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treSonics Facial Cleansing & Massaging System

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Brand: treSonics / Type: Cleansing / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Rejuvenates

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 19:01
      Very helpful



      A great system that will change the way you cleanse forever and moisturise forever.

      A few days before my 28th birthday I saw this on QVC and after many years of not being able to sort out a skincare routine for my skin I thought it was now or never in regards to investing in my skin.
      So what is Tresonic Facial Cleansing and Massage System? It's a battery operated cleanser that uses pulsonic waves to give your skin a deep clean loosening any dirt and removing make-up/pollution and skincare products that sometimes get stuck on the skin giving it a dull appearance.
      What you get in the kit is a brush for sensative skin (recommended for everyone when you first start using Tresonic) a brush for normal skin and a deep hydrating applicator. The idea is for you to use the brush to remove the inpurities off your skin, and then use the hydrating applicator to apply your favourite (non-oil) based moisturiser. By using the Tresonic system you should get more out of your favourite cleanser and moisturiser as you use less f the product.
      The brushes last 3 months if they are used everyday, or up to two years if you use it once a week. The sponge applicators (hydrating applicator) should be replaced again every three months. It may last longer, however it is a sponge so I feel it would benefit from frequent replacing.
      To use the system you simply inset the AA (X2) batteries into the hand bit, and attach the brush or applicator to it and apply your chosen product (it's recommended you do not use the system with exfoliators due to their little bits). It takes around a minute to cleanse your face with this system-which means it doesn't take any extra time than washing with soap and water but it does a better job in my opinion.
      To clean the system all you do is turn the system on and put the brush into water and the 'inpurities' come off. I wash mine after each use.
      So how have I found using the system? It's easy, quick to set up and my skin looks great. According to my mum my face looks like it's been in the washing machine so it must be doing a deep clean. My skin feels cleaner, and I've noticed some of the blackheads have disappeared-result! I shall continue to use it everyday.
      Is it worth the price of £36.75? I think so as the nearest item to this I could find was around £150.00.
      Are replacement brushes/applicators available? Indeed so, you get two brush heads for £10.00 and four applicator heads for £10.00 plus the usual postage cost. The batteries will need replacing, so that's a cost to factor in too as this product is not mains operated.
      A great system for all the family (from teens up). You'll need one unit and then brushes for each family member.


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      22.04.2010 15:31
      Very helpful



      Great device that will never be going back

      TreSonics Facial Cleansing System

      Everyone dreams of perfect looking skin and I am no exception, after all I'm 27 and still suffer with terrible skin. One minute my skin is oily, dry, combination... I have no idea what skin type I have as it's such a mess. One thing I did know though is I wanted my skin to have a deep down clean. Every night without fail I give myself a double cleanse, which is what everyone should do. Double cleanse is when you cleanse your face as normal and remove eye makeup etc, rinse off and do it all again this time for a little longer and getting into every bit and then rise. There is no need to double cleanse in the morning as you've only been sleeping.

      But I felt like I was missing something, yes my double cleanse was good but I wanted something extra to give myself a 'facial' experience and a really deep down cleanse. After searching the internet I came across other systems that cost £90 upwards! So the lookout for a cheaper version was on, before I got to QVCUK.com website I read other review on a cheaper version called treSonics Facial Cleansing System. treSonics cleanses the pores deep down while giving a facial massage at the same time. This system has Sonic technology, which is in the most expensive facial cleansing systems as well. treSonics helps to gently loosen dirt and oil that are trapped in the pores, giving you clean and glowing skin.
      treSonics comes with two facial brushes that attach to the system, one brush has a blue ring inside and the other has a black ring. The blue ring is for sensitive skin and first time users to get used to the system and the black ring is for normal skins, which is a little stiff compared to the blue ring.
      The kit also comes with a deep-hydration applicator, which is used with your moisturisers for a great absorption and a facial massage, which you can use at any time to give yourself a facial massage.

      I bought this system from QVCUK.com for £32.52 with P+P at £4.45, this way if I didn't like it I could send it back. Thankfully for me it wont be going back.

      I tried it that night after reading the instruction that are included in the pack, also included are two batteries, which is great considering many products these days don't come with batteries included so that was something less to pay for.
      TreSonic can not be used on the eye area so it is best to remove all eye makeup before use.

      To use your treSonics unit simply choose which one of the cleansing heads you would like to use, I first used the black one just to see what it was like. You run a little water on the bristles first and then apply your cleanser of choice. I found if you use a non-lather cleanser it works wonderfully and if you use a foaming cleanser it works just as well but don't put a lot of the cleanser onto the cleansing head as it foams quite a bit.
      I first tried it with a non-foaming cleanser, after placing the head onto the device itself, which simply clicks into place with little effort and turned it on with the on and off button at the front of the device. All ready before you even place it against your face you can feel the vibrations going all the way through your hands and wrist so you know you're going to get a good clean.
      As I started to massage the head across my face straight away I could tell the black cleansing head is tough, almost stiff bristles and I couldn't use it, I had to switch to the sensitive one.
      Again I wet the bristles and put some cleanser onto it and started again. This time the bristles felt a lot better, softer and smooth on my skin so I proceeded to cleanse my whole face.
      The recommend time on each facial area is as follows: cheeks 10 seconds on each, forehead 20 seconds, nose and chin 20 seconds. You have more seconds on those areas as this is where you more likely to get blocked pores, blackheads and spots.
      As your massaging your face instead of holding it and moving it up and down your face, it is better to rotate the device in circular movements, this helps to unclog your pores, removes dirt and gives a much better clean.

      The cleansing heads can be used on a daily basis for a great clean, personally I like to use it every other day.
      With the cleansing head it's not just for the facial area, it can be used on areas such as arms, hands, shoulders, chest, back and legs. You can also use the massage head this was as well and give yourself a full body massage.

      Once finished you feel like you have had a mini facial, not only has the device cleaned your skin thoroughly but a little massage as well.
      If you want a more of a massage you can take off the cleansing head and replace it with the massaging head and gently go over your face with it avoiding the delicate eye area. I found it's lovely to just glide the head over the facial area, lightly and slowly. Because of the vibrations when near to your nose, it makes you sneeze, I found this anyway hehe.

      Afterwards I tried the deep hydration head to apply my moisturisers and I didn't like it at all, I found its hard to apply moisturiser all around the facial area and it feels like nothing is happening and I have wasted some product as it's sunk into the sponge head. So I wont be doing that again. I prefer to apply moisturiser via my hand, you get everywhere, it has spread even and has been warmed by my hands for better absorption.

      The device also comes complete with holder so you wont be damaging it when storing it. it is neat and compact so wont take up much space.

      TreSonic say to replace the heads every 90 days, I have used mine for longer than that and there still going strong.

      In all a great product I wont be giving up. A big thumbs up for me.


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