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T Zone Spot Zapping Stick

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2 Reviews

Brand: T-Zone / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Stick / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      05.06.2013 13:06
      Very helpful



      Great for the occasional spots

      My skin appears to thankfully be a lot less dry than what it was afew months ago. The overall condition isn't perfect, but I have realised that my skin will automatically be different now while in my early thirties, than what it was in my 20's and teens. I purchased this product to slot into my existing routine, as I have never tried it before. It cost 99p from a local Home bargain store for a 8ml tube.

      Why did I buy it?

      A lot of my products for my face that I have been using and have had used recently have been focused on moisture and hydration, as my skin has been alittle rebellious. What I haven't focused on so much is in regards to break outs. Not anything major, the odd spot here and there and knowing the benefits of tea tree oil I thought for 99p this was the perfect product to use and very inexpensive.

      How is it packaged?

      The 8ml tube did come boxed, but my kids got to that first! Both box and tube are mainly green in colour. The tube is plastic and has a small screw top to either shut or open. Once top is screwed off you need to squeeze product out. The end of the tube is thin and long so depending on pressure applied, a small amount can be squeezed or alittle more if needed. So dispensing is reasonably controlled.

      On the front is the ' Tzone ' logo, along with the product name which is Rapid Action Zapping Gel. It mentions some of the ingredients in the product , its naturally anti bacterial and has a 4 hour action.
      On the back it tells you what it does, how to use, how big product is and once opened it has a 12 month shelf life.


      As mentioned, box has gone AWOL and can only assume ingredients was on that as its not on the tube. But it does mention on the tube itself this product contains tea tree and witch hazel. Tea tree is anti bacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic. Witch hazel can help bruising, swelling and sores.

      How to apply

      After cleaning face, apply a thin almost not there amount of gel directly on spot/s, both morning and night or if and when needed.

      What do I think?

      It's the perfect size product to travel with, slip in a pocket, bag, purse etc. You generally don't need too much as you will only need a small amount. This is a product I would say is good if you have afew spots, if you have more than that maybe something else is needed instead.

      The product itself is clear and gel like in look and texture. Quite thick when it comes out. When put on skin it immediately is cooling and you can smell the tea tree and witch hazel element to it. The smell is quite strong, but not an issue for me as I like it. Perfect product for either men or women.

      It sank into the affected area very quickly-left no residue marks. I have used this straight after cleansing with no product on the face at all, and also on top of a moisturised face, and either way it still acted in the same way so you can really use this at anytime.

      Area where product was placed was not sticky or tacky.

      Very easy and quick to use.

      I found that after afew applications the couple of spots I used this product on became much smaller and looked like they were ' healing '. Much more acceptable to look at. This in turn made the overall look of my skin more level and less textured. I still have a slight issue in regards to my skin looking alittle uneven in texture, but that's not what I bought the product for as that's another issue. In regards to spots, they are working there magic and more or less gone.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. It works and cost less than a high street cup of coffee, so not breaking the bank. Another alternative is buying tea tree oil neat as it does the same job if not better and quicker, but getting a good quality one will cost more, and dispensing it will be less easy , smell will be stronger and not as practical to carry around.

      If you hate the smell of tea tree this isn't for you. If you don't mind and suffer from the odd spot or two, great product. I have tried to check availability of this product and Amazon sell it ( packaging looks different though to what mine looks like, although looks the same as the pic on this site ) with prices varying from £2-4.00. Home Bargains have stocked this product for awhile, with other products from the range, so check this store before buying anywhere else.


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        30.04.2013 17:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great little tool for the treatment of spots and blemishes.

        I suffer with problematic skin that is prone to occasional spot outbreaks and blemishes. To treat this problem, I regularly purchase products that contain Tea Tree, finding it's natural properties work exceptionally well at treating spots and clearing skin.

        I have made a number of purchases from the well known "T-Zone" brand many times, finding the Tea Tree based products work quite well with my own skin type. This product will discuss my experiences of using the "T-Zone Rapid Action Spot Zapping Stick."

        I purchased my Stick in a local discounted drugstore, but it is readily available in good drugstores as well as online, from such retailers as www.amazon.co.uk and www.ebay.co.uk, where prices are generally around the £4 mark. I believe I paid only around £3 for my own Stick, which I thought reflected good value for money at the time.

        The packaging for the Spot Zapping Stick comprises of a small oblong box made out of cardboard that is attached to a larger piece of card, as shown in the picture at the top of the Dooyoo page here. The Stick is housed in the small box itself. There is extensive information provided on the reverse of the card, including several claims about the product's effectiveness.

        The small, 10ml Stick itself is made of robust glass, and although it has a sort of 'frosted' appearance, I am able to see the blue-coloured liquid contained within quite easily. On top of the Stick is a white-coloured plastic lid that screws off, and doing so will reveal the top of the Stick's applicator. This applicator has been cleverly designed in a sort of 'roller ball' design which is quite unusual with a product like this one, in my experience. I would point out at this stage that I have never experienced any difficulty with using the product or it's packaging, even though I suffer with the strength in my hands at times, as a result of limited mobility. In actual fact, I have found quite the opposite is true, and the product has proven to be very quick and easy to use, being completely free from any fuss or hassle... So, perfect for me.

        To explain this a little better, I find that treating spots or blemishes with the use of the T-Zone Stick takes only a second, which I feel is down to the fantastic design of the roller ball applicator. I find that the little ball rolls over the skin's surface easily and without fuss, coating the required area with a thin coating of the Stick's liquid that immediately sets to work on the required area. I have never experienced any issue with the ball becoming stuck or stiff, and it has always performed perfectly when required to do so.

        I find the liquid contained in the Stick feels wonderfully refreshing, and when skin is sore or inflamed - which it often is during an unfortunate blemish outbreak - I find the liquid actually feels like it is administering a 'cooling' effect on the sore skin. This is very welcome, of course, and I find I am reaching for my T-Zone Spot Zapper over many other 'spot-busting' products that I have in my (extensive) collection, as a result. I find that it is often the first product that I will turn to when my skin is suffering from being in the clutches of a particularly painful blemish, with the cooling, calming properties obtained from the stick being difficult to find elsewhere.

        The Stick does of course contain Tea Tree, and I do find the familiar scent of this ingredient is noticeable after the product has been applied, as it delicately whispers its presence from the skin for a short time afterwards. I have to confess that I do not find the scent to be as strong as that contained in most of the other Tea Tree-containing products that I own, (from a variety of different ranges) which is perhaps down to the fact that the T-Zone Stick also contains Manuka Honey alongside the Tea Tree in the product's ingredients. I feel that although the Honey included in the product does not have any sort of noticeable aroma that I can detect - which is presumably down to it being 'swamped' by the robust aroma of Tea Tree - it perhaps 'softens' the Tea Tree scent which can be very overpowering, it has to be said. Other than this more subtle-than-average overall aroma, however, I can't say I would have noticed the addition of the Manuka Honey in the product, had it's inclusion not been announced all over the product's box.

        In terms of it actually clearing up spots and blemishes, I find that the product works quite well. That is not to say that I find that one application of the product will work wonders and remove all traces of spots or blemishes from my skin straight away, but I do find that repeated applications from the Stick's roller ball throughout the course of the day will allow the spots to dry up quite significantly. This is usually the first step in getting them to move on, in my experience, so I am pleased to witness this change. The fact that it takes place quite quickly is of course an added bonus too.

        I do feel that the Spot Zapping Stick is best used as part of a range of different 'spot-busting' products, which I always have at home as my skin can be prone to outbreaks. I'm not sure it would be as effective when used by itself, but of course this may depend on skin type. For me, I find that cleansing my face with a good quality Tea Tree cleanser, then applying the T-Zone Stick directly to troublesome blemishes works best.

        The T-Zone Stick is proving to be quite an economical purchase, as I have already obtained two months of use from it, with there being plenty of liquid remaining. I don't use the product every day, as I only suffer from spots or blemishes occasionally, but it has been used quite regularly during outbreaks.

        In terms of my sensitive skin, I have noticed the product has a slight 'drying' effect that is often evident after using products containing Tea Tree. I do find that Tea Tree products will often dry up spots and blemishes as part of the 'clearing' process, so a little drying is perhaps to be expected. I find that the application of a good quality night cream usually helps restore a little moisture to the affected areas. I have experienced nothing in the way of irritation or aggravation to my sensitive skin, however, so I do think the product carries a mild formulation, irrespective of its strong Tea Tree content. I do feel that the product is suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin, based on my own experiences with the product.

        Taking everything into account, I do feel that the T-Zone Spot Zapping Stick is worthy of a recommendation, and I do feel that I would seek it out to repurchase it in the future, finding it compliments other 'spot-busting' products that I own in clearing up spot outbreaks and blemishes. For the reasons outlined in this review, I do feel that full marks in the Dooyoo product rating score are appropriate.


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