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Superdrug Skin Rescue Mask

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6 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Face Mask

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    6 Reviews
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      01.06.2012 00:09
      Very helpful



      a chocolatey mud mask :)

      A few months ago when I was in Superdrug I came across this Superdrug Brand Mud Mask, I decided to pick one up because it was cheap and also because it was chocolate scented and it promised a 'deliciously deep pore cleanse'.

      Applying The Mask
      This mask is really easy to apply, you simply open up the sachet and then squeeze out a little bit of the mask and smooth a nice thick layer over your face. I love the feeling of this mask, it feels really smooth and silky when I first apply it. This mask goes on a light brown colour so it is easy to see where it has been applied. You are recommended to leave this mask on for 5-10 minutes, I find that although it is usually dried by 5 minutes, it is good to keep it on for 10 minutes to get the best results out of it.

      The Results
      I really liked the way my skin felt after using this mask, it was really soft and smooth. My skin also felt less greasy and really nice and silky. There is shea butter and cocoa added to this mask and it definitely left my skin much more moisturised, hydrated and healthy looking. I didn't really find that after one use that my pores looked less defined or that they had been cleansed, though my complexion now looks better after using this mask weekly for quite a while.

      This face mask smells amazing, it has a lovely chocolate scent to it that lingers for a little while after you wipe it off.

      Price and Availability
      You can buy this facial treatment in Superdrug stores for 49p, it comes in a little 10ml sachet and one sachet does my face twice, I just wrap it up and keep it for again. I think that this is a great price for this little treat as it leaves my skin feeling lovely and it is nice to use every now and again.

      I really liked this face mask and have used it quite a few times, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes using face masks and wants a wee treat for their skin. This face mask made my skin feel really soft and healthy and overall I would give this a big 5 of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      24.07.2010 16:38
      Very helpful



      Average product with no exceptional results.

      Exfoliating Superfruits mask

      I don't normally use face masks anymore because they never really seem to make much difference to my skin. So when I went to superdrugs to get some facial scrub for my quite oily skin (after running out of St. Ives) I couldn't find a good one. I saw there was a section on face masks and theses were the single use ones that come in packets. I tend to shop at superdrugs because their products are cheaper than boots but I shop at both.

      They have different types:

      Cooling cucumber - contains aloe vera and good for sensitive skin

      Strawberry exfoliating - strawberry seed and walnut granules unplug pores

      Melon moisturising - moisturises and protects against pollutants

      Chocolate warming - unplugs pores removing dirt

      Exfoliating superfruits - raspberry, blueberry and cranberry for a revitalised and radiant complexion

      Above information from superdrug website
      They cost 0.89 for one packet which has one use (it does not say this on the packet but I assume it only has one use). If you use face masks regularly then it may be a bit expensive and it could be better to get the ones that come in a tube.

      I choose the exfoliating summerfruits because I've already tried the strawberry exfoliating mask a long time ago. This review will only look at the summerfruits mask as I have not used the other masks. I choose this one because it had exfoliating granules and I know that berries have anti-oxidant effects.

      The packaging is a real pain. The mask is in a metal sheet scathe and its quite difficult to get the mask out of the packet. I cut the top of first and it was hard to get all of the mask out so I cut all the sides except one and then it become much easier to use. I did find it messy and all my fingers where covered with the mask and so it felt like a bit of a waste. There was however enough to give a thick covering.

      The directions say to gently massage the mask which I did do at first but then I found it took too long and the mask had already started to dry and go white (its a purple colour in the packet). The mask goes all over the face but not near the eyes and lips. The instructions say to leave the
      mask on for 5-10 minutes. I left it on for 10 minutes but I think that this wasn't really long enough to get good results. If I had more time then I would have left it on for 30 minutes. The mask doesn't peel off, and so it needs to be washed off. When I was washing it off I also messaged my skin so that the exfoliating salts would exfoliate my skin. The salt granules where effective without being harsh. The mask was easy enough to remove. I always seem to get problems with residue on the top of my forehead and it goes into my hair which is really annoying. I use a headband now so it's not a problem. It is recommended that the mask is used weekly.

      The mask smells really fruity and the smell is really strong that as soon as I opened it the whole bathroom smelled like it. When it was on my face the smell was really strong but when it was rinsed the smell had completely gone. There are no harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance as it made from the berries so it does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. On the front of the packet it does say that it is paraben free. Paraben is an artificial preservative that can irritate sensitive skin and those with acne/spot prone skin. It is suitable for vegetarians and superdrugs does not test their products on animals.

      The mask didn't have the effect I was expecting. My skin didn't seem to be less oily and my pores seemed just as dirty as before. I don't wear make up but I live in London which is so polluted and the environment has a really big effect on the condition of my skin. This is why I am always looking for products that will help to remove dirt and impurities from my large pores. This mask didn't do that at all. The packet says that the natural clay in the mask helps to remove excess oil which it failed to do because I got spots. My complexion was not bright either and the exfoliation beads didn't seem to work even though it felt like they had. My skin wasn't any softer or radiant.

      In the past I have used masks that have made my skin feel really tight when the mask was on and I don't like this feeling at all. This mask didn't do that though and it felt really soothing and cooling which is good in the summer but maybe not so good in the winter months. Also some masks cause my checks to go red and stay red for hours on end but this mask didn't do that.

      I've noticed that superdrugs give vouchers for 10% off branded and 25% off superdrug branded products with every transaction. The voucher has to be used within 30 days and to get the voucher code a survey has to be completed online.

      Overall the face mask was cheap and a bit of an experiment for me to see if it was any good. For my skin type it didn't do much for me. I have oily skin on my T zone and normal elsewhere. It didn't irritate my skin but the results where non-existent. I will not be using this product again for clearing my oily skin but it is good as a cooling mask for summer days when it gets really hot. I think maybe if I had left it on for longer then the results may have been better.


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        12.07.2010 19:08
        Very helpful



        Chocolate Mud Mask to nourish and moisturise.

        My skin has really struggled with this gorgeous summer weather and far from some mildly oily patches I have found my face clogged with oily areas causing small pimply spots and a nasty filmy like feel to my face. As I do not wear foundation or powder there is nothing to slide off my face or clog my pores except the daily elements.

        In a bid to stave off these side effects I was craving a facemask where I could sit in the bath and relax whilst it worked its magic and made me beautiful - mammoth task!

        Superdrug offered me 4 for £3 on their own range of face masks varying from peel off face masks to mud masks to cooling masks which wash off. I have decided to use one a week and the first of those was the Nourishing Mud Mask in Chocolate; Claiming to be "A delicious deep pore cleanse".

        The packaging is very appealing with a relaxed looking face bathing in lots of broken up chocolate blocks. This image takes up the whole of the front of the sachet which makes the whole sachet a chocolate brown colour. This extends to the reverse side where a plain brown background compliments white text. The blurb claims ingredients such as Shea butter and Cocoa butter are included in the mix to nourish and moisturise the face and rehydrate it so that it "glows".

        There are directions of how to use this product offer basic guidelines of use, including suggesting it is used as a weekly treatment and there is a bold section of text highlighting the care and safety advice. The only other information on the back of this product is the ingredients and a small ad for their other masks within the range; in this case they are promoting the strawberry exfoliating version with natural ingredients. The only other piece of information on the packet is that this product is Paraben Free. This is repeated on both front and back and from recent research into Parabens for a previous review, I found out the following; (Quoted from my Tesco Vitamin E face scrub review)

        " Parabens are found in many products from cosmetics to foods such as blueberries and are often used as a food additive due to their ability to reduce the effects of spoilage. 90% of cosmetics contain Parabens. Falling into the main families, butyl, propyl and ethyl Parabens, the biggest risk they pose appears to be down to prolonged exposure of facial lotions or skin creams. There does however appear to be some confusion over the pros and cons of Parabens, in that that some types are linked with premature aging and breast cancer, whilst others are added to anti-aging products for the benefits."

        There is nothing on the packaging to suggest this product is or isn't specifically designed for a skin type. Therefore I can only assume that it is suitable for all skin types.

        For me this product smells like the Tesco Value chocolate mousse you can buy which is more of a chocolate pot than a mousse. The scent is identical to this Tesco product and whilst I am not a fan of the Tesco mousse the smell was divine. Very luxurious, so lovely infact the boyfriend felt compelled to taste test it. As you can imagine it wasn't as chocolaty to taste as it smells and one of the care and safety advice points is that this mask is not for consumption. It also looks like milk chocolate as it is 10ml of pure thick mask which could have just been squeezed from a thick milk chocolate sauce bottle.

        Applying the face mask was easy. The top of the sachet has an easy open rip top where the plastic can be torn open to easily squeeze the product out onto the palm of your hand. Apply to the face and neck with your fingers/hands and then rinse your hands. I suggest this is a mandatory requirement as unless you are sat in the bath with your face mask on it will be very messy. The mask stains the hands brown until soaped off. I didn't leave it on my hands long enough to see whether the stain would stay but as it didn't stain my face I can presume that soapy water is enough to remove all traces. (I wouldn't have been too happy to have a chocolate coloured stain around my eyes and mouth!)

        There was no immediate effect to wearing the mask, no tingle to my cheeks, no sensation at all, unlike some similar masks. For me this was fine as once I washed the mask off with warm water my skin felt fresh and revived. The chocolate scent didn't stay on my skin which I was quite happy with as it would have clashed with my perfume. However, my bath water turned a rather disgusting colour and although there was no visible residue around the bath, I showered it off for good measure.

        For less than a pound (I believe that these are 97p sold individually) Superdrug offer a great product, cheap and cheerful with a definite visible effect on my skin. I would most certainly include this product in my weekly routine.

        Superdrug is against animal testing. Looking at other reviews, I believe this product is part of the Skin Rescue range - therefore I have placed this review here on the assumption that they are changing the packaging to the type I have described. This assumption is based on the fact that reviews in this category of Dooyoo talk of almost identical products (albeit in different fruits). Though there is nothing on the packet saying Skin rescue, there is also nothing on the Superdrug website that looks like the sachet I bought.

        Also on Ciao.


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          19.01.2010 21:42
          Very helpful



          Overall, a good product that I will use again and try the others in the range

          After getting some money for christmas and doing a lot of extra hours at work I decided I would treat myself to some girly pampering stuff when I hit the sales.
          I popped into Superdrug to get a chapstick for the cold weather and right underneath was their own range of face masks. They looked really tempting and was only 89p each so I grabbed the pomegranite and cranberry cleansing one to try out (I didn't want to buy one of each incase they didn't work).
          This particular mask is in a warming red coloured packet with a picture of someone using the mask on the front - typical type of packaging for this type of product but not any less pleasing to the eye.

          So I have myself a little pamper session at home and use the mask. The instructions are very basic and clear. You spread the product onto clean, dry skin in a thin but even layer. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then peel off gently.
          I cut the packet along the top and squeeze the product out. Immediately the pleasant smell hits you, like warm berries. The product itself is gooey and a little sticky but spreads on the face very easily. It is hard to tell if what I had put on my face was even or thin/thick enough as it spreads on rather transparent so I did my best with a little guess work.

          After a couple of minutes I could already feel the mask hardening a bit so I decided to only leave it on for the minimum ten minutes.
          So, after the ten minutes I start to peel it off. Only problem is I have short nails so it is harder than expected just to get a little bit to start to peel away. After much rubbing and nipping I manage to get a full cheek off..... 10 minutes later I have gotten off what I can and my face is blotchy, red and stings a bit. I was not hopeful towards the future of this product and myself at this point.

          But, after I washed the remainder of the mask off my face and left it a few minutes my face was already feeling softer than it hsa in a long time. I think with most beauty products to get the best results there tends to be some form of discomfort or trial and error.

          Even though the mask stung a bit as I was peeling it away, for 89p, a lovely smell and soft skin it was worth it. I also have enough of the mask left in the packet to be able to use it again.


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            30.08.2009 17:50
            Very helpful



            A warming chocolate mask - good enough to eat!

            I am a nightmare when it comes to picking random things up in shops. You know the small things that tempt you at the tills. Whether it's a quick pack of chewing gum at the till or the extra special gift tag that HAS to go with the wrapping paper. That's why I'm terrible and really should get in the habit of taking a shopping list. On my last trip to Superdrug's, if I recall correctly I went in to get some emergency supplies, cotton buds and body spray! As I tried to find the right aisle I walked past this very tempting display of Superdrug's face masks. Hmmmmm I thought, should I? Shouldn't I? Well to be honest I didn't think for very long and at the tiny price of 89p it wasn't going to break the bank.

            Not only am I a fan of bargains but a bargain that includes chocolate! Oh gosh someone save me right now from becoming faint! So what made this face mask even more tempting was that it was chocolate fragranced. Well... that's how it was advertised and I got sucked in. So in my basket it went.

            The next time I went in the bath I decided to give myself a little treat. It claimed to warm the skin and the natural clay opens the pores to sweep away grime and impurities. Well if all it did was make me feel relaxed then I would still be happy.

            The face mask itself is in a silver and white sachet which I hate opening as it is sometimes just impossible if you have wet hands. (And being in the bath this is most likely!) So I did the wise move of snipping the corner before I got in. Bare that in mind people. I squeezed gently and out came a fairly thick cream, dark brown and soft to the touch. It spread really well over my face and there was surprisingly plenty to go on so I covered my neck as well.

            It instantly warmed on my skin which I love; I usually use warming masks as I believe it really does helps to open the pores. It was almost like spreading chocolate cream from a cake all over my face. For a brief second I could have been a 2 year old.

            The most impressive part of this mask was the smell. I have never smelt something so much like melted chocolate that wasn't actually the real deal. I mean my senses were being driven around the bend. I had to almost slap my tongue away from trying to lick it off the outside of my mouth. It was gorgeous! The fact it looked identical and smelt identical to chocolate was incredible. Usually these chocolate scented things smelt very cosmetic and more like a mix of chemicals then anything else but this was a well produced product. Just keep it out of the reach of children because if I was nearly fooled then there's no stopping them!

            In terms of results there really wasn't a wow factor. The mask didn't really harden up and I'm not sure if that was my impatience as you should relax for 10 minutes but I only managed 5. My face did look cleaner and slightly fresher but it usually does after any form of scrub, wash or face mask! It didn't unblock my pores or get rid of spots etc. But in its favour it didn't leave my skin red and blotchy.

            I would definitely use this again purely for the chocolate sensation and I think they are great little treats for friends, family and little stocking fillers. I can't wait to try the strawberry and raspberry masks which I hope live up the chocolate version.

            Thanks for reading.


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              24.07.2007 22:13
              Very helpful



              A nice smooth and warm face mask

              Ok for all those mums out there I am about to make you jealous! I got a whole weekend to myself! Yep you heard me a whole weekend from Friday night to Sunday night! My boys had a cub camping weekend and the other half decided to go and help out, obviously they asked me to tag along but they knew the answer before they asked, I am strictly a hotel girl and don’t get a kick out of sleeping on the floor with the bugs!

              So what does a girl do when she suddenly finds herself home alone? Well the first thing is to have a good old-fashioned pampering before the girls night out and hangover!

              I tend to usually use Lush facemasks but I couldn’t get to the shop in time for my weekend so I had a browse around my local Superdrug and decided on this one, purely for the novelty factor I mean the possibility of covering my face in chocolate and not putting on an ounce of weight!

              So did it live up to my expectations?

              COMPANY HISTORY

              Superdrug was founded in 1966 when the two brothers, Ronald and Peter Goldstein, opened their first store in Putney High Street London.In 1964 Ronald and Peter Goldstein decided to set up the company after spending several years in a grocery retailing industry. They decided to use their trading skills and start a toiletry retailing business its first name was Leading Supermarkets Limited but changed their name later in the year. By 1981 they had grown to 100 stores, in 1987 they were bought out by Kingfisher PLC for a whopping 287 million not bad for a couple of grocers! The chain continued to grow and re-branded to give Boots a run for their money and are now on almost every high street today.


              This comes in one of those sachets with the little tear bit to open that I find very messy and end up getting more on the sachet than on my face. The sachet itself is silver in colour and states that it is from the Superdrug skin rescue range; it also has a picture of a womans face with a square of chocolate on her nose!


              Spoil yourself with this scrumptious self-heating chocolate fragranced facemask. Relax as the special ingredients and natural clay gently warm your skin and open pores to sweep away grime and impurities. Pure chocolate indulgence that smells good enough to eat!


              To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this one and by the time it came around to using it I was starting to regret not getting to Lush, but seeing as this was the only one I had I decided to just put up with it.

              The first thing I noticed after opening it was the smell, I expected it to smell like that dodgy chocolate that smells powdery but this actually smelt like chocolate, I mean real chocolate nice and milky. I was now starting to lose my doubts and couldn’t wait to get it on my face, applying was so easy it has a nice smooth consistency and spread over my face evenly and quickly. As soon as I put it on it started to warm up and then I got hot chocolate!! (Sorry!) Again this smelt lovely and comforting, there was enough in the sachet to cover my face and most of my neck.

              So I had the mask on and started my relax in my lovely undisturbed bath…. Sorry this was a huge occasion I need to make the most of it!

              The directions state to leave this on for 5 to 10 minutes and I assumed as this contained clay it would harden and I could do that crack the face with a smile thingy but it really didn’t harden that much and after 10 minutes the smell had started to fade which in a way was a good thing as I was starting to really fancy a bar of chocolate!

              Rinsing was easy and messy and for once it was me that was turning the bath water a brown muddy colour! After patting my face dry it was time to inspect my face and I am happy to report there was no red blotchy bits or dry skin so I hadn’t reacted to this one and my skin looked nice and clean and healthy looking.

              PRICE & RANGE

              Exfoliating strawberry … 89p

              Moisturising watermelon … 89p

              Illuminating raspberry … 89p

              Warming chocolate … 89p

              All the sachets come in 10ml size


              Propylene glycol, zeolite, kaolin, glycerine, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, parfum, CI77891, CI77492, CI 77499, CI77491

              This has also been dermatologically tested.

              When applying if you get it in your eyes rinse immediately, as much as you may want to DO NOT eat it & don’t use on broken or sore skin.

              So would I buy this again?

              Yes I would and I would try some of the others in the range as well, lets be honest for 89p you can’t really go wrong! As for my weekend well lets just say from what I remember it was great and what I don’t remember can stay that way!

              P.S I was going to write a review full of sexual innuendo regarding smothering myself in chocolate but I thought that would just be tacky! And personally I wouldn’t inflict those visual images on my worst enemy!

              Property of madmum71 & lisa8871


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            • Product Details

              Skin Rescue masks from Superdrug / Four face masks: warming chocolate fragranced mud face mask, exfoliating strawberry fragranced mask, moisturizing watermelon fragranced face mask, illuminating rasberry face mask /

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