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Superdrug Deep Cleansing Fruit

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Cleansing / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 15:10
      Very helpful



      Great face mask, left my skin feeling clean and smooth. Will be buying this one again.

      I bought this mask as part of a 4 for 3 deal in Superdrug. I've used a few other Superdrug masks and I liked the sound of this deep cleansing mask, as my skin is prone to spots. I use a face mask around once a week, so the 4 for 3 deal helps me save some money whilst still pampering myself. This mask has peach kernel oil and claims to hydrate, smooth and protect skin, while deeply cleansing the skin from dirt,oil and impurities, leaving it silky, soft and radiant.


      I prefer to apply face masks to clean skin, so I'll make sure I've removed any makeup first with a wipe, or I'll wash my face with my cleanser from Lush. I know it may seem strange to cleanse my face and then apply a cleansing face mask, but I find that I get much better results if my face is clean first. It's a good idea to tie back long hair, and also to use a headband to keep stray hairs from falling onto your face. Opening the packet is usually the most annoying part for me, especially if my hands are wet. I've started to carefully cut off the top of the packet with scissors now, making sure I don't cut into the product.

      The mask is very thick, so it's really easy to get a good coverage over the whole face. Make sure you avoid getting the product too close to your eyes, and don't use it on your lip area because this stings (I know this from previous experience with face masks.) The product is quite messy, so when you wash it off, it's very likely that it will end up all over your taps. Luckily, it washes off taps and sinks really easily, so there's no problem. It's recommended to leave the mask on for 10-15 mins before washing off; I always leave it for 15 mins since my skin can be quite oily.


      At first I couldn't pinpoint the exact aroma of this product; all I could tell was that it smelt very sweet and fruity. On closer inspection, I can definitely smell the peach. The aroma is quite sickly, but it's not unbearable, and I actually found it quite pleasant. I've had face masks that smell more sickly than this, and this one smells more refreshing than some others.


      Washing the mask off can take a little while sometimes, since it's so thick. If you leave it on for too long it will dry and become a lot harder to wash off, so bear this is mind if you're leaving it on for longer. After I'd removed the mask, my skin straight away felt incredibly soft and smooth. I've not had any spot outbreaks since using this, so I'd say that it has helped with keeping my face free from impurities. It would definitely be a good face mask to use once a week to rid the skin of dirt and oil, and I'll be buying this one again.


      This face mask costs 99p, and is exclusive to Superdrug. I bought this with three other masks in a 4 for 3 deal, so I paid less than £3 for four masks which is great. That deal isn't on anymore, but Superdrug are selling these masks on a buy one get one half price deal, so you can still get these in a bargain deal. I'm planning on stocking up a few months worth, and I'll be buying this one again.


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      18.09.2012 09:40
      Very helpful



      A another nice make from the new range at Superdrug

      Here again with more from the world of face masks! If you are a reader of my reviews you will know just how much I love them. Some are very hit and miss however soon as you have found that right one you will never look back. I have so far been enjoying trying out Superdrug's new range of masks and this is another new one from their range.

      Superdrug's - Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask:

      'The ultimate fruity pick me up! Superdrug's Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask is a delightful concoction of raspberry, blueberry and cranberry fruit extracts. Combined with Peach Kernel Oil to hydrate, smooth and protect the skin. With a delicate fruity-floral scent, natural clay gently cleanses the skin from dirt, oil and impurities, leaving it silky soft and radiant.'

      - www.superdrug.com

      My Findings:

      I pretty much use a face mask everyday so finding ones that really work for my skin is paramount to me. This one really appealed to me, I love fruit fragrances and its states this mask would help give you that youthful looking radiant complexion. I couldn't wait to give this one a go just to see if this mask followed through with its promise.

      This mask is suitable for all skin types; I personally didn't do a patch test before using this mask. When it states suitable for all skin types it is normally pretty safe for me. Smoothing this mask over my face it was nice and soft and cool. It smelt like a raspberry yoghurt and well looked like it too.

      Most people will know how to use a mask, you just smooth it over a cleansed face and wait the time instructed and wash off. Some masks will ask to rub onto a wet face but this one stated to place over dry skin which was what I did. This mask is to be left for 10 - 15 minutes before washing off, I left mine on for 15 minutes as I just adored the aroma and the soft feel it had.

      The mask had a slightly thick consistency and even though there was the same amount of product as all of the Superdrug masks, for me the contents just covered my face. Normally you have enough to do half way down your neck to.

      I really like the soft fruity fragrance of this mask, delicate but noticeable. It was lovely to sit back and forget about the world while this mask was working its magic. I could feel it start to dry slightly but this didn't bring any discomfort at all.

      Fifteen minutes were up so was time to get up and wash the mask from my face. Normally I would use a wet face flannel as I find it faster to remove this way. However as I was going in the shower I rinsed the product from my face using the shower. This was certainly quick and easy!

      Now I could certainly tell this mask had made a difference to my skin, giving it a refreshed looked. It states to get maximum results you need to use this product on a regular basis. I would most definitely purchase this one again. I loved how smooth my skin felt, nice and soft to the touch. The fragrance didn't linger for all that long once the mask was rinsed off, which was a shame as I really liked the scent.

      The packaging is a little dull looking on this one, come in a foil sachet; easy to open you just rip the top open and squeeze up from the bottom. Now the down side for me is that it states packing is 'currently' not recyclable which does let it down for me. I personally like to be green as I can, where possible.

      Price and Availability:

      This mask is 99p which I think is great value for money, to start with they were four for the price of three however they wasn't offering this when I last went into Superdrug nor can I see it on their web site.


      My skin felt clean, refreshed and soft wonderfully soft to the touch so a job well done really. The feeling lasted the whole day; it was nice and easy to use. However even though there was the same amount of product it didn't cover as much as the others in this range had.

      Four out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
      Paraben Free
      BUAV Approved



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