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The Body Shop Facial Blotting Tissues

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Brand: The Body Shop / Wipes / Type: Facial Wipes / Subcategory: Tissues / Suitable for: Face

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2010 22:32
      Very helpful



      Blot away the spots.

      Ive been using these since ive been a teenager - and they are an amazing tool to help to conceal greasy skin.

      Basically, they are tiny rectangular pieces of tissue paper that are
      contained within a small, discreet body shop box (they are tissue style -
      so they pop up in turn). You take one and press it gently against the area
      that is feeling particularly oily, and it de-greases it fantastically. You
      can actually see how much oil it removes from your skin because the paper goes see through where the grease has touched (gross, i know!)

      After you have used it - you can really tell the difference. Your skin
      feels smooth and soft and it helps to combat spots or black heads by
      removing the grease. They do also have an element of powder on them so they don't mess up your make up if your using them through the day - they leave a nice matte finish where they have been.

      They are readily available in most Body Shops (although I have struggled to get them in some of the smaller branches) and they cost £4 for 65 sheets. You can also order them online.

      They are great and handy to keep in your bag for shiny face emergencies!!


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      26.08.2009 00:30
      Very helpful



      Reduce shine with these.

      These facial blotting tissues are a Body Shop product and can be bought either in stores or online. I decided to buy this product as I have quite an oily T-zone (across the forehead and down the nose in shape of a T.) This means that as the day progresses these areas of my face become shiny, something that makes me quite self-conscious. Knowing I was going to be a bridesmaid at a wedding and so, theoretically, had to look good for photographs all day I decided they would be a worthwhile investment.

      ~What are they?~
      Body Shop Blotting Tissues are small sheets of tissue that are used to reduce shine on oily skin. They come in small cardboard packets and there are 65 beige coloured tissues per packet. I find one tissue is enough to reduce shine on my face meaning the packet will last for quite a long time. However, if you have very oily skin it is possible that more than one tissue would need to be used each time reducing the longevity of the blotting tissues.

      ~How are they used?~
      To be honest this couldn't really be simpler. All you have to do is blot (or dab) the area of skin that is shiny or feels oily with the tissue. This gradually and easily reduces any shine. As the packet is very small (just a little smaller than a playing card) they can easily be stored in a make-up bag for during the day or a small evening bag for a night out. I find them more useful than simply putting more powder on as they take shine away rather than just cover it up.

      ~How do they smell?~
      To be honest these tissues just smell like paper. They are unscented although it's possible to buy tea tree blotting tissues from Body Shop as well and these may have a more pleasant smell. However, it's worth noting that the scent isn't transferred to your skin so you aren't left smelling as though you've rubbed a sheet of A4 around your chops.

      ~How do they feel?~
      The texture of the tissues is more like that of grease paper than of actual tissues. They are much smoother though and feel very soft when used on the skin. I've found them to be gentle on my quite sensitive skin and, as they are quite thin, they are easy to manoeuvre around the contours of the face.

      ~Do they work?~
      I do think that the tissues work well. They definitely reduce the shine on my face and are very easy to use. However, they don't keep the shine away forever and on the areas of my face that are particularly shiny I need to blot every few hours. Overall though I was very pleased with the results and will probably buy this product together.

      ~How much do they cost?~
      Each packet costs £3.50 although it was 50p off when I purchased my packet. I don't think that this is particularly value for something that takes something away form your skin rather than adding to it. Similar products can be found elsewhere for a more reasonable price. However, Body Shop is a brand I trust and I can rely on them to provide me with a product that not only works but is gentle on my skin. They have achieved that in this case and so I don't think this price is overly expensive.

      In summary, I would recommend Body Shop Blotting Tissues for anyone who has a problem with oily skin that they would like a short term solution to.


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    • Product Details

      These travel-ready oil erasers are a clean and simple way to help keep shine under control all day /

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