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Tri Peptox Collagen+ Intensive Lifting Masque

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Brand: Tri-Peptox / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Lifts,

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2013 22:48



      I recently purchased this product in sainsburys while browsing for a treat for my skin. When I applied the mask as directed I timed 5 minutes but became aware quite rapidly that my skin was hot and sore so I rinsed it straight off. When I looked in the mirror I could have cried. My skin was bright red, sore and radiating heat as if I had severe sunburn. I spent the next hour or so splashing my face with cold water, dabbing with an ice pack and looking at the horrifying results. I took an antihistamine in case it was an allergic reaction. It amazes me that there is absolutely no warning about the strength of this product on the packaging! It has certainly done my skin far more harm than good and has gone straight in the bin. I would not recommend this product!


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      24.01.2012 16:44
      Very helpful



      Handle with care!

      As I age I find myself in the strange position of trying to learn how to love the lines on my face yet still using anti ageing products in an attempt to slow down the ageing process.

      Shopping in Sainsbury's recently I spied the TRI Peptox skincare range and was drawn to their Collagen + Intensive Lifting Mask. Priced at just £5.99 the packaging claimed the mask would boost collagen production, enhance my skin radiance and firm and tone my skin. This sounded just the tonic my skin needed so in my basket it went.

      ~~The Mask~~

      The mask is packaged inside a box but is contained inside a small tube which contains 50 ml of product. According to the tube, it's been dermatologically tested.

      The mask contains TRI Peptox's "unique" Ultra Lift Triple Peptide Complex along with Cocoa Butter. The blurb on the tube states that "with regular use, the intensive cocktail of firming peptides helps give your skin renewed radiance, vitality and smoothness".

      ~~My Experience with the Mask~~

      The directions for this face mask are pretty straightforward. You are supposed to use it once or twice a week and you should apply a thick layer of product onto your face with your fingertips. You leave it on for up to 5 minutes which dries it out and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

      The only warning the packaging gives is one advising you to avoid the eye area and to ensure if any product gets into your eye to rinse well with water immediately.

      Sounds straightforward, doesn't it?

      I followed the instructions to the letter. The mask is of a surprisingly thin consistency and is a cream colour. You can't smell the cocoa butter - in fact you can't smell much at all, except for a vague hint of chemicals. Because of the thin consistency of the product the mask doesn't cover all your skin to the extent you can't see any skin at all. After about a minute it does start to harden a bit and you can definitely feel it on your skin. I left the mask on for five minutes and by the time I started to wash the mask off my skin was tingling.

      Unfortunately as the white came off I realised the skin underneath had turned an angry shade of red. Worse, the tingling sensation was changing to a definite "burning" sensation and the suggestion I use lukewarm water when rinsing was ditched for cool water in an attempt to alleviate the burning sensation.

      The red covered my whole face - bar my eyes and you could see exactly where the mask had touched my skin. I was so concerned about the burning sensation I phoned NHS 24 where I was reassured that because I was able to breathe normally it more than likely wasn't anything serious but to keep an eye out for swelling.

      After about an hour the redness finally started to fade and my skin cooled down but my face didn't look or feel normal for a full two hours after the mask was removed.

      As for the results of the mask all I can say is "disappointed". Once my skin returned to its normal shade of freckled white I checked to see if my facial features had been "given a lift" - and can categorically state they haven't. Similarly my skin isn't any smoother and I can only surmise TRI-Peptox's interpretation of "radiance" is skin which matches the colour of a raspberry.

      NHS24 called me back after a few hours to check all was well and the nurse I spoke to said the reaction could have been an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the mask or it could just have been the product was too harsh for my skin. I have never experienced a reaction like this to any skincare product before and I do use Soap & Glory's Wish Upon a Jar periodically, which is a strong collagen based cream.

      What bothers me is the fact there are no warnings on the packaging about how strong these products are and about potential reactions. The only warning is the one telling you to keep the product away from your eyes, which let's face it, is common sense anyway. There isn't even anything to suggest some redness on the face is to be expected - which leads me to believe it shouldn't be.

      It goes without saying I won't be using this product again. There is a large range of skincare products from TRI-Peptox available in Sainsburys and I had been considering trying a few more but after my experience with this face mask I won't be bothering and my advice to anyone considering buying this is to do a patch test first.


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