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Superdrug Calming Floral Mask

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  • Good price
  • Doesn't really do anything
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    3 Reviews
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      06.04.2015 15:17
      Very helpful


      • "Good price"


      • "Doesn't really do anything "

      Not one of my favourites

      I love to try different types of facial masks and Superdrug make a lot and there are so many to choose from – all at great prices. I tried their floral calming mask about two weeks ago and I thought that this one sounded a little bit different. Floral and calming really appealed to me and at only 99p for one mask, I thought that was really good value for money.

      The first time I tried this mask I noticed that it does have a very strong smell of flowers – almost to the point of smelling as strong as a perfume. My skin does not normally react to perfumed products but this one was so strong that it actually started to make my eyes water the longer it stayed on my face and started to dry off.

      The mask is creamy and thick in consistency and applies well without being able to feel any lumps. It is deigned to cleanse and nourish the skin whilst calming it at the same time. There is really quiet a generous amount in these packs and I am sure that if I was really careful I could probably have stretched this out to give me two masks for the price of one.

      The mask was fairly easy to rinse off afterwards but to be honest I wasn’t so keen on the strong smell which I was still able to detect or some time after I had rinsed the mask off with warm water. My skin felt reasonably calm afterwards (I don’t think it wasn’t calm beforehand though) and it certainly felt cleaner but overall I don’t think I would rate this mask from Superdrug as being one of my top favourites.

      Kind of average.


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      08.02.2014 14:59
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't buy this again

      '''My opinion'''
      I bought quite a lot of different sachets of the Superdrug own brand face masks a couple of weeks ago as they were on offer at the time (buy 1 get 1 half price). The usual retail price per sachet is only 99p which is a bargain price and as I bought six masks, I got 3 of the masks for half of the usual price. I have since used 2 of the masks, most recently (yesterday) this one which is a calming floral fragranced mud mask.

      I bought this particular mask because I had never seen or heard of a floral face mask before and if sounded quite nice - I love floral fragrances. The mask comes in a sachet which is white informative in that it has a lot of information written on it about the product including a list of ingredients. The sachet contained plenty of product and I think that I could have easily got 2 applications out of the one sachet, but I just lathered it all on as I didn't want it lying around and going off - the sachet isn't re-sealable.

      The mask is paraben free, hasn't been tested on animals and it contains marula oil - which I've never heard of before but it sounds very luxurious, and also Dead Sea salts and damask rose petal oil so although this is a cheap mask it does contain some fairly nourishing ingredients. The mask is quite thick in consistency and it is advised to apply it onto dry skin rather than wet skin like most face masks. I found it very easy to apply and spread over my skin despite not wetting my face first like I usually do, and the mask wasn't too messy as it's thick in consistency and not at all runny.

      It's smooth in consistency rather than lumpy and it was easy to apply it evenly.The mask dried quite quickly - within a few minutes and it didn't dry solidly which I liked as when masks go completely solid they make my face feel too tight. Although I initially liked the fragrance of this mask, once the mask was actually on my face, I did find the smell to be very artificial and overpowering as it's a strong, floral fragrance which reminds me of granny perfume, not the nicest smell really! I kept the mask on for around fifteen minutes and it did take a little effort to remove with a damp face cloth it as it dried to my skin.

      Once I had washed the face mask off, my skin didn't feel that much different really - it felt cleaner and fresher, but this was mainly because I'd washed my face whilst removing the mask. Superdrug claim that the mask hydrates and cleanses the skin but I found that my skin felt quite dried out afterwards, although it did feel very slightly smoother and a little softer, but the results were fairly mini scales and really weren't as good as I was expecting.

      '''All in all'''
      I wouldn't buy this face mask again because I found it to be drying and the smell was far too strong for me. It left my skin slightly smoother, but didn't live up to the claims. 2 out of 5 stars.


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      21.08.2012 12:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice new mask from Superdrug but sadly didnt suit me

      As I'm an avid fan of facial masques when I heard of the new range coming out from Superdrug I could not wait to give them a try. To start with I picked four of them and today I'm reviewing my second one.

      Superdrug - Calming Floral Mud Mask:

      'Soothe all your senses with warm and comforting rose aromas as Dead Sea Salts gently cleanses the skin. Infused with luxurious Superdrug's Calming Floral Mask features Damask Rose Petal oils and super hydrating Marula Oil, this face mask will hydrate and leave your skin luxurious smooth'

      - www.superdrug.com

      My Findings:

      All relaxing and calming masks appeal to me, with my stressful job and stupid legs, life gets a little too much at times. So it is important to me to take time out and relax plus aiding my beauty routine. Personally I like scents that are fruits and sweet, floral being one of my least favourites, but still as this was a calming mask I was set to give it a go.

      Face masks are all easy to apply you either need to rub over a moist face or a freshly dry cleansed face. This one however instructs you to smooth over dry skin, I did this, and this mask had a lovely fresh rose aroma which was ok but didn't float by boat. It is recommended that you leave this mask on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes.

      It was nice and cool over my face and as always I did a patch test before hand to be on the safe side. But after five/six minutes this mask started to sting my face and as soon as I feel anything sting well I'm washing it off straight away! In the past I've had a few masks my skin doesn't get a long with, and this is now one of them.

      By the time I washed all the mask off it would have been on my face around ten minutes; there was no redness (thankfully). My skin looked fresh and clean plus had a lovely soft moisturised feel. Which I was very thankful for as when the mask started to sting I was panicking that I was going to have a bright red face for the next few hours!

      On the sachet it does state that this is suitable for normal to dry skin but as I've used plenty of masks in the past I thought I would try it anyway. I have combination skin and the parts that do tend to get a little dry seemed wonderfully smoothed out. So the mask still did its job, but wasn't all that calming for me.

      Being a mud mask this wasn't as thick in consistency as others I have used, there was still more than enough to cover my face and part of my neck. I really do wish that this would have suited me as the results weren't too bad at all.

      The mask comes in a foil sachet where you just need to rip the top open to obtain the contents. This can be some what messy, but the whole process is a little messy! Washing the mask off I always find a wet face flannel does an excellent job.

      Price and Availability:

      As this is a Superdrug own product it can only be purchased from Superdrug store or their web site. They are 99p each or 4 for the price of 3, I had an email stating if I took in my beauty card I would have one for free but I picked 4 up and took them to the till. However for all 4 masks it only charged me 99p!


      Sadly this mask did not agree with my skin despite having no reaction from my patch test. It wasn't a bad reaction as I washed it off straight away when it started to sting. My skin still looked re-freshed and the scent last for a few hours on my skin too. I would still recommend this mask for people whom are not sensitive skinned.

      Three out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:


      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
      Paraben Free
      BUAV Approved


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