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Superdrug Natural High Night Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Superdrug Natural

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2012 00:30
      Very helpful



      A good basic, does the job well and compares well to more expensive products.

      I purchased this as it was cheap and natural. It is not the best moisturiser I have ever used but it is certainly not the worst. I took it on a holiday and used it as a day cream as well as a night cream and even as a body cream and it worked as all three!

      It is packaged in a small green tub, nothing special or elegant but nothing aesthetically offensive either. It has a thick texture, half way between a balm and a cream I'd say. Despite it appearing quite heavy it does not clog the skin and absorbs easily and has a very pleasant but not overpowering smell; very herbal and plant like.

      Ingredients wise it is a basic moisturiser, primarily cocoa butter and vegetable glycerin (it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans). However as usual it is not as 'natural' as it seems with an ingredients list including parabens, silicones and mineral oil, none of which are particularly good if you are after a 'natural' product.

      I have combination skin that can get dry and flaky at times, even on the oily bits, and this is good for soothing any gross flaky bits without clogging up my pores or creating a festival of shine.

      Having used similar products from more expensive brands I was impressed with this, it performs just as well for about half the price, however it contains a lot of ingredients that I wouldn't class as 'natural' and I feel the marketing is somewhat dubious with regards to this.


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      06.05.2012 12:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very useful product to meet people's opinions- vegan friendly and tree hugger friendly

      I came across this range in Superdrug when I went through a phrase of wanting to be "vegan" and "a tree hugger" and all the other political views that teenagers discover. I found this that the majrity of Superdrug own brand products were vegan friendly so I decided that I would experiment with their different ranges to find one that suited me. I came across this range (Natural High by Superdrug) and because it was January when I brought it, it was on offer so I didn't see it being a problem.

      -The image-
      It's a pale green circular tub with a leaf on the lid. It has white as a cloud cream inside- the cream looks very pure and clean (as if white could become any cleaner?). It's a screw lid so if you through it into your bag for a sleep over or holidays then there's no problem with leakage.

      -How it works-
      Massage the cream into your face (avoiding eyes) in circular motions, starting from the middle of your face and working your way out. I find that it's best to put the cream on around an hour before you sleep . When you wake up your skin will feel and look more radiant after 3 days of contiued use.
      I used this cream with the complete Natural High range to get the maximum results.

      -Who is it for?-
      This product is suitable for very dry (use between 10p-20p size amount), dry (20p size amout), along with sensitive, normal and mature skin (use a 5p size amount). However, if you have combiention or oily skin use it as a light coverage, so no more than 5p size amount.

      This product has organic extracts and natural ingredients. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I believe that Superdrug does not test their own brand products on animals.

      This product does not say where it is made but the headquarters are based in Croydon UK.


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        01.02.2011 22:44
        Very helpful



        A great product - recommended! :)

        Superdrug Natural High Night Cream

        I went to superdrug about two weeks ago and I saw this product online and it looked really good, and it also contains quite a lot of natural ingredients in it (hense the name) which is great. I have really really dry skin and it is quite sensitive too, so I am always cautious when buying skin care products as I don't know if my skin will become irritate because of it.

        *About the product*

        It comes in a 75ml screw top jar, it is a light mint green colour and it is made by superdrug. Superdrug is also against animal testing. This product is dermatologically tested and it suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use, and as I am a vegetarian (for nearly 6 years now) it is great that products like this are becoming more widely available (for example, Lush and body shop).

        *My opinion of this product*


        Firstly it the packaging does not look great at all, it looks cheap and tacky, although that is not that important. It comes in a screw top jar/tube which I really don't like. I don't like any product that comes in containers like this as it is not very hygienic.


        The cream is white and it is super super thick, as you would expect a night cream to be. It also smells quite nice, I don't really know the exact scent but it is kind of sweet, summery, floral-ish scent. The scent does stay on my skin but it does become more subtle, although I really quite like the smell of it.


        This product contains the following main ingredients: Organic soya bean which helps nourish the skin, Natural cereal extract which softens and helps prevent the signs of aging and canola oil which is a anti-inflammatory (rich in vitamin E).

        -Application and results

        This may sound a little odd, but I use this product as a day cream...yes I know it is a night cream, but I have really really super dry skin and a tiny little bit of eczema on my face and I have to use really thick moisturising creams other wise my skin is flaky and dry, which isn't that great.

        I find that this product is fantastic for my incredibly dry sensitive skin and it does not irritate really - when I apply it initially my skin is a little little bit tingly but then this goes away within about a minute.

        It leaves my skin really really smooth, super moisturised and really soft too, with a very slight hint of the florally sweet fragrance the product has. It is really thick so I would it would take ages for the product to absorb but it doesn't. It gives me enough time to apply my tinted mosituriser and blend it in and then it is absorbed, but it still leaves my skin really super mositurised and hydrated.

        So I put this product on after I have washed my face with my avene gentle cleanser, see my previous review for more information, then I just apply it all over my face (obviously avoiding getting it in my eyes). Then I put my tinted moisturiser on it after using this product my tinted moisturiser goes on super smoothly and evenly - with no patches or dry areas which is great!

        *Price and availability*

        This product range is only available in superdrug and when I bought this product a few weeks ago the whole natural high range was half price (this product was £2.24) but now the price has gone up to £4.49. I like this product so when it is on offer again I will probably buy it again, as this pot will probably last me ages as you do get a lot of product and you don't need to apply a lot of it as it spreads out evenly and is super moisturising.

        Good points

        *Fantastic price when on offer - still a good full price
        *You get a lot of product
        *Contains quite a few natural ingredients
        *Incredibly moisturising
        *Great as a day cream for my super dry skin
        *Does not irritate my skin (only very very slight tingly sensation for less than one minute)
        *Smells nice
        *suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use
        *Whole range of products (about 6/7 products)
        *Softens, smoothes, hydrates, nourishes and helps prevent premature aging woo!

        Bad points
        *Screw top tub container - not as hygienic as a tube or pump dispenser

        Thank you for reading my review


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