenever I repurchase. Most masks are unsuitable for use on my oily, sensitive and spot prone skin (yes I know, how lucky I am!) but this one is fine. It doesn't sting or feel uncomfortable.

        All in all, this is a great product for my oily skinned friends out there and it leaves your skin looking polished, radiant and progressively more blackhead free.

        Salicylic Acid, Linalool, Dimethicone, Isononyl Isononanoate, , CI 42090 (Blue 1), Myristyl Myristate, Geraniol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Pumice, CI 19140 (Yellow 5 Lake), Laureth-3, Jojoba Esters, Tribehenin, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Zeolite, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene


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          08.02.2011 17:35
          Very helpful



          A great mask/wash

          I love Soap and Glory so when they launched a facial range I was very excited to try it. This particular product comes in a tube containing 100ml of the product you also get a small pink sponge in the box. It costs £10 but as always with Boots they have 3 for 2 offers. The packaging is in the style of the 50's as with all soap and glory products.

          It contains saylic acid, pumice, grapeseed oil and a natural fragrance blend. It promises to clear your pores using it's pore clear technology. You can use this in two ways. The first way is to apply a grape sized amount to your fingertips wet and massage in for about a minute, then rinse off. Or the second way is to again use the same amount massage for a minute then leave for 3-5 minutes before using the sponge to remove for a deeper down clean. I prefer to use it as a mask as it is a bit expensive to use everyday, if used as a mask your recommended no more than 2-3 times a week.

          The fantastic thing about this mask is it comes out of the tube white. Once you have wet it and applied to your skin it heats up and turns blue! so you know you have massaged it in enough. It smells very minty and fresh. You can feel your pores opening up as the mask heats up. It has a nice consistency with just the right amount on pumice for scrubbing. It doesn't feel as harsh as some scrubs I have tried. If you use it as a mask you can feel yoour skin tingle as it does it's work. You then wet the little sponge that came in the box and sponge the product off (it does not dry).

          My skin felt amazing after using this. It felt so clean and fresh, I also noticed that my pores looked clearer and I am sure it has helped prevent spots. I would recommend this as a luxury treat, it would suit all skin types as it contains spot fighting ingredients but it is also moisturising at the same time. A great buy.


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          31.12.2010 00:28
          Very helpful



          I would recommend this face mask

          This product is the 'No Clogs Allowed' face mask by Soap and Glory. I purchased this face mask from Boots and for a 100ml tube it costs £10.00, however like every other soap and glory item it is worth waiting until it is on offer at 3 for 2 , or 1/3 off.

          This face mask comes in a silver tube with clear instructions for use on the back. The packaging is quite simple but looks great at the same time. I find the product is easy to get out and you can easily control how much you use.

          This product is a deep pore detox mask and is designed to be deep cleaning and unblock your pores. This product is also designed to get rid of any blackheads you may have. Once you apply the face mask it is designed to heat up once water is applied to your face.

          It is recommended that you use this face mask once or twice a week. To use this product you rub a small amount onto your face, then wet your hands and rub in to you face (this is when you will feel the product heating), the product is then supposed to turn blue but I have not really found the product to go very blue. Then you remove the face mask with the small sponge which is included. Then rinse your face with water and dry! You can do this by applying the product and then removing it immediately or leave the mask on for 5 minutes for a more intensive treatment.

          The Sponge
          I love the small sponge which is included with this face mask, it is to easily remove the face mask. I find the sponge makes it much easier to remove the product from your face compared to when you just use water. Although you do not have to use the sponge i would personally not use the face mask without the sponge.

          My personal experince
          I do not personally have a real problems with my pores so maybe there were other face masks which would have been more suited to me but i was attracted by the packaging and Soap and Glory name, but I am pleased i purchased this. I try to use this face mask once a week but it is usually when I remember. I leave the face mask on for 5 minutes then remove with the sponge provided, I find that once I have dried my face my skin can feel drier than normal so i have to apply moisturiser immediately after use. I would always apply moisturiser so this is not a problem for me personally. My skin is then left feeling really soft and a lot more radiant compared to when i do not use this.

          I have many face masks to use but i think once I have finished this I would definitely consider purchasing again in the future as I am really enjoying using it.

          Thanks for reading


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            29.06.2010 20:04
            Very helpful



            not bad

            I do enjoy the Soap and Glory products as a little treat now and then. My favourite to date has been the Fab Pore masque. I have stumbled on some less impressive products though, like the hair masque which was vile.

            This sensual little number comes in a very sleek silver tube with a funky red lid to keep it fresh. It is best to use it at the end of a bath or shower, that way the pores have been opened and will more receptive to treatment. I liked the smell of this when I opened it, it smelt a little punchy and aromatic. After moistening my face, I applied a thin sheen over the face and neck. It spreads on with litte hassle and is not too sticky and gooey, which is a bonus.

            You can leave the masque on for as long as you like. The longer you leave it on for, the stiffer it becomes and the harder it will be to remove. I allowed about ten minutes for it to settle into my skin. I suffer from nasty pores on the forehead and I am always trying to find ways to shrink them. There was a slightly pleasant tingle while the masque did its magic.

            The rinse off was easy enough with minimal residue in the sink. My skin felt very cleansed and tighter round the t-zone. Not much difference in the size of pores, but it did perk up the radiance and overall complexion. I have therefore concluded that this is a treatment to use before a night out. On the downside, the eight pound price tag would put me off using this regularly. On the upside, a tube should deliver several applications, so in a sense it is good value.

            Useful for a skin pick me up, without delivering amazing results, but still a decent product.


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              28.06.2010 21:44
              Very helpful



              A self heating exfoliating face mask

              With the sun shining brightly and spending most of my spare time down my allotment I decided it was time to visit boots and get myself some decent sun tan spray to protect my skin and whilst I was in Boots I had to walk past the Soap & Glory section to get to the sunscreen and with a 3 for 2 offer on, it is pretty hard not to come away with a few products. This time I came away with The Scrub of your Life, Hand food and a product I had never tried before Soap & Glory No Clogs AllowedTM Deep Pore Detox Mask. I have in the past tried Fab Pore Cleanser and was really impressed with it, so I was hoping this would be equally good.

              I am such a big fan of the Soap & Glory range for many reasons, the main one being that there is a large selection of products which range from shower gels and bath foams to lip glosses, hair products and creams for most parts of the body including scrubs, moisturising and exfoliating creams to choose from. I also like the lovely packaging which has changed slightly over the years I have noticed but it became known for its kitsch looking bottles which are a dusty pink colour and the pictured a black and white 1950s style image which drew the eye when browsing the shelves littered with products. The other reason I like this brand, other than them all smelling wonderful is that they are sold at high street prices, so whilst waiting for your pay packet, you can still afford to look and smell like a goddess for little money. Being sold at high street prices also means that these products are widely available in shops like Boots and Harvey Nichols mainly. For those of you who are ethical it is worth noting that the Soap & Glory range is also not tested on animals and more information can be found on the homepage.

              So in my local Boots store, which is literally a 3 minute walk away from where I live This time I was tempted by a new Soap & Glory product cal, I purchase my products and merrily skip off back home with sunscreen in hand which I had originally intended to buy, plus a few extras.

              Soap & Glory No Clogs AllowedTM Deep Pore Detox Mask which arrives in a 100ml tube and packaged inside a silver and red coloured box is a silver coloured with a startling devil red screw on and off lid. So it does stand out immediately on the shelf. Sketched right across the front of the tube in red lettering are the words "No Clogs Allowed" in bright red lettering and then in a stop sign are the words "No Long Blackheads" so at this point it is quite obvious that No Clogs means the clogging of the pores and if that isn't enough the tube also tells you that it is a super self-heating facemask. The rest of the lettering on the tube and indeed the box relate to the ingredients contained within the cream. To look at this tube is quite large in size and at the moment it is on offer for £7.99 if you buy it as a stand alone produce whereas it would usually cost £9 for the 100ml, so it is one of the more expensive products within this range but you do also get a free pink facial sponge too!

              Soap & Glory No Clogs AllowedTM Deep Pore Detox Mask is designed to detox your skin and unclog the pores on your face and in doing this it also removes excess dirt and oil from beneath the skins surface leaving you with soft smooth skin. The use of the facial sponge helps clean the skin and remove the excess dirt and oil away from the surface of the skin.

              Like many products in this range, it features a screw on and off lid which is really easy to remove and replace even if your hands happen to be wet from washing your face prior to using this product. The reason you should wash your face before using a product of this kind is to remove any surface dirt, make-up and grime to allow the product to work its magic and immediately get to work unclogging your pores. Once the lid is removed and you have squeezed some of this product onto your hand you will see a slightly creamy white coloured cream and as you rub it between the pads of your fingers it does smell very much like a Soap & Glory product with the familiar smell most seem to have and that is why I like their product range because I like the smell and this product is slightly stronger smelling than other products, such as Hand Food, that I use quite a lot. However back to the texture of the cream and it does have a slight grainy feel to it as you rub it between your fingers and that is because it also helps exfoliate the skin whilst working to unclog your pores and the most exciting part perhaps is that as you rub the cream onto your skin it literally turns blue, it is brilliant!

              With the ingredients firstly there is quite a mix infused within this cream which help to clean, cleanse, soften and smooth the skin. Starting with Grape seed Oil which immediately absorbs itself into the skin and helps to moisturise and smooth the skin. Next comes zeolite which is used in other Soap & Glory products and this is the self-heating element which brings a slight tingling to your skin as the mask heats up on your face. Followed by Pumice which acts as an exfoliator to clean your face of dead skin cells, grease, dirt and grime which leads to fresher looking skin rather than tired and dull looking. Jojoba beads are also an exfoliator although slightly smoother than the pumice and the jojoba beads pop as soon as your apply pressure on the skin and in this products the beads help to unclog the pores and lifts grime and imbedded impurities. The final mention should be of the fragrance which does contain menthol, eucalyptus and orange aromas which although as a self-heating mask it does immediately warm the skin when applied, it does also feel quite cooling on the skin when removed and the menthol and eucalyptus are for me the slightly more dominant smells as you might expect. There is however a whole list of further ingredients listed on the tube in small writing.

              When I used this product for the first time I wasn't too sure what to expect if I am being honest and having read the tube over and over again looking for some sort of explanation on how best to use it all you need to do is squeeze a smallish grape sized blob onto the pads of your fingertips and massage it on your face and neck for at least 1-2 minutes to allow the cream to start work on your skin and then leave it on your face for a maximum of five minutes, at this point your face will be a lovely blue colour which should become quite warm, but not too warm and uncomfortable that you have to remove it from your face straightaway, for those like me with sensitive skin I would suggested trying a small patch of your skin 24 hours before actually using this just as a test to see if you have any reactions to it. This cream glides onto the skin really easily and it is important to remember that it does contain pumice and should therefore be massaged onto the skin to remove those dead skin cells from the skins surface and any other nasties which might be lurking about, as you do glide the cream and massage it onto the skin you should feel the warm sensation immediately which as I have said is quite pleasant, the only downside is that it doesn't last that long, two minutes maximum yet the ideal time for leaving this product on your face is five minutes. Once that allotted time is up, you need to remove the excess cream from your skin using the free facial sponge which I soaked in my bath water which has cooled down slightly and I can then comfortably wipe my face clean.

              Once I had finished I patted my face dry and was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin was not only left smelling rather lovely of eucalyptus and oranges I also noticed that where the pores on my nose and chin had become quite blocked and a few blackheads has started to appear rather gruesomely that this product actually removed around 90% of them from my skin and not only that but it also dealt with the dry patch of skin on my left cheek which in its place was lovely soft, smooth glowing skin. Since buying this product two and a half weeks ago I have since been using it twice a week, once during the middle of the week and at the weekend and my skin feels a lot cleaner and it is definitely much clearer around my nose and chin. I would estimate given that I am a less than third of the way through the tube after only two and a half weeks and if I continue using it twice a week it should last up to twelve weeks, which for £7.99 is actually quite good for a 100ml tube especially when I would probably be spending twice that in Lush on a facemask or two.

              This product is one that I would recommend this to anyone wanting to swap your old trusty creams for something new and exciting. It's something I would definitely buy again without a doubt and I think the price of £7.99 is definitely worth paying for the softness of the skin and it is also on the 3 for 2 offer right now and the cheaper price of £7.99 instead of £9, so buy it quick before the offer ends because it is fabulous!


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                21.06.2010 12:17
                Very helpful



                A nice enough product, but not sures it's that effective

                I'm not somebody who buys every Soap and Glory product going but when having a browse at my local Boots, I came across 'No clogs allowed' which is a self-heating face mask, designed to improve skin, deep cleanse and improve pores and blackheads.

                The mask comes in a tube, with a small sponge, designed for wiping the mask off, with the usual retro, funky packaging Soap and Glory are known for. It does look good on the shelf! I paid about £9 for it, which is fairly average.

                To apply the mask, you need to moisten your face and then apply the maks, leave it on for a few minutes and then use the sponge , with some water, to wipe the mask off. It says to use it once or twice a week, after cleansing, which I have done.

                The mask is easy enough to apply and not messy, like some masks can be. I also like the fact it's in a tube not a pot, as I find it less messy and it takes up less room in my already crowded bathroom cabinet. It's easy enough to dispense out and has a screw-on lid. It did come with some cardboard, but I always ditch that (and actually do we really need it to come with in a cardboard holder/box, waste of packaging if you ask me).

                The mask feels quite nice on the skin, and whilst it gets a little bit tingly and lukewarm at first, I wouldn't say that lasts or that it feels warm as such. This doesn't bother me too much, but if you're hoping for a really warm face mask, then you will be disappointed. However, the more vigour you rub it on with, the slightly warmer it feels. I have read some reviews that say the mask was really hot, but not for me, I am always cold and I do like very hot showers etc, but this was warm at best, not hot.

                It's easy to remove, using the sponge, or just by a few splashes of water to the face. I've found that the sponge has lasted fine, just make sure it's moist. The tube itself is lasting well, you don't need to use more than a grape-sized amount each time.

                But does it work? Well, yes and no really. My skin feels nice and smooth and looks a little brighter and feels very clean. I do have skin that is prone to spots, so maybe it would work better on those who only have the odd spot, but for me, I haven't really noticed any improvement in spots or blackheads yet and I have used it a few times now.

                It doesn't dry out skin, like some products do, so that's a plus point, but for me, it doesn't really do what it says on the tin. It is a nice product and it feels nice, I will carry on using it until it runs out, but not sure I would spend a tenner on another tube!


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                20.06.2010 20:26
                Very helpful



                No clogs allowed....

                I bought this product a few months ago, so feel now is the time after a few months of use i can write a full and honest review.

                Product: Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask

                Price: I paid £10.00 from Boots

                Description: A super self-heating 5 minute Deep Pore Detox Face Mask. With free skin smoothing sponge.

                My view: I bought this Soap & Glory Mask a few months ago now and have used it at least a couple of times a week, love it and definitely one of the best face masks i've used.

                The mask comes complete with a small sponge, i used this once and didn't bother using it again, i found i got a more thorough clean by just rinsing my face with water with my hands, the sponge is of poor quality and definitely wouldn't last more than one use.

                On the tube it directs you to use a grape size amount, i felt i had to use double this to ensure that i had full coverage of my face, i massaged this gently into my skin with my fingertips. The mask as a really fresh smell to it, slightly minty.

                Once you apply the scrub you feel a tingle and the heat sensation almost straight away, i didn't find this uncomfortable at all, more reassuring that the mask was working. You can rinse away for a fast refresh or leave the mask on for a couple of minutes for a more squeakier clean, i preferred to leave it on a while, i felt it gave my skin more of a glow afterwards the longer i kept it on.

                After rinsing my face feels so smooth and as that fresh feeling to it, it 100% gives a thorough clean. After using this product around 6 times i have noticed that the pores on my nose are much less visible and more refined. Result!!

                Rating: 9/10 (Missed a point off for the packaging which could be better designed, the tube is too squeezy that sometimes it can be a struggle to screw the lid on back tightly).


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                  30.04.2010 23:21
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                  A great S&G product

                  ==Soap and Glory - No Clogs Allowed==

                  I am always a bit of a browser when it comes to shopping in Boots and I do tend to take my time, much to the delight of both Jack and Himself. I can spend hours looking at all the different products for the most strangest of things. Even when I am not in the market for a "Hard skin and callous remover" I find myself looking and even considering! However my last big spending spree found me strolling down the isle of Boots which stocks all of the Soap and Glory range and I couldn't help but feel that I had not tried enough of their products and so, for review purposes only, I banished the boys to the perfume counter and decided on filling my basket and paying for it before they saw what I was buying and how much I was buying!

                  No Clogs allowed is a super self heating deep pore detox mask from Soap and Glory and when I first saw it I was so curious that I just couldn't help popping it into my basket and trying it that very same evening! I hadn't seen any other products that are similar to this before and was both intrigued and impressed that this was something I had not tried before.
                  However, I do not think that it is a particularly new product from the Soap and Glory range as on looking on their website it appears to have been sold since December of last year but personally I have not seen this is any of my local Boots stores or anywhere else for that matter.

                  ==The Product==

                  The name of the cleanser, "No Clogs Allowed", generally gives away what the product claims to do in the fact that it gets rid of all the clogs in your face i.e. blackheads. The packaging also gives the idea of the general use of the product because there is a picture of a woman wearing a face mask. This photo has been taken in black and white and the colourings of the box stick with the theme that the company, Soap and Glory, have followed throughout the majority of their products using the black and white colours alongside shades of pink.

                  The "No Clogs Allowed" product states that it is suitable for all skin types but it is mainly suggested for use on people who have greasy, spot prone skin. This is not me however, and I generally have good skin which is slightly combination and on the whole I have no real spots, dry or greasy patches. I still though that I would try this product out as it does say "suitable for all skin types".

                  No Clogs Allowed is a tube of cleanser housed within an outer cardboard box.
                  Inside the box is also a free "smoothing sponge". This sponge is a lovely pink colour and has a slight double tear drop shape to it. It is not overly thick but it is dense in its consistency and feels smooth on the skin once the sponge has got slightly damp from warm water.
                  It does state on the box that this sponge should be washed before use so as soon as I opened the sponge, (it is kept in a clear cellophane wrapper), I gave it a good rinse through and squeeze out a few times.

                  The tube which holds the cleanser is silver in colour with the standard pink design of Soap and Glory. It has a pink screw lid to it and the tube is designed so it can stand on the lid making sure that the product is easily dispensed at all times (especially when you are using up the last bits of the product). The hole of the tube where the product comes through was initially sealed with a glued aluminium cover which was removed easily and ensured that no one had tried the product out before me! The hole is a good size to allow the cleanser to flow through effortlessly. There is a good amount of information on the tube which mirrors some of the details given on the outer box. This is a good idea as invariably I would throw away the outer packaging then possibly regret it later when I wanted more information but this isn't the case with this product.

                  The outer cardboard box does a good job of keeping the inner tube in a good condition and keeping the sponge together with the tube. It has a great design and looks high class yet funky and modern, It gives so much information that to read it all does take a good few minutes to get through it all and this is all done in a rather amusing and down to earth way.
                  It gives details of what the product ingredients are and how best to use this product. It gives a good, easy to follow instructions on the directions for use and tells you what you should expect from the product.

                  The tube of No Clogs Allowed is 100 ml and I paid a little under £10 for the product as there was some sort of saving on all the "Soap and Glory" range and I also have a 10% professional discount card at Boots which brought the price down even further, but £10 is the RRP.
                  Living on the Isle of Wight there are not an excessive amount of high end shops and the only place that stocks Soap and Glory is Boots but I am not sure if perhaps elsewhere this range is more readily available in a wider amount of stores. As I have never seen anything like this product before it is difficult to compare it to anything else but the price does seem fair for what you are getting.

                  So really as far as product packaging and information goes then this Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Cleansing Face Mask is already winning on that front. It has a good look that suits me with tons of information given and a practical design which works well when using and storing. Plus they are throwing in a sponge with the price too!

                  The product is made up of various ingredients that all do different things. There is Zeolite which works as the heating agent, Pumice that polishes and smooths the skin, Salicylic Acid, which again smooths the skin and works towards cell renewal. Grape seed oil is also in the ingredients and this is said to be an antioxidant. The smell of the product is given by the ingredients such as menthol, orange, rosemary, eucalyptus and gera.

                  ==General Use==

                  For the first application of this product I followed the instructions given on the box stating that you should rub a grape sized measure of the No clogs Allowed Cleanser on to your face with your finger tips. Then you should wet your hands and scrub the skin until you are blue in the face (quite literally). You can then either rinse the product off straight away, if you are in a hurry, or wait for around three to five minutes before using the sponge supplied to remove which gives even better results.

                  These directions were easy to follow and and I was soon masked up and all I can say is WOW. The pure white coloured product glides onto the face easily and enjoyably with the first real noticeable effect being the very warm sensation that comes with the application of it.
                  It does say on the packaging that there is "1 Minute Hot PoreClear Technology used within this product but I really assumed it would be a rather slight warm feeling but not the really hot blast that came when using it.

                  I found that using a grape sized amount is perfect for getting a good all over coverage to the whole face and seeing as the bottle is a fairly good size then this amount will ensure that you get a very good amount of applications per tube.
                  So literally as soon as you are applying the white cream to your face the very hot sensation occurs and personally I really liked it. It was unbelievably warm and on first application I had a little concern that it was only going to get hotter and that I would have to hastily remove the cleanser from my face. However this wasn't the case and the first hot hit was the hottest the product got and as I say, I really did like it.

                  Once you wet your hands and begin to rub the "No Clogs Allowed" into the facial skin, working with the warm sensation, the colour of the cream changes from the previous pure white to a light shade of blue. This indicates that the product is working and as you keep the product on your face the blue colour gets deeper and deeper. Of course if you remove the product as soon as you have rubbed it all in, the colour remains a relatively light blue colour.

                  Not only does the product feel wonderfully hot when applied to the skin but it also has a slightly grainy texture which does add to the exfoliation process.
                  This grain is not at all like other exfoliators I have used previously, in the way that there are no beads of grains embedded in the product which feel like pieces of sand or grit but it has more of an overall roughness to it which actually feel less harsh to the skin.

                  The smell of the product is most noticeable when it is in the dampest stage, at the beginning when you are rubbing the cream into the skin. I wouldn't say that the aroma was an overly appealing one at first as there is a slightly medicated whiff to it but I suspect this is the eucalyptus and the menthol working together. But once the product begins to dry off, this is when the orange fragrance comes alive meaning the overall impression I get from the fragrance of this product would be a rather sweet yet citrus aroma which I find rather refreshing and appealing.

                  Washing off the product is not as easy as some of my other facial cleansers however because this is described more as a facial mask then I would say that as a mask it is quite easily removed. The sponge needs to get nice and damp for removal to be relatively quick and with a few rinses, washing over and a few little scrubs in certain places the product is removed in under a couple of minutes. Of course depending on how long the "No Clogs Allowed" is kept on the face the more difficult it becomes to remove.

                  The results that are left after using this product are really very good and I could not believe that any traces of blackheads from my skin were removed and my whole face was left feeling super soft and amazingly smooth. It also did not make my face feel overly dry as is often the case when using other exfoliators. The results were like combining a really good exfoliator product with a really softening and cleaning cleanser.
                  I found that my skin not only felt good but looked good too with a nice healthy clearness that felt like a whole new layer of fresh skin had been found. I generally only have a few blackheads that appear around my nose but this product has literally got rid of all traces of any sign of them.

                  ==My Overall Opinion==

                  Overall, I can not rate this product highly enough. It is perhaps not a product that I would be buying regularly given the price but seeing as such a little bit of the cleanser goes a long way I can see the tube that I already have, lasting for many more applications to come.
                  The price that I paid for the product I feel is fair for the quality and quantity that you get with it and I would be happy to pay price this again when I am in need of a bit of a pamper and my face is in need of a pick me up.

                  The results given with this product really did suit my skin perfectly and I was left with smooth and soft feeling skin where all blackheads and dry skin were removed being replaced by healthy, clean looking skin. The results really do speak for themselves but not only does the product work really well for me, I find that the design and packaging of the product is really good too making it an all round great purchase in my opinion.

                  I think that only a score of 5 out of 5 and an exceptionally high recommendation would do for this Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed and indeed if I could rate higher than this I most certainly would.
                  I think that because it is suitable for all skin types then really anyone and everyone should try it. I have even tried to get Himself to give it a go but he has resisted thus far (but who knows what he gets up to when he is on his own though!).

                  I am really happy with all aspects of the product and can really not see any downsides to buying or using the cleanser/deep pore cleaner. Perhaps it could be a little cheaper but as I have previously said I find the price fair and am happy to pay this.

                  GREAT BUY!

                  Made in France for Soap and Glory Cosmetics Co.

                  PO BOX 55507
                  SW7 5XY

                  Take a look at the Soap and Glory website where you can view this product and many others at:


                  Many thanks for taking the time to read.

                  I do hope that this has been some help/interest to you.

                  ==Quick Statistics==

                  Product = Deep Pore Cleanser - blackhead removal/exfoliator
                  Brand = Soap and Glory
                  Price = £10
                  Works?= Yes Very Well
                  Score = 5/5
                  Recommended? = Definitely


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