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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

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14 Reviews
  • Really helps heal
  • smell!
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    14 Reviews
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      27.12.2014 21:42
      Very helpful



      A good healing agent x

      This I would say is a useful product to have around the house.
      The smell is unique and may not have many fans,but I don't actually mind it.

      I cannot apply tree tea directly onto my skin as it reacts not very well and inflames the skin and blemishes however the oil in a bowl of hot water to steam with works very well.
      This is a natural cleanser and really helps open the pores and cleanse your skin, alongside the Aloe Vera from the Body Shop, I find these two products together works well for my skin, as the aloe vera calms my skin straight away.
      I to use this a health benefit for other ailments or wounds that I or my house get, it seems to speed up the recovery process quite well.
      This is a staple in the Body Shop arsenal that never is removed so you have confidence that it will always be in stock. This version of tree tea seems to be more gentle than others like Bach or more medicinal versions.


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      20.11.2014 21:13
      Very helpful


      • "Really helps heal"


      • smell!


      I use tea tree oil to help with my complexion and also with the healing of skin problems in general. I bought this one from The Body Shop and use it regularly.

      The thing with tea tree oil is that it has a very unique smell. It's very strong and the kind of smell which will linger so I tend to only use this at night before bed, I wouldn't want to go through the day smelling of it!

      This comes in a little bottle with a screw lid. The opening is small and so the product just drips out one drop at a time. I tend to apply t his to a little bit of cotton wool and then apply it direct to spots. It will sting at first but then by morning the spot will have improved hugely, it really helps to dry them out.

      I also use this if I have a sore somewhere to help speed up the healing process and I find that it really helps. My husband recently had his toe nails removed and he was recommended to use this to help speed up recovery and to stop the site from becomming infected and he said although it stung a bit it definitely seemed to help.

      The smell is strong and it does sting but it's really easy to apply and it's really very effective so I think it's well worth it so it still gets a full five out of five stars from me!


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      16.10.2013 15:58
      Very helpful



      Quick help for blemishes!

      Today I am going to tell you all about the tea tree oil by The Body Shop.

      Shopper's appeal
      I was shopping at the The Body Shop outlet at the designer outlet store at Roermond in the Netherlands when I got a little vial of their tea tree oil to try out at home! I forgot about it completely after I had an allergic reaction to medication and my skin was a mess! I was willing to try out anything to ease the blemishes I got when I remembered I had a little bit of tea tree oil to my aid! I quickly put it on and was
      full of hope! :)

      The packaging
      The tea tree oil was in a very small vial stuck inside a paper card giving you all the information a usual bottle of the product would provide you with! The cardboard was green and decorated with leaves to suit the product and "Tea Tree Oil - Targeted care for blemished skin." was written on it. You can also see the logo of The Body Shop on the front of the card. When you fold the card open, the product's ingredients are listed. In various languages it is stated that you should put the oil on the area of the skin that is causing problems, but that you should discontinue use if the skin gets irritated. It is also stated that the product is actually tea tree oil diluted to 15%.
      According to what is written inside the card, The Body Shop is against animal testing. Regarding the product's origin, it is said that the tea tree oil is organic and comes from Kenia. It was manufactured in Great Britain.

      My experiences
      I opened the little vial and dribbled some of the tea tree oil onto my fingers. It was easy to apply to my face and it didn't sting. After I used this small vial I tried out another brand of tea tree oil and discovered that usually, you need to blend the oil with something so it isn't too strong - if the area you want to apply it to is close to your eyes, you need to be careful with pure tea tree oil. So with the one by The Body Shop it was very practical that it was diluted and thus didn't sting at all!
      Due to my allergic reaction to my medication, I had blemishes down the sides of my face. I managed to cover the whole area for three or four times with just the 2ml vial of oil.
      The smell is unique - you either like it or you don't. The scent is a little minty and earthy, but mainly fresh.
      The oil is easily absorbed. I usually apply it before I put on my daily moisturiser and it blends in well!
      My skin got better so quickly I almost couldn't believe it. I was amazed! The blemishes were a lot smaller and less visible after the first use already. My skin coped well with it and didn't dry out although tea tree oil can sometimes do that.
      I had no allergic reactions, but if you are an allergic or have very sensitive skin, check the ingredients before buying.

      The ingredients
      Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Polysorbate 60, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Limonene, Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, t-Butyl Alcohol, Citral, Leptospermum Petersonii Oil, Denatonium Benzoate, Tocopherol.

      The price
      A little bottle with 10ml of this oil costs £7.00A and you can get it at regular The Body Shop shops or at http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/.

      I loved this and I am now always using tea tree oil to help with blemishes. Highly recommended!!


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      07.10.2013 07:44
      Very helpful



      Tea tree oil

      Body shop tea tree oil

      Little Miss has come to that age when areas of her skin have become quite oily and whilst she has religiously used products designed for teenage skin, I wanted something which would help zap any spots quickly and stop her picking at them


      This is specially targeted for people with blemished skin and mild acne. Since it has anti bacterial properties it is also apparently used to treat athletes food although we haven't tried out this claim. It apparently won't dry out the skin, which is a good thing since I don't want Little Miss to end up with dry patches.


      The product comes in a small 10ml glass bottle with a child safety lid which has to be depressed and turned to open. The tea tree oil itself is clear in colour and the smell can be described only as the smell of tea tree oil. It is quite strong and so if you don't like this particular smell then this isn't the product for you.


      It should be applied directly to the skin using fingertips or a cotton bud. We tend to dab it straight onto the offending spot using fingertips when they arrive which fortunately isn't too often. I find the best time to do it is before bed and after she has cleansed her face. That way we have found that in the morning anything which might have been pick worthy has dried out.


      The product costs £7 for 10 ml and is available in Body Shop stores and also online at wwwbodyshop.co.uk. There are a number of other tea tree skin care products to complement this oil.


      It is good at drying out the occasional spot before they become big and nasty. It is best to put it on at night because the smell is quite strong and I don't think it is overly pleasant to smell of tea tree oil through the day. although it claims that it doesn't dry out the skin, we have found it to be quite drying and certainly the skin needs to be moisturised to combat this extra drying out. Because such a small amount is needed it does last for ages so the initial outlay is cheap when I consider how long we will be using it.

      Useful product for the occasional spot or blemish but I wouldn't use it in severe cases or if there are lots of spots.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        18.05.2013 22:54
        Very helpful



        Decent product, not sure on the ingredients.

        Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

        I have been unfortunate to suffer from spots for most of my life, I think I have tried pretty much every solution there is out there from prescription medicine to herbal options. Tea Tree is something that I do find helps when I have a very aggressive inflamed spot and recently I was given a free sample of this product in the Body Shop to try and when I had a recent voucher for the store I purchased a full sized bottle.


        Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant.

        Tea tree oil is well known for being a natural form of antiseptic, it is said that the Aborigines used tea tree leaves for healing skin cuts, burns, and infections by crushing the leaves and applying them to the affected area.

        The Tea Tree oil from Body Shop is actually actually diluted (see ingredients lower down) not neat Tea Tree oil, I was told by the member of staff in the store that this was to make is safer to be applied directly to the skin and would not dry out the skin. I am not sure I buy this, I am only going off gut impressions but I suspect it has more to do with the cost of neat Tea Tree.


        The oil comes in a a small green glass bottle with a big white plastic lid, I am not sure if this is a safety lid or if the lid has been designed to keep the oil air tight, I have a feeling it might be the latter because I accidentally did not seal the bottle the other night and a good ¼ of what is left of my oil has evaporated in a few days lol.

        Upon opening the scent of the Tea Tree is noticeable but not over powering which I guess is due to the fact there is only 15% Tea Tree oil in the product.

        The directions state to apply directly to skin using fingertips or a cotton bud, I personally have been applying the product to a cotton pad and then holding this to the skin and blending the oil in.

        The oil soaks into the skin very easily and leaves no nasty oily residue on the skin, there is a slight scent left after use but this soon disperses.




        Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Alcohol Denat. (Solvent/Diluent), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Emulsifier), Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Natural Additive), Limonene (Natural Additive), t-Butyl Alcohol (Denaturant), Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil (Skin Conditioning Agent), Citral (Natural Additive), Leptospermum Petersonii Oil (Natural Additive), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant), Tocopherol (Antioxidant).




        I have to admit when I bought the bottle I had not checked the ingredients and was not aware there was so many nasties in there. While the product is alright and has not caused any bad reactions I think when it comes to replacing this I will be buying some purer Tea Tree oil. I guess there is nothing wrong with the oil, they do not claim that it is pure Tea Tree but for something that is designed to look natural I just feel a little hoodwinked. Perhaps that is more my fault than theirs.

        I am going to give this 4 out of 5 because it has done what it says but I do feel a bit mislead by the packaging saying Tea Tree oil when there is only 15% in there. I just feel it is a little too diluted.


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          03.05.2013 13:40
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          It does the job, and does it well

          I'm lucky enough not to get spots too often, but when I do they tend to be spots that just don't want to shift, and usually in a place where I'm really aware of them. The most recewnt persistent spot has been right on the end of my nose where I can actually see it out of the corner of my eye. A friend recommended that I try tea tree oil on it, and knowing that tea tree oil has antibacterial and astringent properties, I decided to give it a try. Luckily my friend had a bottle of The Body Shop tea tree oil I could use, which saved me the £7 it would have cost to buy a 10ml bottle.

          Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal - it's natures disinfectant. This product from the body shop is already diluted to make it safe for use directly on the skin. To use, you simply apply to the skin using your fingertips or a cotton bud.

          Now, I'll be honest with you - I can't just leave my spots alone. I do rub at and scratch them, so by the time I got round to using them, it's fair to say the spot on my nose (which was one of those annoying under-the-skin ones that can't be popped) was a little red and angry. Applying this product, which is actually not as greasy as the word 'oil' would lead me to expect, led to a tingling feeling in the area that stopped just short of becoming annoying. I could feel my skin tightening a little, but it wasn't painful and didn't burn.

          There wasn't any immediate difference, but after a few days I noticed that I could wrinkle my nose without feeling that annoying spot in there. It looked a little less red and angry, perhaps because I'd consciously left it alone while the tea tree did it's work. Within a week (with me applying twice a day), the huge red angry bump was gone. I was pleased that the oil was not at all visible on the skin once applied - it was completely clear and absorbed quickly. It does have quite a strong smell, which was made worse for me by the location of the spot - it's not particularly unpleasant, but I find it very dis-infectanty.

          The one downside is I did feel it made the skin on my nose quite tight and dry- not so much asto be visible, but I did feel the need for a little extra moisturiser for a week or so after I stopped using this.

          I'm giving this 4 stars - whilst it did tackle the big old spot, and get rid of it without it popping and scarring, it did dry out my skin, and I do think it is a little expensive at £7 for 10ml.


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            25.04.2013 16:56
            Very helpful



            Expensive tea tree oil.

            ~ Why I Bought It ~
            My Mum actually gave me this little bottle of tea tree oil a while ago when I had a few really bad spots that simply refused to go away. She recommended that I apply it at night for a couple of days and I was surprised by how well it worked! I now use it whenever I get spots and it is the best spot treatment that I have used - and it's relatively natural too.

            ~ Price ~
            A small 10ml bottle of this tea tee oil will set you back £7. I have seen much cheaper brands available, but as I said it was given to me so I'm not going to complain about the price too much. I assumed that the reason it was more expensive was because it was pure tea tree oil, but it isn't - it has all sorts of additives in the ingredients, so I definitely wouldn't buy it unless it was on offer.

            ~ Benefits of Tea Tree Oil ~
            Tea tree oil is an essential oil which has many medicinal properties - it is antibacterial and antiseptic. It is also anti fungal and it has been proven that it can help treat bacterial and fungal skin infections. It also has many other benefits, which I won't go into as it would take ages to list them all!

            ~ Packaging ~
            The tea tree oil comes in a small glass bottle which is tinted a dark shade of green. It has a secure, white screw top lid and a dark green label wrapped around it which has the product name, ingredients and everything else relevant to the product written on it.

            ~ My Opinion ~
            I have had this little bottle of tea tree oil for over a year now and it is still over half full even though I've used it countless times. I use it mainly for getting rid of spots but it has also helped me with a small scab that I kept getting inside my nostril (yucky I know) - I applied this oil to it for about a week and it completed healed it and made it go away which I think is amazing as nothing else had worked!

            Obviously I wouldn't recommend putting this stuff inside your nostril unless you do have a bad spot inside it like i did as the smell is really strong and it isn't really the most pleasant smell when it is directly in your nostril due to the strongness of it! The smell is the typical tea tree smell and it smells pretty natural and it's a nice smell but like I said very strong.

            When applying the oil to a spot/spots I will put a little of it on a cotton bud and apply it that way as it is more hygienic than using my finger and I only need a very small amount. It doesn't sting or anything unless the spot is sore or scratched open but it does have a slight cooling kind of sensation which isn't too unpleasant and it doesn't last for very long.

            The oil is not noticeable when I've applied it onto my spots as it is clear and it dries very quickly and it doesn't leave any greasy or oily feeling on my skin afterwards unless I apply too much. After applying this to a spot it doesn't take long for me to see a difference. The redness is usually reduced or gone completely within a day or so and it has dried up and almost healed within a week.

            I only re apply it once or twice during this time so as I said you really don't need a lot of it to see results. I have never had any problem with the oil making my spots worse or causing a flare up which i think is worth mentioning. I have bad eczema and have tried using the oil on some of my eczema patches but I can't say that I saw any improvement, and it left the skin quite dry. I also tried putting a few drops of it in my bath water over the period of two weeks, and again I didn't see any noticeable difference, though it didn't make it any worse either.

            ~ All in All ~
            A great way to get rid of spots! It's a little expensive though compared to some of the other brands around so I've knocked one star off.


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            19.12.2012 17:59
            Very helpful




            As I have mentioned in many of my reviews that my isn't good. It is oily and I am prone to spots weather it is larger sore looking ones or little ones which turn into whiteheads. It's the big red ones that are the worst and it is for that reason that I tried this product. I do however have lots of miracle Spot treatments so I still have to find the perfect one.

            This comes in a 10ml bottle so a tiny little bottle. I can't imagine that you would want to keep something like this in your pocket but it is small enough if you so wish. This costs £7 and is found where the other Tea Tree products are in the Shop (or on the website). The Tea Tree range is for Oily and spot prone skin. I had an offer from The Body shop where I got £10 free when I spent £20 - if you are on O2 I would recommend checking out Priority moments as I found this offer on there and there is currently a 40% off offer on there too (with no minimum spend I believe).

            To use this you can dab this onto your finger - defeating the purpose if you have oily fingers I guess. I stick a Cotton bud into the wide neck of this and dab it onto the affected area. When you open this you get the scent of the Tea Tree. It is alright and the scent does get a bit fainter after you apply this. It is pretty Oily but a little dab of this is enough and it is an Oil after all.

            So how do I find that this works? Well I find that this seems to dry out the area and there is a slight tightening feeling to the area. The redness seems to go down slightly as well. This doesn't make my spots go away but I do feel that they are better and not so large.

            This seems to be a good product. So far I have used this a handful of times and this little bottle will last a good few goes. Recommended by me if you have the odd large stubborn spot.


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            09.10.2012 21:18
            Very helpful



            I will buy it again and highly recommend it!

            * A FREE TRIAL.. *

            I suffer with slightly problematic skin and this results in the odd spot outbreak. I have tried and tested many products over the years and find products that contain Tea Tree to be very effective in cleansing the skin and helping clear up spots that may appear.

            I used to regularly purchase Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop but got out of the habit a few years ago, using alternative products instead. I was recently reacquainted with the oil by way of a free sample obtained with a purchase from The Body Shop's website. I have almost finished this sample bottle now, and this review outlines my experiences of using the product.

            I won't go on too much about the packaging for the product as I have only a sample bottle in my possession at the moment. The oil currently retails for £7, which seems quite expensive when you consider the small bottle is only 10ml in size, but please be aware that each use of the oil requires only a few drops from the bottle. Indeed, my own small vial of the oil has lasted for several weeks, irrespective of its miniature size.

            The Body Shop (TBS) Tea Tree Oil is diluted slightly, which I have found is common practice with a product like this. In TBS's case, it is diluted to 15% Tea Tree Oil.

            * WHAT IS TEA TREE OIL? *

            Tea Tree Oil is a natural ingredient with antibacterial properties that has apparently been used in its natural form for centuries. According to The Body Shop... "It has been used for centuries by Aborigines to treat cuts, infections and inflammation."

            Tea Tree Oil is a very versatile product, as it contains soothing and refreshing properties, as well as antibacterial agents. It is a popular product, with many big branded names adding it to their products in a bid to combat problematic skin.

            * USING THE OIL - MY EXPERIENCES.. *

            When suffering from an outbreak of spots, I find the surrounding skin can be sore and tender. The skin is often highly sensitive and so I find certain products can aggravate the area easily, making me feel cautious about applying them to the affected area. Indeed, I find that applying 'neat' Tea Tree oil to broken skin, or skin that is already tender can feel very uncomfortable at times, probably due to the astringent-like properties of the oil. The oil is very strong, and even though it has been diluted, I do find that it can still easily sting skin that is broken or inflamed.

            For this reason, I prefer to dilute the Tea Tree oil slightly before applying to my skin. This can be done very simply. All I do is retrieve a circular cotton wool pad and dampen it with hot water, before wringing out the excess. A few drops of the Tea Tree oil can then be dropped over the surface of the cotton wool pad before the pad is applied to the required area.

            I usually hold the pad on the patch of troublesome spots for a few seconds, as I find there is a sort of 'soothing' experience to be obtained during the process. For the most part, the unpleasant 'sting', - similar to that obtained from using an antiseptic product - is less noticeable than if undiluted Tea Tree oil were to be applied, and this is of course helped by the fact that TBS's Tea Tree Oil is diluted already.

            That is not to say that this sensation is removed altogether, but rather it is toned down by the method of diluting the oil further. Instead, the sensation achieved resembles more of a tingling than a burning sensation, which is welcome when the skin feels particularly tender and delicate due to the presence of spots. I have used the Tea Tree Oil applied directly from the bottle to the skin, but find I prefer it to be diluted further, by the method I have mentioned here.

            Just as a side note, I would never recommend applying or using the Tea Tree Oil to any area around the eye area due to the strength of the Oil and it's strong, menthol-like vapours. Beware too any irritation that may occur during use... The product is VERY strong and it won't be suited to every skin type.

            There are other ways that the Tea Tree Oil can be used, such as adding a few drops to massage oil which is claimed to help alleviate aches and pains. Furthermore, the oil can be added to a basic, everyday shampoo to provide "An Invigorating Deep Cleanse", according to The Body Shop. I cannot confess to trying out either of these methods for myself, but one additional use I have found beneficial is to add a few droplets of the oil to my facial steamer, which is a practice I have found to be very enjoyable.

            I have found that doing this provides a very 'deep' feeling to my steam facial, thanks to the invigorating feeling of the Tea Tree Oil. Not only does this feel great for my skin, allowing the pores to open up fully over the steamy cloud, but I find the addition of the Tea Tree Oil feels really invigorating and refreshing, thanks to the strong, menthol-like essence of the oil. This allows for a really thoroughly-cleansed feeling to be achieved, and I find this practice really helps to cut down on the amount of spot outbreaks experienced. I have to confess however, that I find ANY steam facial helps this process, so I don't think this is down to the Tea Tree Oil's presence alone. That said, however, I find the addition of the product to my facial steamer really ADDS to the experience, and I would purchase the product solely for this type of use due to the impressive results achieved.

            Since reintroducing the Tea Tree Oil back into my regular skincare routine, I have noticed a marked improvement to the spot outbreaks that I was experiencing. These are admittedly still occurring, and so I don't think the Tea Tree Oil is doing much in the way of preventative measures. When an outbreak DOES occur however, I feel fully equipped to deal with it, and the Tea Tree Oil has never let me down in this regard.

            Whilst cleansing the spots and surrounding area thoroughly, thanks to its strong antibacterial properties, the Tea Tree Oil provides a little more than this, allowing the spots themselves to dry out and this allows them to become less noticeable. The surrounding skin, whilst inflamed with the spots' arrival, is soothed and refreshed with the use of the oil, leaving behind no unpleasant 'burn' in its wake.

            Furthermore, the results seem to be very fast, with most spots and blemishes succumbing to the strong, menthol vapours within a matter of hours following application, leaving a less noticeable blemish behind instead. More stubborn pimples tend to require a little more treatment, so further applications will usually be required at these areas. It is a long time since I have noticed such impressive results from a spot-combating product however, and I certainly have no complaints in this regard.

            There is only one downside that I have experienced during my use of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil and that is that I have found it to be quite a 'drying' formula. This means that after application, my skin will often appear dry the following day. This is no big surprise, as my skin is often dry in its appearance naturally, but the Tea Tree Oil does feel slightly harsher than other spot-fighting products that are regularly used. I feel the results achieved here are to be expected, especially considering the excellent job the Tea Tree Oil does in drying up spots and blemishes, which helps them shrink and reduce before disappearing completely.

            I have found that using an intensive moisturiser that contains the ingredient Vitamin E works wonderfully at providing some much needed hydration to the affected areas. The Vitamin E seems to work beautifully on my dry skin, providing some much-needed moisturisation but WITHOUT interfering with the Tea Tree Oil's antibacterial, healing properties. I cannot confess to trying this theory with any other facial moisturiser product as I don't feel the need to change from my tried-and-tested routine, finding that a Vitamin E product works alongside the Tea Tree Oil in perfect harmony, rather than taking anything from it or 'swamping' it at all whilst it works its magic.

            In summary, I have found The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is a wonderful product that has helped me in combating spot outbreaks and troublesome skin. I feel that it is very much an essential item for anybody with this problem and cannot recommend it highly enough. As a result of my experience, I feel the product deserves full marks in the product rating score.


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              04.09.2011 20:07
              Very helpful



              Amazing product which works!

              I am a firm believer in using natural products on my skin and was introduced to The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil a couple of years ago when I first moved to London and my skin was going through a bit of a rough patch. The body Shop uses natural ingredients and is against animal testing so for those of you who have any thoughts on this The Body Shop products are great.

              The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is a soothing oil which has antibacterial properties which is perfect for problem skin. My skin is fairly normal but with a tendency to go dry especially in winter. I use this oil when my skin flairs up and will then dab the oil using my finger directly to the spot usually in the evening and mornings. It does initially tingle but if you're anything like me the tingle means its working! The oil reduces the inflamation and redness overnight and will dry out the spot within a couple of days. The thing that I like about this product is that it doesn't dry out the skin surrounding the spot like most antibacterial products which is great and you are able to wear make up over the oil, as long as your normal moisturiser is used as well. The oil smells fairly strong and does linger a bit but its a small price to pay for clear skin!

              This product is also nice to use to steam your face once a week. I add a couple of drops to a bowl of steaming water and steam my face for a couple of minutes. Your skin feels refreshed and clean afterwards and this is definitely a must in my beauty regime.

              It is priced at £6 for a 10ml bottle which is quite handy to put in your handbag should you wish to reapply during the day. It may sound expensive but this bottle lasts forever and I have had mine for 2 months now.

              If there is anything that I have to say is a negative about this product is that the lid is a little tricky, it is probably childproof, which I still have yet to master!


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              07.06.2011 18:46
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Amazing product for a good price!

              I've always been a big fan of body shop as it has never let me down. I have used many spot fighting treatments, even the most expensive ones and whilst they were great, it was burning a hole in my pocket and I couldn't afford to pay top of the range prices. So I started searching for something that was a bit less pricey but would still have the same results.

              When I first came across this, I was very excited to give it a try as I was sure it wouldn't let me down, as body shops products have always been reasonable prices for good products.

              It comes in a dark green glass bottle, with the body shop logo on the front and the name of the product. The lid is one where you have to push down and unscrew at the same time, so you can be sure that the product is protected and won't leak. The oil itself comes out clear and the smell is gorgeous, can be a bit strong for a couple of minutes when applying around your nose but feels quite nice. Its doesn't leave your skin sticky or greasy and feels very fresh on your skin.

              The time first I used this, I didn't really understand how it work exactly or if it was going to present any benefits until I broke out really badly on my forehead and cheeks. I applied a little bit of this to the affected areas and within a couple of days the spots had definitely improved. The redness was reduced and they had dried up pretty quickly. Within about three to four days the spots had completely gone. I was amazed as even the higher end products I was using, I never got results that quick. I have now found a great product for a much better price. What I also found great about this product is you can even apply it under or on top of your make-up and wont take your make-up off, or make your face look sticky, which I found with other spot treatments I have tried in the past.

              To apply you can either dab a little onto the affected areas with your fingers (which I tend to do) or you can apply it to a cotton wool pad before applying it to your face which is a bit more hygienic, but I believe it fine to use your fingers as long as you wash your hands before the application, so you don't spread bacteria which can make the spots worse. You only need to use a little as it does go a long way. When during a breakout I tend to use it twice a day.

              The only downside to this is that the oil can make your face feel quite dry once you have applied it for more than a couple of days, due to the drying effect it has on the spots, so I always apply a good moisturiser before apply this to protect my skin. Or sometimes if I apply this to a non moisturised face, when I next wash my face I always apply a generous amount of moisturiser.

              I got this product for £5 which I think is excellent and I have been using it for about a year now and its the only product I need to fight my spots! The bottle only comes in one size 10ml which may seem like a small amount but the bottle roughly lasts me about a month, which is quite expensive but worth the results. I liked this product some much that I decided to buy two!

              Overall an excellent product which I will always keep handy!


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                28.05.2011 21:44
                Very helpful



                A product which I will never be without again

                TEA TREE OIL
                Tea tree oil is a great product and useful for a number of skin problems. Uses include, reducing spots and blemishes, adding to shampoo to help with an itchy scalp and dandruff, for burns and cuts. Tea tree oil is also good to use if steaming your face at home. Tea tree oil has a very distinct smell which personally I quite like. In The Body Shop there are a number of other tea tree products which can be used with this oil, other products include, face wash, face lotion and facial toner.

                THE BOTTLE
                The Body Shop tea tree oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a child proof lid. As I use this product and find it so effective a bottle in a bigger size bottle would be good but it only comes in one size.

                TO APPLY
                Personally, I use Body Shop tea tree oil for blemishes, as soon as feeling a spot appear this can be put directly onto the skin. I apply this product by placing my finger over the top of the bottle and tipping the bottle to get a small amount on my finger, alternatively a cotton bud can be used. As this product is generally used on problem areas the finger must be clean when applying the product. I use this product on a night once I have removed my make up and cleansed and moisturised. You can also use it on a morning before applying moisturiser or make up, just leave it for a few minutes to ensure the skin is dry.

                PRICE & WHERE TO BUY
                A 10ml bottle of tea tree oil is £5 and can be purchased in a Body Shop store or Body Shop online. I don't think I have ever paid £5 for this product though, because Body Shop often have promotions on and discount codes so it is worth looking out for extra offers and stocking up when promotions are on.

                MY OPINION
                I love this product and will never be without it, when I see a blemish appearing this is the product which I will go to first. I have used other products in the past for spots, but now I have found this product I would not go back to the other products. Compared to other treatments for spots, this is so much more gentle and kind to the skin. I would recommend this product, especially with the great promotions The Body Shop do!


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                21.05.2011 23:24



                Nature at it´s best

                This is pretty much the only thing you will ever need to fight spots, bites and other blemishes. Forget about expensive 3-step plans that promises this n that - this is all you need.

                It is quite strong, so do be careful not to get it in your eyes and wash your hands properly afterwards.

                Simply dot on your spots, bites and blemishes and watch them disappear! My mum introduced me to this one summer for help against mosquito bites and when I read on the bottle it said that it also helped proventing blemishes. I was a teenager at the time, so willing to try anything. And it worked! I never had lots and lots of spots, but the few I got never lasted long.

                It also has antiseptic properties, so if you have squeezed a spot or scratched an annoying bite - just dab this on and it will not only take it down but also make sure it doesn´t get infected.


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                08.01.2011 18:16
                Very helpful



                effective and versatile

                Back to Nature

                "There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
                There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
                There is society, where none intrudes,
                By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
                I love not man the less, but Nature more."

                Today, many natural remedies and cures are well-known, recognised and even prescribed by doctors. A large number of us turn to homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbalism and nutritional based therapies before resorting, if all else fails, to orthodox medicine.
                Oils extracted from plants are also widely used for their medicinal properties and health-boosting constituents.
                Tea Tree is one such oil.

                Tea Tree oil, what's that?

                Tea Tree Oil is distilled from the leaves of the 'Melaleuca alternifolia' . It has proven anti-bacterial anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and is a very effective remedy for skin ailments.

                What sort of ailments?

                Well, most people who use it, myself included, find it very effective in clearing up spots.
                I get the odd spot now and then on my forehead or chin usually, and a dab of this stops the spot in its tracks...one dab at night and the following morning barely a blemish in sight!
                Use it for cuts and scrapes as well as insect bites and burns. I have Tiger Balm which I use regularly, which is also very effective on insect bites and spots, but, unlike tea tree oil, cannot be used on broken skin. The oil penetrates the skin to the deeper layers and is therefore more effective at calming and soothing the skin as well as promoting healing, reducing swelling and disinfecting.

                Tea tree oil is used as an effective treatment for fungal-nail conditions, athletes foot and ringworm.
                Added to shampoo, it's a very effective cure for dandruff....I get the odd itchy scalp and my daughter gets dandruff occasionally...simply add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil to a bottle of mild shampoo and the problem is solved. This method will also provide protection against head-lice and can also cure any infestations of lice, so I'm told....

                There is some very limited research showing that tea tree can also be effective in treating the herpes virus, shingles and chicken pox. I've used Zovirax for my cold-sore treatment ever since I first discovered it, but after reading about the benefit that tea tree oil may have in clearing them up, I may well give it a try on them....watch this space!

                How do I use it?

                Dab on blemishes, cuts, spots, scrapes etc. with a clean finger or cotton wool pad.

                Add a few drops to mild shampoo for use on hair.

                Put a few drops in the bath to help soothe skin as well as relax the body.

                Put a few drops in a bowl of hot water and steam the skin by holding your face over
                the bowl and draping a towel over your head.

                Can be added to body lotion or applied directly to the skin for massaging.

                Use as a mouthwash diluted in water to prevent plaque and gum disease.

                Dab on stings....nettle, bee, wasp etc.

                Add to the wash for your towels, pillows and dog's bedding.

                Use in a spray with water on any mouldy or mildew-prone areas in the bathroom or kitchen.

                Use spray to disinfect surfaces such as telephones and keyboards.

                BE CAREFUL!

                Although tea tree oil is a natural product, this doesn't mean that it is completely harmless.
                As with most products it is wise to do a skin test for possible reactions first.

                Keep this away from children.

                DO NOT INGEST - you can use it to gargle when diluted, but it should never be swallowed as it is toxic.

                Don't use it on your pets.

                So why Body Shop Tea Tree Oil?

                Body Shop tea tree oil is actually a blend of three oils...tea tree oil, lemon tea tree oil and tamanu oil.
                A far as I can see, lemon tea tree oil is pretty well undocumented as to it's properties, apart from being used as an insect repellent and having a pleasant fresh, citronella-type smell. The Body Shop website claim it has the same beneficial qualities as ordinary tea tree oil in that it clears and prevents blemishes.
                Tamanu oil contains powerful healing properties similar to that of tea tree, but more so. I had never heard of this oil before, but it appears to be particularly potent and has been used successfully on more severe skin problems including burns and even gangrenous ulcers!

                The body Shop get their oil from Kenya where the certified-organic tea tree grows at the foothills on Mount Kenya in mineral-rich soil and are irrigated with glacial waters. The 270 farmers there are given a means to provide for their families in a country torn apart by AIDS.

                What does it come in?

                The Body Shop tea tree oil comes in a little, green, 10ml dropper-bottle with a child-proof screw-top lid.
                It retails at 5 pounds.
                They also carry several other products in the tea tree range, including washes. Lotions, wipes and gels.

                I've used tea tree oil for years, on and off....I always have a bottle handy in the bathroom. A 10ml bottle lasts me over a year...a little goes a long, long way!.

                For in the true nature of things,
                if we rightly consider,
                every green tree is far more glorious
                than if it were made of gold and silver. ~
                ~ Martin Luther King ~

                Thanks for reading.


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