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Tesco Clear Skin Cleansing Lotion

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cleansing Lotion / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 15:27
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      An effective way to remove daily grime from your skin.

      I have quite problematic skin to say I am a woman in my early 30s. I have very dry skin related to my ecszma, particularly in spring and autumn. I also then get spotty skin when I try to solve the dry skin by using moisturiser.

      Also, since last summer I have had very nasty boil type spots appear on my cheeks. The problem was initially started when my pores blocked because I applied sun cream then went out hiking/biking for the day. I have been trying since then to clear it, but my 2 year old likes touching my face when he is sat on my knee.

      I initially bought a more expensive face wash for spotty skin which i thought would be great but wasn't clearing the problem at all, so when that ran out, i decided to go back to a facial cleansing lotion to see if that might help a bit.

      I'll be competely honest, I was in my local Tesco which is not the biggest tesco in the world, and i knew i needed to buy a cleanser, and it was a choice between this one which was less than £2, or a more expensive branded one, so I decided to do my purse a favour and see if this would work. After all, a £2 saving could be a treat for the kids if this works.

      I have been using this for about 6 weeks, and I am about half way through the bottle. I use it at least once per day, sometimes twice. Sometimes I will use it after washing my face with water, and sometimes after using a gentle exfoliating face wash.

      Well, it is a simple flip top bottle with a small hole in the inner lid to let the product out. It is white in colour with a sticker on the front showing the branding, that it is suitable for sensitive skin, and it is parabens free. I personally am not too fussed about it containing parabens or not, but I'm aware that some people are keen to avoid them. From a bit of background research, they are a synthetic chemical added to things like cleanser to act as a preservative. They can cause irritation to some peoples skin, or even allergies, and there have been some links to breast cancer tumours. This is a tiny link though, which is why on the whole I am not too worried. Some people also have some concern about the amount of chemicals that they apply to the skin as they get absorbed into the body and stored in fatty tissues.

      The rear label contains information about how to use this product. It can be used on its own as a cleanser, or after another washing product to tighten pores (act as a toner.)

      Using the product:
      The cleansing liquid is clear in colour, and you add some to a cotton wool pad and then wipe it around the face and neck area gently to remove dirt. I tend to look at the colour of the cotton wool afterwards, and if it looks particularly grimy after the first wipe over, then i will use a fresh piece of cotton wool and do it again. It amazes me that my supposedly clean face that has been washed with an exfoliating wash still has some grime to give up.

      The scent of it is not particularly pleasant. It reminds me a lot of the acetone in nail polish remover, but i guess it is the alcohol content in the lotion. On the bright side though, the alcohol evaporates quickly from my skin and it leaves it clean, my pores are a bit tighter, and without my skin looking dry. Don't get me wrong, i can still get dry bits, but less flaky patches. It is more like my skin is acting more its own age, and it is tight round the sides of my nose so the skin is appearing a little wrinkled. Probably just a little dehydrated.

      My skin remains shine free all day. My skin is not the sort to look oily, but i can sometimes feel like my skin needs to be washed by the end of the day. This product seems to let my skin stay in balance, so not stripping away all the oil for it then to be replaced. I think this might be as it contains castor oil.

      Overall, i haven't won the battle of the spots yet and i think i have a way to go. But, my skin is behaving itself a lot better at the moment, so i am happy to buy this product again to see if it continues working as well for me.

      I couldn't possibly give it 5 stars as i think it smells too chemically for my liking even though the smell doesn't linger. I am happy to give it 4 stars though as for the price, I think it does a great job. No point spending more when this effectively cleans my skin.

      Thanks for reading.


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