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Tesco Skin Wisdom Micro Dermabrasion Kit

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Exfoliator

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    1 Review
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      24.05.2009 14:24
      Very helpful



      A great at home treatment!

      Ok I've heard of a treatment called Micro-Dermabrasion. I know in a salon it costs a fortune but have heard it's very popular indeed! I don't have a fortune though, maybe I'd have one if I didn't buy so many home treatments for myself... I don't know lol.

      I love beauty treatments, I really do. I adore evenings of pampering myself to an inch of my life. As a single girl I have the time to do it as well as the extra pennies I suppose and I live by the motto if you look good you feel it!

      Each week I go out and look for a few new products if I'm staying in a night over the weekend to watch tv with, eat a lot of chocolate and make myself gorg for the week ahead lol.

      The Packaging....

      Bright silver metallic, square box with a clear window to the middle where I can see 3 smallish tubes of product through it. In white and orange writing on the front I'm told it is Skin Wisdom 'Salon Professional' Micro-Dermabrasion Kit which is a '3 step therapist endorsed system - for younger looking skin' and that 95% of users noticed an improvement in skin texture and that 84% of users felt their skin looked younger and fresher when using it. On the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product and how to use it, what to expect from the product and told the sizes of each tube, contact details for Tesco are given and the recycle symbol is displayed, ingredients are listed and there is a bar-code on there too. There is a leaflet in the box, again telling me all about the product and other products available from the Skin Wisdom range (which is exclusive to Tesco).

      The Tubes....

      The largest is 60ml in size, silver in colour and is Step one of the process. I'm clearly told it is exfoliator then the other tubes are white and Step 2 and Step 3 and on both I'm clearly told one is the soothing balm (2) and the other is moisturiser (3) and they are 30ml is size each.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box....

      The Skin Wisdom Salon Professional range brings the very latest developments in salon technology right to your doorstep! Taking inspiration from professional treatments, new technology and natures most powerful active ingredients, it delivers amazing results - no mess, no fuss just great looking skin!

      Bharti Says (the woman who created the product) 'We don't all have the time or budget to get regular salon treatments, but that shouldn't mean you have to compromise on great looking skin. That's why I created this range of treatments inspired by cutting edge salon treatments combined with the power of natural ingredients to give you quick and easy results as home.

      This simple 3-step Micro-Dermabrasion system is a DIY alternative to salon Micro-Dermabrasion and delivers both immediate and longer - term results whilst caring for your skin'.

      How Does It Work?....

      Step 1 Micro-Dermabrasion Resurfacing Exfoliator....

      Formulated with rose quartz and marine earth which when combined, work to gently but effectively redefine skin texture by enhancing skin renewal. When used with the recommended application technique, the formula helps remove impurities from the skin's surface, which dull the complexion and leave skin looking aged. Reveals, a fresh, youthful and radiant complexion.

      Step 2 Post-Treatment Soothing Balm....

      Re-balance the skin after using the exfoliator with this skin-caring soothing balm. A bend of natural extracts (aloe vera and lavender) together with calmosensine help sooth the skin, whilst a protective natural sugar complex helps protect moisture levels and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

      Step 3 Vitamin C Revitalising Moisturiser (SPF 12)....

      Acts as a skin shield to newly resurfaced skin and helps, defend skin against the signs of aging. The vitaprotect complex packed anti-oxidant white tea and time release Vitamin C, together with SPF 12 combine to protect skin from harmful UV rays whilst a blend of coconut water and Indian ginseng soothes and revitalises.

      Results.... (According To The Back Of The Box)....

      Instant Results:

      Instant radiance boost - skin glows with health
      Skin looks and feels silky smooth
      More refined complexion

      After 2 Weeks....

      Minimises appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and minor imperfections
      Skin looks younger
      Skin tone and texture is improved

      Using The Kit....

      Each tube tells you what it is and on the back, how to use it, warnings are given, contact details for Tesco and the recycle symbol is also on each one. The tubes each open by a screw on/off cap.

      Step 1 Exfoliation....

      All you do is dot the exfoliator on to a damp face. Its very runny indeed, white and gritty and has no distinct smell to it at all. All you do is gently rub over your face for a couple of minutes. Although it is gritty (like it's infused with thick salt) it doesn't hurt the face at all and then you simply wash it off (which is easy to do so) and you are left with glowing and fresh feeling skin (well I am). It doesn't hurt to use this and I've found it a really simple product to use indeed with instant results and no particular tingle or marks or scratches on my face!

      Step 2 - Soothing Balm....

      You then make sure your face is dry and then dot a little of the thin light turquoise gel onto your face. A little goes a long way and it has no fragrance to it at all. It blends and disappears into the skin very quickly and again as promised it really is a soothing nice blend that leaves no sticky residue on the skin at all and leaves skin feel nicely hydrated, soft and very supple indeed.

      Step 3 - Moisturiser

      After using the soothing balm let it completely dry in then add a few blobs of the creamy smelling (with a hint of rose fragrance) moisturiser to the face. This is quite rich, blends in quickly and basically I love this moisturiser. It seems to lift and illuminate my face immediately and feels so comfortable and ungreasy on the skin. I have had no agitation from using this product and I like the fact that overall my skin looks a lot fresher from the treatment as a whole so I can go out with a naked face knowing there is SPF in here too. This product has covered all it's bases for me!


      I love this treatment and enjoy the process of using it alot. It gives immediate, glowing and clean looking results. My pores look tighter after using it, my skin is certainly less congested looking and more than anything I really feel fresh and clean and in general brighter for using it!

      In the long term I have noticed that my skin looks less tired and dull. I use this treatment twice a week and my face skin feels a lot firmer, softer and lines and wrinkles look a bit softened but I put that down to the fact my skin is less dry and altogether more hydrated so is younger looking.

      Would I recommend this product. YES! At £5.49 a box you should get about 15 treatments out of it and the results speak for themselves. Because my skin looks better in general I'm able to wear less make up but if I do wear make up skin texture is so much better and smoother therefore I look better and less aged!

      This is a treatment anyone can use (including men!) that is simple, doesn't hurt, doesn't cost the earth and you can use it in the bath etc so it fits in with your plans! A really great at home treatment that is so worth it's price tag... and more but don't tell Tesco I said that lol. I love it!

      Exclusive to Tesco.


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      Contains exfoliator, moisturiser and soothing balm /

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