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Superdrug Clarity Blackhead Clearing Nose Strips

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2 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Wax Strips / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2009 00:53
      Very helpful



      The best blackhead clearing strips that I've used

      Blackheads have plagued my life for around 7 years now. I have tried lots of different nose strips to try to clear them out and this buy was just about my last resort. I have tended to gravitate towards the more expensive nose strips in the mistaken belief that they would do the job better than the others, but having tried pretty much everything now I don't think that this is actually true! I've seen good reviews for these on Dooyoo and elsewhere, so I thought that I would give them a try. After all, nothing else has worked so far!

      Using The Product
      These nose strips work in the same way as most others. After cleansing your face to ger rid of excess oils, you fix one of the nose strips to your nose, making sure that it is slightly damp so that it can fit as close to the skin as possible. The instructions say to leave it on until it starts to feel stiff, which is usually about 5-7 minutes for me. At this point, remove the nose strip slowly and carefully. As far as I can tell, most of the blackheads that will be removed will do so when you remove the strip. Do not use these nose strips more than once every three days or it is likely to irritate the skin on your nose.

      The Price
      This is currently available from Superdrug for £1.75. For this price, you get 5 nose strips. I think that this is a special offer as they used to cost £2.62, but they may have just come down in price.

      Does It Work?
      While it does not get rid of all blackheads, it works a lot better than other nose strips that I have used in the past. On the first use, there seemed to be quite a few blackheads visible on the back of the removed strip - certainly more than I have noticed with other nose strips - but there were still lots of blackheads on my nose when I examined myself in the mirror.

      However, I was pleased to see that more blackheads appeared to have been removed on the second use so this appears to be the kind of product that gradually removes more blackheads each time it is used. By the time that I had used all five of the nose strips in the box, my nose was quite a lot clearer than before I started using them. It's not a miracle worker by any stretch of the imagination and it is unlikely to get rid of all blackheads from your nose - especially on the sides of your nose. On balance though, it is definitely the best that I have used and I would recommend it highly on that basis.

      Any Criticisms?
      My one gripe is that the strips aren't the right shape to cover all of the nose. I don't know if it's just me, but the strip does not cover the very tip of my nose or fit tightly enough to the sides of my nose. Because of this, it is probably never going to remove all of the blackheads from the nose area. I have found this to be pretty standard across all nose strips, so I guess it must be a universal way of shaping them.


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        29.04.2008 19:40
        Very helpful



        Clarity pore strips

        I have suffered from Blackheads on my nose since I was a teenager, and over the years have tried various treatments to get rid of them, such as lotions, wipes and pore strips. I find pore strips to be the best thing to get rid of them, although even then, they rarely all disappear, and I find that some brands are not as good as others. The ones I buy most often are T-Zone, but if I see another brand on offer, I will usually give it a try, which is how I ended up buying a box of Superdrug Clarity Pore Strips.

        ~About the product~

        These pore strips are designed to be placed over the nose - a place where blackheads commonly occur - then left for several minutes, and peeled back. The theory is, that when you pull back the strip, the specialist treatment will have adhered to the blackheads, and they will all come out onto the strip, leaving your skin clear.


        The strips come in a dark blue box with the word clarity embossed in silver letters. Each strip is individually wrapped in a sealed pack, which can be opened easily by tearing the side of the pack. Instructions for use, are written both on the back of the box and the back of each individual strip.
        I think the packaging is quite plain and boring, and certainly doesn't stand out in any way.

        ~Using them~

        To use, you must first cleanse your face, and then make sure that your nose is wet enough for the strip to stick properly. The strip comes on plastic backing which I think is a big plus point for these, as I have used several other brands where you are asked to wet the treated side, and it is often hard to tell which side is which, leaving me wondering if I have put the strip on back to front!

        The strips are shaped to fit the nose, and once I applied mine, I realised that it had a slight scent to it. Looking at the ingredients list, I can see that the strips contain Menthol and Peppermint, which explains the smell which is both minty and medicinal, yet not too strong or unpleasant.

        You need to leave the strip to dry for 10-12 minutes. They say on the box that once the strip begins to feel stiff is when it should be removed. I have learned from experience, that that is right - even if the strip begins to feel stiff before the time specified, I would advise to remove it, as leaving them on too long means that they don't work.

        Once ready, you should remove the strip by starting at the edges and pulling it towards the middle of the nose. Try to peel it slowly as this has better results than if you rip it off.


        On peeling back the strip, you can see the results on the strip. I'll try not to be too graphic, but I could see that this had removed quite a few blackheads from each side of my nose. Like the other brands I have used, it did not remove all, but I wouldn't expect it too as I have yet to find a brand that will get rid of them completely. I was quite happy with the results, and was also a bit shocked, as I've tried so many brands that don't work, so finding one that does is quite something.

        One other thing I must mention, is that the strips do leave a bit of residue on your nose, which has to be washed off or removed with cleanser.


        A box of five strips will cost you £3.49, which works out at just under 70p per strip. These are only slightly cheaper than my normal brand T-Zone, which are £4.39 for six, which works out at just over 73p per strip. They are only available from Superdrug.


        I was quite happy with the results I got from these, I certainly wasn't expecting such good things from an own brand product. Like I said, it didn't get rid of all the blackheads on my nose, but I haven't found a brand that does that yet. I will definitely purchase this product again, and if you suffer from blackheads, I would not hesitate in recommending these as one of the best brands of pore strips about.


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