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Vaseline Vitamin E Skin Repair Lotion

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Brand: Vaseline / Type: Body Lotion/Moisturiser / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 14:52
      Very helpful



      It is working really well on my scar

      A few weeks ago I had an operation on my right hand to relieve my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. The operation was a complete success and the scar is very neat and tidy. I was told by the physiotherapist at the hospital that, once the stitches were removed, I should massage the scar regularly with hand cream or, even better, Vitamin E cream. I thought that, if Vitamin E cream was the best one to use, that was the one that I should get.

      I have used Vaseline hand creams in the past so I chose Vaseline Vitamin E Skin Repair Lotion which cost about £3 for 400ml of the cream.

      It comes in a tall, flattish, plastic, squeezable container which is mainly white with a bright blue top. On the front is a label which tells you that the contents are 'Vaseline Intensive Care Vitamin E Skin Repair Lotion' and that the cream will 'repair and hydrate extra dry skin; and that it contains 'vitamin E, essential oils and skin lipids'. There is also a little round label which informs us that this cream will moisturise the skin for a full twenty four hours.

      On the back of the container the wording just repeats what is said on the front together with a bit of extra information, directions for use and a full list of ingredients. I don't intend to give the list of ingredients here as I feel that it just pads out the review and, unless the reader is a bio chemist, it doesn't really add any extra information to the review.

      To use the cream you just have to flip open the top of the container to reveal a small hole; all you then need to do is invert the container and squeeze it - making sure that your free hand is underneath to catch the cream of course!

      I would advise caution here as the cream is quite milky in consistency so a good squeeze could mean that you end up with a handful of the stuff. I just tend to angle the container towards the palm of my hand and gently squeeze to get a small amount as that is all I need to massage my scar. The fragrance is very light and flowery but it isn't one of those smells that keeps recurring during the day. You know the sort of thing I mean when you use something such as Body Shop Body Butter and keep getting a whiff of it every so often during the day.

      The cream is light and non greasy and as I say is a milky rather than a buttery consistency. It is absorbed into the skin very quickly indeed leaves no residue on the surface. This is ideal for me as I can massage the scar on my hand and then just carry on with what I am doing without worrying about getting grease everywhere.

      I have definitely noticed an improvement in the scar which I have to say was pretty much immediate after using the cream. Although it says on the container that the moisturiser works for twenty four hours I am reapplying it to my scar regularly during the day for maximum effect. The scar is gradually softening and becoming much more comfortable. I can feel the skin moving with the rest of my hand as opposed to it feeling taught and uncomfortable. I assume that, since this is working on my dry scar, if you had very dry skin it would work in the same way.

      Since using the cream on my scar I have also tried it on the rest of my body and it is an excellent moisturiser simply because it is non greasy, easily absorbed and works so well. My skin definitely feels a lot softer and smoother after using it.

      A big thumbs up from me then!


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