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Superdrug de stressing Mud Mask

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4 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    4 Reviews
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      15.03.2014 12:46
      Very helpful



      2/5 a nice mask but not one I'd go out of my way to use again.

      ==Price and Availability==

      I use face masks quite often and recently bought quite a few from Superdrug as they were and still are on a good offer. This De-Stressing Mud mask costs just 99p, but in my experience there's usually an offer on to make them even cheaper. The current offer is buy four for the price of three, I bought them at buy one get one half price, in both instances the masks work out at about 75p which in my opinion is a really good price.

      ==Superdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask==

      This mask comes in the usual packaging, a sachet which you rip open and squeeze the mask out of. The main ingredient is Aloe Vera to sooth, calm and revive the skin to help with a healthy looking complexion. The mask is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is paraban free and approved by BUAV. The mask is simple to apply and just needs to be smoothed on after you've washed and dried your face.

      ==My Experience==

      Applying the mask is really easy; it's a good consistency and goes onto the face well with little effort. The mask has a clean, neutral scent to it, which is pretty inoffensive but it doesn't make this mask something I'd use because it smells good. Something I did notice was that once I have applied the mask and rinsed the residue from my hands the mask had slightly stained my skin. Obviously this isn't very reassuring, it came off after a good scrub and it didn't happen on my face so I'm a little unsure what had happened. Once on its recommended the mask is left for 15 minutes, I found that it hardens really quickly, I left the mask on for about 10 minutes and at this point I couldn't move my face at all. The mask is a little messy to rinse off, mainly because the colour is a turquoise and when it's rinsed off the splashes are really obvious around the sink. I used a flannel but still managed to make a bit of a mess. When the mask is rinsed off my skin does feel soft and smooth, it looks really clean and clear and has brightness to it. I wouldn't say that the mask was particularly de-stressing but it was still nice to use and I was pleased with the results, my skin felt nicely moisturised for a while after and continued to look fresh.


      I'm in two minds about this mask, it does soften and smooth the skin and leaves skin looking and feeling good for a while after using it. However, although the mask didn't stain my face it did stain my face and for me this is a little worrying. Also whilst the scent isn't horrible it's just not that nice and not very feminine, I didn't find it any more relaxing than any other face mask so I don't think I will be using it again.


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      17.01.2014 22:46
      Very helpful



      Messy and just horrible..

      Just before Christmas I run out of the Avon face mask I had been using. My skin was feeling a bit clogged up so I picked this up in Superdrug for 99p.

      The mask comes in a sachet which has enough mask for one application. The front of the packet describes this as a 'calming' mask it is designed to give a smooth and luminous complexion. The mask contains dead sea salts, clay, rose petal oils and marula oil. It is for normal to sensitive skin.

      This mask is paraben free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

      To use the mask you simply apply to dry skin It doesn't instruct you to cleanse first as some other masks I have tried do. The mask is a grey colour and it has a distinct floral smell which I can't say I am keen on this was mixed in with a clay smell which was odd. It felt cold on my skin but it smoothed on easily. I didn't need to use the whole packet in fact I ended up with enough left for a second application.

      The mask needs to be left on for 15-20 minutes.

      This took a while to wash off my hands and it left my sink looking messy.

      Not long after applying this my skin started to sting. I wouldn't say my skin is sensitive it is quite balanced with dry patches occasionally on my cheeks particularly in the winter. This mask just didn't feel comfortable on at all. I decided to leave it on but as soon as it started drying it felt awful. My skin became really tight and itchy. I managed to get it to almost dry before I had to wash it off. The mask was a nightmare to remove without getting brown splashes all over my sink, in the end I resorted to using a flannel which has been stained. Some parts of the mask were quite stubborn and I needed to rub my face to get it off.

      After using this my face definitely looked brighter...in fact I had a lovely red glow where the mask had been. This took a couple of hours to calm down. My skin felt dry and tight. I needed to use a moisturiser. It did however leave my skin feeling smooth which is something I suppose.

      I wouldn't recommend this mask, for me I have found that non drying ones work better. This was far to harsh for my skin and it left me feeling uncomfortable and certainly not relaxed!

      One to miss in future!


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      01.07.2013 13:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A really nice face mask from Superdrug.

      Occasionally, I like to treat myself to a little pamper session at home, and a pamper session is not complete without a face mask. I generally use one about once a week, mainly to just relax and chill out, but secondly to benefit my skin. I had always just used the Montagne Jeunesse face masks, but thought I would pick up some of the Superdrug masks after I spotted them in store.

      Being a Superdrug mask, this is only available in their stores and online. I have seen them in most of their smaller stores, but availability may be more limited. These retail for 99p which I think is a fantastic price for a little treat. Even better, when I picked up mine they were on a 4 for 3 offer which meant I got one for free. Overall, really happy with the price of these.

      The packet can be a little tricky to open, but with a good pull it opens up without causing a mess. The mask itself is a dark green, greyish shade of colour and it is quite thick in consistency. I noticed that there is quite a lot of the mask inside the packet, so this will easily cover the whole of your face and neck area. It applied to the skin really easily and covered all areas. I do not like to put a face mask on my neck, but I certainly had enough left over to do this. As the mask is quite thick, it means you can get a really good coverage so you know that it will work wonders on your skin.

      This mask is a dead sea and aloe vera mask, so as you can imagine the scent is quite fresh and clean. It is not too strong a scent, but I definitely did not find it particularly pleasing either. I typically go for the fruity scented masks, but as this is a mud mask, most tend to be similar to this in fragrance. This is the only bad comment I have on the face mask, but the scent can not be helped too much, as it's the wonderful ingredients that help your skin that cause this scent.

      I would say that my skin is oily to combination. This mask is suited for normal skin types, but it turned out fine with mine. My skin can also be a little sensitive, but I had no problems in using this. Something I really struggle with is shine, and my face often looks oily, so I am constantly on the lookout for skincare that will tone down the shine a bit! I left the mask on for around 20 minutes. You do not need to leave it on this long, but I always think the longer the better with face masks. As the mask started to get dry and crack, I decided to wash it off. I often find mud masks to be quite messy to remove, as often parts of the mask just won't budge! This mask however was a dream to remove. It only took a minute or so to get every trace off my face. I noticed the results almost instantly.

      My skin definitely felt much less oily, and looked considerably less shiny. It was soft and smooth to the touch. I was just so impressed with the results of this mask as it made my skin look much fresher and healthier. Not only were the results of my skin great, but I felt considerably more relaxed which is always great. The results of this mask really impressed me considering this cost me under a pound to purchase!

      Overall, I would really recommend this face mask to others - particularly those who like me have oily skin. It removed that horrible shine my skin always has, and left it looking healthy and glowing. I would definitely purchase this mask again, but the only downfall about this is that its scent is not too great. It is not enough to put me off using it again, but it might not be to everyone's taste. Thanks for reading and hope this helps.


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        29.08.2012 00:01
        Very helpful



        A great face mask from the new range at Superdrug

        Before starting work yesterday I was already feeling worked up so I picked a de-stressing mask in hoping it would relax me a little before work. I work for a hotel chain which does have its good and bad points but really does leave me feeling somewhat stressed!

        Superdrug - De-stressing Mud Mask:

        'Let all your troubles melt away with Superdrug's De-stressing Dead Sea Mud Mask. This Aloe Vera soothing mask calms and revives skin for a healthy looking complexion'

        - www.superdrug.com

        My Findings:

        I felt rather glad I took advantage getting a few masks, when I received an email from Superdrug telling me about there new range of face masks. If you had a one of there beauty cards you were able to collect a free mask. They also had an offer on at the time four for the price of three!

        Me personally, I love face masks and they are part of my routine I will use a face mask at least five times a week. My favourite range you will all know by now if you like reading my reviews are Montagne Jeunesse. Superdrug have latched on to their game and not doing to bad in the process.

        This mask states it is suitable for normal to combination skin. I would class mine as combination, I go from dry to oily but certainly not as oily as I was in my teens! Sometimes people will hate having oily skin but this is actually a good skin type to have a long as you keep it cleansed. Oily skin type as a rule will have younger looking skin and develop wrinkles later than others. (See a good thing really)

        Face masks are pretty much standard when it comes to applying them to the skin. This one requires you to smooth over cleansed, dry face. The suggested time for this is ten to fifteen minutes; I personally like to leave a mask on as long as I can to obtain the full benefits. I hadn't long washed my face with Soap and Glory Face Soap so I was good to go.

        Now as I rubbed this product over my face it was nice, cool and smooth is was average medium consistency for a mud mask. However as I washed the product off my face from applying it to my face it stained one of my fingers! So I was hoping it wasn't going to stain my face!

        For me I love fruity scented masks, knowing that this wasn't going to be fruity I was willing to over look as the main reason for the mask was to de-stress! This mask has a nice clean scent but I found it to be a little masculine as it smelt like one of my partners shower gels. Still it felt nice on my face and I was able to sit and relax.

        The colour of the mask wasn't green like in the photos but more of an aqua colour, after fifteen minutes it was time to rinse the product from my face. (Hoping it hadn't left me with a stained face!) I find it is much easier to use a warm face flannel to remove the mask, I personally think it is much faster.

        Well no stained face, but a lovely smooth and soft one. I was happy with the results as I did feel a bit more at ease and my skin looked well conditioned which makes me feel more confident. It claims that this mask will deeply cleanse and purify the skin whilst replenish moisture levels and it certainly does.

        I didn't feel the need to moisturise either after using this mask as I didn't experience any dryness or any tight sensation. The scent didn't linger to long which I was glad of, I'm looking forward to trying more of the Superdrug range after this one.

        So far these mask come in foil sachets, but it would be better if they come in a tube as it is easier to remove the product then. Plus less messy! Though the sachets are easy to open you just rip the top open and squeeze up from the bottom.
        The packing does have a nice fresh welcoming look, not over the top simple but noticeable. Now the down side for me is that it states packing is 'currently' not recyclable which does let it down for me. I personally like to be green as I can, where possible.

        Price and Availability:

        As this is a Superdrug own product it can only be purchased from Superdrug store or their web site. They are 99p each or 4 for the price of 3, I had an email stating if I took in my beauty card I would have one for free but I picked 4 up and took them to the till. However for all 4 masks it only charged me 99p!


        It delivered on all its promises for me this mask worked really well, I just wish it had a fruit scent but that's just me. I know some people will much more prefer it being more neutral. However I couldn't be happier as my face feels and looks great.

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thank you for reading.

        Additional Information:

        Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
        Paraben Free
        BUAV Approved



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