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The Body Shop White Musk Body Butter

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4 Reviews
  • Good moisturiser and a delicate aroma
  • Creamy and moisturising
  • Expensive
  • Not as buttery as some
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    4 Reviews
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      17.04.2015 19:15
      Very helpful



      A good cream still after all these years.

      This range evokes so many memories from when I was a teenager, many moons ago and thought this was the Bees Knees! I still do but now having tried various other creams with different powers for your skin it doesn't have same glamour it once did.
      I now seem to wear this less than I once did but always have a pot on my shelf which is handy when I don't want to put perfume on this is a scent that is almost as good as putting on a perfume.

      This contains notes of:


      I find that this is a cream that is light and is very good to apply in small amount that covers more than you would think but is slightly sticky and doesn't sink in as quick as I would like.

      I always apply the fragrance afterwards, only one or two sprays to help the scent of the cream last longer and smell fresher as the musk aspect, for me, tends to tail off very quickly and smells a dull musk that is not nice and needs to be reapplied throughout the day.

      I do like the BODY SHOP and this WHITE MUSK products/choice range is huge now and still popular. For £13, you can get 100ml and it does tend to last a long time and
      for value for money this is good but it's even better knowing the ethical standards and work that is done.


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      25.11.2014 08:22
      Very helpful


      • "Creamy and moisturising "
      • "Scents skin"


      • Expensive
      • "Not as buttery as some "

      Sensual smelling and hydrating on skin

      I think that sometimes the Body Shop gets a bit of a bad rep for being a bit old fashioned but I like to think that it isn’t old fashioned just classic. While Lush do lots of beautiful but quirky products the Body Shop sticks to what it knows like with White Musk which remains a favourite of mine after several years of using it.

      I find that White Musk is a very sensual fragrance and although I usually like more sweet floral or fruity fragrances there is something about it that I find to be utterly delicious.

      I am obsessed with body butters mainly for the fantastic scents that they contain and I love the White Musk one which I like to apply after a bath when I am feeling a little bit sexy as I honestly do think it is quite a sexy smell. My husband also loves me wearing this which might explain why I think this way.

      This isn't quite as thick or buttery as some of the other butters but it is still so good for dry skin. It is more of a thick cream than a body butter but it is still really moisturising and rich on my skin and is super helpful for dry patches and it just feels luxurious when I apply it. Absobtion is a bit quicker than with other butters so although I normally only wear them at night because of how rich they are I can wear this during the day because it isn't too heavy though there is a lotion that is lighter that I prefer to wear during the day.

      This scents my skin with the fragrance of White Musk for hours and hours after applying it. It is quite a delicate scent of musk with this compared to the perfume but you can definitely smell it on your skin for ages and it smells delicious.

      It is quite an expensive product at £13 for a 200ml tub but because it is just so good and because it smells so delicious I think it is worth it. I tend to be quite heavy handed with how much I apply of this but if you are a bit more careful it should last a while because even a small amount really does hydrate your skin.


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      23.05.2014 22:47
      Very helpful


      • "Good moisturiser and a delicate aroma "


      • "Expensive at full price "

      Delicately fragranced and a very good body moisturiser

      ===The Product===

      Body Shop White Musk Body Butter.
      Comes in white screw top plastic tub with a lilac lid.
      Solid white glossy body butter.
      Use within 12 months and it is made in UK.
      200 mls.
      Made wit cruelty free musk and do not use on your face.


      Full price was 13 pounds on the Body Shop website.

      ===White Musk Products Currently on Sale with Body Shop===

      There are currently many items using this fragrance including perfume and after shave as well as deodorants and soaps..

      As well as White Musk the Body Shop also sell White Musk Libertine and White Musk Smoky Rose.

      ===My Opinion===

      I was not well acquainted with the White Musk fragrance so must admit I bought this body butter online not knowing what it would smell like - but I had heard that the White Musk was a popular and long lasting line of products.

      The butter comes in the standard round tub that all the Body Shop body butters come in - this one has an attractive lilac lid.

      I was not sure what to expect from this butter but I am a great fan of all the other Body Shop body butters I have tried.

      This one is glossing and white and when you open the tub the smell is very light and feminine - there may be a very faint hint of mus but it is not the heavy sort of musky smell you get with some perfumes. This one has a more floral note in my opinion and s sweet and feminine. The butter is of the same good quality as the others I have tried and goes on well and is very moisturising - leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth for many hours after application.

      The smell is not overpowering but strong enough so that you could use this butter on your hands or body and then have enough aroma wafting around you delicately that you would not rally need perfume - especially if it was just for a hint of a fragrance.

      I can see why this white musk is a popular line with Body Shop and will definitely be buying some more of the range.

      The smell is such a general sweet one that it could be used any time fo the year.

      The cream is recommended to give up to 24 hours moisturisation - and I do find that the body butters last much longer than any other creams I have tried - i especially like using them on my feet overnight.

      According to their website the body butter contains ''notes of musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla, as well as Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana''.

      This body butter is gorgeous but at 13 pounds I find it a little expensive but Body Shop often do promotions online when you can buy the body butters for bargain prices.

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars - expensive at full price.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      13.01.2014 16:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      It's okay and does leave skin softer but I prefer their other butters

      I have been given a few Body Shop items for Christmas. I tend not to buy their body butters myself as they can be expensive but am always grateful to receive them as gifts. One such butter I have is from their Musk range. On the website I see they cost £13 for a 200ml tub, there is however offers on such as spend £25 and get a tenner off.

      The tub is purple with minimal wording, except for the incredibly long ingredients list. The lid is easy to screw off.

      It's described on their website as being a super-rich and creamy Body Butter which is scented with their White Musk fragrance that will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth. It contains musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla, as well as Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana. The butter boasts up to 24 hour hydration and cruelty free musk fragrance- a plant rather than musk from a dear's glands- phew........

      On opening I could see this 'butter' is not as set as the usual butters I've had and used from the Body Shop. The texture is more of a cream and very white- my other body butters are normally coloured. The musky floral smell is quite strong in the tub but not unpleasantly so. I can't really detect the other fragrances vanilla or lily for example which is a shame because I like them.

      The butter has a creamy consistency which spreads on the skin easily without a great amount being needed for a good cover, going by this the tub should last ages. This is a little creamier and greasier than other butters however it does absorb eventually with a lot of rubbing in and a bit of waiting time.

      It does moisturise and probably the claim of 24 hour hydration is correct. I don't suffer a lot of dry skin except my hands and elbows, I have noticed an improvement in these areas though nothing major but the rest of my 'normal' skin feels softer. My skin stays vaguely scented for hours, I'm not overly keen on musk but this doesn't smell too artificial and is quite subtle once it's died down.

      Good points:

      My skin feels and looks a tad healthier for using this. It doesn't irritate me in any way, smells okay, absorbs eventually leaving a moisturised layer, and not much is needed. Uses Fair Trade shea butter and is cruelty free.

      Bad points:

      Has a slightly greasy residue for a while, needs a good rub in, smell isn't to everyones taste, is expensive for what it is.

      3 stars from me as I like a body butter to be firmer and fruity.


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