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Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel

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Brand: Talika / Type: Eye Gel / Suitable for: Eye

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    5 Reviews
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      31.07.2012 14:42
      Very helpful



      Does work if used long term

      I decided to try Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner after seeing it years ago on QVC. Now I'm older and after years of using waterproof mascara I noticed my lashes very short and straight compared to how they used to be. I also had a little gap on one eye where there were no eyelashes.

      I remembered seeing this advertised on QVC many years ago and decided to look it up online. I read reviews and looked at the official Talika website http://www.talika.com/ After doing my research I decided to go ahead and buy it. On the Talkia website it's quite expensive at £23 for 10ml of eyelash lipocills. Or £27 for the Lipocils Expert! The only difference between the two is the expert also has the mascara brush plus a sponge applicator on the end so that it can be applied along the lash line to get to the root of the lashes. Being me I decided to get the cheaper option and went for the normal one at £23. I figured I'd just use an eyeliner brush to dip in the bottle and apply along the lash line.

      On the website they also offered a choice of 3 different Talika samples with my order so that was a welcome bonus! The choice was:

      Eye Therapy Patch - One pair
      Lash Conditioning Cleanser - oil free
      Skin Retouch
      Eye Decompress
      Instant Manicure

      I chose my free smaples and placed my order. It was free shipping thank god lol

      It took a few days to arrive and when it did I started using it straight away. It states to use it morning and night and promises to grow and thicken your lashes in 28 days. It has no odour and goes on clear. be carfeul not to get it in your eyes because it does sting.

      I used it religiously for the full 28 days and did notice new lashes sprouting through in places, my lashes appeared a little bit longer but not overly so to be honest so I was a bit disappointed on that side of things. I applied it by using an eyeliner brish to dip in the bottle and then ran that along the lash line at the root of my lashes. Then I coated my lashes with the mascara brush included.

      I did get more new lashes coming through after 28 days and the lashes I had were falling out less which was a bonus. After the 28 days they advise you to use it once a day which I did until it ran out. I considered purchasing another one but there wasn't enough difference in my lashes to justify it. I decided to try a different product on the market called Mavala Eye Lite Double Lash. Just to compare and see if that was any better. I have written a review on my experience with this as well.

      Overall I think Talika Eyelash Conditioner is good and does work but you do need to persist with it and that costs a lot of money. You won't get dramatic fake lashes results but it does make a subtle difference and condition the lashes you have.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review :-)

      **Also published on Ciao under the same username**


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      30.09.2010 23:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good product for anyone needing to nourish their eyelashes

      I bought this product from House of Frazer about 8 months ago, it was recommended from another patient who was also undergoing chemotherapy. As I knew my eyelashes and eyebrows were going to either thin or drop out completely, I thought anything that helps is worth trying. It was quite expensive at 18 pounds for the size.
      The product holds 4.2ml of conditioning gel, and is approx half the length of a standard mascara tube.
      To apply you need to coat the bottom lashes first applying as close to the hair root as possible, then run the brush through the upper lashes. I even applied to my eyebrows. You need to apply thin coats.
      The results were amazing! I didn't lose all my lashes, as compared to other patients, everyone asked what i had used. My lashes were soft, and where they had fallen out I noticed regrowth within a week. It worked well on the eyebrows too. We moisturise and tone our faces, so why not our eyelashes?
      The gel must be used within 12 months of opening, this is very important, especially as its applied to the eye area. It is safe to be used by contact lens wearers.


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        19.11.2009 15:47
        Very helpful



        Not worth the money at all

        I had read about this product in a magazine, and as I have quite stumpy, weedy lashes (attractive!) I decided something that could make them grow would be worth a try. I googled it and bought it from the first website I found for about £18. I can't remember the name of the website now and to be honest I wouldn't recommend them as it took almost 2 months to arrive and a list of excuses the length of your arm.

        Anyway, once the product finally arrived I was excited to get using it. I was prepared to have to wait the few weeks for any noticeable effect, and started using it everyday as instructed.

        I waited with great anticipation for the growth to start...and after around 5 or 6 weeks had passed, with me using it every day, twice a day...I have to say my eyelashes were very soft and felt very conditioned. However, growth wise....not a lot. I could notice a very slight amount of growth if I looked very closely, but could not justify the expense of the product of soft lashes.


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          24.10.2009 00:52
          Very helpful



          It works! What more needs to be said! A 'must have' product for me now

          Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel. What can I say. Absolutely storming product gals. I found it quite by chance when in a Paris pharmacy of all places, where it was (annoyingly) much more expensive than it is over here. I was bought it as a birthday present there and then, as I just had a good feeling about it. I think I read the literature quite carefully before buying and it mentioned that it had been developed in collaboration with a Paris eye hospital. Don't quote me on that, you can check on the website. But definitely there was clinical data to back up the effectiveness and there was some medical input in the development.

          Anyway, it was one of those 'I don't expect it will work' moments, but I ploughed on. The result? Stunning. Absolutely brilliant! I used it for about a week morning and evening and sort of forgot about checking for progress during that time. By the end of the week it was time to use makeup as I was going out. (I can't wear eye make up every day as my eyes are really sensitive). I went to use my eyelash curlers...and WOW!!!! I knew instantly that the product was working. I know it says 28 days for results, but I swear it was just over a week. Don't ask me how! Lashes much longer. Really.

          I also used the product on my eyebrows, which seemed to help too. I had also purchased the eyebrow product, but I will review that elsewhere. As far as I can see the ingredients list for both was identical, but one was cheaper than the other. This could be because on the eyebrow one there is a little mirror on the side of the tube. Interestingly the applicator in the eyebrow one is easier to use on eyelashes than the mascara type brush supplied. The product itself is a clear gel. Nothing more exotic than that.

          Disadvantages, and this in no way detracts from the product - it is quite difficult to get the gel onto the brush in sufficient quantity. I have no idea if it is designed this way to make sure that a correct amount is dispensed. But I found it a little frustrating. I did write to Talika about it but sadly they did not reply to my email enquiry.

          I was so delighted with the results however that I shall not hold this against them. Again look around for a cheaper source, but get your mitts on some of this. I have bought two more for my mother and sister for Christmas presents (shhhh!) as they were so green with envy. Ebay has a seller who is very cheap and professional.

          There was a product developed recently for some kind of eye condition (glaucoma?) which had the effect of lengthening eyelashes and it is being sold commercially (in the States) now by the drug company as a cosmetic for an astronomical £100 or so. Forget that. Try this. And if you're as lucky as me then you will be on your way for a fraction of this price.

          No problems with stinging incidentally. And I have incredibly sensitive eyes. This was one thing that concerned me. Just be careful applying it!

          Oh just one other thing. I would probably buy the eyebrow version next time for eyelashes, just for the applicator ease. But it may just be me.

          Go on. After a month of this product, eyelash curlers, whack some eyelash extension primer on, then mascara....look in the mirror....you're Cheryl Cole!!!

          (But in a good way...)


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            20.08.2009 16:24
            Very helpful



            Brilliant product if you want your lashes back or to condition them

            Talika wad founded in 1948.

            They have there own laboratories in Paris where they have developed all of their products.

            A Doctor called Danielle Roches developed an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts inserted to help cure people suffering from dramatic face and eye burns, mostly war causalities. Danielle noticed the cream she developed her patients lashes regrow quickly. This is when Lipocils was born.

            This has been her best seller and has helped millions of women and men all over the world.

            Talika also sell a great range of products for the eye area, complection and body care.

            ~About the product~
            Lipocils is a plant based extract gel that helps to grow lashes within 28 days. Giving women and men naturally longer and thicker lashes.
            Normal every day conditions result in our lashes not reaching their full potential. They fall out, come brittle and break because pollution, makeup products and ill health.

            This product is also great for contact wearers.

            Who is it developed for?
            This product is developed for anyone who:
            * Buys mascara for longer, thicker lashes.
            * Wears mascara everyday.
            * If you have short lashes.
            * Lost or losing natural lashes.
            * If you feel like you need to take care/condition the lashes.

            Some facts about this product
            * Lipocils is the first product on the market today even after 60 years ago to rightly claim and prove eyelash re-growth. It is the only product in France to advertise this claim. No other company can do this.
            * It can be used everyday and it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.
            * Effects are proven under clinical tests.

            Ingredients :
            Nettle: Stimulates the eyelash growth
            Horse chestnut extract: Strengthens lashes & stimulates blood circulation
            Allantoïn: Hydrates lashes
            Soy lecithin: Carry active ingredients into the lashes
            Witch hazel: Calming and soothing
            St John's wort: Calming and soothing
            Apple extract: Softens, calms, heals & refreshes

            This product comes in a white mascara tube and the writing is in silver. It comes in either 4.2ml or 10ml. The wand is a thick mascara wand.

            ~Personal Review~
            I have always had dark, straight, think, long lashes and when I started getting into makeup/beauty etc properly I bought an eyelash curler one of the metal ones. I applied my mascara first (they wont curl unless I do mascara first) then I curled them. When I apply mascara and curl them my lashes seem even longer!

            I actually got teased at school and from my friends for having long lashes that look silly cos there too long! Now I am older I realise there jealous but at the time it kept playing on my mind and making me paranoid about them.

            In the end I cut my lashes with nail scissors, I thought if they were smaller no-one would notice and I wouldn't get teased about it. It worked, they were short and I didn't get teased. I didn't cut them a lot just enough so they weren't as long when curled.
            After a while they grew back and I ended up cutting them again. After this I noticed they didn't grow back and I was left with shorter lashes than I was born with. I left it as I thought there was nothing out there to help them come back and it was a bad mistake that I did in my younger days and I'm going to pay for it forever.

            In my 20's I heard about a product called Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel that apparently helps to grow back your lashes. I heard about this off QVCUK and Alison Young their Beauty Expert was talking about it. I can't remember how much it was then but it was expensive and I thought I'm not buying that I will stick with what I have.

            A few more years went by and I thought what was the name of that product again? By this time QVCUK didn't stock it anymore so I did some research and came across it. I found it on there website for £20.00 for 10ml so I thought why not? Better than having shorter lashes.
            It didn't take long to arrived, I started using it the next day and as it says apply twice a day for full effect.

            I cleansed my face and after applying my beauty products Talika was the last thing I applied. When you take I out of the mascara tube you apply it just like you would mascara. Start from the root of the lashes, give the wand a little wiggle and work all the way up to the tip. I did this twice and I did the same to the bottom lashes every morning and every night.

            The solution itself is running so don't think it is the same texture as mascara as it's more of a light liquid. Colour wise it looks dark brown but you can't tell this when it is on your lashes. There is also no smell to this product.

            I would say within two weeks I started to see a difference. They started to look fuller and thicker, that in itself I was impressed about. Before I started applying this product I also had problems with my lashes falling out, but I think this was due to mascara being applied everyday and my lashes taking a battering. This had stopped, now I only get the odd lash falling out due to re-growth.

            Talika say you will see a visible difference within 28 days of using this product every day, day and night. In all honestly I can't remember when I stopped and noticed as I thought instead of analysing my lashes everyday I will be patient and look at the end result. (I have been wearing mascara but not curling them). It was after the 28 day period and I had a proper look at them. With my eyelashes "naked" they actually looked longer (woohoo), thicker, fuller and felt stronger. Before I could pull them out and not nothing will come out.

            I applied mascara and to the side they seemed SO much longer and I was a very happy bunny, I had my lashes back. I curled them and I have to say my lashes are back and there back to stay!

            I don't hide my lashes away anymore I liked used to, I embrace them and I cant believe I did what I did so I wouldn't be teased about them.
            Now I curl them, flutter them and love them.

            Even though I have my lashes back and this product has defiantly worked it wont stop me buying it as its also great as a conditioning treatment. After all you put conditioner on your hair and you don't apply mascara to you hair so why not condition your lashes?

            Absolutely amazing product! More than 5 stars.

            My only complaint about this product is be careful you don't get it in your eyes as it will sting.

            ~Where to buy and Price of Product~
            You can purchase this product from Talika themselves at http://www.talika.com for £20.00 or you may find it cheaper elsewhere. Beware of buying this off eBay due to imitations.
            You can also purchase it from http://www.hqhair.com in two different sizes, 4.2ml for £12.50 or 10ml for £20.00

            ~Would I buy again?~
            Yes I would purchase again, even though my eyelashes are back its great as a conditioning treatment for them. Also if they shrink with aging process (boooo) I will be needing it again.


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          A plant extract based gel for the growth of eyelashes /

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