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The Sanctuary Gentle Cream Exfoliator

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Brand: The Sanctuary / Type: Exfoliator / Texture: Cream / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 22:34
      Very helpful



      worth a try

      I decided to alternate between products and after my mum bought this exfoliator I decided to give it a try. When I asked my mum the price I was quite impressed at how cheap the product was - only £4.99 however at the same time I was slightly skeptical as to whether it would be any good since I am used to using more expensive products.

      The product comes in a simple white 100ml tube with blue writing and the sanctuary logo. The product contains Bamboo, Jojoba and Olive granules and it is advertised to leave skin glowing and refined.

      When I first tried the product, I noticed the exfoliator was quite thick and creamy - a lot different to other exfoliators I have used which have been very granule like and beady. This cream did have an unusual texture in my opinion. However when I applied it I could feel the granules which was good. I did need to apply a fair amount since for some reason the product seemed to just lie on my skin and not absorb very well.

      After leaving the exfoliator on my face for a little while, I then proceeded to rinse it off and my skin did feel softer and more refreshed which was nice. I did notice that my pores had opened up well but my skin did not feel like it had had much new done to it compared to other exfoliators I have used, although it was obvious to me that there was a slight improvement in my skin so obviously the product was doing something right.

      To be honest, I would use this again since it is very cheap but I feel I need to apply it more usual than other exfoliators to get the same results, nevertheless I would definitely recommend it.


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      07.06.2010 22:07
      Very helpful



      Probably better for those with sensitive skin

      The Sanctuary's Spa Gentle Cream Exfoliator can be purchased from Boots, both instore and online, as well as on The Sanctuary's own website. It usually retails for £4.99, however Boot's are currently running a half-price promotion on Sanctuary skincare products, making it a bargain at just £2.49 a tube.


      Most of The Sanctuary's skin care range is packaged in the same way, and this exfoliator is no different. It comes in a very plain white tube, which contains 100ml of the product. On the front of the packaging is The Sanctuary logo, the name of the product and we are also told the product refines pores as well as polishing the skin.

      On the rear of the tube is much more information. We are given a little background information on Sanctuary, contact details and a list of ingredients.


      The Sanctuary claim the exfoliator removes "dead skin cells and refines skin texture". They go on to say the bamboo, jojoba and olive granules and organic white willow extract prevent the skin drying out. Finally, we are informed the horsechestnut tones the skin.

      Following use, The Sanctuary claim your skin will feel polished, refined and glowing.


      "Smooth over wet clean skin on the face and neck using an upward circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water."

      My Experience

      If you look at my reviews, you will realise I am a huge Sanctuary fan, and I have slowly being working my way through their range of products. When I was informed of the current half-price promotion at Boots I could not resist going a little bit mad, so mad in fact my bedroom now resembles a beauty salon. The gentle cream exfoliator is one of the many products I purchased.

      Before use I washed my face with Sanctuary's Hot Cloth Cleanser (fab product, highly recommend). When my skin was still damp I squeezed a small amount of the exfoliator on to the back of my hand. The product is a very light peach colour, with dark brown beads. It has a light but fresh scent, different to any Sanctuary products I have used previously. It is also quite thick, and gloopy.

      I applied the exfoliator to my damp face. I found it quite different to apply to the skin. As it was so thick it did not go very far, which meant I had to use quite a large amount to cover my face. It was also quite difficult to massage into my skin. I think this was because my skin had dried a little, although it was damp to start with.

      I was surprised by the lack of exfoliating beads contained within the product. As I was rubbing it into my skin I couldn't feel them at all, in fact it felt more like a cleanser than a exfoliator.

      I massaged the product into the skin for a couple of minutes, having to dampen the skin again half way through because it was just too difficult to rub in. I then rinsed my face thoroughly with warm water. It is quite difficult to rinse off with it being so thick, and I did have to rub my face as I was rinsing, but this wasn't a major problem.

      I followed exfoliation with a toner and moisturiser as suggested by Sanctuary and closely inspected my face. My face felt very soft after use, but there was little change in the appearance of my skin, and I would certainly not say it was glowing.

      I am quite disappointed with this product from The Sanctuary. I am a huge fan of theirs, and this is the only product I have not being impressed with. For an exfoliator, it did not seem to exfoliate, which is obviously a bit of a problem. However, it is named the Gentle Cream Exfoliator, so perhaps I was expecting too much. I like to give my face a good scrub when exfoliating, and in retrospect a product with the word gentle in the title is unlikely to do this. This product is perhaps more suited to those with sensitive skin.

      I would highly recommend Sanctuary's Radiant Skin Exfoliator as an alternative. For a really good scrub their Warming Microbrasion Polish is absolutely fantastic, and well worth a try with the current half price promotion.

      Overall, wouldn't recommend this one, but don't let it put you off Sanctuary.


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    • Product Details

      An everyday exfoliator that combines Bamboo, Jojoba and Olive Granules to exfoliate and enhance cell turnover / Your skin feels polished, refined and glowing /

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