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Solutions by Hive Face Mask Starter Kit

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Brand: Solutions by Hive / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2009 16:37
      Very helpful



      Great professional masks that you will love

      Solutions by Hive Face Mask Starter Kit

      Before and since my beauty therapy training days I have loved everything beauty and that includes facial masks. There are so many masks on the market at the moment t is hard to keep up and know which mask is right for you.
      That is why Solutions by Hive do a professional face mask starter kit.

      Solution by Hive are a professional company that supply beauty and spas across the world. They are based in Staffordshire, UK.

      They have a facial mask for everyone in this kit, including: Kaolin White Powder (deep cleansing good for bringing out spots and skin blockages to head. Best used for congested, greasy skin), Fullers Earth (this mask is very absorbent and deep cleansing. It has a strong stimulating effect on circulation. This mask is not suitable for sensitive skin types. It is used for greasy and congested skins), Fine Oatmeal (this mask is mildly astringent, it is a gentle refining, which tightens pores and softens the skin. It is used for open pores on normal skin types. This mask can also be mixed with Calamine powder for drier, sensitive skin types) and Calamine Powder (it contains zinc carbonate which has a soothing effect and calms down high colouring on the face. It is generally used for sensitive skin types). Also included are 400ml of Rose Water (dry skin) and 400ml of Witch Hazel Water (greasy skin).
      Mask sponges for ease of mask removal, mixing bowel, mask brush and a PVC clear bag.

      They're not the normal facial masks you would see on the high street where you open the wrapper and simply apply it to your face (pre blended); these are professional masks that you have to make up with your own blend. Each mask comes in powder form in the 75g clear plastic tub. You scoop some of your chosen powder and put it into your mixing bowl, then take a small amount of your chosen water (Rose or Witch) and mix both mixtures together until it becomes creamy. If you find the mixture is too runny, simply add a bit more of the powder. If it is too tough add a bit more water. You won't need a lot of either product, just enough to cover your whole face and neck if required.

      Take your mask brush and apply to your face, leaving your eye contour and mouth area clear. When the mask is drying you will feel a tightening effect on your face, this means the mask is working away so there is nothing to worry about, and it's telling you it is drawing out the impurities in your skin.
      It is best leaving these masks on for 5 minutes at a time, or when the mask has dried.
      Because these masks are professional I wouldn't leave them on longer than the recommended time as the mask like Fullers Earth if left on longer can "stain" the face a little as it is astringent and very deep cleansing.

      When it has dried, run the mask sponge underneath warm water and rub your face in gentle, circular motions, until the entire product is off the face. When you get to around the eye area be very careful not to pull or drag the skin area. When you are at this point gently hold the eye contour area and in very gentle circular motions you can wipe the product off.

      If you used Kaolin powder, after wards you skin will feel tight due to the drawing effect. After a day or two the spots that we're underneath the skins surface waiting to come out would have come out earlier and if you have blackheads around the nose it will be easier for you to "pop" them out. Please take care as you can scar the skin. You will find as this mask is for greasy skin, it will have balanced the skin. Your skin will feel soft.

      If you used Fullers Earth, afterwards your skin will feel tight due to deep cleansing of the mask. You will find congestion will come ahead after a day or two and greasy skins will be balanced. Your skin will feel soft and look clean.

      If you used Fine Oatmeal, after your skin will feel tight this is due to the mask tightening the pores, and your skin will feel soft and look clean. Sensitive skins won't be aggravated.

      If you used Calamine your skin will feel tight after, your skin will feel soft and look clean. Your skin will feel soothed and high colouring to the face would have calmed down. Sensitive skins won't be aggravated.

      Depending on which mask you used, with all of them your face will still feel a little tight, simply apply toner over your face and it will feel "normal" again. Your face will feel softer, look and feel cleaner and you should be able to see the difference in your skin depending on which mask was used.

      I bought the mask starter kit from http://www.hive-online.com/v3/product.asp?id=622 for £19.95 or if you want the individual mask they are priced at £3.75 450g to £5.75 500g each, for the amount you are getting this is very good value. 500ml of Rose Water or Witch Hazel costs £2.95 for 500ml.

      These a great professional facial masks that you will love.


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