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Tesco Skin Wisdom Ultimate Lift Day Cream

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Brand: Tesco / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Lifts,

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2009 15:49
      Very helpful



      An ok every day moisturiser but not a miracle worker...sadly!

      I have always (ever since I was 14 years old) used a moisturiser daily (I'm now almost 35 lol). Ever since my Mother bought me my first bottle of Oil Of Olay in fact I have been an addict! Nowadays I still of course use mainly Oil Of Olay beauty products (I really do rate them) but from time to time I do change my moisturisers for a bit and this one I purchased a few weeks back whilst mooching round my local Tesco store with nothing in mind to buy and looking to splash some cash lol. Usual price of this is £5.49 a pot. That days price on all Skin Wisdom products was 99p! Bargain and for the saving I was making I had to try one as at the original price (to my mind) it has to be quite good!

      The Packaging....

      The pot comes in a white box with a metallic purple lid (pulls open) with the Skin Wisdom emblem engraved into it. In purple and black writing on the front of the box I'm told it's 'New Improved Skin Wisdom 'Age Reverse' Ultimate Lift Day Cream' (SPF 15) and that it contains Actilift Complex for firming and Red Clover for protecting. On the left hand side of the box I'm told a bit about the product and how to use it, on the other side of the box I'm told it's Dermatologically tested, warnings are given and ingredients are listed. On the back of the box size is stated (50ml and the only size this is available to purchase it in), the recycle symbol is displayed along with contact details for Tesco (the manufacturer of this product) and finally on the bottom of the box there is a bar-code on there. Nice, neat, colour co-ordinated box that looks smart and not one bit cheap and nasty! Inside the box there is a white leaflet in there telling you a bit about a lot of other products from the range as well which I really did find an enjoyable and interesting read and will be trying other products from within this range in the future due to what was said about them. What I found particulary interesting was that along with the information about the products the results of tests for each were printed and look very promising. So take this product for example. Out of 56 users testing this for 4 weeks 68% of users saw an improvement in skin firmness!

      The Pot....

      White, frosted and round shaped with twist on and off lid to the top of it with a band of purple colour to near the top of it. The Skin Wisdom symbol is on there this time in matching purple and again in small black writing I'm told it's Ultimate Lift Day Cream SPF 15 and on the back told it's been exclusively created for Tesco by Bharti Vyas and told to use it every morning and on the bottom of the pot there is a white sticky label on there again stating size and warnings are given. When you first open the the pot there is a plastic hard covering you simply pull off to get to the cream and you dispose of that of course. The pot looks classy enough to display and in keeping with the box doesn't look cheap and/or nasty!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Box....

      The Age Reverse range has been formulated to help correct the visible signs of ageing and is part of the Skin Wisdom range of holistic skin care.

      Bharti Says... (The Creator Of The Range)....

      Totally in tune with your skin, this anti-ageing moisturiser contains a time-fighting blend of ingredients known to firm the skin, fight wrinkles and redness and changes in the skin caused by age.


      The Actilift complex, a time-fighting blend of skin firmers, white tea and ayuvedic ingredients (neem, frankincense and sesame), together with SPF 15, retinol and red clover combine to deliver high-performance results:

      Skin feels firmer, moisturised and smooth
      Over time, fine lines and wrinkles are softened and the skin's elasticity is improved
      Anti-oxidants and SPF 15 help protect skin against the ageing process and environmental damage

      Directions For Use....

      After cleansing and toning apply with fingertips using light upward strokes. To get the best from your skin use every morning as part of your Skin Wisdom range.

      Me Using It....

      Well a little of this creamy with a hint of peach coloured cream really does go a long way. It's firm set but not hard and/or stiff. It has a hint of a subtle fragrance (which is soft and delicate and a none distinct blend) that once you apply it to the skin the fragrance pretty much vanishes anyway (so it is suitable for women and men to use).

      So I use a small amount on my fingertips (as directed) and gently blend it into a very clean face. Now it's very important that face really is dry because if there is any moisture on the skin at all (such as toner residue) this cream does go white onto the skin, clumps up and crumbles so a dry face (and neck if you want to apply there to) is crucial!

      It absorbs quickly enough however it isn't overly greasy or anything and it's just really easy to apply it and it absorbs easy leaving no appearance of any residue providing you don't use too much of the product.


      Once on the face skin, skin feels instantly firmer but in quite a natural way. You can feel that you have this on your face though but it isn't uncomfortable or mask like and that feeling does eventually wear off after half an hour or so anyway. If worn alone on the face it mattifies the skin somewhat and skin looks fresh and bright and more even in many respects. Skin to the touch however does feel a little dry but firming up the appearance it really does do.

      Of course you an wear this under make up and if doing that I do advise you to leave this to absorb into the skin for a few minutes before applying anything over the top of it. Once it's dried into the skin completely it's fine to start application of make-up and made no harder by this residing on the skin at all. Yes, it does still give a firmer feel to the skin under a mountain of stuff as well!

      I have now been using this every day for over 4 weeks now. I've found that it doesn't irritate my skin... however I do have to be very careful applying it near my eyes because it does sting them slightly so I only apply a very small amount to them areas and really watch that I don't apply to much of it or too close to my eyeballs or rims with this stuff! I certainly haven't had any more outbreaks of spots than usual and skin in general feels ok and not at all congested whether I'm wearing it or not.

      However the results with this I have got are quite mixed really. When wearing it alone skin does feel somewhat uplifted though not smoother really or soft. Under make up it's simply the same really as wearing it alone though it is a pain having to let it soak in for so long before applying make-up over the top of it. I don't like the fact it isn't easy to apply near my eyes and I have to be so careful when doing so either.

      However although there isn't a remarkable difference in my skin in the overall general condition of it (such as helping deep set wrinkles or frown lines in the long term or short) I have noticed that fine lines do look more hydrated on my skin and not so visible when wearing it. I have also noticed that skin that was starting to sag ( my forehead) looks more taught day to day as well even if I'm not wearing this. As I say though deep already ground in lines and laughter lines are unmoved by this.

      Basically it's an ok moisturiser and at least it does achieve something though doesn't fulfill all it's promises. Worth £5.49 a pot? Depends on what you want from a moisturiser and this is after-all middle of the range priced! It lasts ages, is easy to apply and the best advice I can give to you is if you have the opportunity to try it out at the special price of 99p (for a limited time only) I'd definitely give it a go! Using it daily (sometimes more than once a day) for over a month I still have over quarter of a pot left! Can't be bad!

      Only in Tesco stores.


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