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Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Facial Wash

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9 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Facial Wash / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Superdrug Tea Trea

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    9 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 07:52
      Very helpful
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      A really brilliant product that actually works

      ** About the Product**
      -Paraben Free
      - Not tested on animals

      **What Superdrug say about the item** 

      "Superdrug Tea Tree and peppermint Facial Wash will effectively remove dirt, make-up and other impurities, helping to promote a clearer spot-free complexion. It will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh."


      The bottle is clear in colour and made of plastic. According to the bottle this packaging is recyclable, but do check with your local recycling plant.

      The front of the bottle is embellished with a green plant design and the words Tea Tree, in a darker green colour. This leaves no doubt in your mind, that this is indeed a mint product. The signature Silver Star logo, for Superdrug is also evident on the front.

      The back of the bottle contains all the important information about the product.

      The bottle stands upon the lid, which opens and closes easily and remains secure. So no need to worry about leakages if your pack the item for a trip away.

      **My Opinion** 

      This product is such a great fit for my lifestyle, my skin and me. I have always has a little trouble trying to find a face wash, that does not leave my skin dry, or oily after a couple of hours. This face wash leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleaned and soft and does this without drying it out to an insane degree.

      One thing that I love about this product is the smell. I am a sucker for tea tree items and every time I wash my face, I think of After Eight Mints. I literally want to eat my ace sometimes, it smells that good.

      As the product is a bit runny and has a gel like consistency, a little goes along way. I first made the mistake of pouring loads onto my hands, only to have managed to throw half of it down my nice outfit and half of it into my eyes and hair.

      As a student I also love the price. It is affordable and cheaper than most face washes out there. And what's even better is that they are usually part of an offer. Either buy one get one free, or buy two products for a certain price. That means you can try another of the products from the range, or just stock up on the face wash, which is what I tend to do, as it is the product I use most on my face.

      One word of warning, getting it in your eyes really, really hurts. This may have something to do with the Tea Tree aspect of the product. So it may not be ideal for young children who have a habit of getting stuff in their eyes, or the really clumsy for that matter.

      Overall I would recommend this product to anyone. It does exactly what it says on the packaging and is cheap and affordable for all. It smells great and is an animal friendly product.


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        31.03.2013 13:36
        Very helpful



        Good tea tree wash and cheap when on offer

        ===The Product===

        Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Wash.
        With natural tea tree and peppermint oils.
        Comes in a clear tube with a large flip top lid.
        Tube is decorated with stylised green leaves and a silver star.
        On the reverse is product information and ingredients written in white.
        Paraben free and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
        150 ml and use within 24 months.
        Dermatologically tested and approved by Superdrug's skincare specialists.
        Instructions - use regularly morning and might and avoid contact with eyes.


        £2.99 but currently selling as 2 for £3.99. I bought mine as 3 for £5 a while ago.

        ===Other Superdrug Tea Tree Items===

        Exfoliating Cream Wash
        Facial Scrub
        Foam Face Wash
        Nose Stripes
        Spot Stick.

        ===My Opinion===

        The products states that it will remove dirt, make up and impurities and will help to promote a spot free complexion.
        The face wash comes in a clear tube so that you can see the light green gel inside. It has a good clean and fresh smell which to my nose seems to be mostly tea tree - if it did not say it on the packaging I would not have picked up on the peppermint content.
        I bought these primarily for my son as he would normally have used the Body Shop tea tree wash but I thought we would see if this was any better. My son has been using if for a few weeks but was not at all keen on its texture so has gone back to using the Body Shop one. I have therefore been using it as it is much too nice to waste!
        Personally I like the smell and its cleans your face really well without being drying at all - as with my more mature skin that could be a problem. I love the tea tree smell which always makes you feel nice and clean.
        Tea tree is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic and peppermint oil is included for its therapeutic and cooling effects.
        This gel does not foam up or lather very much but does clean well in my opinion. It is cheaper to buy than the Body Shop versions but after using both I do not find much difference between them. I would have given this 5 stars but knocked one off as obviously it was not to my son's liking.

        ===Would I Recommend?===


        ===Star Rating===

        4 stars.




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        16.10.2011 11:57



        A great quality product which I still rate 5 star but I prefer foaming action washes myself

        Superdrug have begun to offer a much bigger and better range of own brand products and I have found myself using more and more of these (especially their facial cleansing range) and so when I needed to pick up a new face cleanser I decided to give this one a go and now offer up my review of what I found.

        This is a great smelling tea tree and peppermint face wash that offers a real uplifting start to your day with a really nice fresh fragrance.
        The gel itself is of a very good consistency which means that you need to only use a small amount each time of use and so it lasts for quite a good length of time each purchase.
        I have found that the product offers a great cleansing that allows for a gentle yet strong cleansing action which when you have skin conditions like myself is important. I have yet to have any problems with this causing skin irritation which I can experience with many other products out there so this is one worth trying for those with sensitive skin.
        The product comes nicely packaged with simplicity at the heart of things and you can simply squeeze out as much or as little of the gel as you need each time. This in turn leads to you having a great value for money product as it will last longer thanks to less waste.

        The fragrance of this product is less strong than many other products offering up mint and tea tree items but for me it is still a very good quality product that is strong enough to be fresh and uplifting.

        I simply love this product as it offers up great cleansing powers and an uplifting, fresh fragrance yet remains good for use by those with sensitive skin like myself. With great value for money and excellent product quality this is one I highly recommend for all to have in their range of cleansing regime products, although I do prefer the foaming wash offered by Superdrug but this is still an exceptionally good offering.


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        18.01.2011 13:32
        Very helpful



        A great face wash at an affordable price.

        A couple of months ago I was in Superdrug looking for a cheap face wash as I was out of money and face wash. I spotted the Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Wash on offer (although I don't remember how much I bought it for). I am a big fan of both tea tree oil and peppermint oil and have used products containing these in the past and not been disappointed so I decided to give this face wash a try.
        I have combination skin that is dry in some places and oily in others. My skin is sensitive and while it is not too bad most of the time, I do get occasional breakouts. I thought this face wash would be perfect for me because of its ingredients. Peppermint oil reduces skin redness and inflammation and may be used to treat acne (it also produces a lovely cooling sensation) while tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic properties and is also used to treat acne.

        Packaging and how to use.
        The face wash comes in a clear plastic tube that rests on a white plastic lid. There are pictures of green leaves on the front of the tube and the words "Tea Tree" are printed on the front of the tube as well. The light green face wash is visible through the tube so you can always tell how much you have left. Since the tube rests on the lid it is easy to get the face wash out even when very little remains, as is the case with my tube. To use the face wash you just flip up the lid and squeeze gently. This face wash is best used on damp skin. Work a pea-sized amount into a lather with warm water and massage onto your face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For best results you should use this twice a day, in the morning and at night. We are informed on the back of the tube that this face wash has been approved by Superdrug skincare specialists and is dermatologically tested.

        The face wash.
        The face wash is light green and of a slightly thin, gel like consistency. The scent of peppermint is quite strong when you first squeeze the face wash out and while you are using it. I cannot, however, smell the tea tree oil and I think this is because tea tree oil tends to have a more subtle scent. The scent tends to linger on my skin for a few minutes after I have washed my face. I find that a pea-sized amount is enough to wash my whole face. The face wash lathers quite well and rinses off easily too. It produces a nice cooling sensation when massaged onto my face and leaves my skin feeling nice and clean, but not dry or tight after it is rinsed off. I have also used this face wash with make up on my face and it has removed all traces of make up from my face leaving me quite impressed.

        Price and Availability
        This face wash is available in Superdrug stores and online on the Superdrug website which is http://www.superdrug.com. The current retail price for the 150 ml tube is £2.99, but the face wash is often found on offer. It is currently on a "buy 2 for £4.49" offer.

        Final Word
        I do recommend this face wash as my skin feels clean and refreshed after I use it. Furthermore, it does not dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight. I have been using this twice a day for about 2 and a half months now and my skin looks and feels pretty good, although I still do get the occasional spot. However, I am ok with this as I do not expect any face wash to get rid of my spots completely. The tube I am currently using is almost over and I will be purchasing another one in the future, although maybe not straight away as I do enjoy experimenting with products. The face wash performs just as well as other more expensive face washes.

        This review may appear on other sites under the same username.


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        19.12.2010 17:29
        Very helpful




        This facial wash retails for only £1 at superdrug which is a great bargain. The packaging is very unique. I have never used tea tree on my face before but I heard it is good for helping acne.

        The bottle is easy to open and the strong minty smell hits you. I think it smells alot like toothpaste. You either love it or you hate it personally I think it smells really fresh so I dont really mind it. The liquid comes out smoothly when you squese the bottle. Only a small amount is needed to make a good lather on your face.

        When you put it on your face the smell is really strong and can sting your eyes a little if they are sensitive. The wash washed off easily and my face felt really fresh and awake. It also felt really soft.

        I do have some acne and acne scaring. Obviously it didn't remove it all but it dried out a few of my spots and made them look less red. My skin also looked brighter and more youthful. This facial wash is good for removing dead skin cells.

        Overall I think this facial wash is fantastic. Its cheap and actually works and makes your skin look great. I deffinately recommend this to anyone.

        Thanks for reading.



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        25.11.2010 02:26
        Very helpful



        An excellent facial wash at a very low price.

        After my previous review on the The Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo, I thought I would let everyone in on another fantastic product, which again combines The natural Tea tree oil and soothing pepper mint oil, and is great for your skin!

        Tea Tree Oil

        For those who don't already know, Tea Tree Oil was originally originated in Australia, and has been a natural remedy to cure everyday problems including skin issues. Tea tree is an antibacterial and is effective in curing many problems (of which include acne). As we all know, acne is a very common skin problem and 8/10 people develop this condition at some point in their life. Tea Tree however, can help with problematic skin, due to its healing nature and so can prove to be an effective skin treatment

        Peppermint Oil

        Peppermint Oil is is also very effective at helping the skin as it has a calming and soothing effect. The peppermint oil helps soothe the skin and is also an anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and so can effectively help cure problematic skin

        Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Facial Wash

        The tea tree and peppermint facial wash is made and approved by "Superdrug skin care specialist," and like most products is dermoligically tested. This facial wash states to effectively remove dirt, make-up and other impurities (incurred during the day) to help promote a clear, spot free complexion.

        Because it combines the the natural tea tree and peppermint oils, this product is very effective in cleansing the skin. It is perfect for everyday skin problems, and what is really great is the fact that it is a natural way to help existing skin problems, as well as preventing any further impurities.

        --- How To Use ---

        This facial should be used twice a day daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) and should be applied onto wet face. Work into a lather with warm water and massage onto the face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

        --- Ingredients ---

        Sodium Laureth Sulfate
        Lauryl Sulfate
        Cocamidopropyl Betaine
        Sodium Chloride
        Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
        Mentha Piperita ( Peppermint Oil)
        Benzyl Alcohol
        Magnesium Chloride

        --- Cost ---

        The Superdrug Tea Tree and peppermint facial wash is quite cheap considering its effectiveness in cleansing skin ( £2.99 )

        --- Conclusion ---

        After trying so many facial washes from top names such as clearasil, garnier, clean and clear etc. all claiming to be great for sensitive skin, I thought i'd give my skin a more natural approach and what could be more natural than tea tree? I have oily skin prone to spots but having used this facial wash I have noticed a general cleanliness of my skin. It leaves a tingly feel (as with all tea tree products) which makes you feel as though something is definitely happening, as opposed to other facial washes which just dry your face out! Because this facial wash uses natural tea tree and peppermint which balances the moisture in your skin (in my experience) so that the face is not too oily or too dry. It has a beautiful scent to it and one can feel confident about using it. I use it twice a day and have found this product to be better than most of the facial washes I have used. If what you require is a decent facial wash with natural ingredients a facial wash which is excellent for all skin types, and if you're looking for a wash worth the money then I would really recommend this product. Not only is it good for normal skin, it also suggests to help with spots with tea trees anti-bacterial properties. I myself have witnessed tea trees benefits and have used it since.

        ---Personal Rating---

        I would give this an overall rating of 8/10.

        *Also on ciao under the same username (top-reviewz)*


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          23.08.2010 15:44
          Very helpful




          I always meant to try this after reading a review about it by Supersonic75 - read her reviews as they are good. Anyway i'm never really down the high street that much so when i nipped down for a few essentials then I remembered about this product. do have bad skin. It is Oily with Dry cheeks sometimes and always a Spot loomiing somewhere. I always stuck to brand named Spot busting products as I didn't believe supermarket branded things would be good enough to deal with my face, but anything is worth a try.

          The tube is how the Dooyoo picture looks. A 150ml plastic tube which has a light green tinge to it, but you can still see the light green wash through the tube. It looks alright and looks quite natural and soothing. Easy to squeeze tube even with wet hands, and since this stands on it's end then I assume you will get all of this out therefore economical enough.

          This cost me £2.80. This is the right price for this. Cannot comment on any offers or that since i'm never really in the shop.

          Just squirt a blob of this onto your wet hand and rub onto your wet face. A little blob goes a long way, and although this wasn't watery, it wasn't thick either. I would say this seemed a tiny bit sticky, but to be honest it is just normal to the other Face Washes i've used.

          When I started to rub this on my face I could smell the Tea Tree slightly, but I would say the peppermint was that bit stronger. It was nice enough, but I didn't really want to be walking around with a Minty scented face. After this is washed off I couldn't smell the Mint anyway.

          This didn't seem to dry my Cheeks out that much either. So that was a bonus.

          I've found that this is working just as well as the brand named products. It hasn't totally cleared my face or that, but nothing seems to do that anyway. It freshens, cleans, seems to take the oil away for a bit and just seems to soothe my face a bit.

          It may smell a bit Minty, but really I recommend a try of this as it is pretty good. I will be trying other things in the range as well now.


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            26.11.2009 15:16
            Very helpful



            see review

            I have very annoying skin that borders on dry/ greasy/ sensitive/ occasionally spotty breakouts and anything else you can think of I probably have it, and that's just my face!
            At the risk of making myself sound as though I need to walk around permanently wearing a bag over my head, I shall continue with this review which has ended the 'dodgy' skin ordeal..forever?

            Having tried many different products over the years for my face washing regime I was quite content with Clean and Clear's deep cleansing wash. On my usual trek up the road to my local Superdrug to re-stock, this facial wash caught my eye instead.

            The main reason for my purchasing this instead of my usual brand was the fact it was on a stand by the entrance and in such a prominent position that it was the first thing you noticed as you entered the store. Good marketing as I picked one up and decided to try it.

            Price and packaging~
            The face wash comes in a triangular looking plastic tube. The tube is see through and the contents are clearly visable.
            On the front are the words Tea Tree and what resembles a leaf design. As the packaging is clear and the wash is a pale green colour it makes the wording on the back (which is small and white lettering) very hard to read.

            The tube is upright standing and has an easy(ish) to open flip lid which is also plastic.

            I paid £1.92 for this which was on offer as the normal RRP is £2.92 (odd amount) for a 150ml tube.

            How to use~
            No degrees in face washing needed here - the usual applies as for all facial cleansers of this type:
            Simply apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. I used a small pea sized blob and found this was just the right amount needed, before gently rubbing onto my face and neck before rinsing and patting dry.

            My experience~
            Although it's the norm to apply to damp skin, I find with this product especially to just wet my hands and then apply to my face at the same time as the wash. It seems to lather up better this way and works better on my skin.

            On opening the lid I found the wash dripped out and is quite thin in consistency compared to other similar products. This put me off slightly but I tried it anyway.

            The first thing you notice is the aroma of the peppermint is quite strong, and the tea tree goes unnoticeable at first.
            On applying the product to my skin I was pleased it lathered up quite well given the thinness of it, and it actually felt creamy on my skin.

            After rinsing with tepid water and drying my face I was pleasantly surprised how good my skin felt.
            There was no tightness, and my skin felt really clean and tingled. On rinsing I was more aware of the tea tree scent though it was quite faint, but if it did the job who cares?

            A few weeks after using~
            I have used this every single morning now for around three weeks and my skin feels - and looks - great.
            It's not too drying but seems to have zapped any spots for rearing their ugly heads and left my face feeling fresh. The added bonus being if used in a morning the peppermint really wakes you up too!

            This is a good value product that seems to work.


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              18.11.2009 18:27
              Very helpful




              I bought this as I had finished using my previous Neutrogena Face wash, and whilst browsing in Superdrug, found this product, and love it!

              ~~~Tube Design~~~
              It is like the tube of most face washes, where the lid is on the bottom, and you open and squeeze it to get the face wash out. However, I'm not sure if it was the fault of the bottle, of just my sheer mistake, I accidentally dropped this, and upon opening it, the stopper got stuck into the tube mouth, and the lid fails to close properly; hence if placed in normal upright position, the face wash spills everywhere. Now I have to have it leaning on something... or it spills everywhere, which not only wastes it but makes the lid really gooey and not nice to touch. I have resolved the problem by putting it in a tray like thing we have which has grated surface, so it sits nicely inside.

              I am sure the combination of the drop and the (perhaps) cheap plastic stop mechanism was to blame, but it is the face wash itself that is important. This is only minor!

              ~~~Appearance, Texture and scent~~~
              The face wash is a nice translucent green colour, corresponding well to the tea tree. Perhaps, it COULD be slightly more viscous, as it is rather runny, but other than that it does the job really well, and I enjoy using it.

              It has no immediate smell from taking out of tube, but once it has applied to the face, you can feel the minty-ness. The smell is nice and subtle, but refreshing and will definitely lift the mood, refresh and wake you up!

              ~~~Ease of Use~~~
              Just like most face washes, you create a lather with the face wash and apply It to a wet face and rinse off after massaging into the skin. Pat dry with towel. You can then use other products. In this range, they have a face scrub, spot cream and other ones, so be sure to look out for them!

              ~~~Effects and Enjoyment~~~
              I found the face wash felt really good against the skin, it was smooth and soothing. A slight minty tingling on the skin was felt during use, and lasted a while after rinsing off and drying. It gives a really good clean, and you are refreshed and reinvigorated after using it.

              Skin feels smooth and clean after use which is the most important thing. Also, tea tree is a natural ingredient antioxidant, and there are many tea tree products for the skin. This feels like that, which gives a mental satisfaction of it being healthy and good for the skin.

              Having used this now for a few months, this is by far one of the BEST face washes for the price.

              I bought this for £2.92 at Superdrug. It's not the cheapest of Face washes, but it is a really nice one that does its job plus an extra boost.

              EDIT: It is now available for £1.92, and other products in the same range also for the same price.

              The previous Neutrogena one I had was around £2 but did not invigorate as this one did, it was quite boring, but still gave a good clean. I also occasionally use an Origins face wash I bought for around £15, and I can honestly say I actually prefer this Tea tree one!! The Origins one is made with very natural ingredients and you can feel that when using it, it is very subtle and gentle, however, there isn't too much gentle, both give a good clean!

              I would highly recommend this product to everyone, as it is not expensive and it does many things: clean your face, wakes you up, brightens your skin... highly enjoyable and one of the most exciting ones I've used!


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