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The Beauty Parlour Dark Circles

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Brand: The Beauty Parlour / Type: Eye Care / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 17:56
      Very helpful



      A roll-on product to combat puffy eyes and dark circles.

      I'm sucker for skin products. The amount of lotions and potions I have on my dressing table looks like the beauty counter in Boots! Of course as us ladies know you buy the new wonder treatment, usually claiming to make you look youthful and dewy skinned, of course it doesn't Actually I've just tried a new moisturiser from a well known 'skin care specialist' which was supposed to be extremely mild and gently make skin blemish free and moisturised, it didn't, but I'll save that for a review! So on we go to the next 'wonder' treatment, and that, gentlemen, is the reason we have so many bottles.

      I'm especially fussy about the area around my eyes and those annoying dark circles you can get from working, ahem, working too hard. I don't get them very often, or very puffy eyed, but when I do they look awful so I've been on the search for the perfect thing.

      Now, we all know Soap & Glory have brought the whole retro thing back into fashion with practically everywhere following suit, Superdrug is no exception so they launched 'The Beauty Parlour' range, S & G is of course very pink, so Superdrugs err more towards the light blue. I'm a sucker for new things so just before Christmas I was drawn to this range and I must admit I thought it was a gimmicky range for the Christmas period. I know realise it isn't and they do all kinds of body scrubs, boob up-lifters, hand creams and all sorts.
      They were also on offer, unfortunately I cant remember what it was but this little tube now sells for £6.99, more than I would think of spending on something like this.

      The reason I thought it was a Christmas gift set was because it has a woman on the front in a red outfit and white hat, I realise now that this was supposed to be a Santa outfit but it is the usual packaging. Of course like S & G, it had to follow their logos with a quip of 'Eye-Eye Captain'. The woman is of course supposed to be an air stewardess but its an easy mistake to make!

      The blurb says that it contains a 'special phyto complex' (Dont they all?) for the dark circles, yet another of those mysterious claims as I have no idea what it is. It also has that all standby and well known treatment for puffy eyes. I hate cucumber and there's no way I'm putting slices of it on my face so I'm always happy to see it contained in a chemical compound!

      It's a small tube so easy to stick into a handbag for a quick roll in the toilets as you try to deny to the boss that you do happen to have been partying rather late last night.
      Under the screw top lid, which is good as it means the top wont fall off in your bag and get fluffy bits stuck to the roll on ball. The ball itself is metal, keep it out of the sun and it's always wonderfully cool, it also helps it move really smoothly.

      The first thing you will notice is that it deposits quite a bit of liquid on the skin, a little disconcerting to begin with but a great idea in that you are not forced to drag it along quite delicate skin. It feels like it stays damp for quite a while but it soaks in very quickly, the coolness of the liquid stays though. You can also immediately feel the skin tightening and the puffiness going down. Unlike other roll-ons I've tried where the tightness is immediate but then goes after 5 minutes you can feel where you've rolled this one up to an hour afterwards. It's not an unpleasant sensation though, far from it, it keeps on feeling like you've just rolled it on, and it really does work. I feel like I want to put that in capital letters or bold, hurrah a product that actually works!

      Well, it certainly works on the puffy eyes, it works long enough for the puffy eyes to go down of their own accord. Dark circles, however are a different matter. In my opinion the only thing that covers dark circles up is some concealer. This only my opinion though, a friend who also uses it says that it does fade them with regular use. But probably not as well as getting some good sleep and de-stressing does. However with the area around your eyes looking tighter and the skin looking refreshed, dark circles are probably less noticeable anyway.

      So, I love this product and is probably my must-have bit of kit, when I wake up with my eyes slightly puffy and feeling grainy and a little sore from wearing my contacts for too long this is the first thing I reach for in the bathroom even before I've brushed my teeth! The instant coolness is just amazingly refreshing and goes some way to waking me up.

      I will buy it again, even at £6.99 which is a lot for me to pay for this simple product I feel that its worth it. It's not a huge tube at only 15ml but it has lasted for several months so far and I cant see me having to buy a new one for a few months yet. Of course I also recommend keeping it in the fridge for an instant wake up call!

      I'm definitely going to try the rest of the range when I can afford it!



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