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Solutions By Hive Rose Water

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Brand: Solutions By Hive / Type: Water / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2013 14:38
      Very helpful



      Four stars as it can be a difficult product to get hold of.

      ***Why I want the product***
      Everyone knows I have a passion for all things beauty, more so when I was younger, now although the passion has not changed, the way I think has. Now it is more of I want something that works, does not irritate my skin and does what it says it will. Fancy packing does not mean a lot to me anymore (although as nice as some of them are), it is what inside that counts.

      I find toner to be one step a lot of people pass on, they think I do not need a toner, it's another step they can do without, its more money they have to fork out for and it's a plot for the skin care company to make you think you need it and their trying to get more money out of you. All not true. Anyone can have a good skincare routine no matter what your budget it.

      ***What does a toner do?***
      Toner is an important step in anyone's skin care routine, it helps to cool and refresh the skin, toners that have alcohol in them can help to dissolve dirt and grime and take off foundation and dirt that your cleanser mist or is still trapped inside the pore.
      Alcohol toners have an astringent affect making pores temporary appear smaller this type of toner also dries the skin out thus sometimes making the problem worse.

      Toner helps to remove all the cleanser that may be left behind, which in turn clogging up your skin. When you cleanse your face your pores open to help get all the dirt and grime out that has built up through the day, if you do not use a toner after wards you are leaving your pores open and which can lead to infection, blackheads, more dirt and grime leading to spots.

      Toner helps to close the pores, helps to balance your skin, makes your skin feel fresh, and helps to shrink pores although you can never get rid of pores.
      Using an alcohol free toner is always best for your skin, if you have dry or sensitive skin alcohol can irritate making skin worse, the more alcohol in the product the more it strips your skin of its natural oil so your left with more oil on your face as your skin is trying to compensate for what the toner stripped. Toner prepares your skin for what is coming next, moisturiser, it also helps your moisturiser to sink in better and work more efficiently as there is nothing blocking the skin.

      Some people use water on their face to mimic a toner but just plain water can dry the skin out making it sensitive.

      ***Rose Water Toner***
      I bought a toner from Solutions by Hive called Rose Water. Rose Water is a great toner for the facial skin as it refreshes the skin after cleansing, it is soothing so great for dry and sensitive skin types and unlike other toners Rose Water can be mixed with powder facial masks to make your own custom blended facial mask.
      It has anti-inflammatory properties, contains Rose Oil to help soothe and hydrate the skin.

      Solutions by Hive is a salon brand with minimal packaging. The philosophy is more about of what is inside a product instead of all their money being wasted on fancy packing.
      Rose Water comes in a 500ml grey plastic bottle with a see through lid that can screw off to decanter the product into a smaller bottle or if you prefer to leave it that way you pop the lid down to release the opening for the product.
      The front shows a yellow line down the middle that breaks up above half way with the words Solutions By Hive Rose Water. The back tells you how to use and what Rose Water is typically used for.

      ***How I use it***
      Using Rose Water or any other toner for that matter is very quick and easy to do. I use toners in a few ways; with Rose water in particular as I said above I have mixed a little into a powder facial mask to make into a mask (you cannot do this with normal toner but this way can also be used with Witch Hazel). This way you can make the mask as thick or as light as you wish just by adding a little more Rose Water. I also use this product every time I cleanse my face morning and evening. In the morning to remove all oils, dirt and dust while I have been sleeping, this also refreshes my skin and while damp I then apply my moisturiser, which helps the moisturiser to glide on easier and sink in quicker. In the evenings after cleansing Rose Water helps to remove excess cleanser that might have been left, help to remove excess makeup that my cleanser did not remove, refresh and calm my skin. I also use this when I have removed masks or exfoliated my skin due to Rose Water helps to remove excess product that has been left behind and calm my sensitive skin and helps to calm if I have excess redness.

      ***Using Rose Water***
      Tipping the product onto a cotton pad Rose Water literally looks like water, it is very runny...like water. Aqua (water) is the first ingredient. Clear with a slight hint of rose that disappears quickly when on the skin (rose oil is forth in the ingredient list). I can also smell a small hint of chemical; this may be alcohol denat, which is second on the ingredient list.

      After cleansing and tipping some product onto a cotton pad, wiping over my face it feels cooling, soothing and refreshing, almost like my skin has been woke up. The slight rose fragrance is nothing to worry about as it does not irritate my easily sensitive skin. With alcohol denat being the second ingredient I was worried about this product drying my skin out slightly. But I need of have worried as Rose Water did not and has not ever dried my skin out, nor has it ever made my skin ever feel tight.
      When I have not cleansed my face properly due to going to bed late and rushing my routine I can always count on Rose Water to wipe away what I have missed so I know I am going to bed with a clean face.
      After using Rose Water as it feels very light on the skin and only a quick wipe is needed, the product evaporates very quickly (like water) leaving my face feeling refreshed, clean and ready for my moisturiser. I like to apply moisturiser or other facial products when my skin is damp as it helps the product to sink in better than applying it to dry skin.

      ***Did I notice a difference?***
      This is where a lot of people may say they are undecided when it comes to toners as there can be mixed reactions regarding them. But personally, yes I notice a difference when I do use a toner and when I do not use it.

      The fact that you can cleanse your skin thinking your skin is cleansed, all makeup, dirt and grime of the day has been washed away but when you wipe with a toner you soon realise what has actually been left behind.
      Rose Water for me has the ability to refresh my skin, calm and soothe it down from using masks or exfoliating is great as my skin can and is irritated easily.

      ***Price and availability***
      £3.99 from cd-hairbeautyproducts.co.uk as well as eBay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk Due to this product being a salon brand it is worth searching the Internet for other places where you can purchase.
      Or if you prefer you can go onto the official Hive of Beauty website and find your nearest stockist http://www.hiveofbeauty.com/Site/Stockists

      ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
      I do like this toner and will re-purchase so I can mix it in with powder masks but I have also moved onto another toner, which will be explained in a review I am sure.

      Rose Water due to the fact you do not need a lot of product and with how much you receive properly lasted me eight months to a year. The price for Rose Water is also another fantastic point, to say you receive 500ml is fantastic value for money that I do not think anyone can grumble about.


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