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Superdrug 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Cleanser / Subcategory: Toner / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2008 01:36
      Very helpful



      Rubbish do not use!

      I always cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, even when drunk! Which once left me with a fuzz free face and no eyebrows and eyelashes once after being three sheets to the wind at 5am one morning and slapping on some of what I thought was moisturiser and it was really Immac! Nearly lost all the skin on my face after 8 hours! So now, before I go out next to my bed I leave a couple of easy to use products so no mistakes are made...ever!

      Simplicity is the key. I do own lots of different cleansers, toners, face wipes, eye make up removers etc (see other reviews of mine) and I don't mind taking the time every night (when not drunk) to use a proper regime but when I'm drunk I just need it all to be very easy and straightforward. Not that I'm drunk often of course lol Who after several drinks can use eye make up remover, cleanse, tone and moisturise sensibly? If you can well you haven't drank enough! lol

      One of my products that sits by my bed (along with a sick bucket) on a night out is this Superdrug 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner.

      The Packaging....

      Light blue 150ml bottle with a dark blue contrasting screw on/off lid. Dark blue and white writing clearly telling me what it is and who it is by (as I've stated already). I'm told it's part of the 'skin essential range' and that it's fragrance free for sensitive skin. On the back in dark blue small writing I'm told what it is for, directions for use, ingredients and contact details for Superdrug. It's all very simple packaging and looks quite economy. It doesn't sing buy me from it's shelf in the store. It's suitable for both men and women though as it's packaging is plain and it's fragrance free.

      The Product....

      'This fragrance free 2 in 1 cleanser & toner is specially formulated with mild ingredients to cleanse and refresh the skin. This gentle formulation will remove make-up and excess oils whilst toning the skin, all in one easy action'.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply with cotton wool and gently wipe or rinse away. Use as part of your daily skincare routine.

      Suitable for sensitive skin.
      Dermatologically tested.

      Using It....

      Well for the purpose of this review I have just used it (I am sober by the way lol) and I had a full face of make up on. I splattered some on some cotton wool. The liquid is like a transparent whitish colour is you understand that! It's gel like in consistency and although it says on the bottle it's fragrance free I have to disagree with that statement strongly. When I stuck me nose in the bottle it smells quite chemically and has a hint of sweet about it.

      Mistake one was when I tried to pour some on my cotton wool and was not taking any notice as I usually use this drunk and it poured quickly and very runny on to my cotton wool and on to my floor as it overflowed. I never noticed that the hole is as big as the neck, meaning its not a small hole! It wiped off carpet easy though thank goodness! So do beware this is a runny liquid!

      Now I had quite alot on my cotton wool which created a mess so I wiped some off before commencing. The lotion didn't just cling to the cotton wool I was applying it with, the liquid collected on my face as well and smeared itself everywhere. Though don't use enough your cotton wool will drag on your skin and feel uncomfortable.

      Yes at this stage it appeared to remove my foundation, pressed powder, blusher and eye shadow powders quite well. (Appeared being the operative word here!) When it came to my black eyeliner (pencil) and black mascara (not waterproof) it really struggled. I got through half a bottle of this lotion and a bag of cotton wool as the lotion was so wet it kept destroying the cotton wool I was using and no matter how hard I scrubbed it really struggled with my eye make up and created a massive mess.

      I removed most of said make up after a few minutes and a full bin of cotton wool and face felt dried out and slightly sticky and gunky. Lines under my eyes had sort of glued up and face felt clammy, however face looked sort of clean after fighting patches of black eye make up from my cheeks that had transferred to there via my cotton wool and refused to budge.

      So skin appeared clean however it didn't feel it. So I got out a bottle of my trusted Olay toner just to get rid of any traces of this lotion and gently went to work with some cotton wool. Now my Olay toner is fantastic. I always use it in conjunction with any cleanser I use and I normally use wonderful cleansers and I don't use this toner to remove make up (it's not meant to do a whole big job), I use it to remove any traces of cleanser I've left behind.

      Wow though. My skin was filthy dirty and I mean filthy! Even the foundation which I did believe had been removed was being removed by the toner and again I got through loads of cotton wool until I stopped and realised I needed to bin this 2 in 1 pronto and start again with my normal cleanser and toner and to stop messing about! Which is what I did and after all that palatha I have a clean face.

      In Conclusion...

      A total waste of money, time and effort. After everything I had to do to get my skin clean my face feels sore and tight. My chin is tingling like a good un and and my face is red and blotchy. I can't believe after cleansing and toning properly how much make up was on my face still after using something so wet!

      I didn't realise in all the time I've used it how rubbish it was. Its a horrible gel. They call it lotion but it's mis named! It's revolting to it's core. I hate it! My skin feels dreadful and dry and even my cleanser, toner and moisturiser haven't combatted that yet oh and me eyes still feel grimy and just to be clear this was day time make up not evening!

      Yes it's cheap and you get what you pay for I couldn't advise you against this more. I'm against 2 in 1s in anything anyway and now I know why.

      This is just useless!

      £1.29 a bottle at Superdrug only and sometimes on offer. Stay away though if you care for your skin at all! You have been warned!


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    • Product Details

      Specially formulated with mild ingredients this cleanser gently cleans whilst toning and leaves skin feeling refreshed /

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