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The Body Shop Vitamin C Intensive Night Treatment

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Brand: The Body Shop / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Subcategory: Treatment / Product line: The Body Shop Vitamin C

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2008 17:22
      Very helpful



      Excellent night cream from the Body Shop.

      Recently I've been rediscovering a deep love for the Body Shop. I'd love to say that this was entirely due to their ethical policies, their commitment to fair trade schemes and their generally amazing record for social responsibility... but to my shame, I just love their products. Admittedly their clean ethics sheet is a minor draw, but for me it's all about the high quality ingredients they use and the finished products which get results and do exactly what they promise to do. This Intensive Night Treatment cream is one of my favourites.

      The Body Shop's Vitamin C skincare range stands out on the shelf in its vibrant orange packaging. Each skincare range the Body Shop does comes complete with a strap line - the Vitamin C's promise is that it is "For Natural Radiance". Natural Radiance sounded good to me, so I decided to invest. As I have about 70 different moisturisers at home, I decided to go for something that wasn't just another day cream I'd use a few times and then ignore - I plumped for the Night Treatment.

      With promises to bring a healthy glow to my skin; to minimise redness; to even skintone and to do lots of science-y sounding stuff like neutralise free radicals all while I was fast asleep, this product sounded too good to be true. A quick sniff of the tube convinced me even more, when I realised it smelt amazing - it has the most beautiful orangey scent - exactly how I would have hoped something in a tube that colour would smell!

      When you squeeze some of this product from the slim tube, it is a thick gel-like consistency, translucent white in colour and you are hit by the intense orangey smell immediately. On application, the gel is easily spread over the skin, and absorbed instantly. You won't get away with scrimping on the amount you use though - it's fairly thick and won't spread out particularly well. A pea-sized splodge should do your whole face. There is a very slight tingle when you first apply it, which is lovely.

      Once the treatment has been applied, skin feels velvety smooth and is left with a gorgeous orange smell, which always lasts at least until I go to sleep, but is usually gone by morning. My boyfriend loves the smell of this, and takes some time out of his busy falling asleep schedule to sniff my face for at least half an hour every time I use it. The only slight problem with the smell would be that it is so zesty and refreshing it doesn't quite sit with a night-time product, but it's not so strong as to keep you awake or anything, so it's not a huge issue.

      Unlike with some night creams, there is no greasy layer on the top of the skin which feels like it may transfer to the pillow - because of the gel-like texture of this treatment, it sinks in immediately and doesn't clog pores or sit in an unpleasant filmy manner on the skin at all.

      In the morning, the results are really impressive. It does what it promises, and a little bit more. There is a noticeable improvement in skin texture; I have a healthy-looking glow, and my skin tone is more even. I also find that my skin tends to stay matte all day the morning after a go with this stuff, which is an added bonus.

      When I first got this product, I used it for 4 nights on the trot, and one of my good friends (who I see fairly often) remarked how great and healthy my skin looked. I believe he actually used the word "glow". I'd noticed a change myself, but having it remarked upon, unprompted, by a friend was a pleasant affirmation!

      The inevitable drawback: the price. Skin this good doesn't come cheap. This Intensive Night Treatment comes in a tiny 30ml tube with a price tag of £12.50. Needless to say, I soon stopped using it every night! Using it about weekly, I'm yet to use up my first tube, after about four months. If I have a special occasion, I'll use it a few nights on the trot to make sure my skin looks top notch.

      This really is the best night treatment I've ever used. It is pricey, and it is only available in one size (come on Body Shop - give me a bumper tube for Christmas please!), but I will still keep using it for the foreseeable future.


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      ombats environmental damage, minimizes fine lines, brings back a healthy glow, and evens out redness /

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