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Tattoo Goo Original

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Brand: Tattoo Goo / Type: Skin salve specially designed for tattooed skin / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      28.01.2012 14:30



      I recommend this product for anyone who loves their tattoos and wants them to stay looking sharp!

      Having several tattoos, some of which are quite large I was looking out for the best product that would help keep the ink bright and sharp and voila! There was Tattoo Goo ready to help me out! Whilst my tattoos are healing I always always use Bepathan which is a nappy cream for babies (but a fantastic healing aid for new tattoos) but I needed something for after they have healed. Tattoo Goo comes in a tin pretty much the same as Vaseline, it is a green coloured balm which you just rub to heat up a little to make it liquify a little then put it on your tattoo, you only need a small amount as you don't want your tattoo to look shiny, just bright and intense. Tattoo Goo smells like Lavender which is pretty nice too. I would recommend this product to anyone with tattoos, it just gives your tatt a bit more vibrance and life! It really makes a massive difference, if you was to take a photo of your tattoo, then take another once the tatt has Tattoo Goo on, you would see the massive difference for yourself.Tattoo goo isn't just for coloured ink, it works brilliantly on black and grey too, it makes the lines and the shading have depth and makes older tatts look brand new. Oh and the tin is small enough to carry around in your handbag or pocket!


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      22.12.2011 19:10



      See review


      The tin is attractive and durable. The lid snaps together easily and it doesn't seem to come open. The balm inside is a green colour and quite solid. You need to "warm up" the tin a little before you use the balm in order to melt it a little. However, once the balm has melted a little it goes onto the skin easily and it feels lovely and gooey (well, it is called "Tattoo Goo!". The goo helps tattoos to heal brighter and faster and it doesn't feel sticky when it's on the skin. It doesn't take that long to soak into the skin after use and it doesn't make your skin appear shiny. If you wish to wipe off the balm it wipes off easily and quickly without leaving any sticky residue on your skin. My tattoos don't peel off when I use this, nor do they seem to fade. They still scab up but that's a normal part of the healing process.


      None really, apart from the balm being a little solid to begin with. The green colour may put some people off but I actually think it looks funky and cool.


      A great skin healing balm that helps tattooed skin to heal. It's ideal for all tattoos, big or small, and it can be used pretty much all over the body. It's available in two sizes and can be bought both online and in store in most tattoo shops. Buy some!


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      18.02.2011 17:34
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product - very highly recommended! :)

      Tattoo Goo

      I have had my two tattoos for about two months now and I have been using my simple rich moisturiser since I got them done, as the tattooist said that simple was a good brand to use for tattoo's, probably as it does not contain harsh chemicals, which could react with the ink or disrupt the healing process. I saw this product on ebay, and I was going to get it from the tattoo shop, but they had sold out, so I bought this product about a week ago and I have been using it for about and I have to say that I really really like it.

      *About the product*

      There are two sizes of this product available, the smaller version which is 2.1g or 0.75 oz I think, and there is a larger 42g or 1.5 oz version and they both come in small metal tins, with a screw top lid.


      All of the ingredients in this product are natural, there are no chemicals in it which could affect your tattoo. Although people can still have allergic reactions to natural ingredients.

      Ingredients include: Olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin E, lavender oil, sunflower oil, rosemary extract and D&C green 6 (a non staining food grade colouring).

      *My opinion of the product*


      I love the packaging, one because it has a lot of information on the small tin, there is information on the ingredients, there is also information inside the lid on how to use the product correctly.

      The second reason is that it is metal, so it can be thrown into my bag and it will not get damaged (like the burts bees packaging). The metal packaging is quite strong and durable, so it will not let the product inside to be damaged. It is also a fantastic size for traveling or for on the go, it is really light and it does not take up a lot of room in my bag.

      -Appearance and scent

      The colour of the packaging is white and green, but I didn't expect the actual colour of the product to be green, but it is. It is a light green salve and it does look a bit funky, but it works fantastically.

      When I first got this product I was surprised at how nice it smells, I either expected it to smell like nothing really or that it would be clean and medical-like (if that is even a scent) but it smells completely of lavender, which I personally love. We have two large lavender plants in the back garden and this product smells exactly like they do in the summer.


      This is a skin salve so I expected it to be quite thick and waxy, like the burts bees hand cream, but it is not. It is a solid salve, but when you swirl (probably not the right word, but I can't think of another) the salve with you fingers to apply it to your skin, the solid green stuff turns into a really really smooth oily balm.

      -Application and results

      I have quite sensitive skin so I didn't know if this product would react negatively with my skin. I first did a little kind of safety test with this where I put some on the back of my hand and I left it for a day and it did not react at all, so I then put it on my tattoos and again no reaction.

      This product is really easy to apply, I though it might be difficult as it is a solid salve but it is super easy. I just swirl (there's that word again) into the green product and then gently apply it to my two tattoos. It feels quite oily to apply, but this may be the reason why it is so incredibly moisturising, smoothing and softening.

      I have been using this product for about 5, maybe 6 days and I didn't think that I would see a difference in my skin or tattoos but I have. Firstly since using this product on my two wrist tattoos my skin has become so soft and super smooth (even more so than when I use the body shop shea butter body butter, which is the most moistursing and smoothing butter I have tried!).

      Secondly, since using the salve, my tattoos which are black seem to be a bit darker in colour and they look more like they did when I got them done. They look better than they did before using this salve, maybe they look better because this product is a lot more moisturising than the simple rich moisturiser, but I will definitely be using this product from now on. The main reason for me to get this product was that it said that it enhances the colour or new and old tattoos, which I think it has done to mine.

      *Additional information*

      This product also says that it will not clog pores, tattoo go is a registered trademark of lakeview laboratories inc and it is made in the USA. It also says that it is ideal for everyday skin care and it is also good for soothing minor burns, abrasions, it prevents infection of tattoos, relives inflammation and itching. So it is a multipurpose salve for a range of problems, it is pharmacist developed and it does not contain lanolin or petroleum.

      *Price and availability*

      I bought this from a ebay tattoo products store but you can buy it from tattoos studios and also from tattoo goo's own UK site for only £4.80 or £3.60 depending on the size of tin you want. I bought mine for a very similar price (with free delivery). They also make other tattoo aftercare products such as cleansing soap, lotions, aftercare pads and also a kit with various products in. They also make piercing aftercare products too!

      Good points

      *Very quick and easy to apply
      *Smells really nice - of lavender
      *Contains 97.8% natural ingredients
      *Absorbs well and leaves my skin incredibly smooth and soft
      *My tattoos seem to look 'fresher' or newer and the black ink is darker than before as it was a little dull before using this product
      *Great size for traveling or on the go
      *Metal tin means that it will not suffer too much when it gets thrown into my bag in the mornings
      *Can re-apply though out the day - which is what I do to keep them moisturised
      *Great for a range of other problems such as minor burns and irritation
      *promotes faster healing times
      *Does not clog pores, does not irritate my skin, does not feel heavy on my skin, although it does feel a little oily
      *widely available - and on ebay!
      *I have been using this now for about a month and it seems to make my ink look 'fresher' and 'newer' - it works fantastically!

      Bad points

      *None - well the lovely lavender scent does not stay on my skin all day, it probably lasts a hour or two

      For more information: http://www.tattoogoo.co.uk


      I have been using this product now for just over a month (one month and 17 days to be precise) and I love this product it moisturises my skin really well, it makes my skin soft and super smooth and it makes my ink look 'fresher'/newer which is great. And it smells like lavender! I have been using it daily for ages now and I have not even make a dent in the amount of product - there is still like 95% of the product left.

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on dooyoo under my username tigger1992 x


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