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Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Face Mask

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2013 14:09
      Very helpful



      I absolutely love this - so pleased I bought it and highly recommend it!

      My day-off pampering bath times continue, my "me time" with a glass of wine and a good book (regardless of the time of day - I'm well rebellious, me).

      Today was time for another one after a busy and productive day yesterday. Well, it was productive until I started quaffing wine, scoffing pizza and yelling "what the hell were you thinking?!" at Eurovision. Feeling slightly worse for wear, and reaching for hair of the dog, I decided it was time for a face mask.

      Recently I picked up four of Superdrug's own range face masks as a break from my usual Montagne Jeunesse. The first experience I had with them was quite pleasant, so I decided to pinch another one out of my stash today. I went for the Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask. Here's how we got on...

      ***THE MASK***

      Own-brand mask from Superdrug, so you can probably guess where I got it. These are 99p per sachet or usually on a 4-for-3 offer. They come in one-use measures in sachets with a little wave to the top and this particular one had a grey-purple type gradient of colour, the basic info, and feature a relaxed-looking woman with the usual perfectly-applied product on her face, lying down and generally looking chilled.

      What's the deal with this one? Well it's a Dead Sea Mud product, renowned for its cleansing properties across most ranges of face masks and ever-popular. Those purifying qualities are matched with "nutrient-rich seaweed" to deep-cleanse the skin and Lavender oil is added to leave skin "relaxed and de-stressed".

      The product is suitable for vegetarians, paraben free, and approved by the happy-bunny society.

      ***ANY GOOD?***

      Well, having been impressed by the first Superdrug mask I used, I am amazed by this one.

      To use, you cleanse and dry the face, then apply this and massage into the skin before relaxing for 10-15 minutes.

      The product is a grey, slightly wetter mix than a lot of dead sea masks I have used, but doesn't run. It applies nicely and stays where you put it. On application, I enjoyed the cool, soothing feel that comes with it and the massage was pleasant - the lavender oil isn't overpowering but it certainly was present and it was relaxing and enjoyable, also taking the edge off that "muddy" sea scent that a lot of these masks have (for fairly obvious reasons!).

      I sat back with my book and the 15 minutes were soon up - the mask had almost entirely dried but it didn't have that uncomfortable tight feeling and there was still flexion in it enough so that my face wasn't experiencing the delights of rigor mortis. Another plus.

      At this stage the scent was still present - the oils must have been quite generous as using the mask was still enjoyable and I could happily have sat there even longer. Alas, I was now bereft over the emptiness of my wine glass so I figured I'd get off my backside and get out of the bath and in the shower to get rid of both this and my hair treatment. It rinsed away quickly and thoroughly under the shower (although being clay-based, I do have some cleaning up to do where some lumps of it have fallen and decided they like the shower basin - this stuff coats the bottom of oceans for a reason, and my shower is not Atlantic in its water pressure, I assure you).

      The thing that really made me fall in love with this product is how smooth my skin felt after use. I have been concerned about my skin tone for a while - a combination of age, stress and London has left me feeling really low about my appearance lately. But after use not only did I have no tightness or dryness, my skin felt soft, smooth and healthy. REALLY smooth. I really felt like all my stressed pores had been cleansed deeply and with respect. I was so impressed, and sure enough my usual moisturiser and foundation went on a dream.

      So overall, a relaxing and enjoyable treat which also really does what it is meant to, for 99p or even less if bought on offer...if this isn't worth giving the bath a wipe later, I don't know what is. I am amazed by the quality of this face mask and in the Montagne Jeunesse-style product ranges of this world, this is definitely my new favourite and I shall certainly be using it again. It is advised that you use it regularly and if that suggests that the effects can be even better over time then I shall be one very happy Miss Rarr indeed. Go forth, slap this on your face, and buy me a drink later.


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