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Superdrug Sugar & Spice Self Heating Face Mask

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2013 18:38
      Very helpful



      a nice face mask I will be using again!

      I have recently been on a bit of a health kick as I want to look nice and "trim" (haha!) for my upcoming holiday and generally just feel better within myself. As part of this new outlook I have been taking Cod Liver tablets for some time now, as well as Feroglobin supplement and upping my intake of water. I felt this was all having a really good effect until the last few days were a bit stressful at work and I had a blooming great spot appear on my face! Great! I was in Superdrug recently initially for some Tums to ease my belly ache when I was browsing the skincare aisles and spotted their range of face masks. I hadn't used one in ages and this one sounded most interesting, so when yesterday the spot seemed to not want to disappear I thought it was an apt time to give this face mask a go!

      *** About The Face Mask ***

      It comes from the Superdrug range and is highlighted as a Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask. I was torn between buying this one and a peel off face mask, but the sound of self-heating sounded far more interesting and new to try! It is made of Caramel and Mediterranean clay and is meant to brighten and soften skin. It is also highlighted that it is suitable for all skin types. There is also a picture of a cinnamon stick on the packet which I did not notice at first, but now is rather noticeable since the mask is rather cinnamon-esque!

      *** Directions ***

      1. Splash face with warm water and leave wet.

      2. Gently massage face mask into your face avoiding the lip and eye area. (Note: this is rather an important instruction as I later discovered!)

      3. "Embrace" (that is my personal choice to put this word in this manner!) the warming effect for 10-15 minutes.

      4. Rinse off with warm water and pat face dry.

      *** My Experience ***

      When I got home yesterday evening I was actually rather excited to get stuck into using this! I wiped off the day's make up (which was quite a lot as I was really trying to mask the annoying spot!) and then used a tea tree wipe to ensure my face was fresh and clean. I then pottered about for a bit to give my face a chance to breathe. Then later on in the evening I followed the instructions, splashing some warm water onto my face and then ripped open the tear available on the packet.

      The face mask itself is rather thick and creamy, and distinctly caramel in colour. As soon as I opened the pack I could smell the cinnamon straight away and it did smell quite exotic and spicy. I then proceeded to squeeze the mask out onto my three middle fingers and apply it to my face. Ooooh! A really sensual experience instantly set in and I could feel the mask warming on my face! Logic then reminded me it most likely is something to do with the warm water already on my face and the mask mixing with it. Anyway, liking how it felt and smelt I rubbed it in all over my face, squeezing out every last blob to give really good coverage (more coverage particularly aimed at the spot area lol.) Feeling quite happy and enjoying the warmth on my face I rinsed my hands and went and sat on the sofa for a bit.

      Being conscious that the pack says to leave on for 10-15 minutes I was watching the time a bit and I would say after about 12 minutes I made the mistake of slightly rubbing my eye. OUCHHHH! Before I had time to blink I realised the mask had been applied far too close to my eye and had now dripped in and was stinging like you cannot imagine! Cue me running to the bathroom and deciding it was now time to take this off and rinse some cold water in my eye lol!

      I didn't have a flannel in reach, so I used damp cotton wool pads to nicely wipe the face mask off. I had to use quite a few as the pads were quite small but these were still effective. The mask came off quite easily and was not sticky or gooey but a simple thick liquid. It was not able to be peeled off, and it didn't harden but really just started to cool.

      After taking the face mask off and then giving a little rinse again with warm water I did feel that my face was a bit softer but the spot was still staring me in the face...grr. My face did feel a bit clearer so I was rather happy with this point it's no miracle worker! The packet does say to use regularly, so I do think I would use this again in future and apart from the mask dripping into my eye it did feel really lovely and soothing on my face!

      *** Final Points ***

      A 15ml satchet costs 99p from Superdrug and I think at the time there was an offer of 4 for £3 but I didn't want 3 at first as I just wanted to give it a try. I did actually really like using this face mask and I did notice a nice difference in my face - just a shame it didn't get rid of my spot! It smelt nice, it felt nice, was easy to apply and easy to also take off. I'd definitely recommend it and I am sure I will be buying it again soon!


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