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Superdrug Skin Essentials Facial Scrub

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Brand: Superdrug / Scrub / Type: Facial Scrub / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Exfoliates / Product line: Superdrug Skin Essentials

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2008 00:55
      Very helpful



      A good effortless product to throw into your routine

      When it comes to possessing a clean skin I'm constantly on quest for it. Particularly on my face!

      Having combination skin means that my face can not only look greasy/dry/spot prone/discoloured and a whole host of other uninvited issues on my face but it can also feel really congested. I don't know if other women feel this way but sometimes my face just feels deep down grimy, tired and far too lived in. I admit to be a heavy make up wearer and also admit to a fondness of any lotions and potions I can buy to use on my skin (ok I'm obsessed by aging!) and I think this really does clog up my skin, make it feel old and tired and basically just makes it lack lustre and feel not so luminous as it should (I'm only 34 after all lol).

      So occasionally my face needs a good perking up and what better than a facial scrub?.... Well alot of things actually when it comes to my skin because I have delicate skin as well as combination. By this I mean that my skin scratches and tears ever so easily. Even Soap & Glory Facial Scrub (my favourite and in a small amount and rubbed gently over my face) can leave me covered in surface cuts which of course not only doesn't look particularly nice but also leaves me without soft and smooth skin so make up application is a horror for me!

      I have of course over the years tried a whole host of facial scrubs. I can see the point in removing dead skin cells and dry flaky bits of skin etc, of course I can lol. The whole reason I purchased this in the first place was because I'd had a cold and had all dry skin peeling around my nose which actually hurt to tug off and the area felt too sore to pick at so this I hoped would not only not tingle the area but just gently exfoliate it off and moisturise the area a bit for me whilst exfoliating every other area of my face, type of thing lol

      Bottom line ok is I wanted it to work and revive my old hag face! Too much partying, drinking, eating rubbish (yes drunk) and smoking (although I've honestly quit...tut at me yet again lol) had made my complexion spotty with a greasy t-zone, dry bits of skin (as I've described) and a total pale, grimy look. Not only did I need a good facial scrub I needed a good sleep and lots of fruit vegetables and water etc which I did but this was the start of the Foxy revival lol

      The Packaging...

      The Superdrug essential products are very similar to Boots essential products in appearance which are very basic. This particular one comes in a light green plastic tube which is 100ml in size with a bottom opening dark green plastic flip top lid which is situated at the bottom and conceals a small hole of where you dispense the product from (of course lol). On the front in dark blue and green writing and written length-ways I'm told it is Superdrug Skin Essentials, Facial Scrub, White Willow For Normal/Combination skin. On the back of the tube all in small dark blue writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warnings (don't get it in your eyes etc, nothing to heavy), ingredients, there is a bar-code, size is stated (as I've listed already) and contact details for Superdrug plc are given. It's a simple tube and nothing special but it's nice enough and contains most of the information you need. It doesn't however state the tube is recyclable (I assume it is) and it doesn't say it isn't tested on animals which really doesn't please me as I'd be happier knowing for sure that it wasn't but saying that a lot of products I have used of late haven't said anything either about it either.

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Back Of The Tube)....

      This gentle facial scrub containing extract of white willow will help remove dead skin cells and impurities to give a fresher looking complexion.

      Directions For Use....

      Gently massage over wet face and neck and then rinse away with water. use as part of your daily skincare routine.

      My Experience Of Using It....

      Well I use it as directed and on a wet face and neck. I open the lid and dispense on to my fingers about the size of a fat 5p piece! It comes out of the tube with a gentle squeeze and is of good consistency, not being to runny or stiff anything. What you end up with is a somewhat clear greenish gel which looks a bit greasy and quite a bit of what 'looks' like damp salt pieces within it.

      The smell I assume is willow and to me it's a very light smell of grass but it is clean, fresh and incredibly light making this suitable for women and men alike to use as it really is so delicate smell wise.

      To use it I just apply it to a damp/wet and cleanish face. I use facial wash first if I want to (sometimes I do want to lol). If I have any make up on I cleanse and tone first and I don't use this as a make up remover but sort of like the last freshening product on my face before moisturising.

      Because it feels a little bit greasy it glides over the skin and there is plenty of gel to do this with. The lumps of whatever it is that 'buffs' the skin isn't hard and/or harsh in application. The stuff you can feel slightly as I say buffering the skin doesn't attack it and although you can feel it slightly grating it doesn't make skin feel sore or open even if you try to scrub the skin hard which of course I don't recommend anyway lol

      I just use a light hand to gently 'polish' my face and neck. I do it for a bout a minute or so and then rinse which takes a matter of seconds to do and it's fool proof to do this. I gently help the water splashing by rubbing my face with the water and you can feel when it's removed and then you pat face dry of course.

      The Results....

      Skin feels fresher for having used this. It isn't a miracle and your not met with a new face that feels all zingy or owt. I feel a bit more surface clean rather than I've had a deep down root about. Skin to the touch feels smoother but not one bit greasy. I feel I have more colour in my cheeks (probably due to the slight scrubbing) and I have noticed that I have used this almost everyday for two weeks and I haven't had any new spots or blackheads appear though this doesn't get rid of spots and black heads you may already possess sadly. It doesn't help with anti aging but it does help with dry skin and once that's removed you do feel rejuvenated and more fresh faced. My dry bits flaked off after a couple of uses with this and re-hydrated them areas too without upsetting my greasy t-zone in any way shape or form. After using this I can wipe my face rub in some moisturiser and that's that. Simple.

      In my opinion this is mild enough to use everyday and if you don't mind doing that then yes you will get some results, it just takes a little time to see it working. However if your looking for an instant skin brightener and skin exfoliate say in an emergency cos your dried out and clapped out then no this isn't suitable for you. It's mild and you don't after using it go wow. (Well least I don't lol) but I can't say flat out that it doesn't work cos it does it's just a slow burner.

      Recommended as an everyday treatment to try keep problems at bay but won't suddenly fix them for you as I've explained already! At £1.29 and only available in Superdrug I think it's an inexpensive product that's worth a go particularly in this awful winter weather we're having and the tube will last ages cos you really only need a smidgen of it per use lol!


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