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The Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub

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  • Gets rid of dead skin
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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2015 22:18
      Very helpful


      • "Gets rid of dead skin"


      • None

      Lovely tingly feeling

      I was recently given this tub of Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub by my mom after she had a sort out of her bathroom cupboard. I do like Sanctuary products and have tried many of them over the years but I had not heard of this one. I have had a look online and this hot sugar scrub is £12.00 for a 550g tub and is widely available online and in chemists and other stores.

      This is a thermal scrub which cleanses deep down into your skin and it is supposed to give you a warm feeling which I was quite amazed to find that it actually does. I used it in the normal way I use a body scrub, by scooping it out with my fingers and then applying it onto my body sponge, and then massaging it into my skin. You can feel tiny bits in the scrub which you can feel as you are massaging it and you really do get a warm tingly feeling which is quite pleasant. Apparently it contains something called thermal zeolite which is what gives you this warm feeling and helps to open your pores so it sinks in deeper.

      I would describe the scrub as quite a rich cream with tiny grains all the way through it, and to use I will step under the shower to make sure my skin is wet and then squeeze some cream out onto my sponge or hands and then rub into my skin using small circular motions. It does tend to lather up as I am using it so it spreads easily on my skin and I can feel the grains rubbing away at the surface of my skin but it is not unpleasant at all. When I am happy that I have rubbed it into the required areas I will stand back under the shower and rinse it off.

      When I have finished my skin feels a bit tingly but it also feels very fresh and invigorated. I will always apply body moisturiser afterwards and it does seem to soak in well and leaves me with lovely soft feeling skin. By exfoliating on a regular basis I know I am getting rid of any dead skin cells and helping to improve my circulation and I am always glad when I have done it which is usually once or twice a week.

      I think that this is an effective exfoliating scrub which lathers up well, smells lovely and it does make my skin feel clean and nourished, and this scrub is different from others I have used as you do get a warm feeling when you are using it. I use this along with other Sanctuary products and think it is a good quality product which anyone can use and I would buy it again


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      11.03.2011 16:39
      Very helpful
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      an excellent product that I feel is worth the high price tag

      For those of you who regularly read and rate my reviews will know I'm on a mission to try every Sanctuary product I can. So, with that in mind, on my last trip to Boots I bought this Hot Sugar Scrub. I had decided before I went that this would be the next product I would try after having read a review of it so I had high expectations before I even started using it whether or not it lived up to these expectations however remained to be seen.


      The scrub comes in a clear plastic pot in a shape that I can only describe as short and squat! Since the pot is clear you can see the scrub inside it which is a light creamy colour, within this you can see several very small clear beads which I assume is the sugar.

      Printed on the front is the Sanctuary name and logo and it tells me that it is the Hot Sugar Scrub from the spa essentials range. This is the only label on the side of the pot but on the bottom is a sticky label with the ingredients, the symbol to tell me that the packaging is recyclable and the shelf life - which is 12 months. Although I seem to use quite a bit each time so unlike most Sanctuary products I can't see this lasting anywhere near that long when used regularly.

      The lid to this pot is round and orange. Printed on the top is all the information that is printed on the side of the pot but it also tells me that the tub contains 550g and that it is designed to warm and invigorate your skin and that it contains "natural, organic sugar".

      The Use

      Opening the pot reveals a cream scrub with obvious particles in it, again, I assume this is the sugar. The smell is that spicy scent that the Spa essentials range has and is obvious as soon as the pot is opened. The scrub itself resembles a very thick clay and this is reinforced when you put your fingers in it to remove some of it. It takes a fair bit of pressure to remove a decent sized blob. I find a bit about the size of three, two pound coins is enough to do one part of my body.

      Since one of the ingredients reacts with water in order to get the warming effect provided by this scrub I did worry about putting my wet hands in in order to remove some of the product. To try and combat this I shook the water off my hand before putting it into the pot. Obviously my hand is still damp after this but it doesn't seem to have effected the results or the warming sensation, there is however some noticeable water spots that sit on the top of the scrub but this has gone by the next day and is only noticeable while I use it. I would however worry about using this in a shower because I'm sure having a lot of water pour into it won't do it any good!

      Rubbing it onto me does thin it out. It initially feels a lot like one of those clay masks you can get for your body but after rubbing it onto me it thins out so you are just left with the sugar grains and a very thin grey layer. It does spread across my skin very easily though with very little effort. There are plenty of sugar grains, I would go so far as saying that there are more in this then most others I have tried so it is very reassuring in regards to the exfoliation it provides. The scent did seem to disappear slightly once I started rubbing it onto me; it is still there just more delicate then before.

      As soon as I start rubbing it in I can feel it start to warm up and it really does get quite hot. Although it does clearly state that it is a hot sugar scrub I wasn't expecting the level of heat produced by this. Now I've gotten used to it though it's a very nice sensation and one I really enjoy. It is very stimulating so probably not a product to use at night! Sanctuary say to rinse it off as soon as the heat has cooled down. I would say this takes between one and two minutes of scrubbing. Rinsing it off is fairly easy but I have found I need a sponge or flannel or something other then just my hands in order to get it all of since even the thin layer left on my skin is thick enough to stick to me slightly.


      The scent did linger on my skin all day (though I did use it in combination with the body wash and so I can't say how much was due to the scrub and how much was the wash).

      I have been using this every other day now for about a month (although I would say the results last for around 3 days so you could use it less). My skin is noticeably smoother and brighter; it now has a healthy glow to it where as before it was very dull and generally looked far less then perfect. I'm also prone to acne on my back and I have noticed this has been occurring a lot less since I have been using this (Maybe I should try it on my face!). I haven't changed any other product and so I'm happy to say that the results I've found are purely down to this scrub and not any other changes I may have made.

      My skin, immediately after use, feels a lot smoother and softer and this is noticeable into the second/third day too. I have also been using this on the hard skin on my feet as the results I experienced on the rest of my body have been beyond any of my expectations and so wondered how it would work on that and whilst it has taken around the whole month I've been using it so far it is beginning to make a difference, my skin is still hard but its a lot softer then before and not as sore either.

      I have no reservations about recommending this product. It is expensive considering you need to use quite a bit each time (I reckon the pot will last around 3 months) but it is more then worth the money for the results I have experienced.


      PEG-8, Zeolite, Sucrose, Kaolin, Glycerin, Zinc oxide, PEG-220, Parfum, Silica, Benzyl salicylate, Linalool, Benzyl benzoate, Hexyl cinnamal, Limonene.

      So therefore this is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. According to The Sanctuary (www.thesanctuary.co.uk) these ingredients not only exfoliate but the heat provided by the product helps to open up pores and this works in conjunction with Kaolin clay which draws impurities out from your skin.

      Price And Availability

      This is available from both The Sanctuary themselves or from Boots. Both places charge £10.20 for a 550g tub and both places often have a 3 for 2 offer.

      Contact Information


      The Sanctuary Connections
      Hemel Hempstead,
      HP2 7EA

      01442 430367


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