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The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar.

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    9 Reviews
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      18.02.2015 21:49
      Very helpful


      • "Good value"
      • "Can be used on the face"
      • "Perfect for dry skin"


      • None

      A soap for both the face and body? Yes, please!

      I was on the lookout for a soap that I could use on both my body and my face and I found this one from The Body Shop. This simple bar of soap weighs in at 100g and it is part of the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. It costs £3 and you can also receive your 10% off if you are a "Love Your Body" member. The soap is pink in colour and it is a decent sized bar. It comes wrapped so it remains nice and fresh until you are ready to use it. The soap can safely be used on both the face and body. I use it regularly on both my face and body and it's perfect for use in the shower as you don't have to worry about accidently getting soap onto your face, as we all know soap is usually bad for delicate facial skin! This one is not, however.

      The soap lathers up well and it produces a nice rich lather that is both thick and creamy. The soap smells nice and the pleasant scent lingers on your skin after use. The soap feels lovely on the skin. It's really calming and relaxing. I just like to massage the lather into my skin for around a minute before washing off. The lather just feels lovely when massaged into the skin, it's almost like giving yourself a nice facial. After rinsing off the soap (well, lather) my skin doesn't feel tight, like it normally does if I use soap to wash my face. Instead it just feels soft, smooth and moisturised. Perfect!

      The soap lasts ages as the smallest amount goes the longest way. I would suggest placing it inside a soap dish after use just so it doesn't melt in the bathroom!

      I would recommend this soap. It's perfect for dry winter skin as it is so creamy and luxurious. It's great value and scent is lovely, really feminine, delicate and powdery.

      Overall this is a lovely soap from The Body Shop.



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      28.03.2013 12:35
      Very helpful



      A wonderful Body Shop cleansing product that is perfect for dry skin..

      My skin could certainly be described as 'problematic' as it has several issues to deal with, such as spot outbreaks and dryness. To combat some of these problems, I regularly use skincare products that contain Tea Tree Oil. Whilst said products are undeniably effective in assisting to combat spots and blemishes, there is no doubt that they can often have an adverse affect on my skin, causing it to dry out, with the odd patch of unsightly dry skin being noticeable on my cheeks and forehead. This is something of a difficult issue to overcome, mainly because my skin is very dry anyway, so the addition of slightly harsher products in my everyday skincare routine really takes its toll at times.

      These issues led me to seek out some alternative products to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, to use on alternate days to my other range of facial skincare products, all of which contain Tea Tree Oil. I felt my skin was extremely dry and in desperate need of some nourishment and care to help restore some of its natural moisture, that felt somewhat 'stripped' away by some of the other, slightly harsher, products I had been using to cleanse my face and treat those irksome spots and blemishes.

      I investigated the "Vitamin E" range within The Body Shop, and ended up making a number of purchases from the range, with this review outlining my experiences of using the "Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar."

      The 100g bar currently costs £3, and you can purchase both in-store, or online at The Body Shop's website @ www.thebodyshop.co.uk, although postage costs will usually apply here.

      The packaging for the product is fairly simplistic, with the bar being enclosed in a sort of shrink-wrap covering, that requires the use of scissors to open. There is a label on the wrapping that goes around the bar, and this is presented in the familiar pale pink colours that are used elsewhere in The Body Shop's Vitamin E range overall.

      The bar itself is also coloured in a pale pink shade, and it resembles an 'everyday' bar of soap, although its size and shape is slightly neater, I think, with the bar measuring approx 3 inches in length. The familiar Body Shop circular emblem is imprinted on one side of the bar, with the words "Vitamin E" appearing in capital letters on the reverse.

      Even as the bar is removed from its package, I am able to detect the faint aroma contained within, which is very familiar to me as I have used a whole variety of the bar's 'sister' products, from elsewhere in the Vitamin E range lately. Even if I hadn't become acquainted with the scent, however, I still think it would feel familiar somehow, as its gentle, 'powder-like' aroma easily reminds me of a gentle 'soap-like' scent, with a delicate trace of baby talc or baby lotion contained deep within its core. The overall scent is very subtle, allowing it to feel delicate and somewhat natural as the product is used.

      To use, I simply need to wet the bar under a running tap, and I find that 'coating' the bar in warm water will allow its soapy 'body' to come to life very quickly. I tend to 'rotate' the bar in my hands slightly, for perhaps three or so 'turns' to gently agitate its soapy surface. Doing so will allow the warm water to work with the soap and produce the most gentle of creamy lathers. This lather is what you use to cleanse your face. I have experimented slightly with the Cleansing Bar, and find that this method is what works best for me, but of course you may find a different 'technique' suits you better.

      Once the bar has produced a small 'handful' of creamy lather, I put the bar to one side. This is surprisingly easy to do, as The Body Shop has helpfully 'shaped' the bar at each end, giving it a flat surface that is not usually present with most 'general' bars of soap. This shaped 'end' allows the bar to sit upright whilst I cleanse my face, without the bar slipping and sliding all over the wet sink.

      (As a side note, I did wonder how to store my bar, as the packaging is not re-sealable in any way. I came across a plastic 'travel' soap dish in a local discounted drugstore for around 50 pence, and this has proven to be the perfect receptacle for housing my Cleansing Bar between uses, keeping it free from dust or grime and offering a hygienic storage solution.)

      Washing my face with the soap's lather feels just wonderful. My tired skin feels gently refreshed by the bar's delicate suds, although it is fair to say there is no real 'revitalising' quality evident from this particular product. Instead, the deliciously-creamy 'foam' glides quietly and easily over my skin, feeling wonderfully soft and extremely delicate. I tend to spend a moment or two really 'working' the creamy lather over my face as not only do I want to achieve maximum cleanliness on my skin, but also because I find the lather feels so soft, with a noticeable 'nourishing' feeling evident as it works into my skin.

      This is very welcome, particularly as my face has been so dry lately, with many spot-fighting products taking something crucial from my skin's moisture... A very difficult problem to correct.

      Rinsing the bar's lather from my face takes a mere moment, and fresh water splashed onto the face will remove most traces quickly, with only one or two traces lingering at more 'concealed' areas around my jaw line requiring a further rinse. As with all cleanser products, you should avoid the delicate eye area when using the Vitamin E Bar, as the product will irritate and sting the eyes if it comes into contact with them.

      After cleansing, I always splash cold water on my face to help close my pores. I then always PAT my face dry with a fluffy towel or flannel, taking care not to be overly harsh or 'rub' my delicate skin.

      The end result is extremely impressive, I must admit. With skin being left spotlessly, - actually 'squeaky' - clean, all traces of grime or residue have been completely removed. I find the Cleansing Bar will even remove make-up traces effectively, although I do my best to avoid leaving make-up 'sitting' on my skin after being worn. I find that there is nothing 'heavy' lurking around on my skin after cleansing with the bar; there is no residue or 'tackiness' to be found. The bar's delicate aroma is noticeable during and after use, but I find this fades quite quickly, leaving only a light trace of it's 'powder-like' scent behind in an unobtrusive way.

      In addition to skin being thoroughly cleansed, it feels delicate and softened, even though no moisturiser product has been applied at this stage. With unsightly patches of dryness being completely smoothened and nourished, they are no longer evident, with only one notoriously stubborn patch of dryness remaining. Even this, however, has received some much-needed moisture, or so it would seem, as the patch has shrunk in size, with its horribly 'flaky' appearance seeming calmer and less dry than it previously did. With continued use of the Cleansing Bar too, I find that this troublesome patch of dryness is rapidly becoming less of a problem, as it seems to be shrinking further, with its flaky appearance appearing more subdued and calmer than it previously did.

      Overall, the appearance and feel of my face seems to be calmer, less dry and more healthy-looking. There is no familiar 'tightness' present on my skin, which is something I find is often present after cleansing. In actual fact, I could probably omit the use of my facial moisturiser, at least every once in a while, if I chose to do so. This result will probably vary from consumer to consumer, but considering how terribly dry and sensitive my skin is, I can't quite believe the improvement in both the texture and appearance of my face. This result was evident very early on too, after only a couple of uses of the Bar.

      This result has impressed me so much that I have raved about the Vitamin E Cleansing Bar to just about anybody who will listen to me. I have already purchased one for my sister and my mum, as they suffer with dry skin in the same way that I do. It is a product that I will most definitely repurchase for myself in the future too, with it being quite some time since I have obtained such impressive results from a simple Cleansing Bar.

      For the reasons outlined in this review, I really recommend The Body Shop's Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar, finding it an easy and convenient facial cleansing product that works exceptionally well at cleansing my skin, whilst exercising a more gentle, subtle approach that my dry skin seems rather grateful for! At only £3, I feel this product is something of a bargain too, and it comes with my full recommendation, together with top marks in the Dooyoo product rating score.


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        16.10.2010 22:58
        Very helpful



        cheaper version of Lush Fresh Farmacy

        When I recently ran out of cleanser as well as buying my usual Garnier foaming wash, I thought I would try this. As it was part of the Vitamin E range, I didn't think it would be as drying as if it was in the tea tree range. When I don't use a face scrub in the shower, I like to use something else to clean my face and the cleanser bottles are a bit fiddly so this would be ideal to just grab and use.

        It came wrapped in thin plastic with a slip of paper inside just telling you what it was which I was pleased with as it had minimum packing although I'm not sure if the packaging is recyclable.

        You get a 100g of curved pink soap which is easy to hold with the body shop logo embossed on one side. It makes a huge change from my usual Lush soaps! The soap doesn't have any real smell to it just a light and fresh one which I expected.

        I used this the same day in the shower and wet it under the water and applied straight to my face. It didn't give much lather which was disappointing but the bubbles felt quite rich. I then just used my fingers to give it a good rub it and managed to get some in my eye (ouch!). Once my face had dried it did leave my skin feeling really clean but though and it felt quite tight and dry even more that Lush Fresh Farmacy which is unusual as I have oily/combination skin. I tried it again the next day by rubbing the bar between my hands and put this onto my face which produced more lather and worked better as I avoided my eye and my skin didn't feel as dry afterwards.

        I have now given up using this on my face as it is too drying and I always manage to get some in my eye. I now use the bar as hand soap and it has lasted absolutely ages and it says you can use it as a body soap as well. I have had it out for 2 months and it has not even halved in size, so if it works for you, it ends up being very economical. I bought this bar for £2.25 (with my love your body card) but it's normally £2.50. Right now online there is also 30% off all purchases and there is often a 3 for 2 offer or spend £15 and get a free mask etc.


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        16.10.2010 19:24
        Very helpful



        Good for a face wash but not for make up removing.

        I generally find the Body Shop's standard prices overpriced, but they do really good special offers, so when they have a couple of offers on I stock up. I had to make my expenditure up so I was looking around the website for cheap things to get it over a certain threshold and came across the Vitamin E facial cleansing bar which seemed a bargain for £2.50 and I am always looking for things to get my face clean anyway.

        It feels wrong to call it a soap as the way it is marketed suggests it is more than that! The bar comes in plastic wrapping, a bit similar to cling film, with a pink rectangular sticker over the top. The bar is rectangular but has sort of rounded edges.

        The bar doesn't have a soft scent, alike to other vitamin E stuff, but has a very soft and subtle floral tone to it. Nothing that you would be able to smell on your skin after you have used it.

        The bar lathers up easily and feels soft on the skin. It gave my skin the deep cleanse I get from a face wash, but didn't make it dry and flaky or irritate my eczema like normal soap does. In this sense the bar was a bargain as it lasts longer than my normal face scrubs yet worked as well. I never thought I would describe something from the body shop which is full price as a bargain, but this really is.

        Compared to soap or a face wash this bar does really well, but if you compare it to cleanser, like it is marketed it is not quite as good. Purely because I would use cleanser to remove my make up, but you couldn't use this bar in the same way as it would just spread the make up all over your face. The vitamin E cleansing lotion is good at removing make up but this is not.

        The perfect product would do both in one, this doesn't, but it is still good!


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        29.08.2010 08:41
        Very helpful



        see review

        I walked past The Body Shop on a recent shopping spree and decided to call in as I remembered reading a review on one of their eye creams which had received high praise and I was interested in purchasing it.

        Once I was in The Body Shop I noticed there was a promotion on skin care where by if you spent £10.00 you received a Vitamin E facial spray worth £7.00 for free. This seemed like a good free gift and because they eye cream was £9.00 to buy on its own it made sense to purchase another item and get the free gift!

        I began looking around for a cheap product to get my bill cost up to £10.00 or more and I spotted the Vitamin E facial cleansing bar for just £2.50. I am not usually a fan of soaps-even for washing my hands I opt to use a liquid soap but I purchased the bar anyway as it was the cheapest item there!

        The bar comes with minimal packaging and is basically just shrink wrapped with a pink label. I like the fact that the product is over packaged as many seem to be these days! The packaging is also recyclable.

        On the pink label you can see a small Body Shop logo along with "Vitamin E facial cleansing bar" The soap also claims that it cleanses and conditions all skin types. The soap is 100g and is a pale pink in colour with a lovely clean and fresh scent to it. The soap looks like any other bar of soap once unpacked but it has Vitamin E engraved into it.

        When I first used this product I thought it would be nice to try and wash my make up off with it. This wasn't my best idea due to the fact that I wear quite a lot of eye make up and so I washed off the majority of my make up with a make up wipe before using the soap again.

        This time I wet my hands with some warm water and then rubbed the soap on my hands. This created a little bit of a lather and then I applied it to my face using my hands. The soap foamed up well on my face and then I washed it off and patted my face dry with a towel.

        Initially I felt that this product was not going to be any good for me. My skin felt quite dry and tight after use and my skin often feels this way if I use a normal soap. However after just a few minutes my skin felt quite soft and certainly very cleansed. I am used to my skin feeling quite "damp" and somewhat greasy at times just after I remove my make up with a wipe so this was a really lovely change and one I will certainly be wanting to repeat.

        Whilst the soap does state that it is a facial soap I see no reason why you could not use it on other areas of your body should you wish to.

        The ingredients, for those that can understand them are as follows:

        Sodium Palmate
        Sodium Palm Kernelate
        Citric Acid
        Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
        Etidronate Acid
        Tetrasodium EDTA
        CI 77891
        CI 17200

        This product is a Body Shop product and as such can only be bought either in their stores or on their website but I would definitely recommend that people try this soap. It is a reasonable price and I am sure the bar will last a very long time.


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          18.05.2010 14:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Brilliant cleansing even with make up!

          I like buying Body Shop products because of their strong moral and ethnics as well as the fact they use natural ingredients. They are renowned for being high quality yet reasonably priced.

          This cleansing bar comes in 100g of pink soap bar in a pink paper and cellophane packaging.

          It is priced at £2.50 and is available in Body Shops, Body Shop Parties and online at bodyshop.co.uk.

          I bought this item as I had originally tried and liked the Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Cleanser.

          You use the cleansing bar exactly as you would use a bar of soap. Placing it under warm water, rubbing it between your hands it makes a lovely fragranced soft pink lather. Then you gently apply to your face and rub.

          Even with make up I have found that this product removes all of my makeup very effectively.

          On rinsing the face in warm water it leaves the face soft and silky smooth with a pleasant but not overpowering vitamin E fragrance.

          In this vitamin E range there are cleansers, moisturisers as well as eye creams and facial masks available. They all range from around £2.50 to £15. There are also specific night and day creams available.

          One of the cheapest yet most effective cleansing bars I have tried. It also lasts me around about 3 months using it roughly twice a day to cleanse my skin. My boyfriend also loves it too!

          For £2.50 I dont really think you can go wrong in giving it a go!!!


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            16.03.2010 18:09
            Very helpful



            Another fab product for dry skin from the Body Shop

            I bought a 100g bar of this facial soap for £2.50 recently from the Body Shop website, I actually bought it purely to pad my order out to get it over the £15 mark in order to qualify for free postage, it was therefore not a product I specifically wanted.

            I knew that this soap bar was likely to be a pretty good bet as a bonus item (of sorts!) because the Vitamin E range is one which my mother-in-law swears by, claiming that on her incredibly sensitive skin it does wonders and soothes and moisturises without irritation. Being someone who also suffers with very sensitive and dry skin on my face I figured this would be worth a try seeing as I needed to fill my basket a little anyway.

            So, this bar is not rounded like other body shop soaps are, it is flat at the ends and I assume this is to differentiate it from the other soaps they make which are not specifically designated as 'facial' soaps. It is a pale pink colour which matches the rest of the Vitamin E range and it fits perfectly in the hands.

            There is no particular fragrance to this bar but then it is intended for sensitive skin, there is a slight (very slight) floral aroma to it but nothing you can particularly detect and compared to many other body shop products it is very subtle.

            So, I tend to keep a bar of this soap in the shower and I alternate between a scrub and a facial wash usually. But when my skin on my face feels particularly dry I have been known to use the Dove range of bar soaps as a stand by. This replaced the last bar of Dove and I have now used it a number of times.

            I really like it, it lathers up in an incredibly gratifying way with very little effort and the lather actually feels very silky and smooth (quite similar to Dove). When rubbing on to my face it feels like it is not sapping the skin of moisture or making it tight - two reasons why I avoid plain soap like the plague on my face.

            After washing I noticed that my particularly dry areas on my cheeks are not as bad as when I use other products. They are still there but not quite as noticable or extensive. It seems it was a blessing in disguise buying this bar of soap as I love the way it leaves my skin feeling.

            I would not use this every day, but as a rotated product it seems to be a lovely soap to use, the other benefit is that because it is pink (unlike the Dove) my other half does not use it (I think he assumes it smells girly which it actually doesn't) so for me it will last a very long time.

            A fab product from a solid range, this is certainly one I will be buying deliberately rather than to fill a basket next time, but what a happy accident!


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            09.05.2008 21:34
            Very helpful



            Certainly worth trying!

            I am terrible, even though I know which products really work for my skin I still keep trying new ones all the time. I don't know what it is that drives me but I just get bored using the same products all the time. I bought this product ages ago and stuck it in the drawer that I keep all my 'back up' products in, I have all sorts in there, make up, shampoo, creams, lotions and potions as well as shower gel coming out of my ears. The thing is I see sale items or offers and just buy it. It is handy because we never run out of anything and if there is a birthday I haven't shopped for I just go to my drawer.

            This has been left there and not thought about and each time I went to the drawer and noticed it I thought to myself that I should get round to using it. Finally I have.

            This looks like a bar of 'normal' soap, it is soap but it is specially formulated for the face, that said it can actually be used all over your body if you wanted to (I have only used it for my face).

            I usually use face washes, my favourite being The Body Shops seaweed version. I have combination skin that can be slightly sensitive but a reaction is rare.

            This soap is wrapped in plastic and a large label detailing about it but as I have thrown that away I can't really tell you much about it. This is great from the point of view that it is much less packaging than with a face wash.

            This weighs in at 100g so basically the same size as any soap.

            This bar contains no animal by-products as they use palm and coconut oils in a vegetable soap base as well as glycerine for it's moisturising properties. You may be wondering why Vitamin E is any good for your skin, well it is supposed to help protect it from sun, pollution and cigarette smoke as well as being good at neutralising free radicals that will damage the skin. It is all rather technical if you ask me! But basically if you protect your skin it will look better long term.

            It had VITAMIN E moulded into one side and the other was the Body Shop logo. It is soft pale pink. As with all the Vitamin E products that The Body Shop sells it has a delicate rose fragrance. I am not keen on the rose scent and some of this range can be a little too strongly scented for me but I don't mind this, as it is very subtle.

            Using it, as you would expect with any soap, wet it lather up some foam on your hands and apply to the face in soft circular motions.

            Rinsing is just as easy and it doesn't take much to get rid of every trace of it from the skin.

            Some cleansers can make your skin feel tight after using it and this doesn't, certainly not like normal soap would.

            I always use this first thing in the morning and use cream cleanser or wipes at night so I don't know what this is like when it comes to removing makeup but ant panda eyes I may have from the night before soon disappear with this.

            My skin is left feeling very clean and not dry or in need of toning unlike with some cleansers. I still tone afterwards but never find a trace of dirt or oil on the cotton wool.

            This does need to be kept dry when not in use or it will of course turn to mush like any soap will when it isn't allowed to dry. I am lucky I have a soap dish with drainage attached to the shower stand.

            This bar is lasting very well, I would expect it to last around three months. At £2.50 that is an absolute bargain and I may well switch to using this all the time rather than the face washes I would turn to before.

            The down side with this is going away, a bar of soap isn't practical for travelling. I will just have to use my other half's face wash when we are away or keep a seaweed one just for such occasions.

            This isn't going to be one that they guys are likely to like due to its scent but that doesn't linger on your skin that I have noticed.

            I have on a couple of occasions gone into the bathroom and noticed a slight waft of roses, which is an added plus.

            Do I recommend, yes, it is cheap, works, lasts and my skin feels pretty good!

            I am going to give it four stars, as I can't really justify five because of it not being practical for trips away.

            The Vitamin E range is for all skin types, I don't think I would recommend it for anyone with very sensitive or oily skin though.
            Other Vitamin E products are;
            Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar £2.50 (as reviewed)
            Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash £6.00
            Vitamin E Cream Cleanser £6.00
            Vitamin E Gentle Cleansing Wipes £5.50
            Vitamin E Exfoliator £7.00
            Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £6.00
            Vitamin E Moisture Serum £10.00
            Vitamin E Moisture Cream £8.00
            Vitamin E Protective SPF 15 Moisture Lotion £9.00
            Vitamin E Face Mist £6.50
            Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream £9.00
            Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream £8.50
            Vitamin E Tinted Moisturiser £8.00
            Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask £9.50
            Vitamin E Creamy Neck Gel £6.50
            Vitamin E Eye Cream £7.50
            Vitamin E Body Butter £12.00
            Vitamin E Body Lotion £7.50
            Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment £7.50
            Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 £4.00

            The Body Shop don't test on animals and are involved with several charities and foundations (see their website for more details) they even run their own version of fair trade called community trade, which makes sure people are paid a fair price for their goods.

            To find your local store, buy online (delivery is reasonably priced and usually very quick), find out more on this product and others see their website www.thebodyshop.co.uk


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              08.05.2008 23:15
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Worth a try

              The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleansing Bar

              The bar is a vegetable based soap designed especially, but not solely for use on the face. The soap comes in a 200g bar and is priced £2.50. The bar is available only from The Body Shop retail outlets and website. The bar is part of a range of Vitamin E products by the Body Shop that include- Tinted Moisturiser, Moisture Serum, Creamy neck gel, Facial Cleansing wipes, Exfoliator, Body Lotion and sun lotion

              The Packaging-
              The soap is packaged in a pale pink wrapper that keeps it well sealed until ready to use and is easy to open. It is well labelled making it easy to spot and as with all Body Shop products the wrapper is environmentally friendly.

              The Product-
              The Cleansing bar is designed to cleanse, moisturise and refresh facial skin but is also fine for use on the body. The aim of the bar is to protect and refresh skin. The bar contains Vitamin E, which is known for being good for the skin. Vitamin E is best known for its antioxidant and moisturising qualities. The soap has a very mild and fresh smell that does not linger on the skin. As with all products the bar has not been tested on animals

              How to use-
              The bar is simply used the same as a bar of soap. It should be rubbed into lather, applied to the face with gentle rubbing motions and then rinsed thoroughly.

              My experience-
              I used Vitamin E soap as a teenager due to having very bad acne and knowing that Vitamin E is good for the skin. I found the bar to work really well to cleanse and freshen the skin but did not find my skin to be moisturised after use. I actually found my skin to be a little dry with frequent use. I felt that with prolonged use it helped to improve the cleanliness and brightness of my skin but made no difference to the overall skin complaint.

              I found the product to be a great cleanser and did assist with the appearance of my skin. It is however and expensive bar of soap. I would say it is worth a try.


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            • Product Details

              A vegetable-based soap that leaves the skin feeling cleansed, lightly moisturised and refreshed /

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